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Unsaid Things (Take 2)

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It was 10 years ago when Ethan Walker got his heart broken for the first time. He was 16 at the time of the heartbreak. She had asked for them to meet, breaking the news in the park that she was leaving the state due to her father's work relocating him. He could still remember the moment his stomach turned enough that he nearly threw up. His first love, a girl he had spent nearly every moment with since elementary school was leaving him. The look in her eyes as she held his hand and broke the news to him and the tears that followed that look nearly knocked him on his ass. It was one of the hardest moments of his life having her tell him the two might never see each other. Ethan had to fight that notion. He told her he would try and convince his parents to take a trip to see her and he promised her that they would be together long distance. When she left, Ethan went home. A hole left where she had once resided. She had left the same day. The two talked for a while on the phone, making sure to talk nearly every day. It lasted a few months before their communication started slowly becoming non-existent. They were both tied up with school work and family life that they basically ended it there. The two just stopped talking completely.

It took Ethan a long time to get over her. She was truly someone he was in love with and he couldn't just let that go. He took a few years off dating, finished high school and focused on a job. He eventually became a tattoo artist with a decent clientele. He loved his job and he was good at it. Ethan eventually got close to a young girl that came into the shop sometimes to get little tattoos done. She never wanted to overdo it but she always liked coming in to get something done. Ethan found out she mainly started coming in just to see him and talk to them. He asked her to go for a drink and the two became incredibly close. They told each other everything. His love was always on the back of his mind, but he was slowly starting to feel something for the new girl, figuring he should move on eventually. A few months went by and the two moved in together. They worked well and she always kept him in line. Two years after moving in, Ethan proposed. He figured she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


Ethan opened his eyes slowly, looking around the room and put his hand to the other side of the bed, noticing Becca was missing from the bed now. He sat up slowly, brushing his messy hair from his eyes and slicked it back slightly. He took a look around the room before slipping out of bed and sauntered himself down to the kitchen, where he found the brunette beauty standing in the kitchen. "Hi baby.." Ethan spoke in a gruff, tired voice. He moved behind her, slipping his arm around her waist and placed a kiss to her head as she cooked.
[+red "Good morning, darling."] the girl grinned, continuing to make the couples breakfast. Once she was done, she set the table up and sat his food down in front of him.
[+red "How was your sleep? You were tossing around a bit."] she spoke, giving him a sad expression.
Ethan shrugged. "It was fine." he commented, taking some of the food and began eating.
[+red "Do you work today?"] she asked curiously. [+red "I've got to work later today, but I figured we could stop off at Danny's and grab a couple strong coffees.. we are out of coffee here... then I can just head off from there."] she shrugged. Becca was a hairstylist and a damn good one at that but it meant she was working on her own clients a lot. He didn't mind too much. She was usually back at home around 6 and the two could settle in for the night.
"No I don't work today. Let's do that.. I'll grab some coffee later tonight." Ethan replied, finishing his breakfast before moving upstairs to shower and to let Becca get ready.

Once the two of them were ready to go, they left to Danny's. It was always Ethan's favorite restaurant and the two frequented it quite often. It was close by their house but the two drove so Becca could go to the salon right after and he could just jaunt back home. Once they got there, they walked in. They could sit for a bit and enjoy their coffee before she left and he could hang out for a while and maybe catch up with Danny.
[+green "Hey Ethan, Hey Becca."] the owner smiled, giving the two of them a wave. [+green "Sit anywhere you want."] he smiled.
"Thanks, Danny. Just two coffees please." Ethan replied, placing a hand on Becca's lower back to lead her to a seat. The two sat down, waiting for the coffees.
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[left [pic]] 10 years ago was the worst day of the females life. The female and her family had to leave because her dad's work was relocating them. Of course, they were relocating him. She couldn't believe that this was happening. Part of all of this, Minnie thought it was planned. Her parents didn't like the idea of her dating. She the female figured it was a hoax. But it was all too true when her mom started to pack their house. The female sighed as she stood in the living room area, and watched everything around her being packed. She felt like her life was being uprooted. She has been here since she was a baby. For god sakes, she was born here. Then she finally found her best friend and someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But she knew that was all going to change, and she knew she had to tell Ethan today. This was going to be the hardest thing for her.

Minnie ended up texting him to have him meet up with her at the park. She needed a secluded area, because she knew this was going to be tough as hell. She was swinging on the swing, when she saw him. She felt her heart beating hard against her chest. Of course, she was always so excited to see him. But it broke her heart, because this would be the last time she would be seeing him. Minnie grabbed his hands, and then she looked at him. [b "Baby. I have something to tell you."] She gulped, as she looked deep into his eyes. Everything was just so perfect. And she would be the monster that destroyed him. She sighed, as she didn't take her eyes off of him. [b "My dad's job is relocating him, and we have to move. Today."] She spoke very quietly as she gripped his hands. She had to keep telling herself not to cry. She needed to stay strong. Words were never exchanged after that.

Once she had to leave, she felt the tears just stream down her face. She hated her parents for this. They said they would do long distance, and of course, Minnie wasn't going to say no. It only last a few months, though. Because she ended up getting busy with school, because she did find out that it was a way to get her away from Ethan. That was when Minnie promised herself that she would move back when she was old enough or was ready to move back. She was still in love with him, and she wanted him back.

[center . . .]

The red-haired female stretched in her bed, as today was the day. The day that she would be going back. She didn't know if he even lived in the same town. But it was a worth a shot. She went to the bathroom. She only had a few things left to pack up before she moved back to her hometown. Minnie took a shower real quick, got dressed, and got everything else in the moving van, she was ready to go.

It took about 2 hours to get to her destination. She felt her heart racing as she entered the town. She had a house near the park where everything happened between her and Ethan. She pursed her lips lightly, as she parked at the house that she just bought. Minnie has made a living for herself. She was a major businesswoman around the world. She helped clients with their finances. it took her forever to get where she was at. But people from all over the world would come and see her. It made her rich, and it made it where she could own things like she has now. She stared at the house and smiled as she grabbed the keys and unlocked the door and went inside. She smiled at just how big this place was. She was going to start unpacking, but then she wanted to go and get a coffee. Danny's.

Minnie got into her car, and headed to Danny's. She wasn't sure if anyone was going to remember her. It was her favorite place to go with her parents and Ethan. What would be the chance.. Minnie shook her head, and would think that he wouldn't step foot in that restaurant since that is where her and Ethan were a lot. She pulled up in front of the restaurant as she felt her heart racing. She gulped as she walked in. And she smiled when saw Danny was still working here.

"Minnie?! Is that you?!" She looked and saw that Danny was speaking to her, and came out and gave her a hug. "How have you been?! I haven't seen you around. Did you come back to town?" Minnie giggled lightly, and nodded. [b "Yes! I bought my own house, and have been moving my stuff in today. But first I need a coffee. Since I drink coffee now."] She laughed, and then he nodded. "Sit anywhere, dear!" She nodded. She was going to sit in her's and Ethan's old spot, until...

Minnie turned and saw Ethan was there but with another female. Minnie felt her heart sink to the ground. She bit on her lip and gulped. She wasn't even going to entertain the thought. Nor was she going to say anything. She just chose a different seat. She sat down at a booth, as she relaxed slightly, trying not to think about what she just saw. Minnie sighed lightly. He was the main reason she came back. But she just shook her head. She shouldn't upset. She was gone for 10 years.

Once Danny brought her coffee over, she sipped on it, and then she smiled. [b "Thank you Danny!"] She smiled at him, and then decided to relax for a bit before she heads out again.

Ethan smiled as their coffees came. Danny sat them on the table, giving the two of them a smile before stepping away to take care of other customers. The two of them talking quietly among each other, sipping away and ignoring the rest of the world. Ethan could hear Danny by the door, the usual spot just in the back but the restaurant was small enough and quiet enough at the moment where Danny could be heard. Ethan's heart dropped slightly as he heard the name, Becca's voice becoming completely non-existent in that moment. Ethan looked up from the table slowly, spotting the young girl walking to a different table, but not without looking in their general direction first. Ethan could feel the memories he had buried deep down resurface and hit him all at once. The memories of the two of them sitting in the very same restaurant together in the spot Ethan now occupied with another woman. He looked back down, the table becoming tinted as Becca sat across from him. The male exhaled deeply, looking back up as Becca's voice seemed to creep its way back into Ethan's ears.
[+red "Ethan?"] Becca asked, looking across at her fiancee with a confused look. [+red "What happened, you just went pale.."] she asked, tilting her head to the side with concerned eyes. Ethan felt her hand snake across his, gripping onto it tightly in a reassuring way but the feeling just didn't feel the same as all the other times right now.
"I uh... I'm fine..." Ethan spoke out, rubbing the bridge of his nose. There was no way this was real. Minnie had grown, looked a little different, but Ethan could still remember the girls face when they were just teenagers, like he was 10 years younger in that moment.

