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I fell in love with the Devil [Closed to MourningGlory]

By Burning_Heart

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"A week ago, I would've thought _____ was just another name filed away in the back of my mind. Had someone told that I'd be fighting for my life, I would've laughed in their face.

After having a one-night stand with a stranger she'd met at a bar, Evelyn Gardner assumes she'll never see them again. However, that all changes when she's kidnapped from her apartment one night. When questioned, she comes to find out that there's more to ____ than meets the eye.

They're a notorious mafia boss. Even worse? Their enemies think she's a new part of the family.

Let out by a spy within the enemy lines, Evelyn soon finds herself in the fight for her life.

But can she really trust someone known as The Devil to keep her safe?

What I'm looking for:

I'm looking for a semi-literate to literate partner who is willing to flesh out details with me. The story is something I want to write together. This is why the description is so brief. We can also discuss the specific starting point. It's a little bit of a rough beginning, but I'm hoping that we can make it work.

Please be at least 18+. I'm in my early 20's and don't feel comfortable doing a mature roleplay with a minor.

The mafia boss is left genderless for a reason. I don't mind if they're female, male, binary, anything like that. It's your character. Play them as you like. Just take this seriously, please.

Real pictures are preferred, but not necessary. I'm willing to use illustrated if needed.

Communication. I myself am not that great at being on every day or replying every day. I understand life comes first, but at least keep in contact and agree to let the other know when we'll be replying or taking a break/hiatus, anything like that. I'm a very patient and understanding person, I promise.

Good grammar. I'm not great with this all the time. I constantly make mistakes, but I really don't want to try and decipher a reply.

This is a mature roleplay. ES rules still apply, but it's a mafia-based RP. Obviously, things like drugs, cursing, violence, etc, will happen and apply here. If any kind of romance happens, either skip or take it off-site.

Most importantly, have fun. This is just a small idea I had that I wanted to write and I want my partner to do the same.

PM me with the subject as your favorite color, that way I know that you read the entire thing. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Thank you in advance and I can't wait to hear from you!

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Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center The last thing Evelyn Gardner wanted to be doing after finding her fiance of three years cheating on her was go out to a bar and get drunk. Unfortunately for her, that's exactly what she was doing. Her best friend Lydia had insisted that the two of them get out and try to loosen up, possibly make some bad decisions in order to forget about "that worthless bastard," as she had stated once the two were leaving her apartment. Evie had been sitting on the couch, watching some kind of cheesy rom-com when Lydia had even suggested the idea, curled up under a blanket in a pair of sweat pants and oversized t-shirt she'd been allowed to borrow from her best friend's husband.]

[center Now, here she was, an hour and a half later, dressed in a black mini dress and matching heels that she could barely walk in, casually sipping on a glass of whiskey as her friend danced all around the floor. She had tried to pull the brunette out onto the floor with her, but she had convinced her to let her stay behind.]

[center She appreciated the girls' efforts to try and make her feel better, but it wasn't as easy and she wanted it to be. She had really thought she'd found the one, having bought the wedding dress and everything. Their wedding had been scheduled for three months to the day. Instead of making last-minute changes or triple checking every detail, she had spent her morning canceling every reservation that had been made, making sure they charged his card for any cancellation fees.]

[center Groaning, she laid her head down on the table, forcing herself to swallow the lump in her throat. It would be so bad if she knew she didn't have to see the woman he had cheated on her with at her job. For months, she'd sat next to the desk of Kate, with who she'd discussed wedding ideas, had brought with to look at dresses, and who was even a bridesmaid. It was painful knowing now that the whole time she had been her friend, she had been sleeping with the man Evie was supposed to marry.]

[center Hearing her ringtone begin blaring from her purse, she sat up and pulled it out, rolling her eyes as his name appeared across her screen. Declining the call, she shut the phone off, finally tired of listening to the stupid love song that played.]
MourningGloryDevil   1y ago
Lady of the Night

"You know I don't see why you like coming to these places. There are better ways to find a 'squeeze' for the night." Came the redhead's words from beside her as she made her way slithering through the crowded dance floor. Blue eyes were on every male and female on the damn floor and she had yet to find one to her tastes. All were too bouncy, flouncy, and just overall left the usual tastes in her mouth. This night, Farrah was looking for...something...different. What she didn't know, but she knew the dance floor was leaving so much to be desired.

