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The past ||| an Rp

By Ninjagirl666

Replies: 511 / 13 days ago

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A young girl about the age of 10 was curled up on the side of the road crying she had a bad cut on her it went from her lower lip to the bottom of her chin. she was covered in ash and dirt. Her hair was a mess and she was covered in small burns. Y/C had heard about a fire where a family had been attacked in a fire, only two people had survived two little girls one was rumored to have started the fire and the other had vanished right after the fire. The little girl looked up at Y/C her eyes a strange purple and her face was covered in blood from the cut.

The only thing I really ask of you is to keep thing appropriate thanks
she giggled happily
He ran around her more, jumping up once in a while in a playful mood
she giggled and sat down
He hopped up and ran around her
she smiled and pet him
He licked her cheek and let out a happy bark
Amber smiled at her and hugged Luka
His tail wagged rapidly, smacking against the floor

Elizabeth stood by the door with her hands in her pockets and watched with a soft smile
she giggled and looked up for Elizabeth
He squirmed back and forth and layed there happily
she rubbed his belly
He rolled over a couple times
she smiled and played with him
He panted happily and pushed his head into her hands
she pet him and smiled happily