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CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

It had been a few years since Eric had thought he found the love of his life, the woman whom he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. They had done everything together. But one day without reason or any explanation, she disappeared, never to be seen again.

Now, in the present day Eric spent most of his time walking along the shores of the beach near where he lived, hoping to forget the love he had lost. This particular day, the memories were almost completely gone until he stumbled across a young woman whom he presumed lost along the shore. As he drew closer, Eric was shocked to discover that she resembled the love he had lost.

Battling with his thoughts, Eric made his way over to the young woman. “Excuse me, miss? Do you need help?”
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

The female couldn't understand what was going on. The lady that took her voice told her that she had to find her true love and have the true love kiss. She did exactly what she wanted and she still had no voice. Avalon was super confused and was super angry at the same time as well. She sighed lightly, and then it all clicked in her mind. She knew exactly what was going on. This guy wasn't her true love.

Avalon sat down on the ground, and brought her legs up to her chest. How in the world was she going to find her true love? All she wanted was her voice back and wanted to live life as a mermaid again. She had everyone helping her, trying to figure out a way to get everything back to normal without having to go through this process. But she figured the leads would lead nowhere.

Avalon was startled when she heard another voice. She looked up, and then shook her head. It was sad, because she couldn't talk. She had to write everything down and show the board to whoever was talking to her. She gulped lightly, and started to scribble on the board. [b Hello. I have no voice.. So that's why I have to write. But no, I don't need help. I'll be okay.] She showed the board to the male and then sighed as she looked down at the ground. She was sure she was going have to explain to this mysterious male on why she had no voice. She was secretly hating herself for starting the conversation that way. But she didn't want the male to think she was ignoring him, either.
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

Eric was concerned because the female had lost her voice. He wanted to ask how she had lost her voice, but didn’t because that would be rude. Instead, he tried again. “Are you sure that you don’t need any help?” He asked and then moved closer to her.

After a couple of moments, Eric put a hand over his face, “how rude of me.. I didn’t introduce myself. My name’s Eric.” He looked to her as he removed his hand, a slight smile forming over his lips. He couldn’t believe that he had been so stupid as to not introduce himself first. He knelt by her and waited patiently to see what she was going to do next.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

The female bit on her lip lightly, and kind of stood there. What was she supposed to do? How was she going to explain any of this? It was hard to explain that some person took her voice and that she had to find her true love and would have to kiss them to even get her voice back.

As Avalon was thinking about that, it all sounded crazy to try and even explain that. Avalon licked her lips and then sighed intently. [b I don't even know anymore..] Avalon sounded like she defeated. She kind of was. Where was her mysterious love?

Avalon realized that she hasn't introduced herself either. Avalon looked at him. [b My name is Avalon.] Avalon put the board down, and then watched as he knelt by her. How could he even help her with all of this?
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

Eric nodded his head when he saw the first message. He wanted to help somehow, but he wasn’t sure how he could. As soon as she showed her name, a smile had formed over his lips. “Pleasure to meet you Avalon.” He said. His eyes wandered over her and he stood and offered her a hand.

“Would you like to take a walk with me?” He asked, his hand still out to her. Eric waited to see what she would do.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon thought about it for a minute. A walk would help clear her head. It would help for her not to think about what is going on with her life. Avalon nodded her head. She was tired of constantly writing on a board. She grabbed his hand, and gripped his hand to help herself to get up. Avalon loved the feeling of his hand in hers. It was nice and soft.

Avalon removed her hand pretty quick, once she realized that she was holding his hand a little bit too long. Avalon kind of stood there for a moment, because she wasn't entirely sure which way he was going to want to walk.
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   1y ago
I like cereal

A smile had formed over his lips when she took his hand. He stood firmly as she pulled herself up, being support. As she stood, Eric’s eyes glanced over her once more. It was a shame that she couldn’t speak and had to write everything down. After a few moments, he looked to their hands and noticed that she had not yet let go. Her hand felt soft in his own.

When she did remove her hand, he tried to hide his disappointment and cleared his throat. He glanced around and gave a smile. “Want to walk along the beach with me?” He asked, his head tilting to the side.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   1y ago

Avalon could see the disappointment when she let go of his hand. She barely knew this guy, but at the same time she felt like she has known him all her life. Avalon shrugged lightly, and then took in a deep breath and then sighed softly. She didn't mean to have him disappointed, but she had more things to think about. She had to find her one true love so she can get her voice back. She didn't have time to fall in love with another person. Unless..

Avalon shook the thought from her head, and then she looked at him, and just simply nodded her head. She just followed him to the beach and sighed intently. She loved the smell of the water. She just loved the water, but again. She was a mermaid. Who needed to figure out how to get her voice back.
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   319d ago
I like cereal

The male looked to her once more, head cocked to the side. He could see that she was deep in thought about something but he also knew that she couldn’t speak. A sigh escaped Eric’s lips as he turned away as not to seem like he was staring.

“So… have you always had to write to communicate with others Or is this a relatively new thing for you?” After the words left his lips, Eric mentally kicked himself. He knew that he shouldn’t have asked that because of the sensitivity of the topic. “Actually… you don’t have to answer that… that was very insensitive of me.” He said, turning his eyes to the ocean.