[b "If you are bored, Millie darling, then why don't you head back to the others? We both know I'm a big girl and can take care of myself."] The blonde said, turning sparkling blue eyes on her companion of the night, a smirk gracing rosy pink lips. And it was true, the woman could take care of herself if the need did arise. Though she did enjoy a nice game here and there and allow herself to be caught.

"The last time I left your ass alone, what happened, Farrah?" Millie asked with a raised brow. She was probably one of the only ones to serve Farrah her own level of sass. And probably one of the only ones she took it from too. Sometimes being the "boss" was a pain in the ass because she couldn't let the others see this side of her. The more "free" and "human" part. What they knew was the stronger willed and bitch. [b "A hell of a good time."] Came the answer with yet another smirk. [b "Look just head out and do something you want. Or find a way to keep the 'family' off my back for the night. If I need you, then I will call."] And with that and before the redhead could debate her, Farrah was once more slithering her way back through the dance floor and trying to put as much distance between herself and Millie as she could.

Was it seconds or was it minutes before she was making her way through a clearing in the bodies on the dance floor and coming to the bar? Regardless of that, a very attractive woman who seemed almost out of place at the bar caught her eye. From the looks of things, it looked like she wasn't having such a good night. Which in her mind was perfect because it meant she MIGHT be able to have a good time without things getting messy. With a flip of blonde hair over the shoulder, the woman made her way over to the other and took a seat on the empty stool. [b "What's wrong darling? Bars are usually for a good night."] Came soft purred words as she motioned to the tender, asking for two drinks.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn slammed back her drink, glancing around the room. She was a little concerned that she couldn't see Lydia, but she figured she probably just snuck off to the restroom when she hadn't been looking. She knew damn well the girl wouldn't leave her alone, not without making sure she was going to be able to get back to her place okay or that she was already at the apartment in bed. That was the great thing about Lydia sometimes: she could be absolutely wild, but she was genuinely the only one Evie knew she could rely on.]

[center She had just turned around to get the bartenders' attention when a voice beside her stopped her. She glanced over, her breath catching in her throat for just a moment. She hadn't been expecting the beautiful woman who sat beside her, and for a moment, she was completely speechless. It took her far too long to finally respond, making her feel like a complete idiot once she finally did manage to.]

[center [b "Is it that obvious?"] she asked, watching the woman for a moment before looking down at the drink set before her. [b "I apologize, then. I highly doubt you want to hear about my troubles,"] she said with a bitter laugh. The last thing she wanted to do was drag a stranger into the drama in her life that probably happened to plenty of people. Or was she just telling herself that to make herself feel better?]
MourningGloryDevil   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Rosy pink painted nails rapped lightly on the wooden counter behind her as sparkling blue gaze remained upon the woman she had chosen as a "friend" for the night. Gorgeous was probably one of the cleaner words that could describe her. Though in Farrah's mind sexy as hell and someone she wouldn't mind fucking was more like it. She couldn't help herself with beautiful young women or men when they caught her fancy.

The seconds turned to minutes and she wondered if an answer was ever going to be given. Perhaps she should ask again. Or she could try to be patient though that was a quality she lacked in. She opted for patience as she lifted a glass to her lips and took a sip, swirling the ice before setting it back upon the counter.

[b "We all have a story to tell darling. A reason to be in a bar such as this. Some for fun and others to forget their troubles. So since you claimed troubles, I wouldn't mind listening. I do have all night and there are worse ways to spend a night than listening to such a beautiful girl and her woes."] The blonde said as she flashed a smile the others way and yet again motioned for more drinks.

She hoped if she listened to her tale, then maybe she would get to have a good time and even possibly help her forget for a few hours.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn felt her heart skip a beat at the woman's words. Whoever she was, she knew exactly what to say to make the brunette nervous, which was offputting. Evie wasn't one to get easily flustered, especially when approached at a bar. And yet this woman had managed to make her stumble over her own thoughts. She glanced at her drink. Maybe that was why. She had been slamming them back pretty fast in the last half hour. It was possible she was just tipsier than she realized.]

