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There is an island in the middle of uncharted waters thats been lost in time. One day a group of planes which had been passing over these uncharted waters crashed within the same month, most passangers died and few made it through the wreckege and ended up on the island barely alive. Everyone was persumed dead when the remains of the airplanes were found by the mainlands of the rest of the world, but no sign of the mysterious island on which the survivers found themselves on.

They run into a tribe of people armed with bows and arrows, spears, daggers, swords, knives, etc. And are taken captive to see the Chieftan. M/C- the chieftans daughter- manages to convince him to allow the strangers to live and earn their stay on the island by putting them through a series of trials and tribulations in order to earn their stay. Eventually M/C's interest grows in the group of survivors and decides to secretly help them in their survival on the island.

((I dont know honestly came off the top of my head and decided to do this for a second time around so PM me if youre interested))
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Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

((In the begining we should probably establish the survivors skills and their importance to surviving on the island... some skill they have that'll help... or lack of skills- vis versa))

Within the last month, four planes crashed. While three had drifted away with only a select few survivors making it to the island, one plane had drifted upon its shore- the first to crash- becoming the refuge for our survivors. Until they were discovered.

After the last plane had crash landed on the uncharted island they were found a mere 92 hours ((roughly 4 days)) later by the scouts of the islands human inhabitants. The larger, more dangerous creatures within the woods and forests would stay off the beach where the survivors resided until then.
MourningGloryNikola   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The last thing she remembered was sitting in a plane's seat beside her best friend and the captain's voice coming over the speakers. [i "Ladies and is time to get back to your seats and to fasten your seatbelts. It appears there is some...trouble..."] But the message was never finished and the plane had crashed near an island. Many had died (including her best friend Matty) in the crash and how she had been one of those who survived, Nikola Smith had no idea.

In the days that followed, the girl who just turned eighteen had helped to search for others who made it from the wreckage and even was a go to for forging. But when it came to fishing or medical, they were shit out of luck because she knew NOTHING about those things, which was horrible because they appeared necessarry to survival.

Was it day two? Three? Or four on the island now? Honestly she was bad with the telling of time passage too. All she knew was that she and the others were being "collected" and had spears to their backs and arrows pointed at them as people led them towards the forest that lay beyond the beach and off to only god knew where.

They. Were. Going. To. Die. Or that was the notion that Niki had in her mind.

((Bleh sorry...horrible post I know. So lemme know if you want it changed!))
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

((Im sad thinking that this roleplay died and never really got started... Been almost a month(only 20 days but still)
think we could try to get this one going for a bit before it dies? Sorry i dont mean to bother about it or anything but i want it to have a chance or something at least before that happens
MourningGloryNikola   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna dessert you.

I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause

Sorry for the song lyrics. Just trying to meet the lovely character limit here. God I hate them...

But anyway. I know Cinna said she means to try and play catch up...and the last person never had it on their >.<))
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

((Yeah, sorry about that. Was waiting for the other person to post, saw that they didn’t have it on their list and then went to visit dad and his side of the family. I’ll get something up either later tonight or tomorrow for this one as well as other role plays that I do have to catch up on. Again, I am sorry for that!!))
Kitiki_Anemara     1y ago

((I love the song lyrics to meet the limit hah.. I think i might make a OOC chat thread for this one too

Im addicted, to the feeling
Getting higher than the ceiling
And were never gonna want this fucking feeling to end
Let me leave my soul to burn and ill be breathing it in

Thank you both, and no rush, sorry i just didnt want another dead roleplay >.<))
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

Eric had just woken up and rubbed his eyes. All he could remember was the screaming as the plane had crashed in the middle of the ocean. Afterwards, everything was blank. He glanced around, dazed as he didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there. With wobbly legs, he tried to stand and lost his balance, falling in what he believed to be sand.

