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The Last Night (Closed)

By MourningGlory

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Just a kind of blend of these three songs. A whirlwind/slowburn of old lovers crossing paths, spending ONE LAST night together, and getting a closure they never got. In the end they get what they needed and go on with their own lives and the memories they shared.
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MourningGloryLast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

A hand ran through long red locks as hazel eyes stared out the glass at the blur of buildings that passed. She had no idea WHY she had agreed to take on this specific meeting. Oh wait, Bunny did know why. It had been thrown at her and if she didn't attend, then she could kiss her job goodbye. Her boss, Nicholas was such an ass and loved to put the jobs he wanted to avoid on her. Why she didn't just up and leave was beyond her. But she was used to this sort of thing by now.

[b [i 'At least it's only for a weekend. Not like the time he sent me on the week from hell. I still want to KILL him for that one.']] The redhead thought as the ping came and the train stopped. Doors flew open and people rushed both in and out, pushing and shoving. She was lucky she wasn't one of the ones pushed to the ground.

Slowly, the wolf girl stretched her arms over her head and looked around, nose twitching. For a moment, she thought it was all in her head. That sweet cinnamon scent. It had been years since she had smelled it, but still she remembered. But that couldn't be right...could it? And that was when she saw the woman who she had left behind...or rather the one she had let get away.

[b "Fuck me..."] She whispered, throat going dry and heart all but fluttering in her chest.
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   314d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Fingers ran through long brown hair as a sigh escaped her lips. Lost in thought, the woman turned deep brown eyes to the blue sky which only had a few white clouds, almost hurrying across the otherwise clear sky. Stretching, she looked around to see if anyone had followed her into the bustling city. Why she had agreed to complete this errand, the woman had no idea. Oh, it was to keep her job at the law firm as secretary and one of the board members. She couldn’t lose another job so soon as she had just found one after being laid off from the previous one. Genevieve shook her head and continued her journey to complete the task at hand.

The genie looked around and her eyes stopped on a very familiar form. It couldn’t be her… or could it? It had been years since she saw the woman, but the old feelings rushed over her once more. Her throat tightened and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Was this what it was like to die? If it was, she did not like it.

[b “H-hey. I-it sure has been a while..”] Was all that the woman could muster, her voice shaky from the tightness in her throat. She then cleared her throat, looking away momentarily before brown eyes fell on the woman once more. She couldn’t believe that her luck seemed to be so bad as to run into her ex girlfriend.

Genevieve was in shock to see the wolf girl standing at the train station. She wondered if this chance meeting had to do with the errand that she had to complete for her job. Now that she thought about it, her boss, Jerry, was acting a little strange, well more strange than was usual the past few days. Maybe he was plotting this with Nicholas? Genevieve didn’t care, nor did she really want to find out why Bunny stood in front of her at the station.]

(Blah, sorry this post sucks.)
MourningGloryLast   322d ago
Lady of the Night

Oh this had to be some kind of sick joke. She had been told that she would be meeting someone from Jerry's office but she had had NO idea who it was. Everytime that Bunny had tried to ask, Nicholas would detour the question or tell her she would know when she got there. When thinking about it now, the wolf girl now KNEW why her boss had not told her anything. IF she had known, Bunny would have never albeit grudgingly as she had agreed to do this weekend meeting.

That soft voice and those words cut through her thoughts and the redhead had to give a quick shake of her head to regain her composure. [b "I...yeah it has been a long time.'re the one that Jerry sent to meet me?"] And inwardly she groaned at her words and the stutter that she seemed to miraculously develop as she now faced Genevieve.

Silence fell between them and she couldn't take her eyes from the other eoman. Good god she looked gorgeous. Just as gorgeous, no MORE gorgeous than she had when they had last seen the other. Ehat had been the reason she had left again? What had gone so wrong  in their relationship that they had ended the way that they had?

[b "Maybe we should get going? Being stood in the center of a train station with a shit ton of people and the chances of getting trampled isn't exactly a fun time to me.."] Okay, so those weren't her most brilliant words, but she was at SUCH a loss now that she was faced with the only woman she had ever loved...and the one woman she could never forget.

What. The. Fuck?!
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   314d ago
I like cereal

[size12 At first the woman didn’t answer as she was transfixed by the beauty of the other woman standing before her. Slowly, she nodded her head, a small smile forming over her plush red colored lips. [b “I.. guess so. Jerry wouldn’t tell me anything. I only knew that I was supposed to be meeting someone from Nicholas’s office…”] Genevieve finally managed to answer, voice soft.

