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If I were A Zombie

By Kitiki_Anemara
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(The zombie song... Verse 1)

Our love story
Could be kinda gory
Far from boring
We'd meet at a post-
Yeah I'd be
Slowly walking
In a group stalking
You, you'd be the only (one) alive
That I
Could not resist

(Skip pre-corus and corus... Verse 2)

Youd be hiding in
a second floor apartment
Knocking all the stairs down
To save your life
From the undead
Double barrel shotgun
Taking out the slow ones
Then you'd see the passion
Burning in my eyes
And I'd keep my head
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Kitiki_AnemaraIkida   1y ago

She was bitten, she was a zombie, but not 100%. As she shuffled in the croud of zombies, Ikida couldnt help but keep searching for her childhood best friend despite the instincts constantly telling her to feed. Of course she did eat a person once in a while, but not often enough as the other zombies did. She just wondered. Where were they and would she ever actually find them? But those thoughts were washed away as the group approached a two story building and someone stood on the balcony firing at them. Her eyes widened and she couldnt stop a soft smile from forming in her lips. Shed found them.

((Sorry for shit post >.<))
Anime_freak     1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

((Your fine!”))

He had known about an outbreak of people, acting strange, and biting people. He hadn’t known, or beilived that they were really zombies but he didnt know he would have to fire at them. When they were across the street they say a hoard of them, his dad owning many guns, had enough firepower to fire.
Kitiki_AnemaraIkida   1y ago

Ikida hoped he didnt think all zombie stereotypes were true as she ran up in the middle of the group of them only to slow down, afraid of getting shot as they began dropping like flies with each gunshot heard. She looked up at the boy firing the gun im hopes he would recognize her before shooting her brains out.


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