Becca sighed, looking down at her phone before letting out a small groan. "I'm sorry, darling I've got to get going. I hope you feel better.. " she got up, moved to him and leaned over, placing a kiss on his head before walking out of the diner. Ethan was still a bit stunned, staring down at his coffee as he heard Becca leave the building. How he was sitting alone at a table, the presence of his first love sitting somewhere behind him.

Ethan let out a deep breath before standing up, leaving his coffee at the table and turned his head slightly, spotting the young girl sitting at the table. He still couldn't believe she was really there right now. He couldn't help himself. After his glued to the seat reaction, he now found his feet moving on their own. He had to see her, there was no choice in the matter. "Minnie?" Ethan asked quietly, keeping his voice low. "I feel like I'm seeing a ghost.." he commented, letting out a deep, held in breath.
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[left [pic]] Minnie was having a hard time understanding the fact that Ethan was at their table with another female. Another female that had a pretty ring on her finger. Minnie sighed lightly. She had no right to be upset though. She left, but by choice, of course. Minnie couldn't even find herself to go over and talk to him. Minnie wasn't even for sure if she was ever talked about with his new girlfriend or wife or whatever she is. Minnie took another drink of her coffee. She should've known better. But she could still get good clientele here in this small town. That is what she decided. That is what she will focus on.

Minnie was getting ready to stand up when she heard his voice. She felt her heart starting to beat hard against her chest. Minnie didn't even know what to think at that exact moment. Does she even say anything? Does she even let him know that all those feelings are still there? She couldn't. He was with another person. She knew that wasn't right at all.

Minnie finally made eye contact with him. And she about lost her breath when she looked at him. Minnie didn't ever forget what he looked like. What he looked like was burned in her head. But he got buffer and he had tattoos. The two biggest thing that attracts her to a male. She gulped lightly, and then took another drink of the coffee. The reason for that is because the degree level of the drink would make her concentrate.

Minnie nodded slowly. [b "Yes.. It's me. I'm back."] She talked slowly. She had to be careful what she said or even what she does. But one thing she did realize is that she has never removed her eyes from his eyes. And every once in a while she caught herself looking him up and down. STOP. She screamed at herself. He was with someone. She can't cross onto that territory now.

Ethan stood there frozen as she turned to look at him. The two just stared at each other, both in disbelief of what was really happening. He couldn't stop staring at her. She had always been gorgeous to him and even now it was undeniable. She was stunning. The world melted away and it was just a boy and a girl, staring at each other again. It felt like they were young again, a soft exhale leaving his lips as she spoke, bringing him out of his trance like state. The world seemed to form back together before he shook himself back and put a hand to the back of his head. "I'm sorry.. this is crazy." he commented. He thought he'd never see her ever again and here she was, sitting in the same restaurant they both spent countless days at. "When did you get back?" he asked curiously. He also wondered why she had come back. Maybe she missed her home town.

Ethan sat across from her, not thinking about anything else other than just speaking to her again. "I'm sorry if I'm intruding... but this is.. surreal." he commented, his voice low. He looked over every feature on her face, the same.. yet even more developed. He could still feel those feelings he had when they were younger. It seemed to hit him harder than he expected. He often found himself wondering if this day would actually come or not. "I never thought I'd see you back here again." he commented. He knew he wasn't giving her much of a talking point but he didn't care in that moment. He just wanted to stare at her, like she would fade away if he looked away for even a second. He didn't want her to fade away. "I missed you." he said quietly, leaning himself a little against the table. God did he ever miss her. There wasn't a time that went by that she didn't cross his mind for even a second.

In the moment, all he wanted to do was hold her, squeeze her so tightly and even kiss her. He was engaged so he wouldn't act on it, but he wanted it so badly. He wanted to go back to how they used to be. He loved his fiancee but these feelings just washed over him and it was hard to ignore. His heart was still pounding like it would fly out of his chest and land right in front of them on the table and his mind was racing too fast for him to comprehend. He wanted to reach over the table and grab her, but he had to keep himself in the seat right now. The two would just have to talk for a while and connect again.
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[left [pic]] Minnie could tell that he was just as eager as she was. Eager to see him. But it was a test at the same time. She wanted to know if seeing him again would make all those feelings come back again. They came back, but they came back a lot more harder. They weren't teenagers anymore. So what she is feeling was true. Minnie knew that she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with him. Minnie didn't really have a chance to talk because very few seconds, he was saying something. But in all honesty, she didn't mind it at all.

One thing that made her wonder is if he would ask why she came back. That was when she would have to come up with something. But then again, she could always use her work. Because at this point, she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted him to know that she came back mainly for him.

[b "I actually just got back today. Bought my own house, and wanted to get a coffee at our place before I went to unpack.."] Minnie didn't mean to say our place. Minnie sighed lightly, as she looked down and noticed that he sat down. Which meant, she probably wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon. Deep down, Minnie didn't mind. But she was worried about his wife coming back and catch him talking to her. But then again, she didn't know if his wife knew anything about her.

Minnie bit on her lip lightly, as the world was slowly fading and the only thing that was important at that moment was him. And again, she didn't mind it. She was having a hard time of not touching him. She wanted to reach over, and just grab his hands and pull him close to her, and just kiss him until she couldn't breathe anymore. She felt the urge becoming so strong, but she needed to be respectful of his relationship. But one thing she knew. She didn't want to bring it up.

Minnie wasn't sure if he should be saying that, but she didn't care at the moment. [b "I've missed you, a lot..."] she said sadly, watching his ever move. She leaned against the seat, and just got lost in his eyes. she didn't even want to speak. She wanted to feel his body against hers. She wanted to spend all day making love to him. She dreamt the day of them making love since they were too young when they were teenagers. Minnie felt her heart beating hard against her chest. Was it possible for her to fall more in love with him than she already was?

Ethan listened to her speak, letting her get a word in before he went off on his tirade of questions again that he knew he'd bombard her with. Once he heard "our place" he looked down quickly. He knew she'd seen him with Becca. He knew she'd feel a bit of something towards that if she felt the same way he did, but he wasn't too sure how she felt about it truly and he sure as hell didn't want to bring it up anytime soon. He wanted the conversation away from Becca and focus on reconnecting a bit with her."A house here? That's awesome." he spoke, projecting the conversation on the enthusiasm towards her new house. He brought his elbow up onto the table and rested his hand in it, just staring at her. He watched her eyes and realized he had been holding his breath a little bit. He wanted to pinch himself and see if he was dreaming but it all felt real. If he was, he really didn't want to wake up.

The thoughts he was having, he knew he would get in trouble for. He was engaged to Becca but he still wanted to ravage Minnie. He was still in love with her, that was clear. Becca knew about her. Ethan had told her all about it when they were in the early stages of their relationship. Ethan always said she was gone forever and had admitted to Becca that he still had some lingering feelings. Of course he was exaggerating on the lingering. He had always been in love with her and it wasn't lingering. The last few years it was starting to fade a bit. It wasn't like how they had used to be but she was still there. Now that he was in front of her, his emotions just grew. He had to make sure never to admit it. Not to Becca or Minnie.

At the sound of her saying she missed him, Ethan felt his body melting inside. He smiled a bit and nodded his head, leaning back against the booth and looked down at his lap. He moved a hand to his face and looked back up at her. "Sorry.. I just was curious... why did you come back?" he asked, wondering if she always had wanted to move back to their cozy little town or if she had a different reason. Part of him wished it was a different reason, but he also hoped it wasn't considering he didn't want to involve himself in anything that might get him in trouble.
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[left [pic]] Minnie couldn't but help and just stare at him. She knew the moment she said our place it struck him a little. Because he was coming here with another female. Minnie might been a little salty about the whole situation. But in reality, she still couldn't act like that. Minnie leaned back and just kept her eyes on him and every once in a while she would look up and see who came into the restaurant.

Her attention was drawn back to him when he asked the one thing that she was not looking forward to answer. That was also the question she didn't want him to ask. Could Minnie really sit there and admit that she came back for him? Minnie wasn't sure if she could admit to that. Not with what she has witnessed today. Minnie bit on her lip lightly. She could use her job. She knew that if she said him, that she felt like he would be upset. And the last thing she wanted was too upset. But then at the same time. She kind of wanted to see what he would say if she did tell him.

[b "I came back for a couple of reasons."] She took a sip of her coffee, still trying to figure out if she wanted to tell him that part of it was for him. What was the harm though? She wasn't sleeping with him. He asked a question, and all she was doing was giving an answer. Minnie licked her lips lightly as her eyes trail back to his.

