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Memories and Regrets {CLOSED TO Kanedgy}

By Kitiki_Anemara

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» Past «
→Y/N and Iris were not the closest of friends when they were both kids, Y/N and many others used to always tease Iris for being the shortest, the fattest, and the "smartest" in the school then. As the years went on, the bullying only got worse and went on into high school. However, once in high school, it only lasted one year because the severity of the bullying forced Iris to move away and she wasn't heard from again.
» Present / Senario «
→Y/N goes to employ at a company. Its name is odd but the pay is good and not too many people worked there. Y/N eventually goes in to see the boss since they took care of approving the hires themselves. Little does Y/N know, when the boss turns around in their chair, it's Iris.
"Oh... It's you."

) what does Y/C do? (
?? Character
» Name «
- Gender -
- Age -
- Height -
- Species -
- Sexuality -
- About -
My Character
» Iris «
- Gender - female
- Age - 23
- Height - 5'9
- Species - (Unknown) visibly appears Human / Demon
- Sexuality - Bisexual
- About - Sylvia was a quiet kid soft hearted and kind when she was youngerl, now she's more serious, closed off and comes off as cold hearted..... maybe Y/N can bring out her soft side again?
Kanedgy Character
» V«
- Gender - Female
- Age - 21
- Height - 6'1
- Species - Elven
- Sexuality - Bisexual
- About - She was bullied in school for being who she was, so her and her group of misfits decided to take it out on the one person they could....Sylvia. Sadly this left a bad impression on both girls and they would both never be the same. V being turned into a kind, closed off person....but Sylvia was much different. Cold....and now an owner of a company V had been trying for years to get into. To her surprise as she walked into the bosses' office it was Sylvia "'s you..." were the words that came out of her mouth. Almost like the devil himself said it.
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Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

Since she'd been moved from her old high school where she'd been bullied to the point of attempted suicide, Iris had never been the same. Then there was the levels of deep emotional abuse and trauma at home which only served to make matters worse. It was only after she moved out at the age of sixteen that she was finally able to go into therapy but even then she had already built walls, become emotionally distant. Some have accused her of not having a soul because of how detatched she was from her emotions. She became cold. But not entirely unkind.

After a time she made it into the Eysuqui workforce. A world-renouned corporation dealing in several franchises, including food and energy. In one branch of this corporation she made her way near to the top and was currently working as the main Supervisor for her branch. She saw personally to the hiring done and as she sat in her office the inercom rang. [+darkblue "Miss Merqoi, you have an interviewee waiting here to see you"]

She felt an odd chill and took a deep breathe, looking out the window at the view before turning around and pressing the intercom. [+crimson "Send them on up, thank you."] She told them and turned back around in her chair to observe the view once more. [+maroon 'today is going to be interesting... but I'm not sure why...'] She thought quietly


When she heard the door close behind her with a soft [i click] she turned around in her chair again and was about to speak when she recognized who it was. With a sudden bitter taste in her mouth, she narrowed her eyes and looked at her [+crimson "Oh..."] there was a pause [+crimson "it's you..."]
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V has had very many troubles growing up...From being an orphan to being verbally and sometimes physically abused at her group home. She found outlets to all her pent up emotions...some were good, others not so good. The one that hurt her the most was putting her insecurities on another girl. V couldn't recall her name, or barely even her face. Still, knowing the fact that she brought someone down more than she was hurt her on the inside and shaped her as a person.

She had been working in a therapeutic facility for younger kids. They would have 'Mock homes' where they had hired parents, a therapist, and a PA. They would also do school there. V's old job was a of the least important jobs there but she wanted to help nonetheless.

Once that fell through she had been searching for a new job for almost a year now. Luckily she saw an opening in one of the branches of the Eysuqui workforce. She quickly took her chance and got accepted for an she may be going places. She had no idea her past was about to come to her, in the form she would least want it to.

She counted down the days until she came to the day of the interview. V was normally not one to dress up, but this was an exception. Taking a taxi to her branch's headquarters, she hummed cheerfully on the way there. Walked in, went into the elevator, through security, and into the room.

