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About The Boiling Isles Roleplay and Accepted Characters

By Kitiki_Anemara

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Basically The Owl House in another timeline or an alternate reality.

Emperor Belos is still trying to unite the two realms in order to take over the human world or something.
The original characters are still there and are optional to use:
  • Emperor Belos:
  • The Golden Guard (aka Hunter):
  • Kikimora:
  • Tiblit Tibley Tibbles:
  • Proffessor Abominable:
  • Hieronymus Bump (Principle Bump):
  • Amity Blight: Taken by Anime_freak
  • Alador Blight:
  • Odalia Blight:
  • Tiny Nose:
  • Boscha:
  • Willow Park:
  • Gus Porter:
  • Lilith Clawthrone:
  • Edalyn Clawthrone: Taken by Anime_freak
  • King:
  • Luz Noceda (sorry if last name is spelled wrong): Me


Highly encourage OCs and please have some basic knowledge of the world before requesting to join.


Since magic is based around the Coven system, here is the list of Covens/magic:

~The Emperor's Coven~ -Color: Gold-, Sigil: Winged Sword and Shield in a pyramid.
Not considered one of the "main nine", but essentially rules over them all.

Coven Color Sigil
~Abomination~ -Magenta- Abomination's Face
~Bard~ -Red- Lyre
~Beast Keeping~ -Orange- Hatching Egg
~Construction~ -Brown- Fist
~Healing~ -Blue- Bandaged Hand
~Illusions~ -Cyan- Mirror
~Oracle~ -Violet- Eye
~Plant~ -Green- Flower
~Potions~ -Yellow- Potion Bottle


Character skele for OCs:

Coven / Magic type(s):


  • A "coven" refers to a group or gathering of witches that meet on a regular basis. It can also refer to a secret or affinity group of associates.
  • The system is similar to the Housing system from the Harry Potter books, with the coven tracks in the Boiling Isles' magic tracks acting like the Houses for students who gather points during the school year.
  • The nine main covens are similar to the Schools of Magic found in Dungeons and Dragons, with potion-making filling in the ninth coven.

A coven is made up of witches that specialize in a specific form of magic. A Coven membership is mandatory, and failure to join a coven is a high order criminal offense, potentially resulting in petrification.

Witches studying under a specific track but have not yet formally joined a coven. All witches studying a magic track will have their school uniform marked by the color of their respective track.


Me / Kitiki_Anemara

Name: Valari
Nickname: Val, V
Age: 14
Gender: Female (she/her)
Race: Human
Coven / Magic type(s): all
Cursed?: No
Personality: Optimistic, Idealistic, Creative, always wants what's best for people and to be good and make a difference. Looks up to the Good Witch Azura much like Luz and Amity do
Bio: Somehow ended up on the boiling isles after falling through a hole on her way home from Summer school. This hole was a secret portal which opened for that split second that Valari had fallen through, leaving her trapped and desperately looking for a way back home despite the many things about her past which will be revealed in the roleplay.

Name: Claudia
Nickname: CC. Dia
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Witch
Coven / Magic type(s): Abomination, Beast Keeping, Healing, Illusions, Oracle
Cursed?: Yes cursed to turn into an owl beast when stressed, used too much magic, extreme emotion, etc (has to constantly take potions to control it)
Personality: Always tense and closed off, tends to get mad a lot and refuses to accept failure, Lives to please her parents and join the Emperors Coven (Basically Amity but with a lot of trauma and parental problems)
Bio: to be revealed



Name: Weston Fidles

Nickname: Sammy

Age: 13

Gender: Non-bionary


Coven / Magic type(s): all


Personality: rebellious, gets distracted easy, funny, not very smart.

Bio: goes to Hexide, doesn’t pay attention that much.



Name: Tidus
Nickname: Ti
Age: appears to be around 16-17 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Enchanted Doll
Coven / Magic type(s): Illusions, Abomination, Bard, Healing, Oracle, Beast Keeping, Plant
Cursed?: Nope
Personality: He’s childish, cheerful and a bit of a dork.
Bio: Created by a witch that was longing for a friend, Tidus is an enchanted doll that is gifted in every kind of magic except for Construction and Potions. He is known for his use of combining magic and has befriended Vaan who practices a never before seen type of magic.

Name: Vaan
Nickname: V
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Coven / Magic type(s): Elementalist (a mixed amalgamation of plant, Beast Keeping, Illusions, Healing, Abomination and Potions and is technically not found in any of the main 9 covens.), Oracle, Bard
Cursed?: Yes, he’s been cursed with Amalgamation (it forcibly combines different types of magic making him unable to use any single type)
Personality: Vaan is naive however he’s also a natural leader who’s friendly towards people he trusts.
Bio: Vaan was formerly able to use all types of magic except for Construction. After he was cursed with an Amalgamation spell, all of the magic that he could use except for Oracle and Bard got mixed together to create the Elementalist Magic.
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