[b "I came back for you and then for my job."] She just left it at that, wondering how he was going to respond to that response.

Ethan sat there, just listening to her speak. When she said she had came back for him, his head tilted to the side just slightly. "For me?" he asked curiously. "To get back together?" he questioned, his upper body slowly moving back to lean against the booth chair again. He was thoroughly confused as to why she would come back to get him back. "Why for me?" he asked curiously. "It's been 10 years since you left." he commented, his arms crossing over his chest as he stared the young girl down across from him. "I'm engaged now." he said quietly. "I'm getting married in a few months.." he spoke, his voice kept low enough so other people wouldn't hear their conversation.

He didn't know why she had come back for him. Was he suppose to wait for her? The two hadn't spoken since basically when she left and he had no idea she was planning on coming back. "I figured I'd never see you again... I didn't date or anything for years, hoping you'd come back and then figured it was stupid to waste my time waiting." the male spoke, a hand finding its way to the bridge of his nose. He had to admit he hadn't really been looking when Becca found her way into his life. To him, it had been just another day of work that blossomed into a relationship. "I didn't know I had to wait for you." he commented, bringing his hand to the back of his head now.

Ethan was a bit on edge now, feeling her eyes glued to him at this point. He didn't know what else to say about the matter. Part of him wished he HAD waited and the other part of him knew that he was certain he'd never see her again and had no option to move on passed their relationship... and now she was sitting here, right in front of him like old times. God, he wished she hadn't said she came back for him. His mind going every which way as he fell silent again.
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[left [pic]] Minnie sat there across from him and expected that response. She was not shocked about what was said to her. Minnie nodded lightly and had to think about what she wanted to say. Because now she had so many mixed emotions right now. Part of her wished she wouldn't of said anything. [b "Yeah I know. You can see her ring from a mile away."] She said lightly.

Minnie bit on her lip lightly. She wished it was her that was wearing the ring, not her. But she did understand that eventually he had to move on. Minnie never did tell him that he needed to wait for her. Minnie waited for him. God, she couldn't ever love another person, because she knew that she wanted her future with him. But Minnie realized that he made some good points. How was he supposed to know that she was going to be coming back? Minnie knew all along she would come back, but she never knew when she would come back.

The one thing that upset her was his comment of her leaving. She had no choice in the matter. She sighed lightly, and thne rubbed her temples. There was a very long pause between the two. What Minnie knew is that she couldn't have this conversation anymore. Because it brings back why she hates her parents now. Minnie could feel the tears coming and she could feel a lump in her throat. She finally decided to break the ice.

[b "Lets just keep in mind that I never wanted to leave, Ethan. I did everything in my power to stay here. But we were only teenagers. I would've had nowhere to stay."] She then looked at the time, and realized she needed to get back and start unpacking. She gulped lightly, and then looked back at him. [b "I'm happy for you, Ethan. You get married and I'm going to focus on my job."] With that being said, she smiled at him lightly. And looked at him one more time, because she didn't plan on seeing him again. With that, she said goodbye to Danny, and then she got in her car, and she let the tears fall down her face. She bit on her lip lightly, as she wiped the tears away. She started her car, and then she drove home. Luckily, it was only a 5 minute drive.

Once Minnie got home, she pulled into the driveway, and then sighed deeply. She realized that she was still crying. What she didn't realize, is that she spent the next 20 minutes in her car, bawling. Minnie felt like she didn't do enough to stay when they were teenagers. Now she needed to move on.

Ethan watched her speak, the memories of that night felt like it was crashing down on him again. He cleared his throat a little and shook his head. They were just kids, there was no way she could have found away to stay with him. There was just no way of stopping that night from happening and now 10 years later, she was back and in their hometown. He felt horrible for that night even happening but it was completely out of their control. He hated feeling like this. He hated knowing that there was no way of keeping her there. Now he was engaged and she was back and the two just didn't have a future together anymore. His eyes focused on the table in front of him until she got up from the seat. He looked up towards her, their eyes catching each other before she turned and walked away from him. His eyes followed her until she was gone.

Ethan put both hands on his face, groaning loudly into his hands before bringing them both up through his hair and leaned back against the booth. He sighed deeply and stood up from the booth, looking over at Danny before giving him a half assed wave before pushing the door open and exiting the restaurant. He looked around outside, kind of hoping to see Minnie outside waiting for him. When he didn't see her, he looked down for a moment, reaching into his pocket and pulled out the pack of smokes. He was in desperate need of a reliever at the moment.

Ethan leaned himself against the brick of the building, his free hand moving to his face as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He pushed himself off of the brick wall and began the short walk back home as he puffed on the last bit of his cigarette. He could feel his body relax a bit. His mind was racing and he wanted nothing more than for everything to calm down. Finding his way home, he walked to the front door, shoving it open and looked into the empty house, letting a long and exaggerated sigh out.
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Minnie still was sitting in her vehicle, shaking her head knowing that she needed to get her house unpacked and just focus on that. She had to remember that. No matter how much it hurt her. She wiped her tears from cheeks, and then she took in a deep breath. She opened her car door, and then let her eyes scan the area. She bit on her lip lightly, and then she took in a deep breath. she knew she could do this.

Minnie walked up to her house and unlocked the house and she looked at it. As it was empty. The same feeling she was having. She sighed lightly, and then she started to load most of the stuff in the house. She was hoping the conversation would've went better. Because now she needs someone to help with her furniture. who was going to help her though? She didn't really know any one else.

Minnie took in a deep breath. She shut the uhaul door, and then she shut the door behind her when she went back into her house. She started to unpack things. She looked at the time, and then she thought she would go to the bar. She could take a few drinks. And heck, she night meet someone. She knew that she would never have Ethan again. She sighed softly, and then drove to the bar.

She walked into the bar, and looked around. She wouldn't be surprised if Ethan showed up. She smiled as she saw a bunch of guys looking at her. She saw them licking their lips, and she giggled herself. She could definitely have some fun, that's for sure. She sat down, ordered her drink, and drank in silence.

Ethan sat himself on the couch once he was home, leaning his head back against the couch as he thought about his interaction with Minnie. It didn't go the way he wanted it but of course he figure that would happen. He wasn't entirely sure how else it was going to go. Ethan was engaged and committed to Becca and Minnie thought she could come back and the two would get back together like she wasn't away from him for 10 years. The interaction drove him crazy and he knew the only thing he wanted right now was to talk to Minnie, even just as friends. She had different intentions, which he had to remember he couldn't indulge in.

Ethan got off the couch after a while of scrolling through his phone. He knew he couldn't stay cooped up inside, he was always the type of person to go out and do something, even if it was alone. The male hopped into the shower, washing away any thoughts of Minnie from the time being and decided that it was best to keep himself preoccupied on other things. The two just weren't meant for each other anymore. Once he was out, he dried himself off, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and made his way to his car to head over to the bar. It was his favorite place to pass time while Becca was at work and he had the day off. Once he was there, he walked in, heading straight for the bar. Tapping on the bar top, he watched Daniel, an old co-worker from his job, come over and greet him. "Hey, Danny." Ethan smiled, leaning against the wooden surface. "I've had the most insane day, I want something strong." he commented, placing a hand to his head.
[+green "Yea, buddy you got it."] Danny replied, mixing Ethan up a drink and slid it over to him. Ethan grabbed it, took a sip and shook his head a bit. It was strong, that was for sure.

Danny looked over at him and crossed his arms a bit. [+green "Bentley and his pals are over there. Just watch yourself."] Danny warned, making Ethan look towards the group of men across the bar. Ethan nodded and stood up straight. He and Bentley never got along. Ethan watched the group of guys looking towards a girl and basically falling all over each other. He looked towards the girl, letting out a deep sigh and turned himself away a bit. "Fuck me." he mumbled a bit, putting his hand on his forehead. Of course Minnie was there.. it was a small town, there was no way he'd be able to escape her now.
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Minnie kept running her finger around the glass once the bartender got her a drink. It was nice being known in this town, because she didn't need to identify her age or anything. She sighed as she was rerunning the conversation from her and Ethan. She was still having a hard time accepting everything. But then at the same time, she couldn't help and think that this was her fault somehow. Maybe if she would've tried harder to stay. Or maybe try and find her way back this wouldn't be happening. But one thing she knew is that she wasn't going to interfere with his relationship.

Minnie's eyes flicker over at the men that were basically falling at the thought of how beautiful she is. Minnie recognized one of the males. Him and Ethan never got a long. But there was multiple reasons behind it. Minnie looked back at her drink, when she realized that she was empty. Minnie sighed. Should she even drink more? She has never drown her sorrows in drinking before. Minnie bit on her lip, as the bartender come over. "Would you like another?"