The truth was, if she had known anything, the genie wouldn’t have even agreed to even go to the meeting with the other. She would have probably just gotten fired for insubordination and would have to find another job. In the current situation, she wished she had refused.

She glanced around, fully taking in their surroundings before turning her gaze back to the wolf girl. [b “You’re probably right. We should move and take our business to a place that is not so busy.. or at least a place where we won’t be trampled on.”] She said with a laugh, answering the words that were spoken.

Her heart began pounding in her chest once more as her eyes took in the other’s form. She was even more gorgeous now than the genie recalled, an old ache coming back as she was face-to-face with the only woman she ever truly loved. She hadn’t been able to get close to anyone else after their relationship had ended. What did happen to have their relationship end as it had and to not speak to each other during the time that the two were apart? She shook her head [i ‘You can’t think about this now.. You have business to do..’] She mentally scolded herself.

[b “Do you know of a place that isn’t too crowded with people? A coffee shop perhaps?”] She asked, her head tilting to the side as she tried to keep things professional, clearing her throat once more, nervously shifting her weight from one leg to the other.]
MourningGloryLast   321d ago
Lady of the Night

Oh good god it seemed their lovely bosses had been transpiring against them. Both as far as Bunny understood had been old friends from college and collaborated on projects quite often. But the fact that the two men had gone to such lengths to force her to see Genevieve again had the wolf girl more than livid. They had NO right! And when she got back Monday morning, the redhead was going to rip into Nicholas. 

She was thinking of all the things she could do to her boss when soft words cut into her thoughts. Slowly she shook her head to try and once again regain whatever focus she could. [b "It would seem they had their reasons...and yeah...I mean we both are kind of tiny."] She muttered softly as she had to all but tear her gaze away from the woman she had not seen in easily the last seven years.

Why the hell did she have to still be so gorgeous? Why the hell did her scent have to draw her in so badly? It was making her head fuzzy and making it VERY hard for her to keep any form of focus. God she wished that she could stop thinking like this, but the wolf in her wouldn't let her. Hell, the wolf in her would not let her fall for anyone since the breakup. God she had tried but each time...well it failed because she withdrew and would lock the women out. Because of that, Bunny had gained quite the reputation for being cold, calculated, and unfeeling. The truth, she put up those walls as to not let her heart be broken again and to protect anyone else from the heartbreak she may cause.

Again, she had become lost to her thoughts and had to be pulled out of her head by Genevieve. Her cheeks flushed faintly as she realised that the other had spoken and she assumed asked her if she had a place in mind for them to go. Honestly, she had not paid attention but was grasping for straws since that had been the basic grounds of what they had been speaking of before she had let her mind wander

[b "I haven't been back to the city I don't know. If you do, I'm all ears and the show is all yours."] Came quiet and almost embarrassed words. God she would give anything to just crawl in a hole and die but she did not voice those thoughts. Couldn't. God she hoped she could survive this weekend without doing something she would regret.
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   314d ago
I like cereal

[size12 To be completely honest, Genevieve had no idea where anything was in the city, at least not since she had left all those years ago. It had been at least seven years and things had built up and changed. She couldn’t believe that Jerry had betrayed her in this way by conspiring with Bunny’s boss. She knew that he and Nicholas were friends or had at least gone to the same college together.

Genevieve would definitely be raising some hell come Monday for the betrayal. That is, if she could survive the weekend with the beautiful woman before her. In fact, she wondered how it would be the entire weekend instead of only one night of it. Genevieve shook her head, trying not to dwell on that. The genie then looked to Bunny, an embarrassed smile forming over her lips before she spoke. [b “I have no idea.. I don’t really know where anything in this city is though I think I saw a coffee shop back a little way if you wouldn’t mind walking? I don’t think that it’s too far away.”] She had been going to say “walking with me” but had changed her mind at the last minute.

She bit on her lower lip as she watched the other, waiting for a response and also noticing that she was deep in her thoughts. The genie could only tell because Bunny’s eyes seemed to glaze over as she went silent for a period of time. She also couldn’t help but stare at the woman’s beauty, heart pounding in her chest, her heart aching once more.