[center She waved a hand dismissively. [b "Long story short, I found out that my fiance has been sleeping with one of my coworkers. I was supposed to marry the bastard in a few months."] She let out a sigh. [b "At least I dodged a bullet by finding out now and not after the wedding, right?"] She glanced at the woman, letting out a bitter laugh. [b "Honestly? There's not enough alcohol in the world to make me forget what I saw."] A sad truth. Not to mention, it really wasn't good for her to be drinking as much as she was. The only thing that would come of it would be an awful hangover in the morning.]
MourningGloryDevil   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Her cheek rested against her hand as the brunette seemed to stumble over herself. It was cute and made the game even more fun. She always loved the ones who were flustered by her because later IF she got them that far they were always the most fun in bed. And though she should not have been, Farrah was picturing the woman at her side in bed.

[b "Sounds like you need new people in your life. Both were complete scum. You may have dodged a bullet in the long run, but shit like that really stays with you."] Her words were soft as she tossed back her own drink. For ONE moment, the blonde was reminded of her own ex and the reason she never let herself fall again. The ONE reason she felt love was overrated and she was more than content to these little games of cat and mouse.

Another drink came and Farrah picked up the glass and shook it, letting the ice clank across the bottom. Sparkling blue eyes were back on the brunette and skimmed her over for a second before resting back on her face. [b "You might not forget what you saw permanently. But if you let me, I know how to show a girl a good time and make her forget for an hour or two. What do you say, darling?"] Came softly purred words as yet again she tossed the drink back, awaiting a response.
Lovely_PoisonEvelyn   195d ago

[center It was obvious with those words that the woman was speaking from experience. How sad was that? How could people be so cruel? She almost laughed at the question. This situation already gave the answer. [i This] was how people could be so cruel. By just crushing hearts and breaking promises because they wanted to have a good time.]

[center Why hadn't they just come clean? Told Evelyn that they were in love and wanted to be together? It would've hurt, but not this much. This was just...unforgivable.]

[center [b "That is certainly no lie,"] she said with a slight laugh. Was it inappropriate to laugh at the situation at hand? She felt not. It was the only thing that made sense to her at the moment. All she wanted to do [i was] laugh at her absolutely shitty luck.]

[center The clinking of the ice from the girl's glass caused her to look up, having brought her own glass up to her lips to finish off her drink. She nearly choked on the cold liquid at the next words to leave her mouth. One-night stands were not the young womans' thing. At all. And yet...she actually found herself considering it.]

[center She slowly set the glass down as she reached up, running a hand through her hair. [b "Fuck,"] she mumbled. She was completely caught off guard.]

[center After a moment or two of silence, her cheeks flushed, she shrugged. [b "You know what? It feels like a night to make a bad decision or two, so why the hell not?"] It was better than going home and crying her eyes out.]
MourningGloryDevil   186d ago
Lady of the Night

Blue gaze stayed upon the brunette beauty at her side. Farrah was much more observant than most thought her to be. So the pained look within the other's eyes all the way to her own ironic amusment had been emotions that she had caught. Not that she would open her mouth and call Evelyn on it. Everyone was entitled to their thoughts and their emotions. 

The ice continued to clink at the bottom of her glass as she was still absently shaking it. She couldn't help her soft laugh as her words took the other off her guard and she seemed to damn near choke on the cold liquid that had been brought to her lips. And again, the blonde motioned for another drink as she had tossed her own back with ease.

Her wait in receiving a response was longer than she would have wanted. But that was because the woman known as "The Devil" had little to no patience. A virtue she could and very well should endeavour to learn if she were to be a better leader. Or so she was told.

It was the words that came that had an almost Chesire Cat grin slip to her lips. [b "Darlin' a girl after my own heart. What's life without taking risks? Besides, we all have those nights where rules are made to be broken and recklessness is the only way to go."] By now, Farrah's words were soft and they were purred as she was indirectly saying that Evelyn had made her night. Or had made if for the time being.

A quick glance and nod was given to the bartender. The man behind the counter knew the blonde and knew her well. And with her silent gestures, she had told the male to put all drinks on her tab. After, a hand was held out to the woman at her side, smile never fading. [b "If you come with me, there's no going back. But I also promise I don't bite. Well unless asked."] Came soft words with a laugh and wink as she remained on her feet, waiting to see if her hand would be taken. IF it was, then Miss Devil would take the other young woman to her own personal rooms that VERY few had been to. And hopefully, she would give her a night she would never forget.
Lovely_PoisonEvelyn   186d ago

[center Was it inappropriate to jump into a stranger's bed? What would happen the next day? Would she come to regret her decision?]