Minnie really thought hard about it. She then she heard the door bell ring and her looked over. It was Ethan. Minnie sighed, and then looked back at the bartender. [b "Yes please."] She knew at this point that she was going to need it. She praying to god that he wasn't going to come and talk to her. She looked back towards her glass, watching the bartender fill it up. "On the house, looks like you need it." She nodded lightly, and then smiled.

Minnie took a drink again, as she stared down at her phone, scrolling through some work stuff. She might as well try and keep herself occupied so she isn't half tempted to talk to Ethan. Because right now, that is the last thing she wanted. He was engaged, and she had to get over it. Minnie pursed her lips, as she just kept on scrolling.

Ethan let out a soft sigh as he sat in his chair. He took another sip of his alcoholic drink, letting out a small exhale at the taste of it. It didn't take him long before he finished off his drink. He wanted to be here but the thought of Minnie sitting in a booth behind him was driving his mind insane. The two needed to stay away from each other.. it was almost magnetic how he wanted to be with her right now just talking away, but he knew he had to keep his distance. Their relationship before was gone and now he was engaged, there was nothing he could do now and there was nothing he was going to do. He had to control himself from here on in and if that meant staying away from Minnie, that's what would happen.

"Another drink please? A pint and a shot..." Ethan shrugged before looking over his shoulder at Bentley and his posse of assholes. "Eh.. maybe 3 shots." he spoke, tapping his fingers on the bar before pulling out his phone and looking it over. Staying out of Minnie's way.. that's what he was going to do. [+green "Sure thing, Ethan.."] The male behind the bar responded, pouring his drinks and bringing them over to him. He might as well have a few drinks to get his mind off of everything.. or fuck his life up more.

Bentley walked over to Minnie, sitting across from her and looking her face over. [+red "You know, you look so familiar."] the male grinned, leaning his chin in his hand as he stared at the girl across the table, the group of guys all watching the interaction. [+red "Aren't you Minnie Adler?... You were Ethan Walker's girl, yeah?"] the male grinned devilishly. [+red "I thought you moved away from this place.. what you doing back?"] he smiled, knowing full well the story between her and Ethan. It was a small town, things got around. [+red "Now that you're...single. We should hook up. I always thought you were hot."] Bentley spoke, leaning back against the seat of the booth, staring at the girl intently. [+red "What do you say, baby?"]

Ethan looked over his shoulder as Bentley moved in, watching him interact with Minnie. It was only a matter of time. The guy did the same thing to Becca before Ethan and Becca got together. The two had butt heads for years and years.. the two would never get along. Ethan grabbed one of the shot glasses, throwing his head back and letting the liquid run down his throat easier than water. "Don't get involved..." Ethan reminded himself. As much as Bentley pissed him off, Minnie was an adult and perfectly capable of handling herself.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   358d ago

Minnie was just enjoying her drink and the things she was doing on her phone that dealt with her phone until she saw someone approach her booth. She was hoping that it would be Ethan. But it definitely wasn't Ethan. Immediately, she just rolled her eyes. She was just listening to him talk. She knew that Ethan was in the booth in front of her. So whatever was said between the two, she knew that he could hear. Of course, she would never admit that she came back to town for him. The only one that knew that was Ethan himself. She was going to keep it that way as well. She just wanted him happy. And if that meant he was happy with his fiancé, she was going to ruin that. But that didn't mean she wanted to be with anyone else though. 

Minnie finally looked up once more from her phone once Bentley stopped talking. She laughed at him. [b "Do you really think I would sleep with you?"] She bellowed out. She heard it get real quiet in the bar. That is what she wanted anyways. She wanted to embarrass this boy bad. Not just for the sake of Ethan but for herself as well. Bentley is an asshole and thinks he can get any girl he wants. She laughed once more, and then tapped her fingers on the table, as her eyes never unlocked with Bentley. 

[b "No. I wouldn't. I have more pride than that. You think that you can fuck anyone that you lay your eyes on. But, there is one person you will never sleep with. I eat boys like you for breakfast."] 

Minnie eyes narrow at him. [b "Take a hike pal."] Minnie went back to her phone, as she went back to scrolling on her phone and taking a drink. Then next thing she knew, she felt a handprint across her face. Made her spit her drink out, and drop her phone, and immediately she looked up, as she knew that it was Bentley that striked her face. She blinked slightly, and then laughed as she rubbed her cheek.

She knew that Ethan was going to hear Bentley smacking face. And anyone that knows Ethan, knows that he doesn't deal with men hitting women. She shook her head, as she leaned back against the booth. She looked at him, and just laughed once more, as she felt like Ethan was going to get up any point of time.

[b "Your going to wish that you never did that."]
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   358d ago

Bentley sat, dumbfounded by the girl who just rejected him. He barely got rejected. He looked over at his posse who stood there with eyes locked on the two. [+red "I-uh.."] Bentley stumbled before composing himself. He continued listening to Minnie, wondering to himself who this girl was to reject him. [+red "Really? You're saying no to me?!"] Bentley spoke, practically standing up from the seat across from the girl. [+red "No one rejects me."] the boy glared, watching Minnie before feeling a certain anger rise up in him as he listened. His friends were watching eagerly, wondering exactly how things were going to go down. Embarrassed and pissed off, Bentley wound back, letting his hand smack across Minnie's face. It was a hard connection and he was sure the entire bar could hear it. 

Ethan sat in silence, listening to Minnie tear Bentley down until he was dust under her foot. A smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he took another sip of his alcoholic drink just relishing in the fact that she had no tolerance for men like him. Grabbing another shot, he downed it quickly and set the glass on the table as he enjoyed the show Minnie was putting on for everyone, including Bentley's band of idiots that followed him around. 

The crack of his hand hitting her face was so loud Ethan was sure it echoed through the bar even with the music pumping. As soon as it happened, Ethan instantly looked up, seeing Bentley's hand pull back from her face. And as sudden as the slap was, Ethan's mind went blank and his eyes became dark. He was raised in a house where if a man laid his hand on a woman in intent to hurt her, you could lay your hands on the man who did it and cause more harm. Ethan instantly stood up, letting a glass fall to the ground and shatter as he did before moving over to Bentley and grabbing the back of his head, tangling his fingers in the other's hair before yanking him off the bench. Ethan didn't stand for men hitting women... especially if anyone were to touch Minnie. 

Ethan quickly looked at Minnie, making sure she was OK before stepping over Bentley and kneeling down over him. He grabbed the boy by the shirt and picked him up before shoving him back onto the hard floor. He had been looking for an excuse to kick Bentley's ass and what a time it was to actually be able to do it. Ethan wound back, balling his fist up and slamming it into the side of Bentley's face. "You like hitting girls?" Ethan spoke, his voice just as dark as the look in his eyes. "You think that's fun? I'll make sure you never use your hands again." the male growled, picking Bentley up and slamming him into the nearest wall. 

Bentley put up a fight, smacking his fist into Ethan's face to cut his lip a little bit, the two tussling on the floor while his friends shouted and tried to get Ethan off of Bentley as he smacked him around. The group finally separated Bentley and Ethan, holding each other off before the group started leaving the bar. [+red "You're fucking dead, Ethan!!"] Bentley shouted, holding his face in his hands as he ran out of the bar. 

Ethan let out a huff before shaking his head. He made his way over to Minnie, standing at the end of the table and looked her face over, making sure Bentley didn't hit her hard enough to cause any damage. "Are you alright?" he asked quickly, examining her thoroughly.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   358d ago

Minnie was patiently waiting. Once she heard the glass hit the floor and shatter every where she knew that it was over for Bentley. Minnie sat back and sipped on her drink. She saw him turn around so quick, that she was even surprised to see him turn around so quick. She blinked, and watched as his eyes got dark. Minnie blinked, just watching him. Minnie hasn't seen that look in a VERY long time. Minnie watched as his fist came back and cracked Bentley in the face. She raised a 'brow, and then smirked intently. Minnie wanted Ethan to demolish this guy. Everyone was sick of Bentley. Minus his friends. She watched as Bentley punched Ethan in the mouth, but it didn't seem like it phased him any. She watched as blood was poured between the two. 

"Do something, Minnie!" She heard someone scream at her. She turned around and looked. [b "You think I'm going to stop him! You dumbass friend was the one that smacked me across the face all cause he can't handle rejection!"] She screamed back at the person. Minnie has never fought anyone before, because usually Ethan is there and protects her. But this was a whole another side that she hasn't seen. The last time she saw that side was when they were teenagers and when her father tried to beat her. That didn't end well, at all. 

Minnie sat back down and watched as Bentley's "friends" separated the two and Bentley and his "friends" rushed out of the bar, as Minnie went up to the bar to get some ice for Ethan's mouth. She sat back down, and then nodded her head. [b "Yes, I'm okay. But you are going to need this. you lip is pretty swollen."] She handed over the ice. 

