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Life As A Demon

By DarkThemes
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DarkThemesZinia   1y ago

Hell was a very dark and painful place. But it was home for a young Demoness. The only sounds were that of tortured, screaming souls being put through great pain both physically and mentally. Zinia's blood-red-eyes watched the tortured souls move about like ghosts. All of them bloody and walking about like zombies in the clothing in which they died in.

Though Hell was hot, Zinia was not effected by the temperature. Being a Demon. A powerful Demon Lord of Hell had taken a shine to her ghostly, tortured form and had fed her his blood. Turning her into a physical Demon instead of a ghostly body that roamed around in blood drenched clothes.

However, Zinia still suffered at the Demon Lord's hands. Though she knew it was for her to survive, Zinia wondered often what it would be like to go be Human again. And often snuck away to have conversations with the ghostly souls that wandered Hell.


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