Genevieve glanced around and noticed that the crowds were starting to die down and the bustle of the city was slowly beginning to calm, starting to get lost in her own thoughts and memories. She had tried to move on with different women, but the relationships had ultimately failed due to her seeming “lack of communication and empathy”. She also couldn’t seem to open up or completely trust the women due to not wanting to cause or go through another heartbreak which gained her the reputation of a bitch.

After for what seemed like anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or so, she looked to the other before slowly turning to head towards where she thought she saw the small coffee shop. She did have to complete this errand as part of her job after all. She hoped that she  wouldn’t do something that she would regret, but with this woman anything was possible. She walked a couple of steps and then stopped, waiting to see if the other would follow her to the coffee shop that she thought she saw a little ways back from the train station where they were standing.]
MourningGloryLast   312d ago
Lady of the Night

Hazel eyes remained locked on the other woman who stood before her. She could hear the hums and whispers around them as people either walked in pairs past them or sat around to wait for their trains. And as she was studying Genevieve, it was becoming apparent that the other was just as lost in the city as she was. It appeared that neither one of them had been back in quite awhile and so knew very little of what used to be as familiar as the back of their hand...or as familiar to them as the other had once been. As those thoughts crossed her mind, Bunny was at a crossroads within her own head. Should she call the other woman out? Or should she stay silent and see how everything playout out?

Back and forth she batted the idea in her head. It was only when the soft melodic voice was heard did the wolf girl realise that the genie had broken the silence. IF she had allowed her ears to be in view and free, they would have been twitching atop her head. But as it stood, Bunny had yet again been lost in her own little world and had to hope to whatever higher power out there that she would be able to guess at what had been said WITHOUT being a lameass and asking that the beautiful woman stood before her repeat whatever the hell she had just said.

A weak smile of her own graced pink lips and she nodded slowly. She realised that she had been silent for a bit. Maybe MUCH longer than she should have been. But such were the woes when your past was literally standing before you and biting you in the ass? [b "Well...what would be the harm in taking the walk back and seeing if we can find it? It seems we could both use a coffee or tea or something.."] Came her soft response as she still could not take her eyes from the other woman.

The more she studied her ex-girlfriend, the worse she felt. Bunny knew that Genie had been madly in love with her. Hell, the wolf girl had been madly in love with her too. Just at the time she had been too young and too dumb. She had not been ready to settle down into the life that they had wanted and even had been trying to create. And ever since that day, the redhead had been kicking herself for the choices she had made. But most of all, Bunny was kicking herself for leaving behind the MOST important person and thing in her life. 

[b [i 'Is it too late to talk to her about our past? Would it only hurt more? I...NO! YOU CANNOT THINK LIKE THIS!!! That ship probably sailed A LONG time ago...']] And this was the EXACT reason she had tried to avoid Genie for as long as she had. Everything in her wanted to apologise for the past. Everything in her wanted to try and make up for it and to try again. But she knew it would never happen and that in and of itself killed her.

Again, Bunny shook her head slowly to try and clear her thoughts. It was as she did did the other woman turn and start to walk away. For a moment, she stayed where she was but then when the other turned her way, Bunny took a couple steps forward. She knew very well that Genevieve was questioning if she would follow and the look in her eyes said she hoped the wolf girl would. The truth was....that even now, Bunny would follow the other into hell if she had to.

[b "Well...we should get going. Those coffees aren't going to get themselves..And from what you said, we do have a little of a walk ahead of us..."] She muttered softly as she gave a nod to let the genie know to lead onward.
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   306d ago
I like cereal

[size12 The genie gave a smile and nod of her head as she heard the other’s words. [b “Yeah, we do both need coffee or tea. It sounds really good and may have things be a little less… ‘awkward’?”] She said with a small smile. She couldn’t afford to let her emotions get the better of her and to make her do something that she would surely regret as she wanted to talk about the past and to apologize for avoiding the other for so long.
Slowly, she started to head back in the direction of the coffee shop, turning her head to look back at Bunny, the small smile forming over her lips once more. She hoped that the other would follow after. [b “I think that you’ll like the place. I’ve only been there once before, it is small and comfortable.”] She all but muttered as she felt the tightness forming once again in her chest and throat. She wanted to talk about what had happened all those years ago, apologize even. Maybe, if all went well, they could possibly try again as they both had grown up.