She slowly closed the door and looked at the chair, back turned to her ominously. Once they turned around V had no clue who the girl was, but apparently the girl knew her. [+red "'s you..."] V at this point had no idea what to do. [+purple "Uhm- Who are you....may I ask?"] She thought it rude and a bad first impression that her memory was failing her now. V scanned the possibly soon-to-be-boss's face and her mind blanked.
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

Iris narrowed her eyes slightly then sighed. She wouldn't let the past negate a possible good worker so long as they- she hoped- had matured over the years. "Sorry.. not important." she slightly grumbled and placed her elbows on her desk, intertwining her fingers and resting her thin on the backs of her hands in a semi-professional manor. "I'm Iris Merqoi, though you may simply refer to me as Miss Merqoi. Before we begin, tell me a little bit about yourself" She sat back in her chair, crossed her legs and moved her elbows to the elbow rests of her seat and waited patiently for the girl to answer.
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V nodded as the name seemed vaguely familiar. She took a seat and began talking. [b [+purple "Well, my past led me to do a few things, most I regret but it made me want to help people..I worked at a place called Eagle Ranch, a therapeutic program...I had a part-time at a place in the Capitol...I think it was called The Black Boar...Most of my experience is in culinary things, other than that I am good at therapy stuff like that..I can sketch well...Other than that I would just want to know what this job entails...I am a quick learner so it shouldn't be too hard.."]] She felt a bit uncomfortable as if she really knew this person...she was a very closed off and quiet individual most of her childhood, so she couldn't think as to why this girl knew her.
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

This is where her evaluation methods would come off as rather unusual. Iris leaned forward in her seat and stared into the girls eyes. [+crimson "I didn't mean what your experience is Miss V."] she paused, setting her elbows on the desk once more. [+crimson "Tell me about yourself. Not just as an employee. I wish to know who you are as a person?"] It was common for her to ask this particular question, what made her interviews unique, however, is how she personalized the questions per each individual.

((sorry for the short post))
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

((All good))

V smirked a bit. [b [+purple "Well, Miss Merqoi...There's a lot to know about me. Most I prefer to not talk seem special, so I'll make an exception for you."]] It suddenly seemed like V was in control at this moment as the aura in the room grew heavier and heavier [+purple [b "My childhood at home wasn't the greatest...and I managed to find outlets....some I heavily regret. Okay- who am I kidding? All of them were bad...but I knew no better. The one that changed me the most was Ir-"]] she stopped and looked Iris in the eyes. [b [+purple "The gods must have cursed me...It's [i you]..."]] Now that her memory was coming back she said [b [+purple "I am so so sorry for how I treated you in the past..It was wrong of me to take my own insecurities out on you, Miss Merqoi.."]] A tear ran down her cheek as she recalled all the shitty things she said to the very person sitting in front of her. [b [+purple "I don't deserve this job...or I'll take it and you can do me like I did you...I just want you to know that I've changed.."]]
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

This brought her off guard for less than a moment, she didn't expect this and her eyes narrowed indicating she may have found the act somewhat pittiful. [b [+crimson "Finally remember huh?"]] she rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair again, this time crossing her arms. [b [+crimson "Quit the waterworks V... Look, I won't turn you dont a job just because of the past. So why don't we let it go hm?"]] It was difficult for her to remain calm as she remembered the years of abuse she'd endured that were only made worse by the torment and abuse she'd endured in school because of the very woman before her. But she managed. Keeping her walls up and holding the reputation of being somewhat cold hearted- or rather- emotionless. She continued to speak [b [+crimson "Your past experiences in the work industry will barely count here. There are various jobs that are open to you and you may choose which one you attempt first. New employees here typically get three chances to find the right job that suits them and if they do it well while under intense supervision for the first ninty days, they may stay. You have this same opportunity, so look at this list of available jobs and pick one."]] she paused, maybe allowing some spite to slip through her next sentence but making no big deal out of it as it was barely noticable. [b [+crimson "And I will be personally supervising you."]] After a short pause she remembered that most new employees found this method of hiring odd. She found it effective as not many employees figured it out and never made it to their second month. [b [+crimson "It may seem odd but this is how I run my branch of the company and even corporate has agreed that while odd, my methods are effective. So heads up that there is a zero tolerance policy for screwing around. Any questions?"]] She asked with a mild tone of sarcasm as she watched the other womans reaction.
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V rubbed her eyes and chuckled, turning into- almost- a different person. [b [+purple "Very well. Ninety days...easy enough."]] She has had some experience in combat, too basic to be mentioned, but enough to make her excited. [b [+purple "Well Miss Merqoi...I look forward to working with you."]] she said in a tone that made it seem like she didn't care what would happen at all. Of course she was putting up a front so she wouldn't break down. Shuffling through her purse, she opened a pill case and took the ones in the Monday slot. There were at least four different pills. Once she drank some water to put it down she said, [b [+purple "Sorry, forgot to do this in the morning. Anyways, when does the ninety days start?']]
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