Eric really hoped that he didn’t mess things up and that maybe she would allow him to help in whatever way he could, if he was able to help her at all. A sigh escapes his lips as he became deep in his thoughts once more. He really did want to help the woman, even if it did seem as though she didn’t want him to.

The male was unsure of what else to do, so he looked to the female, yet another smile forming over his lips. “You want to take a walk with me?” He asked, his head tilting to the side.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   266d ago

Avalon could see that he was nervous about the first question he asked. Which it didn't really bother her any at all. She didn't mind the questions that she gets asked by him. She did need to figure out how to communicate with him. Avalon gulped and then looked at him. She mouthed it's new. She just didn't know how to explain what actually was going on. 

When he asked if she wanted to take a walk, she thought that sounded pretty great. She nodded her head, to let him know that she would love to take a walk with him. She waited for him, and so they could walk and possibly to get to know one another. Well more get to know him than her.
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   265d ago
I like cereal

Upon seeing the words mouthed, new questions had begun to form in his head. Eric could sense that the woman needed some form of help, but was still unsure of just what he could do. He wanted to help her as she seemed like a person whom he would have a connection with and could possibly go on adventures.

As soon as Avalon had agreed to go on the walk with him, Eric smiled and helped her up. He was thankful to be able to read lips, but he wanted to be able to communicate even more. [b “So, what did happen for you to lose the ability to speak?”] He asked, looking to her as his head tilted to the side. If he knew the reason for why she couldn’t speak, then maybe he could do something for her. He was also curious as to what she would want to know about him.

The waves crashed on the sand and a smile had formed over the male’s lips. He always did enjoy the ocean, even from a young age. He closed his eyes for a moment as a cool breeze had rushed past. Opening his eyes, he glanced over to the woman, really taking a look at her for the first time since their chance encounter. [i ‘She is rather beautiful…’] his thoughts trailed off and he shook his head. He didn’t even know that much about her and hoped that would change.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   219d ago

Avalon was walking along the beach, when she felt the water hitting her feet. It was all new to her for her to be on her feet. But as each day goes by, she was getting more and more used to it. Avalon smiled, as she looked back at him. Then she watched as he was wondering how she lost her voice. 

Avalon stood there for a minute. How does she even explain to him how she lost her voice? She didn't even fully understand how she lost her own voice. Well, she did. But she didn't even know how to explain that at all. She pursed her lips lightly, and then just mouthed. [b It's hard to explain.. Especially for someone who can't speak.] 

Avalon hated what the conditions were for her to get her voice again. But she felt like it could be done as well. As things were going with her and Eric, it could be a possibility that it could happen. Avalon looked at the water once more, and went into the water a little bit more, as she felt her home was the water. She felt like she was at peace when she was in the water. She felt bad that she couldn't explain more to him though. She wanted too. But how she explain that this evil person took her voice?
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   219d ago
I like cereal

Eric watched her for a moment and smiled as he could see that she seemed to enjoy the water. He nodded his head when he saw the mouthed words. [b “Yeah, that would be rather difficult.”] He answered, a sigh escaping his lips.

He was thankful that he could read lips but he wondered what had happened for Avalon to not be able to speak. He could tell that she wanted to explain it from just watching how she acted. He didn’t want for her to stress too much over her situation, but he also wanted to help if he was able to. He just had to figure out how he would be able to.

Eric moved to where he stood beside her, a smile crossing over his lips. [b “We’ll figure something out. For now though, let’s just enjoy the crashing of the waves against the beach.”] He said, trying to ease her mind if only a little. He then turned his attention to the setting sun over the horizon before looking to her once more. [b “It’s getting late. Do you have anywhere that you could stay for the night?”] He asked, head tilting to the side.
BeautyFromPain-.Avalon.   219d ago

Avalon looked towards the sunset and thought it was beautiful. She always loved to watch the sunset. But that was when she was a mermaid. Now that she is a human, she didn't really know how she felt about it anymore. 

Avalon looked towards him, and shook her head no. Since she used to live in the water, and then she got turned into a human, she didn't really have any place to go anymore. She hated that so much. She also just wanted to have her voice back. She wanted him to hear what she sounded like. 

Part of her is thinking that she was going to try out kissing him and see what happens. She didn't want to do it now, because they barely knew anyone. She would explain that in order to get her voice back she had to find true love. How could she even know that it could be this guy? Avalon looked towards him, wondering what the next step was going to be.
CinnamonToastCrunchEric   209d ago
I like cereal

Instead of watching the sunset, Eric kept his eyes on the woman before him, studying her actions. He could tell that something was bothering her and wished that there was something that he could do to at least ease her worries. As he saw that she didn’t have anywhere she could stay, a frown had formed over his lips.

[b “Well, we can’t have that. How about you stay the night at my place?”] he suggested, eyes on her. He knew that it was a long shot, but Eric didn’t want for her to be on her own with nowhere to go. For some reason, he felt protective over her and didn’t want for anything bad to happen.

Slowly, he reached one hand out for her to take and gave a smile, pointing to the castle that was by the sea. [b “You’ll be staying in one of the guest rooms in the castle. I hope that you don’t mind.”] He said, voice soft. He waited to see how Avalon would react and stood patiently. He hoped that she would agree to it.


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