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Bloody storm (Eyeless Jack x oc creepypasta love story)

By StormyCross
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“Hi, my name is Stormy.” “You are probably wondering why a girl like me is doing here.” “Well let me tell you a bit about myself.” “I’m an only child.” “I’m 5”5’ ½ tall, 90lbs.” “I know I’m light for an 18-year-old girl.” “Also, I’m shy.” “I have long black hair, plus, I have soft pastel blue eyes and scars on my body that I don't want to talk about.” “I come from a bad past in my family that I really don’t want to talk about.” “I had a best friend named Faith but she went missing 10 weeks ago.” “The police called off the search party.” “I used to tell Faith everything about my hopes, my dreams, and my fears.” “When she went missing it terrified me.” “Till I met the man of my dreams, he’s a killer.” “But this is my story of how I met the love of my life.”
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StormyCrossStorm Cross   1y ago

“Okay, Stormy it’s your first day of senior year,” Storm says to herself, putting her hair in dutch braids. “SHIT I’M LATE!” Storm says to herself running to her motorcycle with her backpack on her back and her helmet and she rides off to the school. “Come on Stormy you have never been late for school or anything.” “If you’re late they will call dad and your ass is grass.” “Oh, Faith I wish you were here,” Storm said in her mind. “Miss you were almost late.” The teacher said.


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