She knew that tomorrow she would probably have a bruise on her cheek. But it wasn't anything that she couldn't handle. She looked back at him. [b "Thank you for that."] She smiled at him softly. [b "Can I have a few more drinks for him, please? He needs it."] The bartender nodded and she looked at him. [b "Are you going to be okay?"] 

Minnie gulped lightly. She felt bad for causing so much stress and drama for him. But with how he reacted to her getting smacked did put a lot of thoughts into her head, but she didn't want to read much into it. Minnie felt more worried on how he was going to explain this whole situation to his fiancé.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   358d ago

Ethan looked over Minnie one more time before she told him she was OK. He shook his head and let out a sigh. He'd still protect this girl with his life and he knew even with a fiancee that wouldn't change. He watched as she grabbed him some ice, grabbing it from her and putting it on his face. He had so much adrenaline running through him he had barely felt the punch from Bentley, plus he hit like a bitch it was just lucky Ethan's lip hit his teeth. "Fucking asshole. Who hits a girl." he muttered to himself, sitting himself down across from Minnie now. Avoiding her wasn't going to work, not when he did want to sit with her and chat in the first place. He watched as she ordered him a few more much needed drinks and looked around the bar. Everyone who remained was staring at the two and discussing the actions between them. "Well that was fun." he commented before looking over at her again. 

As she asked if he was going to be OK, Ethan smiled a little and shrugged. "Bentley could never punch for shit. Every blow he's landed on me never did any actual damage. I'm sure he's going to be feeling what I did for a while.. this is minor." he commented, pulling the ice from his face as his drinks arrived. He downed a couple of shots and shook his head. The more drunk he got, the less he'd feel it he supposed. "Thanks." he commented. 

He could remember the last time he'd been in a fight. He'd always had a short fuse and he never tolerated anything from anybody... especially not a man laying a hand on a woman. He could remember when her own father tried to hurt her.. just being a teenager he still kicked the older man's ass and he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Ethan wouldn't hesitate when it came to defending anyone, let alone Minnie. Even when he was less muscular he'd still do anything he could to make sure she was protected from everyone and everything... it seemed things didn't change that much. "As long as you're OK." he repeated, looking over her face again. He could see the redness, knowing she'd be hurting a bit tomorrow, but for now she was OK. 

"It's really hard to stay away from you when you cause so much chaos.." Ethan spoke, giving her a slight smirk. He never minded it, it was a way to get his anger out but he was also trying not to be around her, knowing his feelings for her never subsided since they had to break apart. She'd always been difficult in that way. She was hard to forget about.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   358d ago

Minnie kind of liked that he was somewhat joking with her. But Minnie also knew that it drew a lot of attention. It was a very small town, she was pretty sure his fiancé was going to find out. But Minnie was kind of in between emotions with it right now. Minnie pursed her lips lightly, and nodded when he said thanks. [b "I knew you were going to need it."] Minnie had to remind herself that she needed to keep it on a friend basis. If that is what they are calling each other. She felt her heart racing right now. Because what she really wanted was to embrace him in a hug, and check him out completely to make sure he was okay. But she knew that wasn't her place anymore. 

Minnie took a drink, and then smirked. [b "You know I always bring the chaos."] She chuckled lightly, and then smiled at him slightly, as she realized that they both were staring at one another. She looked down, and picked her phone up and wiped it off. It had her drink all over it. And she knew that it was going to be sticky from the alcohol. 

Minnie almost dropped her phone when she heard his last comment. She thought her heart was racing at one moment. Now it's really racing. She bit on the inside of her cheek slightly, as she felt her cheek. All she heard was her causing chaos, not how it's hard to stay away from her. So in reality, he was trying to stay away. The same thing that she was doing too. She looked at him. 

[b "I have to admit, it's pretty hard to stay away from me. I'm pretty irresistible."] She was trying to make a joke out of it. But deep down, she didn't think it was a joke. He was so quick to defend her. Even though, he heard everything. No one else tried to defend her. Minnie felt like deep down that Ethan still loved her. Like they were teenagers all over again. But she knew that she couldn't get into that type of conversation with him like that. She wanted to show that she was respectful of his relationship. So she knew deep down, that he would find that more admirable. She wanted no problems. But she was still wondering how he was going to explain that fat lip to his fiancé. 

Either way, Minnie felt like there was going to be a lot more problems that are going to get stirred up.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan watched her closely. He knew she'd be an issue for him. He put the ice back onto his face and nodded his head at her comment about bringing chaos like usual. He laughed a little bit and leaned back in the booth, shaking his head. "That's very true." he chuckled and sucked in air through his teeth as he touched his lip with the ice. It hurt, but it felt nice to have it there. He hoped it would bring the swelling down a bit. 

He looked up towards her when she said she was irresistible. It was no lie. Even though he wanted to stay away from her because he would soon be marrying someone else, he just seemed to not be able to. He was still addicted to her and it drove him crazy. He picked up his drink and took a long sip of it, feeling the buzz from all the alcohol he had consumed. The adrenaline from the fight wearing off and being replaced by drunkenness. 

He wanted to speak, but he knew he'd get himself in trouble if he did but he couldn't just sit in silence.. not with how things were. "I'm glad you came back." he spoke, keeping his voice low. He was truthful in that. Seeing her back made him realize how much he had missed her, but it also made him realize how heartbroken he was when she left and how lost he is now that she's back. Ethan let out a deep sigh and shook his head. "I can't believe you came back." Ethan laughed a bit, placing the ice pack down on the table again to take another drink. "I thought I'd never see you again." he spoke. He hated the feelings she brought back to him when she showed up. The moment he saw her in the diner, he knew he was going to be in trouble from then on in. This was such a bad idea but he couldn't help himself in talking to her. He wanted to be close to her and hear her voice and listen to her speak about whatever she got her mind going on. 

Ethan tapped his fingers on the table top before leaning himself back against the seat. "We can be friends.." he spoke, mostly trying to convince himself that it was possible. Even though the two clearly had intense feelings for each other, they could still be friends. It would be hard and Ethan worried nearly impossible but he'd make it work. He wanted her in his life again.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   357d ago

Minnie was realizing that he was starting to get a little bit more drunk now. Or that that's what she was thinking. She watched him put the ice bag down. She saw that his lip swelling was going down a bit. She needed more drink, because it looked like they would be here for a while. Not like she didn't mind that. She still bit the inside of her cheek, as she realized her eyes are glued on him. 

Minnie was just taking in that he was actually talking to her. But she knew the more he drank, the more the truth was going to come out. On his part. She has to drink a lot in order for her to spill more than she already has. She took a drink, and then stop in mid-drink when she heard him say he was glad she was back. She smiled, while still looking at him. [b "Me too,"] she whispered. 

She knew that she needed to be careful, because she felt like if this continued the way it did, she probably would find him in her bed the next morning. And that wasn't something she wanted to do to him. She didn't want him to hate him. But being this close to him, made her realize just how much more she hates her dad. Her dad did this to them. But she had to deal with all the feelings she was feeling at the moment. 

She gulped lightly, when he said they could be friends. The problem is, could Minnie just be his friend? She wanted him in her life, but not the way he saying. But she had to accept it. [b "I think friends would be good."] She then saw them bring her another drink, and she drank that one so freaking quick. She blinked when she realized she drank that in a gulp. No matter how she acts or tries to act like, Ethan was going to know the truth. Nobody knew her better than Ethan.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan continued watching her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. He cleared his throat and sat up a bit, shuffling around in the seat across from her. He hated feeling like this again.. that he couldn't just reach out and grab hold of her and hold onto her until he died. He couldn't just wrap himself around her like they did when they were younger. He had moved on and now they couldn't go back to what they had. He looked down as he thought about it but finished off his drink. He listened to her agree the two could be friends and let out a deep breath, giving a small smile. "Good." he commented. They both knew that friends was a hard option and they both knew they still had feelings for each other. Having feelings and acting on feelings were two different things and as long as they could control everything, they would be fine. 

Ethan looked back up at her, picturing how they would be if they were both single and they had been able to act on their feelings and urges, the thoughts alone making him swallow hard and bit at his lower lip, until he remembered he was cut. He hissed in pain and shook his head. "This is going to be harder than I thought." he mumbled, looking back up at her eyes. 

"U-uh... tell me about the last 10 years." he commented, wanting to get off the subject of their relationship. He couldn't think about it. He had to save himself the pain and intrusive thoughts that plagued his mind now. "What have you been up to?" he asked, playing with the glass in front of him.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   357d ago

Minnie could see him trying to make sure the conversation on the friend level. And she knew that was going to be difficult for the both of them. He was now asking her what she has been doing the last 10 years. Minnie thought for a minute and then smiled lightly. [b "Well. I'm a head nurse at the hospital here. But I'm also owner of the hospital as well."] 

