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The Power of Friendship

By Tweedy

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DanceMyDear|Persephone Kaylx|   1y ago
Lost in thought, found online.

[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Things had been going well, so far, or so Pho thought, at least.

[tab]Which naturally, with the way that her life seemed to go from what little she could remember of it, of course meant that things had to suddenly and unexpectedly go wrong. She had been simply taking a break between sets of her performance, imbibing in some ale and a bit of the nightly meal that the tavern she had made into her latest home provided with the cost of the room she had rented, and making sure she stowed her coin into a safe place, when she had found herself suddenly accosted by a duo of rowdy, and what she had learned usually meant 'drunken' men complaining to her about the things that Tam had been saying.
[tab ] It didn't help of course, that she didn't even herself fully understand what Tam was saying-- a large amount of the time he simply spoke in what felt like riddles or other strange mumbo jumbo speaking names that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up but otherwise could not place a face to. Not that it was unusual that she couldn't-- it was hard to place her own name, which she simply understood to be 'Pho' from the rough squawk of her feathered companion, to her own reflection. She presumed that whatever it was the bird had been spouting off was quite offensive in some way, given the upset looks on the men's faces before her.
[tab ] [b [+darkgoldenrod "I try to keep him quiet, I'm very sorry if he has offended you."]] She tried offering in apologies, hands up in that sort of defensive way, while Tam wobbled his way over across the long table she had taken a place at the end of, and haphazardly flying back up to her shoulder, only using his wings just enough to make the short distance.
[tab ] [b "I don't buy that. Birds don't just [i know] these kinds of words-- they learn 'em and repeat 'em."] Replied the first man, jabbing a finger in her direction as his companion nodded in a slurred motion of agreement.
[tab ] [b [+darkgoldenrod "I understand that, but the thing is--"]] She was cut off as a fist flew over her head, making her duck down on instinct and causing her to make a mad grab for her guitar, to try to protect it from being harmed. An aged and well loved instrument, decorated with etchings and little drawings, it was one of the few clues she really had that gave any inkling about what her life had been like before she simply woke up, found with a head wound and covered in far too much blood at the edge of a river by a kind traveler. She could not afford for it to become collateral damage because of an altercation she didn't even intend to start.
[tab] Seeing the upset at having missed, Pho quickly turned tail and did her best to get out of their immediate reach and-- of course-- ran directly into another tavern patron. [b [+darkgoldenrod "I'm sorry!"]] She blurted out quickly, eyes wide as she glanced back over her shoulder and trying to duck around the person she had bumped into, praying they wouldn't also take offense to her, and realizing that she had gone the wrong way-- she had intended to rush in the direction of the door to the outside, but instead she had rushed further into the tavern, and practically into a corner.

[tab] Things were not going well at all.]]
Tweedy     1y ago

[center [pic]]
[font "Times" [size16 The patron that she had run into didn't move as she bounced off. They turned from where they were leaned, looking on at conversation.

He was a tall, elven man. His lavender skin and pale, ashen hair pulled partially up behind his ears gave suggestion to his drow heritage. Dressed in a long coat, half plate armor gracing his shoulders, and glinting in the forelight off of his forearms. The insignia on the brooch he wears at his collar is a spiderweb with a blade through it. A real blade on his hip, a knife in his belt. Silvery eyes regarded her calmly, raising as the men who pursued the little woman came up to them.

They grab for the little elven woman.

"Pardon mind, dark elf..." one man says, half in a beseeching of pardon, and half in a warning as he comes up behind Pho.

The elf's eyes move up to the men behind her. Then back down to Pho.


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