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Sold to the gang leader 2.0

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 177 / 91 days ago

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Alois cracked a boyish half-smile. "I can teach you." He offered, sitting back down.
She was still sipping on hers as he finished his. [+purple ''Kinda..''] Brooklyn said softly as she looked at him with soft eyes.
Alois stood, finishing the remaining liquid in his cup and clearing the glass. He turned back to Brooklyn in thought. "Can you play poker?" He asked curiously.
Brooklyn grabbed the other cup and took a small sip. She looked around a bit. Brooklyn had never really drank herself into oblivion. There was only one time where she had and it didn't end very well for her.
Alois poured a half glass of vodka for both of them, then put the bottled away. He never allowed himself drink so much that it dulled the senses. He sat back down and took a cup, taking a sip of the bittersweet liquid.
[+pink ''Anything is fine.''] Brooklyn said as she watched him pull out the cups and bottles. She folded her hands in her lap and grew silent. Letting her thoughts run around her mind.
Alois shrugged and put it back on. "It was no problem, it can het cold in here." He took out a few bottles and two glass cups. "What do you like?"
[+pink ''A drink sounds nice..''] She said quietly. Brooklyn sighed as she sat back down. She took off his jacket [+pink ''H-here... i forgot i had it on..''] Brooklyn said as she smiled a bit as she handed it back to him. [+pink ''thank you for letting me use it.'']
Alois shook his head. "You can stay if you want, you're good company." He didn't mean to ward her off, but his words must've come out as unhappy instead of their intended purpose. "Have a drink with me." He offered.
Brooklyn walked over to the stool and sat down [+pink ''Well id understand why you would like to do that... Being a gang leader after all.''] she took a deep breath. [+pink ''If you want I can leave you be and you can think.''] Brooklyn told him before she stood up. [+pink ''After all.. I've already been such a pain in the ass..''] She muttered. Brooklyn messed with his jacket a bit. She realized she was still wearing it and blushed slightly.
Alois scanned the area. "I like to come over here when everyone's downstairs. It's much different than the chaos of the day." He motioned to the stools in front of the island that sat in the corner, where the kitchen was set. "I like to have a drink, leave myself to my thoughts."
[+pink ''Mmm... kinda..''] She said quietly. Brooklyn took the jacket and put it on [+pink ''Th-thanks''] She looked around a bit [+pink ''it almost seems peaceful'']
"Cold?" He asked her, offering his coat. The building was mostly abandoned this time of night. Most of the members were downstairs playing poker and other betting games.
She thanked him as he opened her door. Brooklyn got out and sighed [+pink ''Sounds good..''] she said quietly as she headed into the building Brooklyn rubbed her arm slightly as she got in.