[i ‘You CANNOT think this way. It’s been too long and you’ve already ruined any chance you had to make things right. She probably has someone else that she is interested in and wouldn’t want to be with you anyway.’] The thoughts in her mind scolded as she couldn’t help staring at the beautiful woman before her. The other had probably found another lover by now and had probably forgotten all about her. Genevieve definitely wouldn’t blame Bunny if she did. After all, she had been the one to break the wolf girl’s heart by doing stupid things. She never meant to hurt the other but she knew now that she hadn’t been ready for the life that the two were trying to make. She wasn’t ready to settle down back then. Hell, she hardly knew if she was ready now.

All the genie knew was that she wanted to at least make amends for the past and to hopefully make things right. She wanted to at the very least be friends with the other. That would hurt, but it would be better than the alternative. After seeing the wolf girl and her beauty, Genevieve knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle not having her in her life, even as just a friend. [b “I think it was about a half mile from here. The coffee is really sweet, the way you used to like it if I still remember after all these years.”] The words came from her lips faster than she could stop them.

The woman mentally kicked herself. She could have said ANYTHING else as not to sound so stupid in front of her ex girlfriend. She wished, almost prayed to the higher power to give her the strength to get through the weekend and to not give into the emotions that were running through her. She bit on her lower lip and tried to think of something else to say as not to walk in an awkward silence. Everything that came to the genie’s mind was some sort of apology about the way that things had gone. 

[i ‘Stop it. You’ve already made things awkward. You don’t need to make things worse by bringing up the past. Just get this over with and whatever happens will happen. Don’t try to use your powers to manipulate anything as that is what fucked you over. Let things be.’] She thought and then tore her eyes away from the woman. She knew that she was being awkward, but she didn’t know what else to really say or do. She wanted to at least get the other a coffee or tea though as it was the least she could do. Genevieve sighed and took a few more steps, making her way to the little coffee shop that was a little ways back, leading the way.]
MourningGloryLast   308d ago
Lady of the Night

Listening to Genevieve and watching her, everything pointed to the other feeling as awkward as she did herself. And it was her spoken words that answered her own of needing the coffee or tea which REALLY confirmed the awkwardness between them. [b "It might be helpful...or hopefully will."] The last words were added softly and the redhead hoped the other would not catch them.

Again, the silence between them fell. Bunny again caught herself thinking of their earlier days. All the laughter and quiet nights ordering in and watching movies. She even thought of all the talks of the future that they had had. Back then everything had seemed so simple and easy. It had all almost seemed like breathing. And she was finding that she wished they could go back. She found herself wishing that another chance could be had.

Bunny was again getting lost in her head and the things she wanted that only the soft clicking of heels and words were able to draw her back. Apparently, Genie had decided to start walking again towards the coffee shop she had mentioned and was now looking at her and hoping that she would follow. A blush came to naturally pink cheeks as she realised she must have looked like an idiot just standing there and so slowly, the wolf girl began to move towards the genie. [b "You always did like small and quaint places...but then not a lot of people makes for comfort."] The words had slipped out before she could stop them. And upon realising what she had just said, Bunny was inwardly cringing. 

[b "Half a mile doesn't sound too bad. I mean back in school didn't they have us running them everyday and then miles on Fridays? are right. I still very much enjoy my coffee just as sweet now as I did then. But do you?"] Again, the words slipped without her wanting them too. But there had just always been a certain ease about the other woman. Bunny had just always found that she felt comfortable talking to the other and being open with her. That in and of itself meant that she completely trusted the other and more than once had left herself at the power of her mercy.

Fingers came up and brushed through long red hair as she let out a soft sigh. God she was wishing more that ever that Nicholas had sent ANYONE but her to do this. Because the truth was she was becoming more and more taken over by emotion. Old thoughts and feelings were resurfacing more and more the longer she was with Genevieve and she was hating herself for not being able to bite them back. She was hating herself for throwing her caution to the wind and falling into old habits. But most of all, Bunny was hating the awkwardness between them and her wanting the otjer woman back when surely there was no chance in hell.

A small shake of her head was given as again silence fell and the clicking of heels sounded. Knowing those sounds meant that the genie was moving again, the wolf girl let her hand fall from her hair and she again began to follow. She could only hope to whatever higjer power out there that both she and Genie would be able to make through the weekend. AND she was silently praying she would not do anything that she would end up regretting.