[center All sorts of questions floated around in Evelyn's head as she watched Farrah, her words echoing inside her mind. Maybe it was the drink or the fact that she really was just frustrated with the world, but she really didn't care about the consequences. She didn't have to worry about facing her ex or co-worker the next day, so did it really matter what she chose to do that night?]

[center Not to mention, the woman before her really was quite beautiful. It wasn't like she'd see her again after this. Not that she wouldn't want to, but that was why it was called a one-night-stand. She didn't need to see her again to enjoy whatever happened during the night.]

[center She glanced at her outstretched hand, her cheeks flushing at her next words. [b "All I have to do is ask, then. Got it."] With that, she reached out, taking her hand and bringing herself to her feet. [b "Even if it's just for the night, I want to completely forget that the rest of the world exists."] Hopefully, that wouldn't be too much to ask.]

[center Her head was spinning as she stood there. Whether it was because of the alcohol or what she was about to do, she had no idea, but for once, she didn't mind it in the slightest.]
MourningGloryDevil   166d ago
Lady of the Night

For a moment, Farrah was not sure if Evelyn would even consider taking her up on her offer. From what she had been observing, the girl really did not seem the type. She seemed more the "good-two-shoes" type. But that didn't mean the blonde "She Devil" couldn't try and corrupt such a beautiful brunette who happened to unwittingly find herself in her bar.

Moments ticked by and the music seemed to pick up and more grinding than dancing seemed to be happening. And for just a moment as she was still waiting on her pensive little beauty to fully make her choice, the woman known as "Miss Devil" allowed herself to imagine what it might be like to feel Evelyn dance against her.

Only when she heard the soft voice of the woman at her side and felt her hand gripped did Farrah realise that the other woman had agreed. And with that realizations, a chesire cat smile graced plump pink lips. [b "I promise that I won't make you regret this. And who knows, you may be able to teach me some tricks too. Or even make me purr."] Came soft words with a wink.

Oh, she knew that she probably should not tease Evelyn the way that she was. But Farrah did very much enjoy seeing the other young woman blush and was hoping to see more of it. [b "Come with me darlin'.."] The blonde said, giving the hand in hers a gentle squeeze before she gave a gentle tug to have Evelyn follow her through a back hallway and up a narrow staircase above the club.
Lovely_PoisonEvelyn   161d ago

[center This was dumb. Evie knew it was, but she was already too far in, now. She couldn't back out now, even if she wanted to. She deserved to have a goodnight, damn it, especially after everything she had been through.  She chuckled at her words. [b "I don't believe for a second that I'm going to regret this."] That wasn't a lie. She didn't think she'd regret it at all. She just had second thoughts about doing something that she'd never done before. It wasn't in character for her.]

[center Following her down the hall and up the staircase made her heart pound. The further they went, the more her doubt faded away and her excitement took over. She needed this. She needed to forget, needed to know what it was like to be wrapped up in someone else, even if it was just for the night.]

[center [b "Hey... I know it's not your job, but can you make sure that I don't forget about tonight?"] She shouldn't have asked. As soon as the words left her lips, she knew she needed to take them back. [b "I just need to have a good time,"] she said with a smile. She sounded so desperate. It almost made her sick.]

[center She had to wonder if she would ever get over the hurt and pain that her ex had caused her. She was doubtful a one-night stand would change that, but at least it would take care of it for a few hours...]
MourningGloryDevil   140d ago
Lady of the Night

Innocent and perhaps naive were two words that came to mind when Farrah thought of the other woman beside her. She didn't mean them in a negative sense. It was just sweet and made her even more snide that she would be the one to ruin her innocence. But of course, the blonde she devil knew full well she could not make any comments on the thoughts that now seemed to be strolling through her mind.

[b "Somehow, I can hear the truth in those words. And maybe if you're good and REALLY want to remember this night I can help in one way or another. Not my job as you said...But somethin' about you that reminds me of myself once upon a time ago.. I think I wish..."] But those words trailed off and a faint smile traced her lips. In her own way, Farrah ALMOST admitted that she had been in Evie's place. A heartbroken young woman who had needed to forget about it and would do anything to be able to. Of course that was before she had become "The Devil" and such a dangerous mafia leader.

