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Kanbi Kangetsu was chosen to help bring peace between the vampires and the werewolves. She was force to get married to a high ranking vampire. Kanbi was always a kind and loving girl except when it came to vampires. Vampires were disgusting blood sucking fleas. When Kanbi was young her family was slaughter by vampires. She hated the thought of being married murderous flea.

Kanbi tried running away multiple times after the wedding. She was always caught by him. He would always find her and bring her back. The vampire she was married to wasn't normally kind but when it came to Kanbi he was loving.

Despite how many time she try to run he alway caught her brought her back unharmed. Kanbi believe that this kindness wouldn't last. Despite how many times he told it would. He never threaten to bite her until one day she finally pushed her luck a little too far. Kanbi poisoned her lover drink. It didn't kill him but it defiantly made him ill. Kanbi plan was to escape him and get back to her pack.
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She-Wolf|Kanbi|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "century gothic" [+Darkred Poisoning the vampire wasn't hard. Kanbi easily slipped powered wolfsbane into his glass of blood when he wasn't looking. That disgusting flea deserved it. Kanbi didn't want to be a part of this marriage any longer. It had only been two months since the wedding took place.

Perhaps she should of been honored being chosen by the pack leader to marry a noble vampire. To bring peace between the two species. To her it was hard, probably a lot harder than normal. When Kanbi was a child her family was slaughter by vampires. She barely made to the town square where the pack leader save her. He took he in raise her to be a great hunter. Kanbi could never forgive those monster for what they did to her family. They were all monster, no matter how kind they seemed to be.

Kanbi had been running for a long time. She stop panting as she looked back toward the direction of his house. The house was far, it was almost out of sight. Kanbi then dart off deeper into the forest. She could smell the scent of the pack. Sure the pack leader would be displease with the choices she had made. Surely he would understand, all the pain and sorrow she felt how she couldn't be tamed by one of those monsters. Just as she was going to step foot on the pack ground she heard a familiar voice filled with anger and agony.

Kanbi ears flicker as she turn around to see her husband panting and holding his chest in pain. She bent her ear back and let out a low growl. She then shift into her wolf form. A form her husband had never seen before. She bared her sharp ivory fangs at him. Her golden eyes never left the staggering figure.


Magnus had married the werewolf per her Alpha's request, he'd thought she would be less eager to run. The first few times it happened the vampire believed she would come back, but she hadn't so Magnus chased her down and took her back gently. He believed she would get over it soon, since he gave her things that only a true companion should receive. He truly loved her, until he found that she hated him... for what he is, not him personally.

But now as he gripped a kitchen knife in one hand and his chest in the other, he looked up at the wolf with a fury in his eyes that was unmatched by even the wildest of creatures. He never had harmed her, nor threatened to sink his fangs into the werewolf. But as Kanbi stood before him as a full wolf after poisoning him and attempting escape, he was furious and his only thought was to tear her apart with his fangs.

"I showed you love when others sent you away!" Magnus hissed in ire. "But you resisted, and fought back, even when I've never raised a hand against you!" He spat out a few drops of blood as the wolfsbane reached for his heart.
She-Wolf|Kanbi|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "century gothic" [+darkred Kanbi growled at him baring her sharp fangs once more. [+red "Of course I did you parasitic flea." ] she said dryly. [+red "How could I love you... after what your kind has done to me...How could I feel anything for you... after your kind slaughter my family mercilessly "] she said as she bent her ears back. A look of sorrow and pain form on her face. It was painful subject even thought it happen over 10 years ago. Her muzzle wrinkle, tears formed in her golden eyes. She quickly turn back to looked at the man holding the knife.

Her tail flicker anxiously as she waited for the man to make a move. She watched his movements. [+red "You know the more you move the fast you will die flea."] she said dryly. Kanbi's ears flicker as she heard the sound of another wolf off in the distance. It didn't sound like anyone from her pack the scent was wrong.

Kanbi sighed as she looked back to her husband. Her golden eyes shimmered with anger. [+red "Lets end this here and now"] she said with a snarl. Kanbi darted forward with all her strength she shoved the male down. It was easy since he was still weaken.

[+#26384b Magnus hissed up at the wolf, his heterochromic eyes shining with fury and pain. "I never killed a werewolf, not all vampires and murderous!" He peered into Kanbi's golden orbs. and tried to keep still in hopes that the wolfsbane wouldn't spread too quickly.

Years ago, he did have a chance to put down a werewolf but never took it, the wolf was just a child at the time... no matter how savage or dangerous he was, Magnus couldn't bring himself to kill a juvenile.
Vampires do have a thirst for blood, but anyone can get blood without killing another, and Magnus avoided such things unless he had no choice. If it came down to his life or another's... he would definitely save himself. Kanbi was the only person he would've ever died for, until she had poisoned him to escape. He hated that she had showed him spite when all he did was show her kindness... it seems like whenever he tried to do good that he was punished for it. No more, he decided that his heart would harden and his motives change. He wouldn't be kind to another living soul unless they showed it to him first.]
She-Wolf|Kanbi|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "century gothic" [+Darkred Kanbi shifted back to her human like form. Luckily she was still strong enough to keep him pinned to the ground. Kanbi hadn't really noticed that Magnus had two different colored eyes. They were beautiful. The only time she was really close to him was the wedding. Most the time she just stay in her room locking herself away from him. Maybe she had been wrong about him

[+red "Oh...really..."] she said dryly. Her tail flickered behind her softly tapping on the male's sides. Why now, did she feel so much regret. She sighed softly she was about to speak but something else had caught her attention. The sound of another animal. She couldn't help but to let out a low growl.