[b " have you been? What sort of things have you been up to?"] Bunny found herself asking as she finally fell into step beside the otjer woman. Honestly, she was just trying to start what she hoped would be a light conversation. The silence between them was becoming daunting and just was hoping for something less awkward as they still had a bit of a walk to the coffee shop that had decided they would be going to.
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   307d ago
I like cereal

[size12 The genie looked at the wolf girl and laughed softly as she heard her words. [b “Ah yes, they did make us run when going to the ‘mortal’ schools. So no, a half mile or so away shouldn’t be that far.”] She replied, a smile forming over plush lips once more.

When she heard the other’s words about liking small, yet quaint areas, a blush had formed over her cheeks. [b “You always did know me and the places I did enjoy. It’s also true that they bring comfort because of the nice and cozy feeling that you get when you arrive.. almost as if you are home.”] She couldn’t believe that she was saying these words out loud, but she could always talk so freely with Bunny. It was natural and like second nature to her. It was almost as easy as breathing if she was being honest with herself. Memories of the things they used to do together began to flash through her mind, memories from going out to dinner to staying in and cuddling on the couch, watching movies on Netflix.

[b “I’ve been… decent. Not much has really happened in all these years. How have you been? Anything interesting happen in your life?”] Genevieve asked, her head tilting to the side as she looked over to the other, curious as to what she would say. The words were a struggle for her to say because of the thoughts running through her mind. The woman hoped that having a conversation while they walked would be a great way to distract her from the thoughts of the past that kept intruding her mind. 

She turned her eyes to the floor and began to chew on her lower lip. The fact that the wolf girl was so close did nothing to control the emotions that flooded through her very being. At the moment, she wished that Jerry had sent someone else to do this errand, or rather, assignment for the company. She wanted to try again because she had grown so much in the time that they had been apart, or at least she hoped she had. She wanted to actually settle down this time and to live the rest of her life with the woman who was walking beside her.

[i ‘You really need to stop. There is no way that the two of you will get back together after the way that things had ended and the fact that you had disappeared for the last seven years. Besides, she probably has someone else by now who probably makes her happy, the way that you couldn’t back then.’] She mentally scolded herself and continued to chew on her lower lip, her eyes still seemingly glued to the floor. She hoped that the coffee shop would help with the emotions that were going through her. A sigh escaped her lips as she used her free hand to reach up and run her fingers through her hair.

The envelope in her other hand was starting to feel heavier as she slowly made her way to the small coffee shop. She decided that when she got there, she would put the envelope on the table as soon as she could. She would also look at the options and probably order the strongest, yet sweetest drink that they had as she would definitely be needing it after these next couple of days. Yes, she would definitely be giving Jerry hell for having her do this. She didn’t care if she now lost her job. She could just find something else that her talents fit, if she had any. Or, she would just run away with the wolf girl and never look back. Only the events of the weekend would decide.]
MourningGloryLast   290d ago
Lady of the Night

The wolf girl had not even meant to let the words of the mortal school slip past plush pink lips. But they had and they were rewarded by the soft laugh that had always been like music to her ears. The words in response had been just as entertaining as ever. So it looked like Genie had not forgotten those years anymore than she herself had. Was that a good thing? Bunny didn't know. All she knew was that it was nice not to be so alone.

[b "I...yeah I guess I always did know that about you. You once said such places reminded you of your bottle and the comfort that brought you. That such places just always made you relaxed and feel at ease."] Oh good God, the wolf girl wished that she could just shut the hell up. But even if she tried, it had always been as if she had no filter. Or she only had half a filter. What was in her head did sometimes manage to slip off her pretty pink tongue as so many had referred to her tongue as. And just her words and thoughts had her own cheeks pink enough to match those of Genevieve's.

Her own mind and heart were racing as the two of them walked. She had tried to get a conversation started because she PRAYED that it would helpt ro distract her already distracted mind. From the soft words that came at her side, the wolf girl allowed herself to peek at the genie as she spoke and then seemed to look down. [b "So it seems pretty much the same. I mean I stayed with Nicholas and his company...managed to pick an apartment I liked, got a kitten that I named Moose...and just chill the weekends in pjs while doing work I dicked around on and have Nick hounding me for. So all and all not a hell of a lot."] There was NO way she wanted to talk about failed relationships. Ones that she could never give the chance because the women were NOT her genie.