Iris looked at her as she slid forward the list of available jobs within her branch of the company. [b [+crimson "Begin choosing the three possible jobs you will attempt then state the one you may begin with. The Ninety days will begin precisely three days from now if you fill out this form before you leave here today."]] She stated matter-of-factly and gave V a clipboard with five sheets on it and a pen. [b [+crimson "Don't forget the back sides either."]] She waited patiently for her to decide and fill out the forms.

((sorry for the short post again o.o))
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V nodded to show that she was listening, then began reading over the forms...she did this a few times before finally filling them out, front and back. She gave the clipboard back and said, [b [+Purple "Quite a lot of jobs you got there..Was hard to choose"]] At this point V wanted to restart their relationship but knew there was no going back from the hell she put Iris through.
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

She looked over the papers, having shown no real expression since even before V had walked in and she showed no reaction to the pill(s) she had taken. She checked over the prefered work hours and her starting position as well as which department. Basically looking over the information on the papers she had just filled out.

[b [i [+crimson "I suppose I should inform you about off days and breaks. You are required with no choice to take a break after three hours' work. Eight hour shifts only take one thirty-minute break, however, anyone who works a ten hour shift will get two thirty-minute breaks. One in their third hour and one in their eighth hour. An added note to the ones who decide to work overtime and up to twelve hours, is three thirty minute breaks. Now, I personally do not believe in off days but I will not deny that from my employees. For the first thirty days of your- lets call this a trial- you will have no off days for the first thirty days and in the second thirty you will have one weekend off. In the last thirty days of your ninety day start, you will have regular off days once a week. After that you may be able to take sick days or temporary leaves for an acceptable reason and to a certain limit of course."]]] she paused [b [i [+crimson "That is if you make it through the ninety days, I'm told the managers are, as other employees have so kindly put it, 'they are hardasses' or something of the like"]]]

Setting down the papers on her desk, she lifted her gaze to look at V again and a part of her wondered if she would attempt to mend past mistakes whether she liked it or not. [b [i [+crimson "Now. Any questions?"]]]
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V listened intently and felt the little pokes and jabs that Iris gave through her wording. Of course, she deserved no better from Iris. She reviewed what Iris had said through her head. It seemed as if Iris was making this as hard as she could for V. Yet V didn't seem to mind it. [b [+purple " there any specific dress code or uniform?"]] A part of her wanted to try her best to change Iris from the cold, off-putting person she had seemed to become...the other part didn't really care and just wanted Iris out of her hair. This didn't change the fact that V wanted to help her..It would be hard due to all the things she put her through.

V had began recalling past events, where she and Ghetis would bully Iris for whatever reason they could find. Ghetis was V's only friend growing up and the only person who understood her.

Snapping back to reality, she thought [i [b [+purple Seems easy enough, I've worked longer hours...]]]
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

Iris sat back once more in her chair. [B [i [+crimson "No real uniforms per-say. A dress code, yes. There are certain colors pertaining to each department and a vest that will be assigned based on which section of that department you chose. The only thing asked is thatyou wear the appropriate clothing and do not advertise other businesses."]]] She said, having only been giving general information as to her policies. She figured she'd ignore the past and treat V as just another employee. One of the few she would supervise personally.

