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Special Blooded || Prompt RP

By Ninjagirl666

Replies: 544 / 14 days ago

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M/C and Y/C where friends nothing more, they would hang out ever now and then. Something M/C didn’t know was that they had special blood something that made any creature (including vampires) who needed blood want theirs and only theirs, even those who where VERY good at controlling themselves would have a hard time not attacking them, two Y/C was a vampire. After a bit M/C and Y/C started to get closer and they became closer friends


M/C was visiting Y/C when they went to go feed, M/C wanted to come with them but Y/C wouldn’t let them, they wanted to know what Y/C was hiding and decided to follow them. After a bit of following M/C had lost Y/C and started to head back to Y/C’s house. They didn’t know that Y/C has seen her and was following her
Amber ran over to her and hugged her
((thank you ^w^))

She looked up, trying to move "can't move..." she made a pouty face
Lilly / Kitiki_Anemara / 23h ago
awww she's so cute))

Amber looked at her, her eyes wide "L-lilly!"
The girl moved first and opened her eyes, unable to fully move yet "S.. sissy...?"
Lilly / Kitiki_Anemara / 23h ago
Amber hugged Kimi and looked at the dolls
She passed out.

The two 'dolls' in the circle twitched with a slight movement as the fire of the circle went away as fast as it had appeared
Kimi / Kitiki_Anemara / 23h ago
Amber ran over to her and caught her "KIMI!!" she cried
She continued the chant for as long as she could before her eyes rolled back and she blacked out
Kimi / Kitiki_Anemara / 1d ago
"KIMI!" Amber screamed and ran over to her
The two ghosts disappeared, blood seemed to come out of Kimi's eyes and she started to cry, not stopping the chant
Kimi / Kitiki_Anemara / 1d ago
Amber stepped back in shock
Kimi continued chanting and the circle around the two burst into flame
Kimi / Kitiki_Anemara / 1d ago
Amber looked back at lilly silently
The two of them were silent and looking around patiently as Lilly looked at Amber
Kimi / Kitiki_Anemara / 1d ago
Amber looked at the childeren confused and scared