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By Ren_Hickman

Replies: 752 / 22 days ago

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You are walking alone down a road in the dead of night. A flickering streetlight flashes in the distance, and flashes out. You shouldn't be out this time of night, and the shadows seem to be watching you. You are on your way to a friends house for a late night post - grad celebration, but the eerie atmosphere and mysterious vibes are making you terrified, so you decide to head home. Suddenly, a black car pulls up beside you, and pulls down the window. You immediately take of running down the alleyway, but the car is chasing you. Your heart is pounding, and your lungs feel like they are about to burst. Then you drop to your knees, your body feeling like a dead weight, your head splitting, your vision cracking and then nothing...

You wake up alone in a small room, about the size of a broom cupboard. You smell dust and sweat, and something that might be vomit. You raise a hand to your aching head, and when you lower it, sticky warm blood seeps through the cracks of your fingers. A figure appears in the door-frame, casting shadows across the room. "You've woken up I see. Welcome to your new home."


You must find out who brought you here and why you and not some ones else. And what this place has to do with you.

" yeah well I'm 17. Its nice to see I act younger."
Ren_Hickman / 7h ago
[b “No- I thought you were 12 Becuase you acted like you were-“]
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 8h ago
( XD it's okay)" yeah I'm 17. " he laughed " why didn't you think so because I'm short?" He asked with a smile.
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 9h ago
(I though you said he was 12/13 XD) (My bad sorry)

“your seventeen-“
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 19h ago
( wait you said lee was 15 hes17)
" I'm 17 I'm the oldest. It's okay"
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 19h ago
[b “No it’s not…I’m the oldest one here and I’m acting like a child
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 19h ago
" it its okay" he said
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 20h ago
Lee curled up and cryed quietly
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 1d ago
He looked at lee " she'll be back" he sayed now walking a bit faster
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 1d ago
Lee looked really sad. [b “…Let’s just keep going-“]
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 1d ago
" yeah" he sighed not know really what yo say to her
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 1d ago
She looked for raven [b “I….Did it again-“]
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 1d ago
" its okay" he smiled and then looked head
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 1d ago
lee whimpered and lowered her head. [b “sorry-“]
Lee / LeeTheNarrator / 2d ago
He saw but keep quite
Riley / Ren_Hickman / 2d ago