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DarkThemes     1y ago

A long, deep breath escaped a young woman. Her long blonde hair flowed past her shoulders as a gentle sea breeze wafted over the city. It was guarded by a fort, though it was a prime target for treasure seeking pirates.

Anna was a quiet girl. She worked in her family's garden and sold their vegetables in the market and taverns. But that night it had all been destroyed by a powerful new pirate ship. It was one no one had laid eyes on before.

If she hadn't lived here her entire life here, it would have been unrecognizable as a small sea side city. There was nothing but rubble and smoldering sides of houses and businesses. Anna hid behind a smoldering, half destroyed wall which was still on fire. She could feel the heat upon her skin.

The city was still crawling with the pirates and Anna knew she would need to escape soon lest they find her. Anna feared in her heart what they would do to her should they find her. As far as she could tell, she was the only survivor of the pirate attack.
LeeTheNarrator     1y ago
The Narrator

A Man walked along the streets looking at the fires as he walked. His long dark hair tied up to keep it from his eyes. His feathered hat tilted back as he walked. The sound of his footsteps as he walked were quiet under the sound of the flames. He looked to one of his men, And a conversation would arise…

[b “Captain- He wasn’t in this town ether-“] The crew-mate would say to him as the Man looks at him. The man pauses before looking forward, [b “Not here- Hmm-“] A long cattail hung from his jaw as a small knife glittered in his strong rough hands.
DarkThemes     1y ago

The young maiden took in a sharp breath as she did her best to kerp hidden. Who could these Pirates be looking for? It was a man obviously.

Her heart pounded madly in her chest. Audible even to her. Her hands trembled. Her clothing was stained with soit and ashes from the burned and ruined buildings. Within minutes their sea side city was nothing but ruins and rubble.

She could just see what appeared to be the Captain from where she was hiding. Anna swallowed hard, her hands trembling. These men would no doubt kill her if they spotted her. She bit nervously at her lower lip, her breathing heavy as she gathered her skirt in her hands. Deciding if she should try and run and hide.
LeeTheNarratorEugene   1y ago
The Narrator

[b “You’re positive?”] The captain would ask, he looked back to The man. The captain had a large scar that started at his forhead, went down over his right eye and disappeared behind his clothes. What every happened to give him that scar, had also made him blind. [b “Yes, Sir.”] The captain sighs a agitated sigh, As he closes his eyes and tilts his head to the sky.

A crew-mate would walk over with a sack of the towns gold. The Crew-mate would be joined with the rest of the crew, and it was a rather large crew. The man with the sack growls, [b “This town had bearly Any gold-“] He would say, as he threw the sack to the ground. Gold, silver, and bronze coins fall from the sack. A coin would roll in front of the captains boots, and the captain would bend over to pick it up-

[b “This ain’t even enough to to FEEL good!”] A Female Crewmate would say, a handful of others also agree. [b “There’s not trophies to brag about! Anoint there something?!”] A Different Crewmen would say. As the captain stands his eyes would lock with Anna’s. A slow smile stretches acrosses across his face. [b “Now Now- I think There might still be a prize-“] The captain would say. A few crew mates would look over and also see Anna.


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