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Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago

Adam was home alone, his roommate worked all day, and was only home at night. He enjoyed the silence while they were gone. He never did any house work, though. Which was an annoying trait. He spent most of his days cleaning.

After he was done he agreed with himself it would be good to get out of the house. He went down to the market. The busy streets were annoying, considering he wasn’t used to it. He lived quiet aways from the nearest town.

The people there weren’t as bad, they mind their own business, some homeless people beg for change. But get ignored. He wasn’t a charitable person, put he gave a few dollars to a few people. There were many strange men, and women.

They’re were the people that wore long,black coats in the middle of summer. Even though it was only spring, it’s still hot. He bought some food, and a sweater. The weather was off and on, and although it was hot, it would most likely rain tomorrow.

He ended up walking into the bookstore, where he say yet another man in a sort of long black coat. It was strange. Sometimes he would end up staring. He just did his best to ignore, but wanted to see the mans face. He was interested in most things.

He walked around for a while, looking at werewolf books, Frankenstein, but his favorite Vampires. They caught his best interest. Once he picked up the one he liked. He walked past the man to the bookstore clerk. “How much for the ‘Vampire Blood?’ He asked before putting it one the counter.
She-Wolf|Cecil|   1y ago

[center [font "century gothic" Cecil smiled softly as he paced around the book store. Cecil was cold blood she it was normal for him to be seen in a long coat. The pale blonde noticed at strange boy who came in. He picked up book about vampires. Cecil snickered softly, those books were so cheesy.

One they were written by humans. Humans who didn't know a damn think about vampires. Most humans thought vampire, couldn't walk in sunlight. They also thought that garlic, crosses and holy water, actually harmed them. Those were all myths.

Cecil watched the boy walk up to the counter. He asked the clerk if he could buy that book. [#d54e0b "That book is just filled with myths boy"] He said in a rather dry tone as he approached Adam.

Cecil chew on his bottom lip. Surely the young man was going to turn around and asked him why. He had come up with an answer. Cecil smiled softly as he did his best to work his charm. Maybe he even get a free meal out this. That was only thought, how easy it would be to follow his prey home.
Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago

Adam heard a strange voice. Not like a normal voice. It was dry, and a little scratchy. He turned around. Seeing the male in the black coat.

He was rather pale, and was taller then him. He gripped his book. “I know.. I still enjoy them, Vampires aren’t that weak, or harmed so easy. The only cringe thing in here, is the romance.” He said looking at the tall man before him.

The male definitely caught his attention in looks, but he didn’t like his attitude. He almost had to look up to see the male. He did look like someone straight out of a book. The males eyes were like a black hole, they sucked him in.

“Can I help you..?” He asked as the man was still in front of him. Adam didn’t mind of course. His tendency to bring people home was a habit. Men and women. His roommate wasn't home till around 2 am, so it was easy to do it without getting caught. He rarely went to the other persons house, unless it was late.

He was still clutching his book, despite what he said, he enjoyed the romance. He’s always wanted to be in the horror books. It was better then his life.
She-Wolf|Cecil|   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" Cecil smiled softly as he let out a soft chuckle. [#d54e0b "No I was just making small talk "] he said softly. He then looked down at his watch. It was time to go. The book store no longer held his interest.

[#d54e0b "Au revoir"] he said before walked past Adam. Cecil headed out the door and took in a breath of the night air. Finally it had cooled down. Cecil might have been rather cold blooded but he hated the heat. Even when he was human he always hated the heat. Cecil smile softly as his ruby colored eyes dance around.

Sure that child could have been an easy meal. Just the thought alone of biting into some neck made his mouth water. Cecil ran hang through his pale blonde hair as he looked around. He wasn't sure where he wanted to go. Maybe the park? The park wasn't too far from here. Surely there would be even more prey.

Cecil made his way to the park, as he thought there was. There were couples, children, elderly people. There was just people everywhere. Cecil ruby colored eyes glance around. How could he someone to fall him into the dark? With his charms it shouldn't of be too hard right? The blonde hair man smile softly.

Or maybe he be lucky his dinner would come to him. Cecil glance over his shoulder. He caught a small glance of Adam. Was this boy follow him? How odd? That young man had no idea he was staring at death. Cecil smiled a toothy smile. It was getting hard to hid his fangs.
Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago

Adam watched as the male walked out of the store. He put the book on the counter. “Make it quick.” He giving he store clerk a twenty dollar bill.

He followed the strange man. It was dark, which gave him cover. He noticed his strange behavior, looking at everyone. Even children. Then, he was discovered. The man had a sharp teeth, like a...No, there was no way. He just figured he was just dressed up, or liked to wear sharper teeth.

“Shit..” he said looking at him. “Th-This is just the way to my house and you just happened to be walking this way...” he said crossing his arms. He didn’t want to seem like like a stalker, or a creep. Although, he probably would have tried to find the man the next day, even if he didn’t know his name or anything about him.

The mans smile. Felt so wrong. Like he shouldn’t be there. He ignored the feeling, and waited for the man to stop smiling. And say something. Or keep walking so he knew to stop following him. He waited quite a while, the man eventually responded in the same scratchy voice.
She-Wolf|Cecil|   1y ago

[font "century gothic" [#d54e0b "Oh sure.."] he said drily as he looked over the young man who was now standing beside him. [#d54e0b Are you sure that was what you were doing?...or were you simply following me?"] he said with a chuckle. His ruby colored eyes almost seem to glow when the sun started to set.

Soon the moon would be out and it would be dark. Cecil didn't mind the darkness, he lived in it. He smiled softly as he looked towards Adam once more. [#d54e0b "Following someone around like this is rather dangerous you know?"] he said as his slender cold finger touch the male cheek. His fingers trace down the male cheek to his neck. How easy it would be to just have a taste. There were still to many people around. Cecil playful lick his lips. Just one bite would hurt right?

Cecil looked the male in the eyes, it wasn't hard to make people fall for his allure. This would be easy. [#d54e0b "Perhaps you like danger..."] he said as he whisper into the male ear. He then pull the small man into an embrace. [#d54e0b "It all be over in a second"] he whispered. He then licked the male neck shortly after it was followed by a sharp pain. The man blood taste pretty good he then pulled away blood still around his lips, which his quickly licked away. Luckily it had gotten just dark enough no seen.

Cecil carried the man over to a park bench he said the down. It was no surprise that the male passed out from the bite. It had been a while since he last fed. [#d54e0b "Sweet dreams"] he said as he warped his red scarf around the male neck. He then walked away leaving Adam sleeping peaceful on a park bench. Surely the male would wake up soon. It would be too late Cecil would be long gone.


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