Chi no Rekuiemu

By Catlover33
Vaan and Bartz were two normal young males and had been living two very different lives until the day that vampires rose to power. The creatures of the night had started to choose humans that they would then curse with immortality and take them away to a castle where they would spend the rest of their days. After hearing the rumors about this, Vaan had decided to flee with Bartz however his escape route was cut off by ______ who seemed to be rather interested in making sure that the young male did not leave. Similarly, Bartz was stopped from even moving by ______, another vampire that had accompanied his friend in what vampires liked to call hunting for a pet. The vampires knocked out both Vaan and Bartz before they carried the two back to a castle. When the two young males woke up, they tried to escape however they realized that their escape route was cut off. It was then that both of them started to realize that they were now seen as nothing more than pets. The two boys had also noticed that they had been cursed with immortality by ____ and _____. Unbeknownst to themselves, Bartz and Vaan had the ability to use magic.
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Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

It was the middle of the night as Vaan and Bartz were walking home from a beach party. They didn’t know that while they enjoyed some fun in the sun, vampires had risen to power and were kidnapping humans. They both wouldn’t believe it until they passed someone who seemed to be talking about how vampires were the cause for all of the recent disappearances. They both didn’t know that someone was watching them from the shadows

“I guess that this is true. We should be on the lookout for vampires or anything suspicious, Bartz.” Vaan whispered to Bartz who seemed to be somewhat spooked.

“I don’t even think that people stay out at midnight. We could be setting ourselves up for something completely dangerous.” Bartz muttered softly as he looked at Vaan.
Anime_freakAron   304d ago

Aron was walking with his brother, looking at them. “Prey...Or pets..?” He said to his brother. They certainly looked delicious. But did look like worthy pets for their giant manor. Their friends had wondered off to find their own.

They both looked at each other. And nodded. They would follow as normal people, even though their skin was pale. They planned to cut the, off eventually.
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

Vaan quickly picked up the pace when he was walking. He didn’t want to be outside anymore in the middle of the night. “Come on Bartz! Let’s get out of here.” He said softly.

“Alright! I’m right behind you.” Bartz said cheerfully as he followed Vaan. He was able to keep up with his friend rather well and soon the two of them were almost at a building.
Anime_freakTyson   304d ago

Tyson, Aaron’s brother smiled as he stood in front of the path they were on. “Why hello boys..” he said looking at the two. Aron was behind them. How are you this evening. Heathy..?” He said with a smile.
Catlover33Bartz   304d ago

“We’re doing just fine. In fact, Vaan and I are about to head home so could you please move?” Bartz asked Tyson. He slightly had his guard up and didn’t seem to be at ease.

Vaan immediately tried to run away. He had become rather spooked all of a sudden and wanted to get inside as fast as possible. He had somewhat lowered his guard as he tried to run.
Anime_freakTyson   304d ago

Aron grabbed his arm. “Where are you going..?” He said smiling. Tyson grabbed Bartz arm. “It’s good that your healthy. Maybe you might be a meal.” He said smiling.
Catlover33Bartz   304d ago

Bartz tried to pull his arm free from Tyson’s grasp. There was now a look of fear in his eyes as he grabbed the hilt of the sheathed dagger that he carried with him using his free hand. “Are you going to kill me, vampire?” He asked Tyson.

“Let go of me. I don’t like being grabbed by strangers.” Vaan growled at Aron. He tried to pull his arm free from Aron’s grasp.
Anime_freakTyson   304d ago

Aron chuckled. “Be to rude and I’ll think of you as a snack..” he said smiling at him. He wasn’t really going to eat him. He looked to skinny, maybe all muscle.

Tyson laughed. “Only if your keep putting up a fight.” He said smiling. He was showing his teeth on purpose. He was making sure Bartz was scared.
Catlover33Bartz   304d ago

Bartz let go of the hilt of the sheathed dagger and stopped trying to pull his arm free. He looked at Vaan who had let out a low warning growl. “I have heard that your kind kidnaps humans.” He said softly.

