I Hate You/I Love You [Closed]

By Burning_Heart

Annalise and Marinna are from two completely different families, stuck in a feud where the reason has long been lost to the generations. What they do know is that no members of either family can see someone from the other without hurling insults or trying to start a brawl.

The young women have never come face to face.

Not until the night of the masquerade ball, held at the home of a local noble family.

Both of the rival families have been invited, but only under the condition that, for this one night, they remain civil.

It's on this night that fate plays her hand...
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Burning_HeartAnnalise   306d ago

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[center [Mate+SC Annalise was silent as the carriage pulled up the large mansion, adjusting the vibrant red and gold mask that rested on her face. It was a nice addition to the bright red longsleeved dress that hugged her upper body, flowing out once it reached the skirt. Gold lace and trim decorated the outfit, complete with her hair falling in waves down her back. Anna had been extremely against the idea of her family wearing their house colors. Despite the invitation requesting civility, she felt like her parents were intentionally trying to grab a certain family's attention. And why wouldn't they? The rivalry that her family actively participated in was no secret.]]

[center [Mate+SC In fact, her parents were fairly vocal about their feelings towards the other noble family. It was enough to frustrate her to no end. Annalise herself tried not to participate in the banter and squabbles, but it wasn't easy. Whenever she was in town, people would do their best to avoid her, and when she was buying goods, she was hardly ever able to make small talk. She liked to think it wasn't necessarily something she did. It was more the fact that if one member of the family was around, there were others, and a fight could break out at any moment. She had lost count of the number of times her parents had dropped coins to replace damaged carts and goods.]]

[center [Mate+SC Stepping out of the carriage, she tried to ignore the knot that had formed in her stomach. She wasn't entirely sure that she could trust her loved ones to behave themselves. Her father was a smart man, so maybe he could be calmer about things. However, despite how much she loved the woman, her mother was cunning and conniving. She would possibly try to start a rumor during the night. Annalise could only pray that that was the worst thing she did.]]

[center [Mate+SC Entering the home itself wasn't so bad. The foyer was accompanied by two staircases on either side of the large crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling. It was once they entered the ballroom straight ahead that she felt like she was under scrutiny. Eyes fell on them and it was like a hush washed over the room. Her mother held her head high, whereas Anna refused to look at anyone. A man and woman in fine clothes, filled with purples and blues, approached them, bowing their heads before greeting them.]]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise could recognize Reina and Corvus Windsor anywhere. The noble family who owned the property, they held a beauty and handsomeness to them that could not be rivaled. Anna constantly wished she would look as beautiful as the lady of the house when she grew older.]]

[center [Mate+SC With the adults talking, she felt it necessary to excuse herself, moving along the wall to avoid bumping into anyone she didn't want to talk to as she made her way to the refreshment table. She would dance a few dances, strike up a conversation to keep up appearances, and keep her brightest smile on her face while doing so. With any luck, the night would run smoothly.]]

[center [Mate+SC The girl could only hope.]]
BeautyFromPain-.Erausquin.   306d ago

Life consist of fights and fights. There was never a time that her family wasn't in some type of fight. It was quite annoying to the female, because she was a polar opposite of her family. Her family despised that Marinna never wanted to fight as much as them. But she didn't understand why she needed to constantly fight with anyone. Especially one family in particular. Marinna wanted nothing more than to be peace.

Marinna sighed as she smoothed out her dress that she was wearing. There was a masquerade party tonight, and of course, Marinna was the one that suggested that their family goes. She wanted a civil night. Just once. It took her forever to convince her family. But eventually, they agreed to it. But Marinna was sure there wouldn't be a peaceful night.

Marinna looked at herself as her dressed flowed down to the ground. Her dress was a very sleek blue with silver trims. Then her mask was a very shiny dark blue with silver around the eyes. Marinna smiled as she felt good about how she looked. She wasn't entirely sure what this night was going to bring. But she was hoping it would be good.

It took about 20 minutes to get to the palace. Marinna smiled as she looked at the outside of the palace. She already thought it was beautiful. She slowly got out of the carriage and slowly made herself inside. She turned around and looked at her family. [b "Remember. Civil."] The only reason the female said anything is because she could see the other family. Of course, Marinna didn't care what the other family thought of her, because she made sure she wasn't involved in their little games.

Her dad was the one that had no problem of being civil. It was her mother that always wanted to start some type of problem. Marinna eyes were following her mother. She gave her a stern look. "Okay Okay Mar. I will keep the peace. Until they say something." Which that was better than nothing.

Marinna pursed her lips lightly, and then she went to the refreshment table when she bumped into someone. She saw that it was the opposing family. But that didn't bother her one bit. [b "I'm so sorry for bumping into you! I can be a clutz sometimes."]

Marinna could see her own family gritting their teeth that their daughter was talking to the enemy. Marinna rolled her eyes. She swore that one of these days she would freak out on her own family. But for the time being, she just wanted to have a good time.
Burning_HeartAnnalise   305d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mate+SC]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise had been off in her own little world, watching the partygoers as some chatted away, others danced around the floor, and some snuck away to do who knew what. People watching was interesting to her. She loved to see the way people interacted with one another, especially when she caught on to the little tells that they had that either told her they were tired of the conversation or if they didn't want to dance with a certain person. They were little things that one could only catch if they were paying close enough attention.]]

[center [Mate+SC She had been in the middle of watching this one couple, where the man had slowly been backing away, a few paces here and there before the woman would close the distance between them again, seeming oblivious to his wanting to get away from her when something crashed into her. The first thing she did was make sure the drink in her hand hadn't spilled anywhere. Once she was sure there wasn't any liquid on the floor or her dress, she looked up, eyes widening slightly as she took in the blue and silver of the dress before her.]]

[center [Mate+SC She knew right away who those colors belonged to, though she didn't recognize the bright eyes of the girl who wore them. She had sounded so genuine in her apology that Annalise wasn't sure how to reply right away. Anyone from that family would have immediately sneered at her or made a comment along the lines of [i her] running into [i them]. It had happened to her in the past.]]

[center [Mate+SC But not this girl. Why? The question was still on her mind when she finally shook her head, forcing a smile to make herself not look like the idiot she felt like she was being. [b "It's quite alright. I apologize, as well. I'm afraid I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings."] She glanced around for her parents for a moment, relieved that they were currently occupied with the Windsors, before turning her attention back to the girl before her. [b "I'm Annalise Monet,"] she said with a small curtsy. It was the one night to be civil. She could do that easily.]]
BeautyFromPain-.Erausquin.   266d ago

Marinna knew that last name. But she still didn't care. In all reality, she thought this female in front of her was quite beautiful. Her whole family knew that Marinna was homosexual. Marinna wasn't trying to hide it either. Marinna was pleasantly surprised that the other female was just as nice as she was. Maybe she had the same motive as Marinna.

Marinna knew that her family was staring at her, and that the other females female was staring at the two girls. Marinna was definitely was used to all the stares before. It was nothing new in her life. But she was hoping that her family could keep their opinions to themselves.

Marinna cleared her throat and then she looked at the female again. [b "I'm Marinna Erausquin."] Marinna smiled at her, and then she did the same curtsey back. It was part of something they enjoyed. But she just wanted to have a good night. Marinna got herself something to drink and started to sip on it. Once she was done drinking, she threw the cup away, and then she walked away, and went to the dance floor and started to dance. Until she realized that her mother was basically hissing at this girl. Marinna sighed. She knew this wasn't going to end well. At all.


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