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It was another hot day in the boiling isles and the chances of acid rain were high as students got up to go to school. ((It should be noted that witches of the boiling isle do not know what summer is... or technology...)) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Valeri was walking home from work. Going her usual route along the side of the main road which had a steep drop of about a hundred yards on either side. The weather was particularly odd this day. The winds were picking up and blasts of lightening were coming from one side of the road, it looked like the world was split in half as she looked at it. One side was rather sunny and nice and the other was utter chaos. She just happened to be walking in chaos. Little did she know that the odd weather was caused by a witches dual happening on the other side of a portal somewhere below. Until lightning shot the ground out from under her and she fell over the edge with a scream. Falling through the anomoly and causing the unstable portal to close. She fell immediately unconscious upon contact with the ground not too far away from the dual but oddly close to the owl house. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- [right [pic]] Claudia was irritated on her way to class. Of course her parents would put their petty fued with the Blights over anything and force her to join several tracks. And put her in the Abomination track with Amity Blight no less! Not to mention being on the Illusion track with Emira and Edric Blight- Amity's older siblings. Only they often skip class so she doesn't really have to deal with them much.
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Eda waved good bye to luz, as she began to sit on the couch and look around. King was somewhere takeing a nap, so she was alone. As she sighed, she looked at the door. She felt like king. Not WA ting to wait for Luz. And for her to her come home already. __________________________________________________________________,____ It was westons fault that they were late, not their bloody father's again, but theirs. They had to stop and chat with one of the stand owners. It always got them am extra snack or two. Once they was on the way they looked around and sighed. They knew that Amity, would change as soon as she hit the school doors, which would leave them with no-one to talk to.


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