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MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

It was funny the way the others looked at her. But then what the hell did she care what her classmates and teachers thought of her? She was who she was and those who didn't like it could fuck right off. Alexandria Silverston or as she was better know as Aiden was known for two things. One thing she was known for was being a "bad bitch" and two she was one of the most homosexual girls in the school and didn't give a damn what was thought about it.

And this morning, the girl sat on the wall before the school with her leather jacket draped over her shoulders and a cigarette to her lips. Dark eyes were skimming the usuals who were early as she was and a faint smirk crossed her lips as she saw the girl she had been crushing on for the last year and a half. Lightly, Aiden hopped down from her perch and stomped her cigarette out before she went up to the girl.

[b "Morning cutie."] She muttered.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] It was just another day in paradise. And by paradise she means hell. Nothing more than Glacia hate was school. She rolled her eyes slightly and then took in a deep breath. She already wanted to leave and school hasn't even started yet. She wasn't really friends with anyone in this school. Everyone thought she was a freak. She didn't want to make matters worse.

Glacia held onto her school stuff pretty tight and then she took in a deep breath. The female about jumped when she realized that someone was walking with her. She looked over at the female and gulped lightly. Glacia caught herself staring. Something about bad girls that made Glacia heart race. She realized she had others staring at her and she forced herself to look away.

Glacia realized her cheeks were getting pretty warm when she heard what was said. She bit on her lip slightly, and then looked back at the female. [b "Hello to you as well."] Glacia smiled slightly and then took in a deep breath. She needed to get through the school day and then she could run away back home and hide.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Oh the girl was simply adorable. That blush and shy demeanor were probably the biggest draws to Aiden. A faint smirk graced her lips as she realised that the other had been staring at her just the slightest bit. Others were watching, but the "bitch" couldn't care less and merely gave them a sweet little hand gesture before her attention again was on the shy girl at her side.

[b "Somehow it doesn't seem like a very good morning. Tell me cutie, is there something the matter?"] Even if it may have sounded like she was teasing, Aiden actually was being serious with her asked question. As much as a bitch as she could be, there were SOME she could be a genuinely nice person to. And well it seemed that the girl at her side was one of them.

Her dark eyes were on the other and she offered a light smile. [b "You know we could always ditch. Go somewhere that would be MUCH more fun."] It was something that she did from time to time and the idea of POSSIBLY having someone come with her thrilled her more than she could understand.

[b "What do you say?"]
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] The blondish female thought they would've kept walking, but they didn't. They kind of stopped and move to the side. She didn't have any idea who this female was, but she felt like she could tell her everything right now. Being homosexual and having a hard time coming out was very difficult for her. Glacia kind of bit on her lip and let her mind wander.

[b "You want to take off with someone you don't know?"] Glacia raised a brow, and then watched as others were watching them. Glacia looked back down at the ground. The moment she feels like she gets confidence, it just gets knocked right back down. Glacia took in a deep breath, and then sighed softly.

[b "Too much to explain on what's wrong."] Glacia didn't even want to get into it. She didn't understand why she let things get to her. Especially since her parents are no longer here with her. She felt like no one would understood. But once thing was for sure. She wanted the confidence this female had.

Glacia caught herself looking her up and down. Something about the bad girl persona that attracted Glacia to this female. [b "What the hell. Why not."] Glacia couldn't actually believe she agreed to leaving.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

[b "Life's about risks and taking chances. Too short to just play by other people's rules. And if I think I might like someone, then I want to hang out with them and get to know them."] Aiden said with a light smirk coming to her lips as she gave the more shy girl a glance over. By now others had stopped and again were staring, but the 'bad girl" didn't give a shit. Let them watch as far as she was concerned.

Her head tilted the faintest when her question was answered. Well not answered in detail but enough to let her know that the other really did struggle. Though she had the tough attitude, to the right people she was a softy. And there was just something about this girl that made her want to be that softy. She could actually remember being like her at one point in time but deciding fuck it all and she couldn't please everyone.

Dark gaze stayed upon the other girl as the seconds ticked by and the time was getting closer and closer for the bell that would call them all in to ring. She ALMOST had not heard the answer that was given, but when it registered a smirk graced her lips. [b "Awesome. So where to? We have all day if you like."] Came her words, smirk still on her lips as she allowed her eyes once more to trail the more shy girl over.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] What was she doing? It wasn't like her not to go to class. But the female was right. You only got one chance. And Glacia didn't want to spend it stuck in a school. She wanted to try and be adventurous. Glacia bit on her lip lightly. She knew that others were staring at her. She rolled her eyes at the other people. That only people she wanted to impress was her parents, but they were gone. Why couldn't she get over this?

[b "Uh... Well. I don't really know much about town.. Why don't you lead us?"] A comment that Glacia was stuck on was liking someone and wanting to get to know them. How did she even know Glacia? Glacia has never seen her around before. But then again, she barely pays attetion because she is alway in Lala land.

