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…||Vampire roleplay search||…

By Anime_freak

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~I’m looking for someone who can do at least 1,000 characters~

It’s a romance role play, M/C is a Vampire. Usually hangs out at the shops, to find pray. Y/C is casually renting movies, and M/C catches you starting. M/C takes you home. You hit it of right away. Normally M/C would’ve sinking they’re teeth in already, but they were enjoying the night...

MxM or FxF?
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Anime_freakKristen Molly   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

The young vampire girl was hungry for blood. She got dressed into her high heal boots, leather jacket and sluty shorts. She was off to the market.

When she was walking there, she got a few eyes from men, but she wanted a young female. They always gave her a good little while before she drained the, dry.

She walked into the clothes store, nothing. Then the fruit stands, no females that caught her eye. Then she entered the movies.

She walked in and saw such a young, beautiful woman. She walked behind her and pretended to look at movies. She looked at the woman who was checking horror movies.

She scoffed. They were all so cheesy and fake. But she ignored her poor taste in movies and moved on. She walked past her working her charm.

Then she caught her eye. “Hello little girl.” She said winking at the girl. She was hoping to take this one home for the evening. Then she would have two enjoyable meals.

(( I do time skip but there will be inappropriate scenes so do be sure and ready with this Roleplay.
Kitiki_AnemaraAnna   1y ago


Anna had been bored all week and stuck in bed eating ice cream since she'd gotten cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend. The one her parents insisted on hooking her up with by using her friends to set up the date n shit. She couldnt believe it when she'd found out the truth. But now, after finally deciding to stop wollowing in self pity, she decided to hit the movie store for a cheesy horror-romance thing.

She wasnt a big fan of the ones that looked too real though so she went for cheesy classics and the comedy horror movies with a bit of romance in them.

After a little while, a woman walked in that caught her eye as she browsed and it seemed she had also caught her eye. But something felt off when they came up behind her and with the break up still rather fresh in her mind she grumbled. [I "I am not a 'little girl'"] She then set down the movie she'd been looking at and turned around to look at the woman greeting her.
Anime_freakDevin mark   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

She had already caught to much interest in the girl. “Feisty, eh?” She said looking at the smaller female. She smiled and payed for the movie. She found a lot of money in a few of her victims pockets all the time.

Once they were outside she looked at the girl. “Name?” She asked while leading her to the Vampires mansion. She didn’t care if the girl knew where it was located, she wanted to see this girl as soon as possible.

Once they were inside the big house. She began to ask Anna a few questions. Basic ones when leading someone into your home, like. “Are you in love? Where’s your family, and how much she cared about herself.”

The last one was important. She could use it against her if she screamed. Unless it was somewhere other then the basement.

She led the girl up to the room pushing her. She made sure that she was the top. But judging by the girl’s personality, she seemed like a bottom anyway. The Vampire kissed the girl. She seemed young, but vampires never had to worry about age.
Kitiki_AnemaraAnna   1y ago

She made no comment as she held the movie and only mumbled 'thank you' when the woman payed for it. She crossed her arms, hugging herself while hugging the movie to her chest as they walked. She had nothing better to do and something made her curious about this woman as she was led to a mansion. She also didnt talk much and tried being as brief as possible with her answers to the woman's questions. On their way to the mansion she'd been asked her name and merely mymbled [i [b "Anna"]]

Once inside, she was asked questions and suddenly felt like she was being interviewed. She scoffed at most of the questions and usually gave remarks that were a mix of awkward and sarcastic. [I [b "Falling in love is for children"]] shed mumbled her responses and held her gaze downward. [I [b "I have no family"]] her second reply came off as cold, filled with emotiin and anger though brief as she seemed to sigh it away and snidely remarked the last question. [I [b "I'm surprised the anerexia and make-up hasn't told you the answer to that one already."]] The hidden message within most of her words however was that she'd planned on taking her life soon which is the only reason she'd allowed herself to be lured into this strangers home- though she hoped it wasn't too obvious.

After some talking, she made sure not to make it easy for the woman, having at least asked her name and a few of the same questions herself, before allowing the woman to coax her in. She'd let herself be pushed, having never had the confidence to even attampt being a top anyway as they kissed.
Anime_freakpipin   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

The Vampire, after an enjoyable kiss, didn’t want to take the girls life so quick, at the moment. She could tell she was making it easy for the her, so she would do the opposite. So, she made her move and grabbed the girls wrist. After a while she couldn't controller herself then, it all began to start.

After an enjoyable night, she woke up with the first headache she’s ever had. She noticed she had no undergarments on. So she decided to take a shower. She had turned the water to cold. The younger female wasn’t awake, even if she was she wouldn’t be able to leave. The door was locked from the outside.

She planned on keeping her here, and have enjoyable’s more then once, but not by force. She didn’t know what it was about the female that made her want the submissive woman, but she just did. She was done with her shower and only in a towel by the time Anna was awake.

“Morning sunshine~” she said with s giggle. It was going to be an easy summer, for her.
Kitiki_AnemaraAnna   1y ago

Anna woke up to the realization she wore nothing. This caused her to flush a bright red and take a moment to gather her bearings as she looked around the room and wrapped herself in the blanket.

It took a few moments for her to calm down amd remember where she was and why. But when she'd heard a shower fauset being turned off her face flushed once more amd her heart began to race. Why was it that she felt so strange being with another girl after being told her whole life that it was wrong. Yet... Wring felt right to her and she became quickly confused.

When the woman walked out wearing nothing but a towel, her blush deepeded and she couldnt seem to look away. She said nothing and hugged the sheets around herself. [I [b "u uhm..."]] she didnt know what to do, though she would make no effort to escape after having already spent the night. She'd also planned on quitting her job that day anyway and planning to take her life within the week. Though now something made her want to stick around and see what may happen between her and this woman who had taken an interest in her.


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