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Proofreading for my book

By kenbloodmoon

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kenbloodmoon     1y ago

Archer wake up it's time for school!" My Brother's voice echoed off the wall of the stairwell. Little did he know I was already up and finishing my morning routine. Taking one last look in the bathroom mirror, a rare smile graced my lips as I ruffled my black and red hair one last time. The unusual colors of my hair are something I take great pride in. "I'm coming Atticus!" I called as the top of the stairs came into view. After descending the stairs and entering the kitchen I was surprised that my brother and uncle were nowhere to be found just a lone stack of pancakes and a plate of bacon. Sniffing the air for my brother and uncle's scents lead me to the top of the stairs into the basement. The one place in this house I was forbidden to enter no matter what. For some reason, my senses had been Stronger than other kids my age ever since my tenth birthday. My brother said I was just lucky to have strong senses, but I always have felt like he and my uncle were hiding something from me about our family. They always brushed off any questions about our family and avoided letting me do any school projects on our family line. Today was different I could feel it from the moment I woke up, and not just because today is my seventeenth birthday. As the door to the basement got closer Atticus and uncle Marcus emerged from it locking it back. "Archer turn your ass around it's not time for you to learn about what's down there." My uncle said placing a hand on my shoulder turning me back towards the kitchen. "You never let me join the two of you down there why?" I questioned taking a seat on the barstool in the kitchen. "It's not time for you to know everything yet brother, but it will be very soon," Atticus said as he ruffled my messy hair. A growl escaped my lips as I turned glaring at him. "But when Atticus?" I begged as my phone vibrated in my hand signaling it was time to head to school. Without waiting for a reply I grabbed a piece of bacon off the table and rushed out to my Black f-150. Quickly adjusting my radio station to play Ozzy's crazy train I tore out the driveway with an uneasy feeling gnawing at my gut. I had been on the road for all of the ten minutes when an extremely large brown wolf jumped out of the woods in front of my truck. Swerving to avoid hitting the wolf sent my truck spinning out of control down into the ditch. The truck began rolling down the deep incline of the ditch. I felt a sharp pain in my neck then everything went black.
kenbloodmoon     1y ago

Shaking my head I watched as Archer raced out the driveway towards his school. "Today you learn the truth baby brother," I muttered to myself as my uncle Marcus and I finished our breakfast before returning to the basement. We were finishing the preparations for Archer's coming of age ceremony tonight. Finally, we would be able to go home and prove my parents didn't die in vain. (flashback) " No, you can't kill the boy. He did nothing but be born." Uncle Marcus yelled at the werewolf high council as I hid behind him clutching the crying newborn pup in my ten-year-old arms. "This boy is a bad omen alpha Marcus you know as well as the council that he bares the Mark of the demon wolf. The demons will come for him and destroy your pack like they did your brother and his mate. Do you wish your pack and another nephew dead as well." questioned the council as they stared down at my uncle. "You all know the prophecy Born of Alpha blood the wolf barring the mark of a demon will lead the wolves to greatness or to their destruction the book of the Mcullens will guide his way. You all have no way of knowing how he will turn out so I step down from my position as alpha to raise my nephews in the human world. On the night he comes of age I'll tell him who he truly is and give him the book to guide him." he said before leading me and my infant brother to the door. (end of flashback) My memories were interrupted as a howl ripped through the house. I looked at the clock Archer had only left ten minutes prior. My uncle rushed to the basement grabbing the book of Mcullen and thrusting it into my hands. "Go find your brother give him the book I'll catch up." my uncle yelled as I stuffed the book into my pants shifting into my midnight black wolf and running out of the house towards Archer's school. It didn't take long for me to find his truck flipped on its roof in the ditch a large brown wolf trying to drag my unconscious brother from the truck. I growled in anger causing the wolf to pause as I pounced on him forcing him to the ground before ripping his throat out. I shifted back thankful my alpha blood saved my clothes and the book. I quickly pulled Archer from the wreckage glad to see he was already healing his first shift was close at hand.
kenbloodmoon     1y ago

Archer run now!!! protect the book. Uncle Marcus will find you soon!!!" my brother Atticus yelled at me as I recalled wrecking my truck cause of the biggest wolf I had ever seen. he shoved a tattered old book into my hands, as I started to say something, but was cut off as an arrow flew past my ear burying itself in the tree behind my wrecked truck. I quickly got to my feet and took off running just like my brother had told me to do. I glanced back over my shoulder only to see Atticus had fallen at the paws of a large red wolf. tears fell from my eyes as I ran deeper into the woods beside the road I had wrecked on. I didn't notice how the trees were nothing but a blur around me as I ran after what seemed like hours I collapsed beside a waterfall crying for my brother who sacrificed himself for me and some old book. Slowly placing the book in front of me I began to open it. only to have it slammed shut by a strong hand when I looked up there stood uncle Marcus Looking down at me. "not here Archer it's not safe." he said signaling me to stand up from where I had been crying. when I didn't move to get up he picked me up as If I weighed nothing and began walking deeper into the forest.


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