[b [i 'Oh for fucks sake Bunny. She wasn't yours then...and she isn't yours now. The two of you are almost perfect strangers now. There is NO hope that anything will come of this. Just be prefessional and get your damn job down.']] Her thoughts were ruthless. Her head was saying HELL NO! But her heart was saying HELL YEAH! Which one would be winning this weekend? Honestly, the wolf girl didn't care at the moment. All she knew was she was fucking pissed and wantint to kill her boss. He would be getting quite a hell of a time for this.

Silence between them grew louder and louder and the tension stronger and stronger. It was like one of those badly written movies. Except IF this were a badly written movie, one of them would have made a move by now. They would have been kissing and making up. And at that thought, Bunny let out a bark of laughter and shook her head.

Realising that her laugh had been out loud, the wolf girl turned a deep scarlet. [b " thoughts ran away... Ummm are we almost to the shop?"] God she needed a drink now. And NOT a sweet coffee. She would need something MUCH stronger if she hoped to survive this weekend.
CinnamonToastCrunchLast   278d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Genevieve nodded her head slowly as she heard the words that escaped the other’s lips, a small smile of her own forming. She found it rather cute and sweet that Bunny had named her cat “Moose” and that she had remembered such a small detail about her. She was also glad to hear that the other had found an apartment that she seemed to enjoy. Genevieve nodded her head as she listened to what the other had been up to during their years apart, the smile still over her lips.

So, not much had changed since the two had parted. [b “It’s nice that you remember that I like small, yet comfy places...”] She said in a tone that trailed off as she had become lost in her thoughts once more. Genevieve wanted desperately to apologize for how things had ended between them, to say that she had not been ready all those years ago. In fact, the genie wanted to ask for another chance, to prove that she was ready for a relationship with the woman whom held her heart.

[i ‘Stop it now! There is no way that she would be willing to give that chance to you. You already fucked up and broke her heart when you left and there is no way that she would ever forgive you for that. You might as well stop hoping and just get the job done.’] The genie mentally scolded herself and then shook her head, a sigh escaping her. She hoped that Bunny didn’t notice the sigh as a slight blush from embarrassment had begun to form over her cheeks. Quickly, the genie looked away to compose herself for a moment.

A small smile had formed over her lips when she heard the next set of words that Bunny spoke. [b “It would seem that both of us are having our thoughts run from us. And yes, we are almost there.”] The genie muttered and then pointed to a building that was only a few more steps away. She was happy that the two had made it so then they would be able to discuss the business that their bosses needed.

Upon getting closer to the entrance of the shop, Genevieve moved ahead and then held the door open for Bunny, a small smile forming over plush lips. [b “After you.”] She muttered, motioning with the hand that was not holding the door open. In truth, she would be needing a lot more than a coffee if she was going to survive this weekend, though coffee was definitely a good start. She waited patiently for the other to walk by before following her in.

With a glance around, Genevieve was happy that the shop hadn’t changed. It had a cozy air about it and a few tables and chairs. It even had a couple of couches with tables in front of them. She then glanced over to Bunny, the smile still over her lips. [b “What was it that you wanted to drink? Something sweet? Or was it something strong?”] She asked, head tilting to the side.

((Sorry for the shitty post..))
MourningGloryLast   254d ago
Lady of the Night

As much as she wished she could stop talking, it seemed that the words were a for of "vomit" and something she could not hold back. But then, that had always been the case with Genevieve. She always listened and also made Bunny feel important when she was talking, even if in reality what she had to say was the silliest thing even. So for the other to listen now as she once had, it made her heart both skip a beat and leap into her throat.

Her hand tightened on the handle of the suitcase she was lugging behind her as they walked and she was lightly chewing on her cheek. [b "How could I forget..? It used to take hours to get you out of your bottle..but once you showed me what it was like on the inside, I couldn't blame you."] And there it was again...her word vomit of yet more small things she remembered. Good God did she miss the other woman. Good God would she have given anything for another chance. But here and now was not the time for that. Besides...she didn't even know IF Genie still felt the same for her that she  felt for her back then.

[b [i 'No! Bad Bunny! This NOT what you are here for! You are here to work on a deal that your louzy boss was too lazy to do AND had apparently been setting up. Besides...Genevieve probably wouldn't even say yes if you asked her. We have both grown up and learned a lot from our pasts...but as they say...history does repeat..']] The wolf woman was getting more and more lost in her thoughts and she was wishing to hell that she wasn't. Because all they served to do was cut like knives and remind her of what COULD HAVE been if she had been more patient the first time around.