After a short pause and hearing V's second statement, Iris keptlooking at her and remembered that she could never really know what anyone is going through or explain their behaviors. While she had told herself she'd forgiven V years ago, a part of her remained hurt by the past amd she accapted that she may never be able to trust again. It was difficult to have normal human interactions so she would typically avoid them outside of work. Then again she practically lived in the company amd rarely returned home to her apartment.

She'd been in her head too long. The silence in the room suddenly deafening as she shook herself out of her thoughts. [B [i [+crimson "Any other questions?"]]]
Kanedgy~C L E R I C~   1y ago
yee haw mf

She shook her head. [b [+purple "No ma'am."]] at this point she had lost her attention and was singing a song in her head. Running her fingers through her hair, she asked [b [+purple "This is selfish of me...but would you like to go for coffee sometime...? I want to change as much as possible from the demon I once was...I think you can help."]]

By now her mind was going many places. Running through the past in her brain while trying to find ways to mend it. She was aware of her and Iris going through similar things during each other's childhood. They found very different methods of coping, though.

V was old enough to realize the hell she put Iris through, and how little she could fix it. Yet for some reason, she wanted t be friends with her...turn Iris into a cheery person, which was what the opposite of what she came off to be
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

She had been about to dismiss V but was caught off guard by the offer to be taken out for coffee. She wasn't sure how to respond and gears turned in her mind as she thought about it. Not many people even saw each other after high school, even fewer would actually put in the effort to mend past wounds and Iris could see that's what V was trying to do. But did she really care to? In Iris's mind, to mend the past involves revisiting it and she didn't exactly want to do that. If she declined she would feel as cold hearted as she already seemed to be. But if she accepted she knows there would be no escaping the past. Then again, the past had already shown up to haunt her when V stepped into her office.

With a sigh, Iris brought a hand up and rubbed her temples, thinking about it. [b [i [+crimson "I suppose"]]] She accepted the offer and looked down again at the papers on her desk quietly.
Kanedgy     1y ago
yee haw mf

V nodded before standing up and walking out of her office. Before she closed the door, she said: [b [+purple "My contact info is on the application forms."]] before eventually closing the door and walking off. She had been a nervous wreck ever since the day started, and now that she knew who her boss was, it made it worse. Once she got back home she poured herself a glass of wine and slowly sipped it while watching anime.
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

With a sigh, She sat back again when V left and pulled open the bottom drawr of her desk. Inside was a glass and a bottle of whiskey which she pulled out, pouring some into the glass and taking a long, slow drink. She felt like this would be hell for the both of them. Her having to face someone who contributed to mounds of trauma, and V, having to face and work under her. She took another drink and a few deep breaths. [i [b [+crimson "just another business day.. another employee..."]]] She whispered to herself, put away the cup and whiskey then told her assisstant to send up the next interviewee
Kanedgy~K A R I N~   1y ago
yee haw mf

V had binged a few seasons of her show until it was the next day. Hungover and tired, she forced herself to move to the bathroom. While looking for her hangover pills, she found a picture of V and Ghetis as kids. She began to wonder where Ghetis was currently and how she was doing...She took the pills plus her normal medications before getting cleaned up. Putting her hair in a Chun-li style bun ((IDK WHAT IT'S CALLLED AAAAA)), she walked out of her apartment and to the barista shop close to her apartment complex
Kitiki_AnemaraIris   1y ago

Iris had fallen asleep in her office again. Well, more like she took a two hour nap and never went home to her apartment. Though this was a normal occurance and no one seemed to notice, and if they did then no one's bothered talking to her about it. She didn't seem to care either way as she stood from her chair groggily and went into her office's private bathroom to freshen up before deciding to return to her apartment for only an hour in order to shower and eat something before returning to the office.

She went down to the first floor, much to the surprise of her employees who didn't see her often unless it was to fire or supervise someone. She walked past them in the lobby and went to her motorcycle, got on and sighed as she turned it on and made her way home.


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