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~•Rice Ball•~ //closed to NikoKirumi//

By Anime_freak

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~Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking~

||Fruit Baskets RolePlay||
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Anime_freak~Kyo~   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

((I figured we could start here.))

Kyo definitely liked his old school better. But now he had to go to a normal high school. He didn’t want to go for two reasons. One, Yuri goes there, and two it mixed genders of girls and boys.

He had to get up earlier then he normally would, because he had to meet the principal. He saw Yuri in the kitchen already. He was to tired to surprise attack him at the moment. He just opened the fridge and grabbed one of the left over rice balls.
NikoKirumiYuki Sohma   1y ago

Yuki woke up a bit earlier than he typically did. He was far from a morning person; however, with having both Mrs Honda and the stupid cat having come to live in Shigure's house he had decided to make the effort to be up early enough for breakfast. He was only partially surprised when Kyou didn't choose to pick a fight with him and he mustered a small smile when Tohru wished them both good morning.

[+purple " Oh, good morning Kyou, Yuki. I made us all lunch for today. " ] The brunett said bubbly as always. The girls cheerfulness was quite contagious and although the rat wouldn't admit it out loud he was quite happy that she had decided to stay. [+lightblue " Good morning Mrs Honda. ] He said in return all the while doing his best to ignore his orange haired cousin.
Anime_freak~Kyo~   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

He turned around to see her standing there. He decided to not say anything but a slight, “thank you.” He was to tired. His new school indeed was a pain right in the rear end. He just turned back to the fridge and made a bowl of cereal. Forgetting his cousin was making a meal.

He went over to the grounded table, and began to eat. It was too early to process a thing for him. He didn’t enjoy switching school, especially with the story’s he’s heard about the gray haired male being a ‘prince’.
NikoKirumiYuki Sohma   1y ago

The brunet smiled one of her typical cheery smiles. [+purple " You're welcome. " ] She said her voice lilting with her happiness. Humming softly to herself Tohru set about making lunch for Yuki, Kyou, Shigure, and herself. She made certain to add extras in her bento for Hana and Uo before sitting beside the cat to eat her own breakfast.

Yuki sighed and decided on staying by the counter as he ate in no mood to be near the stupid cat. Finishing his breakfast quickly he set his dish in the sink. [+lightblue " I'm heading out. " ] He said pausing on his way to the door to see if Tohru was going to join him on the walk to school or if she was planning on waiting for Kyou. The pause was a brief one then the rat headed out the door leaving the other two in his wake.
Anime_freak~Kyo~   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Kyou watched Yuki leave. He stood up putting his dish away and messing with is hair a bit before leaving. He didn't want to go to this stupid school. It got more and more different each day he went, and more difficult, and he had to go with that stupid cat. He wasn't going to admit that, though.

He walked out of the house and went on his way, it was still dark, with only little light, which annoyed him a bit. He waited a few minutes for Tohru just in case she wanted to walk with him as always.


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