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||❤️||A Prompted Role-Play||❤️||

By LeeTheNarrator

Replies: 752 / 21 days ago

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M/C and Y/C where friends not overly close friends but friends they would hang out ever now and then.
Something M/C didn’t know was one M/C had special bl—d something that made any creature who needed bl—d want theirs and other theirs, even those who where VERY good at controlling the self’s would have a hard time not attacking them, two Y/C was a vampire. After a bit M/C and Y/C started to get closer and they became closer friends


M/C was visiting Y/C when they went to go feed, M/C wanted to come with them but Y/C wouldn’t let them, they wanted to know what Y/C was hiding and decided to follow them (you decided what happens next)
(https://roleplay.cloud/role_play_156692) Hannah looked to Annabelle and Annabelle did not meet her gaze. Hannah looked up to amber. [b “You have special blood right?”]
Gtg))she looked at them “yes and thank you”
[I guess I can- :^]

They bring her to the small supper market and helped her pick out, and pay for some food. They led her out of the supermarket and into an alleyway. [b “Y-your Jades Girlfirend right?”] Annabelle asked.

[b “Our p our cousin is an attorney and will be able to help and her!”] Hannah says
Can you plz remake the longway home rp))
She followed them silently a little worried about Jade
Annabelle smiles weakly and Hannah laughed. [b “Let’s go big sis!!!”] she says as she takes ambers hand and leads amber out of the bakery
She nodded a little “o-ok…” she was still unsure but nodded “thank you”
Annabelle nudges her, [b “Yes we know sister- We can help you to get some food. Then we can take you home, Our cousins a attorney and he can help you with what happened p-“] Annabelle and Hannah were trying to help both Amber and Jade it seamed
Amber pointed to her eyes “I’m sorry I’m blind I don’t know who you are”
Hannah stepped back. [b “Sorry about my sister! Ever since the incident she’s not been the same”] she shakes her head sadly. Annabelle bites her lip. [b “Please come with us- Sister-“]
"h-huh? Whos there??" She asked scared
A figure camper inside. A small child, with her twin sister-

[b “BIG SIS!!!”] One girl says as they run up and hug amber. The other one shyly walked over and hugged her too.
Amber looked up and bit her lip *what do i do* She thought
A man had started to dial the police
you there?)