Magnus was her prey most animals knew that. If it was a wolf or even another werewolf they would back off. The sound kept coming closer, the sound of heavy footsteps. Kanbi sigh out of irritation. How dare someone interrupt them. She quickly stood up pulling Magnus with her. She pulled them behind a large tree. Her ear tilted as she listen for the sound. She made sure to put her hand over Magnus mouth. Part of her knew she was going to get bitten but she need this silence.

Of corse that was difficult with Magnus wheezing. She reached into her pocket pulled out a small vile with was filled with a deep crimson. [+red "Drink this!"] she said with a whisper. Of corse in the back of her mind she knew Magnus wasn't going to. He couldn't trust her. She couldn't blame him for that.

She bit her bottom lip as she thought. Why should she bother helping him? Why now. Was it the fact that she didn't want to hand her prey to someone else? It had to be. [+red "Look don't get the wrong idea but I don't plan on handing you over to anyone else... your my prey."] she said softly as she whisper into his cute little pointed ear.

Kanbi open the little vile with her teeth pulling off the cap. The smell of blood came from the bottle. It was pure wolf's blood, she removed her hand from Magnus face. She held the vile to his mouth. [+red "This will flushed the wolfsbane from you system."] she said as she try to part the male's lips. She wasn't surprise when she seen his sharp fangs exposed. [+red "Open you damn mouth"] she said as she accidentally scrap her finger again his sharp fangs. Blood dripped on to Magnus's face.
She-Wolf|Ikari|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "Century gothic" Ikari could smell faint scent of blood in the air. He simply smiled, the smell and taste of blood always excited him. Ikari was neither vampire or werewolf. He was a different breed. Most people referred to him as demon. Ikari didn't mind that title. He slowly approached where the scent of blood was coming from.

When he reached Kanbi and Magnus he laughed. [+Orange "Aw how cute pair of lost lovers in my forest"] he said with a snicker. His orange colored eyes burned like hot embers. [+orange "Isn't this so charming"] he said with a loud laugh. He then grin at the two, showing his sharp jagged teeth.

[+orange " I heard the rumors of the alpha's daughter marrying a vampire. I just didn't think they were actually true..."] he said as he scanned the two up and down. His orange colored eyes burned with anger. [+Orang "What a pity... they will find you both nothing more than corpses!"] he said emotionlessly. Ikari step toward the two his form shifting from man to beast.

[+Orange "I will enjoy the sound of your bone snapping under my teeth"] he said with another laugh.

Magnus gave in and drank the wolf's blood, bringing up a hand to wipe away the droplets of red that had spilled onto his face from Kanbi's finger. His anger melted, even though she had referred to him as prey. A shiver ran up his spine when the werewolf brushed her tail along his side. He still loved her, Magnus suddenly realized. "Sorry-" His whisper of apology was cut off by Ikari's sharp voice.

"I believe you blood will taste sweeter in my mouth than my bones will be in yours." Magnus hissed after Ikari was done speaking, he hated that this demon would believe he could kill both him and Kanbi so easily.

Magnus didn't know much about other species, but he'd heard stories about evil shapeshifters who killed for both pleasure and food. He determined this creature before him was most likely one of those beasts. He was highly against killing without reason other than to eat... but Magnus never really had to kill any creature for sustenance. He felt a great urge to shove the knife into the demon's flank.
She-Wolf|Ikari|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "Century gothic" Ikari growled as his bones made a painful snapping sound. His human like form changed into a cat like appearance. He let out growl as he lunged at the couple. His
claw were out a ready to tear into their soft flesh. Of corse his claws were blocked by thick white fur that easily tore.

Clumps of fur and bit flesh fell from the white wolf with one powerful swing. Ikari snarl [+Orange "Opps Did I miss little doggy"] he said with a snicker as he jumped back. His eyes then averted toward Magnus. Poor bastard must of still being having a hard time recovering from something.

Normally vampires were the first to strike when threaten. [+orange "Sorry little she-wolf... I don't think you will be getting back to your prey..."] he said with a growl as he knocked the she-wolf to the ground with a hard thud. It was easy to do since he managed to get a swipe on her left hind leg. Ikari watch her fall with hard thud. [+Orange "How fun it will be to watch you cry as I kill your lover right before your very eyes. "] he said drily.
She-Wolf|Kanbi|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[+Darkred [font "century gothic" Kanbi of corse got in between her husband and that monster. Like she had said before she wasn't going to give up her prey that easily. Was that the only reason she got in the way? Kanbi yelp as she try to jump back from the large cat. She fell, he back leg was injured.