Minnie smiled. Her job meant everything to her. she loved helping others, if she could. Minnie looked up at him, and inhaled deeply. [b "After we left, I worked my butt off to get my nursing degree. I have a doctorate degree in nursing. Then I decided since my dad is the whole reason my life got all fucked up, I took all over his assets that were his, because of my mother dying."] Minnie smiled at the thought of how she fucked over her father. 

Then Minnie looked over at him, realizing that she never told him that her mom died of cancer. She bit on her lip. [b "Oh... Yeah. My mom died of cancer.. It was all over in her body. So, I wanted to ruined my dad's life for ruining mine."] Minnie didn't care if it made her sound cruel or not. This was her life, and her father was not going to be in control of her life anymore. 

[b "But what about you? Besides for finding the love of your life. What else have you been up too?"] She smiled at him, as she took a drink as she waited for his answer.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan watched her as she spoke about her life and what had happened after she left. She had been so accomplished in her life so far. He was really proud of her. He listened intently, leaning his head in his hand as he watched her speak. She was still so mesmerizing. He lout a shallow breath as he watched her speak. 

When she mentioned her mother, he frowned and looked down. He liked her mother. Her mother was one of the sweetest people that had graced the earth and now she was gone. "I'm sorry." he muttered softly, looking back up at her and let out a soft sigh. "She was amazing." he spoke. He wasn't a fan of her father, never was. Especially when he tried to put his hands on her. That was the final straw for him with her father. He often wondered why her mother even put up with him, but then again she was basically an angel. 

When she asked him what he had been up to, he laughed and shook his head. "Nothing like that.." he commented, revisiting her current success. "You're pretty well off, huh?" he smiled. "I'm a foreman in a construction company. I'm basically where I started 5 years ago.. but I make more money now, thank god. Plus I get paid to work out..." he laughed. "We're building some buildings down in central.. some new development. Guess they want to grow the town a bit." he shrugged. He just took the contracts and went with it, never asking questions. "I make good money but you're definitely winning in that department. I'm proud of you." he spoke, a smile stuck on his face at that point.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   357d ago

Minnie saw him frown at the part about her mother. Minnie nodded slowly, in agreement about how her mother was amazing. [b "She was my best friend. I never understood why she stayed with my dad.. She loved him I guess. I don't know."] She shrugged slightly, and then smiled when the conversation shifted to him. 

When he kept saying he was proud of her, it brought a lot of memories up. It was something he would say when they were teenagers. She was the student that always had straight A's. Never failed a test in her life. Sometimes she would even help him with assignments. She had no problem with that. 

[b "I'm proud of you as well."] Minnie smiled at him softly. Wherever he may go, he know that it would go far. When he brought up about him making money for working out. [b "Well, that's always good. You loved working out. Plus you look really good."] She knew that was the alcohol talking, but she made sure that last part that she said was mumbled, but she was sure that he would understand what she said. 

Minnie smiled at him once more. She just loved hearing him say she was proud of him. She took another drink of her drink, and nodded slightly. [b "You know how I love to help others. But. I deserve this. My dad fucked up my life bad."] Minnie shrugged it off, like it wasn't that big of a deal.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan watched her speak, and smiled a little as she said she was just as proud of him as he was with her. His accomplishments didn't compare to hers but she was always sweet like that. She always made him feel like his accomplishments were the most perfect thing he could possibly do. He shook his head as he thought about it. 

"If I may be so bold.." he started. "Even after you left.. the amount of times I stayed awake just thinking of you and what you might be doing and just thinking about ways to track you down." Ethan laughed. "Or thinking about what I'd do if you ever came back.. It's just embarrassing." he sighed. He'd be awake for hours, thinking of different ways to get her back or find her and just beat the shit out of her father for taking away the love of his life. "I thought of what I'd do to your dad if I ever found you again.. it's not pretty." he laughed a little but leaned himself against the table. "I couldn't stop thinking about it. Even recently... what I'd do if I ever found you." he spoke but let himself get quiet. He had a fiancee now. This conversation was just useless but he liked getting these things off his chest. "It's probably because I'm intoxicated that I'm thinking about this but.. now you're here and I have no idea what to do." he spoke before lowering his eyes again. "This friends thing is going to be.. very hard." he sighed a little, running his fingers through his hair. 

Ethan hated this. This conversation about being friends, the fact they had to be friends in the first place... but to keep her in his life this was the only option. He couldn't let her go again. It was friends or he had to break connection with her again but his head and heart wouldn't allow for that. He was stuck with this.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   357d ago

Minnie hated to see Ethan in so much pain. But Minnie always knew how to take away all that pain. But how was she going to heal that pain? She couldn't. Minnie sighed lightly. He was feeling the same way she was feeling. And she never wanted him to feel like that. But she knew the moment her father forced her away that this was going to happen. She just wanted to figure out how to make him whole again, but she couldn't do that while he was engaged. 

Minnie set her drink down, and then tilted her head. [b "That's definitely not the alcohol talking, and you know that.."] Minnie knew deep down this is how he felt. But then the thought of Ethan hurting her father. She would love to see that. [b "I can only imagine what you want to do my father. I wouldn't hate you if you did do those things.."] She whispered softly, as her soft blue eyes looked up at his. God, Minnie wouldn't even cared if someone or Ethan ended up killing her father. 

Minnie knew that she shouldn't think like that but she couldn't help herself. She wanted him gone. But that wouldn't make things easier for them. She nodded her head. [b "I'll be respectful of your relationship, Ethan. But how long are you going to stay engaged to someone when  your still madly in love with me? I can read it across your face. I hope you don't get upset about me saying that. But you know I will be straight forward with you."] 

Minnie doesn't want to hurt him. But she knows that they are both thinking about that. Minnie would never do anything to jeopardize his relationship. But she knows how this works. Minnie kept relistening to his words about what he would do if she ever came back. Minnie looked down for a second and then she looked back up. 

[b "I'm here now, though."]
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan looked up at her as she spoke. It was the truth. He looked down again and sighed heavily. He wanted her but he couldn't have her. She left and he went off and found someone else. "Minnie it was hard getting over you." He spoke, looking down  at the table. Hell he still wasn't over her. They both knew he was still in love with her but he was still engaged to someone else. "I don't know." He answered honestly. Could he really go on with it knowing she was right back in town and he'd be looking at her from afar, wondering what it would be like for her to be his fiancee? These thoughts were haunting his mind and practically took over. "I don't think I can." He said honestly, looking up at her. He felt so bad thinking like this. Breaking off his engagement just because Minnie stepped back into his life. 

She shouldn't have come back but he'd be lying if he wasn't completely thrilled she was back. "What the hell do I do now?" He groaned, putting his head in his hands. This whole situation was messed up. "I can't be friends with you if I'm constantly thinking of being with you." He spoke, keeping his eyes on the table now.
MysticDreamer-υnѕaιd   357d ago

Minnie looked at him, and sighed and then just looked down. Minnie was trying to hurt him. [b "No your right. She's your fiancé. I left you."] Minnie shook her head, and then stood up. [b "I should go. I'm only making matters worse."] 

She Sighed and then touched his arm as she walked out of the bar. She sighed and looked down at the ground, as she feel the tears sting her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around herself. She hated the fact that she was making things worse for him. She leaned against the wall, and took in a deep breath. She had to stop before things got worse. She felt the tears running down her face more and more.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan watched her walk out of the bar, letting out a deep sigh. "Fuck.." He mumbled softly as he put his head in his hand. He looked down at the drink he had left over, grabbing it and chugging it quickly. He stood up and walked out of the bar to follow after her. He couldn't just end it on that note. He couldn't let her go mad. He looked around before finding her against the wall. 

Ethan wasn't sure if it was because he was drunk or if he really just needed to hold her. He moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her tightly, gripping onto her like she'd float away if he let her go. "You're not leaving me like that." He spoke, keeping his arms around her waist and held her to him. She felt so good in his arms again and she smelt like she used to. Her scent stuck with him all those years. Sometimes he swore he could smell it when she was gone. He just needed to touch her even if it was just a hug.
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Minnie wiped her tears off her cheeks, when she felt someone wrapping their hands around her waist. [b "Get your-"] When she realized who it was, she kind of stood there. She wasn't for sure if she tell him to stop or if she should just let it happen. She gulped lightly, as the touch felt so familiar. She bit on her lip lightly, as eyes locked with his. She wanted to respect him but at the same time she didn't. 