The redhead had not noticed when the genie at her side had answered her previous words of asking about if they were almost to the coffee shop but she DID notice the blush. And because she had not paid attention and had again found her and no pun intended "love sick" ass lost to the others beauty, Bunny had to look away. She also took maybe a bit longer than she should have to answer too. [b "Don't we always let our thoughts runaway? One of our best and worst qualities."] She was trying to make a joke of wandering minds, but fuck did she realise how lame it had been after the words left her lips. It really did seem like she could not keep a sound mind when with Genevieve.

When the door had been opened for her, a soft blush coloured Bunny's cheeks as she walked in ahead of the other woman. [b "It does look nice...almost like all the mom and pop shops we used to love to visit before. It really could feel like home here.."] Came soft words as her nose twitched and she was more taking in the scents of all the baked goods and coffees and teas around them. Her cheeks coloured all the more when she turned to look at the genie who had spoken again and asked what she wanted. [b "Actually... a little of both would be nice. Sweet to just have something sweet...But strong to keep me awake and focused. Though what about you? What are you going to be getting? I mean it might make it easier just to order the same thing?"] Bunny asked with a tilt of her own head as she motioned to a table in the corner that looked like it would be a good place for them to sit.
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I like cereal

[size12 Genevieve couldn’t help but smile as she listened to Bunny’s words. She knew that the other probably felt that the words were a form of “vomit”, but she didn’t care. To be honest, the genie just enjoyed the other’s company and listening to her words. As soon as she was spoken to, however, the genie gave a light shake of her head. The smile was still over her lips.

[b “It was rather comfortable, wasn’t it?”]  She all but whispered, the small smile still over pink lips. Her thoughts wandered back to the day that she had showed the other the inside of her lamp, the small, yet cozy room with just a few items of furniture. It wasn’t much, but it had been like a home to her and Bunny had been the only woman she had shared it with. 

With yet another shake of her head, she tried to rid the images from her mind as she heard the other speaking once more, chewing lightly on her lower lip. [b “Yes, I suppose that it is one of our best and worst qualities. It is one of the best because of the memories that we have to treasure, yet one of the worst due to the pain they bring and not paying attention to what is going on around us…”] her voice trailed off and a pain had come into her eyes for her a moment before disappearing.

[b “To be honest, I’m not sure what I would like as there are so many options. Perhaps a cappuccino as it is sweet yet also has a way to keep focused?”] Genevieve asked, her head tilting to the side as she then looked to where Bunny was pointing. It happened to be a table that was further away from the others in the shop and did look like a nice place to discuss business. In the back of her mind, Genevieve wished that this meeting had more to do with a business deal that her boss was trying to make. She shook her head and silently cursed herself for allowing those thoughts to cross her mind.

Slowly, she made her way to the counter to order the drinks as she looked over to Bunny. [b “Ready to order?”] She asked, head tilting to the side as she looked to the menu that was behind the barista, making sure that she wanted the cappuccino. Looking at the menu items, Genevieve was sure and ordered two. She hoped that bunny wouldn’t mind that she had taken the initiative and ordered the drinks.
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Lady of the Night

Damn...why did this have to be so hard? Being with Genie used to be so easy and so comfortable. The comfort seemed to still be there, but the ease wasn't. But she really couldn't let her mind wander down that road. All this, them being together again was not what they were supposed to be focused on. It was supposed to be strictly business. Ha! As if that could be her main focus when she had spent years with the genie before all of this.

Her mind was yet again taking a joyride and she couldn't quite seem to reel it in quick enough. A soft blush came to naturally rosy pink cheeks as she realised the other woman at her side was speaking and seeming to answer something she had said. The problem was, Bunny couldn't quite remember the comment and had to REALLY try and go back to even comprehend what thw current words meant. [b "Memories...what a way to put it. As you said both a blessing and a curse."] Good God, the redhead hoped that her words made sense and at least had answered in part what had been said to her. But if they didn't, there was no way she could take them back. All she could do was hope that Genevieve was still the kind soul that she had always been and not call her out for not paying attention.

The next words spoken were easier for the wolf girl to catch as she had tuned back in. A light smile graced pink lips and a hand raised to push some of her long locks back over her shoulder. [b "I'm good to get anything. As long as it is both sweet and helps me keep focuses."] And without meaning for there to be one, there had been a soft and nervous laugh after her words.

