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Fantasy romance rp

By Purplepero

Replies: 362 / 19 days ago

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This is for me and lee
(Sorry if I screw anything up lol)
Star Was in a way terrified- She would run back to the school, She had no idea what was going on, but she didn’t want to die again.

Amber on the other hand. Stayed and watched
"just give up, for gods sake no one even knows why you're doin' this." (8s)
"Go away, pesky crash-bot." (Other person)
"..." (Ava)
"Eyo ava should I put on a battle music playlist is somethin'?"
"What I heard there is I yes." He started emanating some music fitting the situation from his head as the three began to fight.
Ava / Purplepero / 9h ago
[b Star] stepped back and hid behind the walls of the building out of view.

[b Amber] Amber watched completely hidden.
Outside, James was visibly brutally injured and unconscious while the other squiddo and 8s stood in front of him, facing an all black figure with black flames coming off of them.
Ava / Purplepero / 2d ago
[b Star] looked over to them. She watched worried, she gulped and would get up and follow after them.

[b Amber] Watched them go, then smirk. [b “oh? Wonder what thats all about-“] She says as she gets up. One of the girls looked over. [b “Maybe you shouldn’t-“] Amber growled. [b “What ever- You’re just baby’s-“] Amber walked after taking out her phone to record.
The three of them got up and the two squiddos ran out, with 8s just walking behind them. Shortly after, all the sirens stopped.
James / Purplepero / 2d ago
[b Star] hissed as It; One hurt her ears; And two scared her. Her ears fold back as she covered her ears with her gentle small hands. [b “W-whats going on-?!”] She said out loud.

[b Amber] would look up tords the noise. [b “Huh? Wonder what’s going on?”]
I know! Unnecessary danger go!!)
Suddenly, a siren rang about a mile away from the school.
"What" (James)
"Can't I catch a break!?" (Ava)
"What is it now?" (8s)
James / Purplepero / 3d ago
(I don’t have anything to add- You could choose to go talk to one, or both of my oc’s-)
Almost as if on cue, 8s appeared next to the squiddos and started chatting with him as well, occasionally strumming on his guitar and often taking sips of coffee.
James / Purplepero / 4d ago
[b Star] would look up for a brief moment. She would smile weakly as she looked back down. [i ‘we’ll at least they can be happy-‘] she thought as the smile leaves.

[b Amber] would notice the squiddos. She smirkeded and began whispering to her friends and pointing
James and the other squiddo were sitting at a table toghether, though they were just chatting. They seemed to be singing toghether, and eating their food happily. Though Ava seemed a bit less happy, probably since she was a bit more private than James was.
James / Purplepero / 4d ago
[size25 T I M E S K I P]

It was lunch, and hustle and bustle of the loud cafeteria was the same as always. Today’s meal, cheese breed with marinara dip; Steamed broccoli, and of course A choice of milk [i Chocolate, Strawberry, or Regular].

[i Choice]

[b Star] Sat alone, like she had done for a week now. She slowly poked through her food as her tail swayed limply. Her ears were up, but not perky like they used to. She had her head resting on the palm of her hand as she stairs off at her food.

[b Amber] Sat with her group of friends. They chatted loudly, gossiping, laughing, and all out having a good time. Ambers laugh rang out through the Cafeteria, just adding to the noise. Amber snorted as one of her friends sent her somethign Via text. She burst out laughing at what she saw, almost causing her strawberry milk to come drizzling from her nose. Amber seamed happy.
"oh." He seemed a bit sad now as well, as he walked away. (Timeskip?)
James / Purplepero / 4d ago
[b “Nothing-“] She says before turning around and start to head away