Her faint smile stayed upon her lips as she continued to lead Evie up the stairs and to the last door at the end of the hall. The woman slipped a silver chain over her head which held the key to the door and she opened it to let the other woman in. [b "This room is never used by anyone but me. It's rare for me to bring anyone up here."] The words were soft as she spoke them and she made her way over to the couch, shedding the black leather jacket that she wore to reveal the black crop top she wore underneathe.

[b "Remember...up here is a give and take. Don't be afraid to tell me if there is something you don't like."] Those words being said, Farrah made her way back to the brunette and gently pushed her up against the wall, hips pressed firmly to hers as she kissed her. This was her way to test the waters. Her way to still have a form of control but also to surrender that if needed. [b "Show a bad girl how it's done"."] She breathed softly against her lips.
Lovely_PoisonEvelyn   133d ago

[center Blue eyes watched the blonde woman before her with curiosity. She shouldn’t have wanted to, since it was none of her business, but Evie wanted so badly to ask her what it was she was going to say. She, however, kept her lips shut, knowing that if she were to pry, she may very well ruin whatever night it was the two young women were going to have. If she were honest, that was the last thing she wanted. Despite the way she was feeling, and she was still hurting pretty badly, she was enjoying Farrah’s company. She didn’t want to end up going home alone that night.]

[center As they walked, she couldn’t help but feel curious about wherever it was they were going. If she were with anyone else, she’d probably be worried, especially since they hadn’t left the building. There was something about her new companion, though, that told her she had nothing to worry about. She just had the feeling that she could trust her with whatever it was that was happening. She waited quietly as Farrah removed the chain from around her neck, placing her hands behind her back as she watched her unlock the door. [b “I’m honored to be one of the lucky ones,”] she said softly, stepping inside of the room.]

[center She took a moment to look around, just to take it in. This was most definitely a crazy idea. Level-headed Evelyn wouldn’t be doing anything like this. Her ex-fiance would die to see it. Her mother would probably have a heart attack. Evie was a goody two shoes. She wasn’t the kind to put herself in situations like this one. Yet when she saw Farrah remove the jacket, those thoughts went out the window. She gulped a little, biting her lower lip before she looked away, her cheeks flushing a bright pink.]

[center She wasn’t able to look away for long, though, turning her attention back to the blonde when she spoke. She was completely speechless as she approached her, opening her mouth to try and find something to say, before she was pushed against the wall, Farrah’s lips pressed against hers. Her heart skipped a beat before pounding inside of her chest, a chill running down her spine. A small gasp escaped her lips as the other woman spoke again.]

[center This was another moment where Evie knew she had a choice to make. She could push her away and just walk out, never to speak about the things running through her mind to anyone. She could stop herself from possibly making a mistake or doing something drastic.]

[center Instead, she brought her hands up to cup the blonde’s face before she brought her lips to hers again. One hand slid from her face to around her neck, each movement feeling hungrier than the next. She was in it now and had no plans to turn back.]
MourningGloryDevil   109d ago
Lady of the Night

Farrah wasn't sure if she would truly call Evie one of the lucky ones or not. Though the words the woman had spoken were enough to have a light smile grace her lips and ALMOST make her purr. But by now, the blonde had learned to keep her composure and did not remark further to Evelyn being an honored guest to the room.

Instead, she had walked in and taken her jacket off, bright eyes drinking the brunette beauty in. She had to admit that the other for all the innocence that surrounded her had a VERY strong sense of myster that simply intrigued her. And she was more than curious what her companion would be doing. Would she stay and play? Or would she choose to have her "tail tuck between her legs" and make a run for it and never look back. Just the pure anticipation was enough to very near push the woman who had become known as the "Devil" over the edge.

With all her thoughts still running wild in her head, Farrah finally made her way back to Evelyn and had her pressed against the wall. She spoke soft words so that the other woman knew that she still had a choice and a way out if she were so inclined to take it. And so the ball truly for a moment was in the others court and for a moment, the blonde had no true power.

After a moment, hands had come up to cup her face and she was kissing the other again. It appeared her knew friend had chosen to stay and play, which was deep down what she had been hoping for. And each touch became hungrier than the last which intrigued and thrilled her all the more. [b "How about we take this to the bed? And you show me what you really want."] The words were soft as she spoke them and she did slowly pull back from thr other woman but did take her hand and all but drag her with her. Somehow, Farrah had the feeling that this night would be one neither of them would ever forget. Or rather, she would try and make damn sure of it.


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