[i ‘What happened?’] He thought and then tried again, this time able to stand. All he could remember was the plane crashing and not much else. He hoped that there were others who had survived and that he would maybe run into them somewhere on this… island? How long had he been out? Eric shook his head, trying to remember what had happened but to no avail.

With a groan, the male walked into the forest to forage for food and maybe find fresh water. Soon, he felt something sharp against his back and turned to see a person. He bit on his lower lip and allowed the person to lead him to wherever he was meant to go without a fight. He had a feeling that things were not going to be good, but he hoped for the best.
((Sorry for crap post))
RavennFlighttMalia   1y ago

Malia happened to end up farther down the beach than most, having been carried a few yards away by the tumbling waves.

She opened her bright hazel eyes and scanned her surroundings, then came up to a sitting position, shaking sand from her brown hair and the hood she wore, which had fallen down during the crash. The cloth was made up of Ibex skin, she herself had hunted and woven this piece of clothing.

Malia stood, a bit slowly, and winced. She had obviously been injured, a small trickle of blood came from a gash in her side. The wound wasn't too major but it wasn't minor either, sand had gotten into it and it hurt whenever she moved. She sighed and automatically straightened to bring in details of her surroundings. Teeth gritted against the pain that flared from her ribs, she made her way along the sand where she could see the flash of metal. She reached the plane and considered the wreckage, she was able to salvage some food and water, as well as scarce first-aid supplies such as bandages and Arnica salve.

She felt something press against her back and froze, clutching the bag full of necessities. She knew it was a weapon pressed against her spine, so she didn't make any quick movements, turning her head slowly to view her attacker. There was a man standing there was a dangerous gleam in his eyes. Malia instantly reached a hand to her belt then realized the knife she usually carried had been stored in the belly of the plane and was unacceptable in this circumstance. She was led away quickly, she tried to keep pace with her injury, and fast enough not to let the spear dig painfully into her back. (I had a crazy few weeks, sorry about that)

Her plane had crashed and gone missing to the sea. Scarlet was lucky to be alive, much less to have washed up on shore. Though her leg appeared broken as she barely managed to crawl to the edge of the beach's forest, grab a sturdy stick and vines and create a make-shift splint on which she tearfully adjusted to fit snugly and hold her leg together. Though her pained cries attracted someone else. Just as she managed to pull herself up and balance on her good leg, a sharp pain shocked her as a spear was being held to her back. Quickly, she had been knocked unconscious once again.

Scarlet opened her eyes as the first rays of sunlight filtered through the trees. She was tied to a tree, arms above her head and lifted a few inches off the ground. Her chest burned with the effort to breath as another rope was tied around her waist and the tree tightly, holding her there. Over the course of the next few days, barely given any water and some berries, few other survivors were brought and hung next to her in the same way. By this time, her lips were chapped, mouth and skin dry, filthy and rather dehydrated.

[center ----------]

[right [pic]] A cheiftan walked forward and stood in front of the survivors, next to him was a young girl. Both looked at the survivors with narrowed eyes and were assessing them and their reactions to their situation. The warriors patrolled around them also studied the unwelcome arrivals as a deafening silence stretched on.
MourningGloryNikola   1y ago
Lady of the Night

When she had been "brought" to the trees, the blonde of eighteen could see another was already tied up. It looked as if the girl had been there a few days and had been left for dead? Or that was the thought that was her first as she soon found herself bound in the same fashion.

In the days that followed, others had been brought to the trees as well. And one by one, they too were hung up. Everytime Nikola tried to speak, she was reminded that she was not allowed by a sharp jab to the ribs by those who were watching them. The jabbing she could live with, but the barely having food, water, and the constant sunlight was a personal kind of hell.

Only when it appeared that all suvivors, or in Niki's mind, all victims had been tied up was a chieftan and a girl who looked to be his daughter before them and taking them in. Her green eyes were locked upon them and she was taking them in as well. Had she died? Another jab was given to her ribs and she yelped out. Nope, not dead. But she was more than curious of ALL the new people around. Islanders and suvivors alike.


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