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Origins rp (based on a minecraft mod)

By Purplepero

Replies: 470 / 12 days ago

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Why hello, this is a roleplay based on the minecraft Origins mod, so if you don't know about it you might not understand.
I am currently awaiting three other people to join, so if you want to join PM me with a character

Character maker chart or whatever it's called lol


And that's all! I'll add characters here if you PM me with them and have a nice day!


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Amber thought
she looks at the portal confused
hillory / hillory17 / 1d ago
Amber nodded "ok"
"i don't get it and i might stay here for a while i still need to catch my breath"
hillory / hillory17 / 2d ago
"oooooh, whats that? It seems kinda like you." He laughed at his pun.
Mark / Purplepero / 2d ago
Amber looked at the fire charge
He was examining all of the strange new materials to try and see what they were.
Mark / Purplepero / 3d ago
“Not yet but you can”
"so should we head back"
hillory / hillory17 / 3d ago
Amber grumbled
"well at least the chest is open...i mean broken"
hillory / hillory17 / 4d ago
She sighed “idiot”
He shrugged "sorry?"
Mark / Purplepero / 4d ago
"well that was an easier idea"
hillory / hillory17 / 4d ago