And soon, the two women were at the counter and Genevieve seemed to be looking at the menu just behind the barista. Bunny was at her side but fidgeting slightly when the order had been made and the other had ordered two of the same drink. A slow nod was given to let Genie know she was okay with what she had done and to let the barista know that she did want the drink.

[b "You still know how to take the initiative and control."] The wolf girl said with a soft laugh as she made a motion of her hand to the table they had scouted out when they had come in. Silently, Bunny was saying that she wanted to take the table before anyone else had the same idea. She was also saying that she was hoping that they could at least get a small start on the task at hand that both had been thrown into.

[b "Well...shall we?"] Came soft words just to make sure her silent words had come across the way they had been meant. God she felt like such an idiot. But this whole morning had made her feel that way. IF she survived the weekend, Bunny still had it in mind to "kill" Nicholas.
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I like cereal

[size12 It was starting to feel like the old days of when the two of them were together, a small yet wistful smile forming over the genie's lips. She knew that she shouldn't be thinking this way, but she couldn't help herself. As soon as she heard the wolf-girl's words, Genevieve smiled once more. [b "You're right, that is one way to put it... memories are both a blessing and a curse."] The words were soft as they escaped her lips.

As soon as Bunny mentioned the fact that she "took charge", Genevieve couldn't help but laugh. She knew what the other had meant, but it still had memories from the past flash through her mind, causing her to absently chew on her lower lip. She smiled and nodded once more as she heard the words that were spoken. They really should get to work. She didn't even know what the folder contained as she had just accepted the assignment without a second thought. That was one personality trait that she cursed herself for, wanting to please others by doing whatever she could. This particular task had her feeling like an idiot as she could not help but give into the emotions that she had once felt for the woman before her, and she silently cursed herself.

With a sigh, and nod of her head, the genie placed the folder on the table. [b "I suppose we should get started on the task at hand. It's going to be a long weekend... hopefully we will survive."] The last part was meant to be a joke, but somehow Genevieve knew that it wasn't. She had half a mind to quit her job right now at this moment and to just run away. The drinks were placed on the table within moments, the genie absently sipping at the cup before her as she began to think of ways to possibly get out of the weekend before them. 

She shook her head to try and rid the thoughts from her mind and looked up to Bunny, waiting to see what she would do or say. She could see that the other did not want to be doing this and was having just as hard a time as herself with the task at hand. She smiled and sipped more at the drink, the thoughts still forcing their way into her mind despite her best efforts to get rid of them.
MourningGloryLast   129d ago
Lady of the Night

So it looked like Genie was having just as hard a time as she was. The wolf girl wanted to both laugh and cry at that fact. Once upon a time, this would have been as easy as breathing. But now--now it was just a fucking nightmare and her feel as if she were drowning and there was no way to come back up for air.

[b "But which are they more? Something to be revered? Or something you wish you could forget?"] Bunny was TRYING to make her question seem generalized as she answered Genevieve's answer to her own words. Why she was so fixated was beyond the redhead. But maybe it had to do with the fact that she wanted to know what the other was REALLY thinking.

Nails tapped absently on the table that rested between them as it appeared they both were getting lost in their own heads. Her mind was taking her to when she had been called into the office and asked to do this...was more like forced into it. The young woman KNEW that she was good at what she did and knew that was why she had been chosen for this. But the more she thought of how everything had happened, how adament Nicholas had been, the wolf girl wished to hell that she would have given him the finger and quit right then and there. At least then she would not be facing her past and drowning in both thoughts and feelings she would rather forget about...or at least would have rathered stayed buried.

[b "Neither of us even know what these damn folders hold. Just know it was thrown at us... May God or whatever have mercy on our souls and as you said help us survive this."] Good God Bunny wished that she could have been joking. But deep down, she knew that neither one of them were joking. She knew they were both suffering. And for what? 

Her head shook and she offered the other woman across from her a weak smile as she broke the seal on the folder in front of her. [b "Oh you have to be fucking kidding me...looks like we're helping run the fair this weekend and going to a few board meetings."] And with that, Bunny sighed and FINALLY took a sip from her drink as Genie was sipping hers. [b "Or that's the fun of my folder...what does yours say?"] She asked quietly.


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