The bastard had gotten her leg pretty good. Kanbi growl as she tried to stand but was thin knocked down once again. She growl [+Red "I'm not dead yet...] she said as she stood up shakily. She did her best and lunged at the cat. She bit down hard on one his back legs. It caused him to scream. She growled as she bit down harder.

It did take long for the cat to strike back. The two were rolling on the ground snarling bit each other with loud yelps. She kicked the cat off of her and darted behind a tree. She need to catch her breath. She was sore and losing a bit of blood from all the scratches and bite that bastard had given her. She was thankful her second bite had done at least a little damage. She got him good when she managed to bite the male throat. Of course the cat had thrown her off before she had done any real damage.

Magnus took a threatening step forward, bracing himself into a defensive stance. He held the kitchen knife in front of him, ready for defense, or an opening to attack. The vampire had been in many fights, even though he'd never killed, he's hospitalized quite a few people. He remembered one time he shot a mountain lion, but never had to go face-to-face with a large cat like that. But he was ready and waiting.

Once he saw a chance, he leaped at the cat and dug the knife deep into the demon's flank, the cool metal slid in between the animal's ribs and was shoved in to the hilt. Magnus tried to avoid Ikari's back claws and snapping fangs, but he felt a sharp pain on his arm and warm blood trickle out of the wound. It wasn't so bad that he couldn't keep holding the knife there, trapping the cat against the ground using all his body weight. He started to hate this shapeshifter with a burning fury, and that anger gave him strength. Adrenaline rushed into his veins so he could pin Ikari down, but he didn't know how long he could hold the cat down.
She-Wolf|Ikari|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[Font "Century gothic" [+Orange Ikari screams in pain as the knife was dug deep into his flank. He was then pushed down, it didn't last long. He wasn't going to give up until he killed that damn white wolf and her lover. Ikari snarl as he pushed back throwing the vampire hard to the ground.

He then landed on the male with his sharp claws out. They dug into the vampire soft flesh. [+orange "If I devour you I can heal my wounds... then I can finish off your lover if she hasn't died already.."] he said with low growl.

Ikari licked his sharp jagged teeth as he looked down at the struggling vampire. He then lean down at bit the man shoulder hard. Not hard enough to kill but hard enough for him to scream and cry in pain. Ikari had done this on purpose to get that damn wolf to scamper out. Of course when she did he would finished Magnus off. Ikari long teeth scrapped against the man's shoulder bone. Oh how easy it would be to snap it. His claws pressed harder into the male chest. How he couldn't was to just crush her lover right before her eyes. Snapping almost all his rib bone then finally being merciful tearing the man throat out.
She-Wolf|Kanbi|   1y ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[font "Century gothic" [+darkred Kanbi lashed her tail think about what to do. Time was running out. If she didn't do something her husband would be dead. She slowly made it to her feet, blood pouring down her wounded leg. She darted toward the two. She knocked Ikari off of Magnus.

The two were rolling on the ground screaming and yelp as the torn into each other. Kanbi was about to bite the cat's throat when he vanished into thin air. Kanbi stood there confused [+red Coward..."] she said as she collapsed to the ground. She laid there on the ground looked up towards the sky. The sun was slowly rising soon it would be day break. Perhaps that was way Ikari had vanished.

Kanbi closed here eyes as she slowly shift from wolf to her human like form. She was covered in blood. She sighed softly as she slowly made it to her feet. She limb over to Magnus. She sat down next to him. She pulled him into arms and held him. Surely he was still mad at her but right now wasn't the time.

[+red "Can you make it home before the sun rise?"] she said with a soft whisper. Surely Magnus wouldn't die from the sun. Surely he would feel even worse if he stay out in it. [+red "You should sprit home..."] she said softly.
RavennFlighttAlois Volkov   1y ago

Magnus glared up at Kanbi, his eyes clouded with pain. He ran his tongue over his sharp fangs and tried to stand up, but a sharp pain in his side and shoulder stopped him and he slumped back down. "I might be able to..." He trailed off then let out a quiet chuckle. "This isn't my best day." He clamped a hand onto the bite wound, trying to staunch the bleeding, but he was quickly becoming more pale than was natural, he'd already lost too much blood and dizziness settled onto him swiftly. He knew that he'd start to become delusional unless he could close up the wound.

He was, in fact, still angered by Kanbi's betrayal, but e couldn't help being thankful that she didn't let the cat kill him. Magnus had a brief recollection of when he'd first gone hunting with his father, out in the forest with a rifle and packet of round led bullets. They'd just finished the hunt with a small doe, and a pack of coyotes seemed quite interested in the carcass. His father instantly started killing off the wild dogs, but Magnus had pleaded his father to stop, earning a swift backhand to the cheek. This flashback took less than a minute, but he noticed he was getting dangerously close to losing consciousness.
She-Wolf|Kanbi|   29d ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

Sorry for disappearing. Would you like to restart this sometime?


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