“I am not a snack and I would prefer it if you didn’t call me that.” Vaan growled softly. He was still very afraid and had stopped moving.
Anime_freakTyson   304d ago

Tyson loosened his grip. “Thank you.” He said with a smile walked over to his brother who was having a harder time. “Can we eat that one?”

Aron looked at him, “keep your voice down or you’ll be a late snack.” He looked at his brother. “If he doesn’t shut up, hen I don’t mind.”
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

Vaan stopped talking and remained still. He had an undeniable look of fear in his eyes before he shifted his attention to Bartz. He could see that the brown eyed boy had that same look of fear that he had. He didn’t want to be eaten so he just remained completely silent.

“I guess that we can’t go home anymore…” Bartz muttered softly. He then looked up at the sky in order to try to calm himself down.
Anime_freakTyson   304d ago

Eventually they reached their giant manor. They weren’t the leaders, but their parents certainly left them a fortune to go off. They had the house built just a few years back when their parents split and left.
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

“I’m guessing that you’re not really giving us much of a choice when it comes to us wanting to stay here or not…” Vaan muttered softly.

“I honestly thought that all vampires lived in castles but it appears that I was mistaken.” Bartz said softly when he saw the manor.

“I guess that’s not the case here. Besides, I don’t think that we can ever leave…” Vaan muttered softly. He couldn’t run away anymore since he and Bartz had been following Tyson and Aron.
Anime_freakAron   304d ago

Aron laughed at the fact of a castle. “Castles are for the leaders of each ‘pack’.” He said with a chuckle. He grabbed a skeleton key and opened the door. Most of the furniture was covered in blood, like everything in the lobby of the manor.
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

Vaan and Bartz had both entered the manor. They seemed to be slightly spooked by how most of the furniture was covered in blood.

“Don’t vampires drink blood?” Vaan muttered softly. He slightly shivered as he spoke.

“I think that they do and we might be in trouble.” Bartz said softly.
Anime_freakAron   304d ago

Aron laughed, “we don’t just drink the blood, that’s a waste. We eat the meat, too.” He said smiling. “But you two are special.” He said with a different tone of voice.
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

“That’s horrible… But I think that you’ll still feed on the blood of me and my friend while keeping us alive…” Vaan muttered softly. He noticed that there was now a mark on Bartz’s sternum that looked like a black rose. Of course, he didn’t think too much of it.
Anime_freakAron   304d ago

They both laughed at the same time. Then locked the door behind them. “Feel free to roam around.” Aron said while walking away. Tyson went into the kitchen and grabbed some food for himself.
Catlover33Vaan   304d ago

Vaan sat down on the floor and yawned. He wasn’t able to stay awake anymore so he was slowly falling asleep.

Bartz noticed that Vaan was falling asleep and sat down next to him. He wanted to be there for his friend.
Anime_freakAron   303d ago

Once Aron came back down, he chuckled. It was tempting, they did look like meals. But he just walked past the two.

Tyson was eating the left over limbs from last nights hunt. He was doing this so they didn’t look like a late snack. Although they did look rather like they would be more muscle fat then meat.
Catlover33Bartz   303d ago

“What if there’s more to us than meets the eye…” Bartz muttered softly before he began to think about a warm fire. He didn’t know that a similar flame had appeared in his hand as he spoke which caused him to slightly panic. He didn’t know how the small fire got there however he was hoping that nobody else could see it.
Anime_freakTyson   303d ago

Tyson motioned his brother over. The two were speaking together, although they were whispers. “I call the runt.” Tyson said to his brother. Aron shrugged. He didn’t mind having the more protective one.
Catlover33Vaan   302d ago

Vaan had woken up and then sat up. “Get some sleep for now, Bartz.” He muttered softly before he started to gently pat Bartz on the head. He waited for the young male to fall asleep before he gently hugged him. He seemed to be watching over him to make sure that nothing bad happened to him.

Bartz had slightly moved in his sleep before he woke up a few moments later and looked at Vaan. “You should get some sleep as well…” He muttered softly.


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