Minnie felt her heart racing against her chest. [b "E-Ethan.. What are you doing?"] Minnie didn't want him to let go. The words he said. [b "I'm not making you choose, Ethan. I can't. You know I'm not that person. At all."] She bit her lip, as she realized that her eyes were staring at his lips, and then she shook head and then she looked back up at him.
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Ethan nodded as he kept his arms around her. "I know." He muttered. He just couldn't let her go off angry or upset.. especially not after drinking. He couldn't move away from her, it felt like he was glued to the spot. He pulled back slowly, unwrapping his arms from her and let out a long breath that he felt he held in for far too long. "I'm sorry.. I just couldn't go without doing that." He said, putting his arms back at his sides. "I didn't want you to leave upset.." He spoke, looking down at the shorter girl. 

He hated that it came to this, thinking about what would happen next in his life now that Minnie was back. Yet, she didn't have it in her heart to make him choose. He stood there in silence, just watching her. He studied her face, knowing she was going through just as much of a hard time as he was and it sucked seeing it written all over her face. "I'm sorry I don't want to make you feel like this." He spoke up again, staring down towards the shorter girl.
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Minnie let out a breath of air when he let go of her. Minnie could see he was super upset. But Minnie couldn't live her life with making him choose. It was just different now. And she knew that would be a risk if she ever decided to come back. She had other things to focus on. 

Minnie pursed her lips. [b "But I'll heal. I always do."] Minnie shakes her head, as she looks down at the ground. She couldn't even look at him right now. She didn't know what was going to happen. She knew that the moment she goes home that she would be crying for a while. 

Minnie sighed, and pushed her hair back and then looked back at him. [b "I need to walk home. It's not too far from here. You probably should get home to your fiancé."] She said that last comment very dry. She sighed, and shook her head as she could feel her eyes starting to water once more. [b "Goodnight Ethan.."] She then turned and started to walk towards her house. This was too much for her now. And she knew it was going to be too much for him.
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Ethan watched her walk off in silence after saying goodnight, his eyebrows furrowing a bit before letting out what he figured was the longest sigh. It was taking everything in him not to just run after the girl, but he knew she was right. He had to get back to his fiancee... who no doubt would be asking where he was any second. "Minnie!" he called after her, finally finding his footing and ran up behind her. "Let's at least go get lunch tomorrow. Catch up while we're sober?" he asked. Innocent enough and yet he still got to be friends with her. "I know this nice restaurant outside of town.. it's not too far I can pick you up." he shrugged. "It's just as friends.. we don't even have to talk about that kind of life stuff." he spoke. He just wanted to be around her. He HAD to be around her. He felt like he was going crazy. 

"I'm sorry." he muttered again, putting a hand to his forehead. He needed to sleep this off and he needed to get his head on straight. He didn't want her to be too upset with him but he knew she wasn't happy right now.
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Minnie gulped, as she realized that she was crying a lot more than she expected. Than she heard Ethan call after her. She bit on her lip lightly, and sighed. She still don't know if that was a good idea. She looked around and felt herself getting shaky. Minnie looked up at him. 

[b "Ethan, I love you. It was hard enough not to kiss you or anything tonight or today. And earlier I was sober. Do you really think that is a good idea?"] She bit on her lip lightly, as she looked over and saw her house. She was only a few houses away. 

Minnie head felt like it was spinning. Minnie sighed lightly, and then nodded. [b "I live in that blue house right there. It should look familiar. I'll see you tomorrow."] And Minnie started to walk towards her house, because if she didn't walk towards her house, she would kiss him, and forget that he is engaged right now. But she knew that he could never forgive himself if he cheated on his fiancé. She leaned against her door, and just looked up at the sky, basically talking to her mom. 

[b Mom. What do I do? I love him.. I hate dad. I don't understand what you saw..] Minnie hated talking like that. But it was true. If it wasn't for her father, Minnie and Ethan would probably be the one engaged. Minnie looked down once more, and started to sob in her lap. She couldn't even make it inside her house. She just sat on her porch, not even knowing if Ethan was watching her or not.
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Ethan watched her speak before lowering his eyes to the ground. He let out a soft breath and shook his head. It was probably a bad idea but Ethan wasn't known for his good ones. He clenched his jaw a bit but looked up as Minnie mentioned seeing him the next day and looked over at the house she had motioned to. He nodded and looked back at her, biting at his lower lip before moving from her again towards his own place not too far from here as well. That wasn't a good sign either. It was a small town though, he figured it was possible. Ethan nodded his head and looked over his shoulder. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." he replied. He was happy she agreed but he knew this whole night was going to play on both of their minds and that was a disaster in itself. He just hoped he could get it together for tomorrow and apologize for what he did tonight. Ethan looked back at her, watching her break down on her porch. His eyes watched her closely before letting out a deep sigh. He wanted to go over there and hold her again.. but it wasn't a good idea.. not for tonight and not with the intoxication. Ethan made his way home despite every bone in his body wanting to stay with Minnie. Once he got home, he looked over as Becca's car sat in the driveway letting out a deep sigh and moving into the house to see her waiting on the couch. When she looked over at him, she gasped audibly. [i "What happened to your face!"] she asked, getting up and moving towards him. [i "Are you drunk, Ethan?"] she questioned, her tone darkening. 
Ethan nodded to her, watching as she stared down at his bruised and cut lip. "Yeah. Got into a bar fight." he spoke, moving away from her. 
[i "Are you serious, Ethan? With who? This is why I don't like you drinking. You have such a horrible temper."] she spoke, crossing her arms in disapproval. Ethan sighed and nodded. "Yeah.. but it was Bentley." he said, looking up towards her. "He was back on his same bullshit I had to take him down a few notches." Ethan grinned before moving towards the bedroom. "I have to go to bed.." he mumbled, moving to the bed and flopping down onto it.
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Eventually Minnie decided she needed to get some rest. She couldn't think about anything that happened tonight, because she would be up crying all night if she did. Minnie sighed, as she wiped her tears off her cheeks, and she saw that he wasn't there anymore. 

Minnie sighed intently, and then went inside. She locked the door behind her, and let her eyes scan the area. She needed to realize she has come really far. She knew that she couldn't let anyone determine what goes on here. Ethan knew that the ball was in his court, but she was still not choosing. 


Minnie the next morning looked around as she found herself in her bed. Minnie chewed on her lip, as she could remember everything from last night. The one thing she is glad for. That they didn't sleep together. Minnie pulled the blankets off of herself and then decided she was going to go shower. She did have a lunch thing with him. 

She finished getting ready, and then she made herself some coffee. She then sat on her couch, and drank the coffee, thinking about life. She never thought she would ever be in this boat. But her thoughts overrides her mind. She was wondering what Ethan was going to do.
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Ethan woke up the next morning looking around frantically. He realized he was in his own bed and laid himself back down with a deep sigh. He had the most vivid dream of being in Minnie's bed with her, but waking up in his own bed was a serious relief. "Thank god.." he mumbled, looking around the room. Becca was gone already, no doubt at work for the day. 

Ethan sat up, remembering most of what happened the night prior, the memories faded in and out. He squinted his eyes before rubbing his face and hissing in pain at the cut on his lip. He had almost forgotten about that. Ethan got out of bed and looked around slowly. He suddenly remembered he had a lunch with Minnie. It wasn't a date.. he swore it was just a friend thing. 

Ethan got out of bed slowly, getting into the shower to wash off the drunken night from before and cleaned off his lip again. It wasn't long before he hopped out of the shower, got dressed and grabbed himself some coffee to wake himself up a bit. 

After he was mentally prepared, he walked out of the house, going to his truck and driving off to Minnie's place to pick her up for their lunch. After the events from last night, he hoped none of this was too awkward between them. Once he got to her place, which was a short drive from his own, he stopped in front of it and looked towards the house, a sigh escaping him quietly.
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Minnie felt like she was in her own world right now. She had so many thoughts going around in her head. She wanted him. For god sakes, she told him last night that she loved him. It was like certain memories were flooding her brain from last night. And she was just trying to comphrend it all. And it was very difficult for her to do that. She chewed on her bottom lip for a second, and then realized she was out of coffee. 

Minnie walked into the kitchen, and was going to pour herself another cup, but then she realized what time it was. [I Shoot!] Minnie was kind of nervous about this. Only because of the night before. But then again, if it wasn't for last night, they wouldn't be doing this lunch thing. As friends. 

Minnie had to remind herself it's not a date. It can't be a date. Friends don't go on dates. Minnie put the cup in the sink and turned the kitchen light off. She then heard a familiar sound. Well, she felt like it was familiar. When she peaked out her window, he was there. She saw him staring at the house. She felt like this was a lot for him. That was the last thing she wanted him to feel. She gulped lightly. She was not going out there until he came knocking on her door. 

