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By DarkThemes
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DarkThemes     319d ago

I am DarkThemes and am looking for roleplay!

First things first!

Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day.
No one-liners or short-stop-replies. I don't need a mile long reply but I do enjoy detail.
I only do M/F gender-paired-roleplays and only write female characters.
I very much enjoy dark-themed-roleplays, so please be warned.
Roleplay content must be kept PG - PG13.
I do enjoy character images but prefer realistic images.
I only accept 3rd-person-writing.

Vampire / Human (craving!)
Demon Lord / Lesser-Demon-Girl
Bully / Target
Pirate Captain / Peasant Girl
Mermaid / Vampire
Emo / Shy Girl
Demon / Human
Sadist / Normal Girl
Mental Patient / Mental Patient
Priest / Shy Girl (craving!)
Evil Cult Member / Normal Girl (craving!)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Star Trek the Next Generation
Star Trek Original
PurpleperoJames   319d ago

So would a mermaid include an inkling because I have an inkling character-
hillory17hillory   318d ago
ice cream bitch and fav child (second account is elizabeth_afton1)

um hi can i join the roleplay


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