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Friends With A Vampire

By LeeTheNarrator

Replies: 771 / 21 days ago

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y/c and m/c hand been friends, for as long as the both of them could remember. They always told each other everything, and we're practically joined at the hip. When they had graduated highschool together, they decided to get an apartment together, and go to the same college. But.. not long after all these things started falling in place.. y/c started acting distant. This worried and bothered m/c, as they weren't used to getting the cold shoulder from them. Plus.. m/c was starting to get suspicious of them. They would always leave in the middle of the night.. and wouldn't come back till early morning. So m/c decided to do something about it.

m/c waited till they heard y/c get up and leave in the middle of the night. Quick to get up and follow, but not to closely. Of course.. y/c could sense m/c following. Chuckling to themselves, as morals were not in their head right now. They were in hunting mode. m/c frowned as they turned the corner they were sure y/c went down. Not seeing them. m/c sighed, before yelping. A figure had pressed m/c against a wall. A hand over m/c's mouth. "Now now, what were you following me for~?" y/c said teasingly. m/c just stared up at y/c with wide eyes once they noticed some stuff about them. Red eyes... Pointed fangs.. undeniable strength.. they were a vampire..
It smelled so good. Amber would lead her to a table were they cook infront of you.
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 17h ago
She walked inside and looked around
Amber takes amber inside.
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 18h ago
“Cool!” Amber giggled
She stood infront. [b “I have some vampire friends here so I can actully eat here!” She says smiling
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 18h ago
Amber followed her and giggled
Amber bring her to the hibachi grill
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 19h ago
She smiled and ran after her
Amber laughed and held ambers hand as she ran off to the hibachi grill. “YES!!!”
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 22h ago
“Sure!” Amber giggled
Amber chuckled [b” What do you wanna do? We could go get some food~!]
Amber / LeeTheNarrator / 23h ago
aww ok have fun)) she smiled and looked around
(I won’t be on this weekend, i am going to a family event) Amber followed holding onto her hand
Amber looked around and smiled she walked around
There were clothing stores, food marts, toy stores, build a cat, fisney shop.