She winced when she smiled slightly. She then realized that that slap made her have a nasty bruise on her face. [I Great...] That's all that Ethan needs to see before he gets super mad again. Minnie was really hoping that his lip was okay. Soon enough, she was going to find out.
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Ethan let out a sigh, sitting silently in his car and waited for a moment before he'd go and knock on her door. He had to remember this was a friend thing.. they had to keep feelings out of it the best they could. He knew it was going to be damn near impossible to keep feelings out of this lunch. He was still in love with her and nothing, not even his fiancee, was going to stop that or change it. He just need to remember he couldn't act on it. Not like he did last night. That hug could have gotten a lot worse. He was so close to doing it but thankfully, even in his drunken state, he still had enough sense to keep it together. Even inches apart from each other. 

Staring blankly out of the window, his mind drifted back to last night. The feeling of her small body in his arms again, the smell of her making him melt right against her like it always did. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about it. [i Keep it together] he told himself before finally exiting the truck. [i Keep it friendly] he reminded himself, moving up towards her door and stood there for another second, feeling like it was an hour later before he knocked on the door to alert her to his arrival. Clearing his throat, he took in a deep breath, sticking his hands in his jeans pockets as he waited for her.
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Minnie gulped as she could see her was fighting with his thoughts. She could see that from a mile away. She decided to stop looking at her window because she felt like she was stalking him. She decided to grab a couple of things before she would leave. She grabbed a jacket, and then decided to put her shoes on. 

Minnie heard the knock on the door. She felt her heart skip a beat. She closed her eyes, and then she inhaled deeply. She knew she could do this. She slowly opened the door, as she smiled at him. [b "Good morning. Or afternoon."] She chuckled lightly, and then realized that they were just standing there awkwardly. 

Minnie had to control her urges because she could smell his cologne. And god, did she love the smell of that. Minnie pursed her lips, and then walked outside, and was standing in front of him. [b "Are you ready to go?"] She smiled at him, as she looked over at his truck, and then back at him.
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Ethan looked down at her, biting at his lower lip lightly and watched as she came out of the door, greeting him. He spotted the bruise on her cheek, clenching his jaw a bit before clearing his throat and pretending like everything was alright. He smiled at her gently, keeping his hands in his pockets. "Good afternoon." he laughed a bit. "I just woke up, honestly." he admitted. He was a bit hungover but it wasn't something another cup of coffee and some lunch couldn't fix. He cleared his throat and nodded as she asked if he was ready to go. "Yeah, let's do it." he smiled, moving out of the way for her and walked over to his truck. He got in, waiting for her to get in as well before driving off to the restaurant he had mentioned the night prior. "This place is good. It's a little hole in the wall but those are typically the best places." he smiled, looking over at her and chewed lightly on the inside of his cheek. He remembered the last time he got to take her out. It was a couple of days before she left him.. and he didn't even realize it was the last time he was going to take her on a date. 

Ethan drove out to the restaurant, a half an hour drive outside of their home town to a dingy little town not far over. The restaurant felt like old days and looked as such on the inside. Mostly truckers went there, but the food was always amazing.
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Minnie could still smell the cologne. Minnie just thoroughly enjoy the smell of him. Of course, she wouldn't admit to that. Because she needed to keep it on a friends basis. Minnie took in a deep breath, and then smiled. [b "Sounds like an amazing place."] 

Minnie realized that it was 30 minutes out of town. Minnie was wondering if there was a particular reason for that. But she wasn't going to think about that. It would just be the two of them. And sober. But sober or drunk, she still felt the same about him. That wasn't going to change at all. And if she can never have him because he gets married, then he gets married. Minnie gulped when they pulled up. She was ready to spend some time alone with him. But her goal was too make sure that she don't talk about their relationship. 

Minnie looked at him, and smiled. [b "I'm ready when you are."] Minnie then saw his lip, and frowned a little. It looked a bit worse this morning than it did yesterday. She was going to make sure that he at least ice his lip.
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Ethan made his way to the restaurant, looking over at her from time to time. He could tell she was just as nervous as he was but he really did want the alone time with her. He exhaled softly as he parked out in the small parking lot of the restaurant. When she turned towards him, a smile appeared on his face, nodding his head at her before stepping out and looking up at the restaurant. He and a couple of buddies had come here one morning after joining their friend who lived in this small town for some drinks. They ended up crashing at his place and going for brunch together to cure their hangovers. 

He looked towards the building then looked at her. "I know it looks like it's going to fall apart but.. it's nice inside." he laughed. They still had to be up to code. 

Ethan stepped inside, holding the door open for her and looked around inside. It was quiet, but that's how he figured it would be. A couple of truckers inside eating their breakfasts in silence. Not many people from around their during this time of day. He led Minnie to a table off to the side, sitting down and leaning back against the booth. "How was the rest of your night?" he asked, not wanting to bring up what he saw before he left. He knew she was just as conflicted as he was with this whole thing.
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Minnie laughed at his comment about the building. Once she walked in, and she kind of let her eyes scan the area. There was only a couple of people that were in there. It was beautiful in here. Minnie followed him to the booth, and sat down and ordered a water for herself. 

Minnie looked at him, and then realized that she was staring around the restaurant more. [b "You weren't kidding. It's beautiful in here."] Minnie smiled and situated herself better on the seat. Then that was when Ethan asked her the dread question. She needed to lie, because she didn't want him to feel bad. She couldn't sit here and explain to him how she cried for the majority of the night. 

[b "It was pretty quick. I went home. Took a shower to help me sober up some, and then I went to bed after that."] Minnie was praying to god that he didn't know that she was lying. But she was sure that he would eventually figure it out. Because he was good at detecting that type of stuff.
K1NG0FH3LLEthan Bryce Walker   357d ago

Ethan nodded at her approval of his choice. "Right? Isn't it?" he laughed. Of course last time it took the group to even look around as they were basically trying not to hurl all over their food, but once they got the initial ill feeling out, they got a chance to look around the place and actually enjoy it. "It seems I always end up here..when I'm hungover." he spoke, thinking about the only times he'd been here. "Still Ok. Plus I'm not like how I was the first time.." he spoke, letting a shiver run through him at the thought of being so ill he couldn't stomach any food. 

Ethan sat himself down across from her, settling himself in the booth before she answered the question. He could tell she was lying but he didn't need to bug about it. "Hm.." he mumbled softly, letting out a soft breath. He had seen her on her doorstep, upset about the whole night but he didn't want to mention it. 

"Yeah.. I basically got home and passed out myself." he chuckled a bit. He didn't want to mention Becca asking about his lip or what he did. He didn't want to involve her in the conversation at all. He was there with Minnie and he was going to enjoy his time with Minnie.
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Minnie nodded her head, and then laughed. [b "Well food does always help with getting sober. Unless your super sick to your tummy."] Minnie sipped on her water, because her stomach was a bit queasy, but nothing she couldn't handle. Minnie smiled once more, as she put her water back down. 

Minnie realized that Ethan actually didn't pry. And that he sort of believed her. She did him question it a bit. But something about it. He didn't want to pry about it or even touch on the subject. Minnie was watching him pretty carefully. She was wondering if maybe he saw her crying on the porch. Minnie just felt like it wasn't a good time to talk about last night. She wanted too, but she felt like it would do her no good. 

[b "Well that's good. What did your fiancé say about your lip?"] Minnie was super curious, but she realized he didn't say anything about her. So maybe he didn't want to talk about her. Just because they are together and everything. Minnie looked down for a minute. [b "Sorry.. Didn't mean to ask that.."]
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Ethan looked up at her as the question of his fiancee rose up again. He looked down and sighed heavily. He didn't want to discuss it but he knew it would be brought up eventually. "She.. uh.. I just told her I got into a bar fight with Bentley." he replied, playing with the glass of water in front of him. "She knows all about you.. I didn't want to have another fight about it last night." he commented. 

The last time they had spoke about Minnie, Becca ended up storming out. Ethan talked about her too much, Ethan still seemed obsessed about her. She told him all of that. He was.. but he never led it on. He downplayed it a lot more when he talked about her. He didn't want to start more fights. He'd always end up apologizing, promising he'd never bring it up again. "She's probably a bit disgruntled you're back.." he paused before looking at the table. 

"I didn't want that to come up." he spoke. It was part of his life, so bringing it up was nothing new. "Can we talk about something else?" he asked, clearing his throat and looking around.
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Minnie scrunched her forehead lightly. This female doesn't like her at all. All because Ethan would talk about her. Minnie gulped and just took a drink. She was feeling awkward. And was wanting to cry again, but right now she needed to put up a front.

Minnie nodded. [b "Yeah."] Pretty much after that Minnie didn't say much. She didn't even know what to say. Minnie knew that Ethan couldn't say anything about her. Minnie looked out the window as she was enjoying the scenery. 

Minnie bit on her lip lightly, as the waiter came over to take there order. She quickly told him what she wanted, and then waited for Ethan to order.


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