[b "Like someone? Who are you talking about?"] Glacia just glanced at her noticing that this female was looking her up and down. Glacia loved how she looked, but deep down. She never would admit that.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Oh she noticed everything about the other girl who stood before her. The shyness all the way to the way she always seemed in a dreamlike state. Perhaps those were the things that had caught Aiden's attention to begin with and happened to have her watch from afar the last year or so. Not in one of those creepy ass stalker ways, but just that she noticed the other even when it was now apparent that the other had not noticed her.

Again her head tilted as the words hit her ears and she tapped a finger over her chin as she thought. [b " about the boardwalk? Get to have a 'carnival' and the beach all in one. And two, ever been on a motorcycle?"] She asked.

[b "Really that hard to figure out who someone might be, Cutie?"] The brunette asked with a faint smirk over her lips. She couldn't help that she was teasing Glacia. Honestly, Aiden just wanted to see if the other would be able to understand her point. Though, it should be OBVIOUS with all the glance overs she had given and the words she had spoken. The "bad girl" didn't just talk to anyone. Only if she had an interest in them, and oh god did she in this girl.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia was kind of standing there when Aiden was still talking to her. It was like no one else existed except her. It was pretty sad that Glacia has never noticed her before. She heard things about her, but Glacia always wanted to meet this person. But when she's around her she felt like she was more free. Minus one thing. No one besides her sister knows that she was lesbian. And Glacia was sure she was making it obvious. Maybe that's why everyone was giving her the looks.

[b "That sounds fantastic!"] Anything that dealt with the beach she was super happy about. She loved the beach and it just made her happy. Plus she has been wanting to take her sister to the carnival, but she knew her sister would be just as happy if she went with someone else. This is why she loved her sister so much.

Glacia felt her cheeks get hot when she heard the other female call her cutie. There was one thing she knew. Aiden would never talk to someone unless she was interested. For now she was just ignoring the comment. [b "No I have never been on one! But gives me reason to get on one now."]

Glacia watched as Aiden had a faint smirk over her lips. Glacia could tell that this was going to be one fun ride. Maybe eventually she could sit down with her and tell her everything that is going on. There was something about her that she felt like she could trust her with anything. [b "Me?"]
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Oh the others around them were such a lovely little audience. The attention had Aiden wanting to act and give them a show. The main reason they were even being watched was you had the shy and sweet Glacia and then you had the "bitch" Aiden in one place and talking. Two COMPLETELY different girls that no one would have ever expected to interact with the other. Yet, here the pair were and most seemed to want to know if Glacia was going to let the bad girl corrupt her.

[b "Then it looks like we've chosen where to go. You know I love the beach myself. There is just something calming about the waves crashing on the shore and the calling of the sea birds. Hell, the water is extra nice too and sometimes I feel like a fish out of water."] Aiden said with a wink as she was explaining her choice of the beach and boardwalk. But what amused her all the more was the fact that the other seemed SUPER excited to be able to ride on a motorcycle. [b "Alright, but you're gonna have to hold on tight."]

Her eyes again roamed over the other girl as her arms crossed and she smirked more at the blush. Good god was she adorable and didn't even have a clue the things she could make thie "dead" girl feel. [b "Well I don't see anyone else around here. So think you got the right answer there, cutie. Though if we don't wanna get caught we better get our asses moving."] Aiden said as she held a hand out to the other, eyes asking if she was going to take it.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia still couldn't believe this was happening. Was she actually going to get back of a motorcycle? Glacia bit on her lip slightly as she looked around and saw that people were still staring at her. Glacia took in a deep breath and then looked back at her. [b "Lets go."]

Glacia climbed onto the back of the motorcycle and nodded her head to her words about holding on tight. Glacia felt redness come across her cheeks. Glacia slowly slid her arms around the others girl waist area and simply just held on.

The feeling that Glacia was getting was intense. But she didn't say much. She was just enjoying the ride.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The shy girl was getting more and more stares the longer the two of them stood there. It really didn't matter to Aiden, but she could see the flicker of being uncomfortable in Glacia's eyes. The brunette wanted to give the other words of comfort or advice, but truly that was not her strong suit. The fact that she had made it this far was beyond her own comprehension.

A faint smile graced her lips when the other agreed. [b "I was wondering how long it would take for you to agree. We don't exactly have all day to stand here. But once we leave this hellhole, the day is ours for the taking."] Came soft words as she gave an inclination of her head and led the other to her black Harley with the purple and ue thunder bolts.

When they got to the bike, Aiden had slipped the spare helmet she had onto the other girl's head and then got on the bike, waiting for her to get on. The moment that she felt the arms around her waist, the bike was roaring to life. [b "HOLD ON!"] She shouted above the roar as a reminder and kicked up.

The ride was smoothe or as smoothe as she could be. She was just thankful the traffic was light. But then it was a work and school day. It had not taken too long and when they got to the beach, Aiden was parking by a meter and did turn her head over her shoulder to glance back at Glacie. [b "You good?"] She asked, a smile on her lips as the adrenaline rushed through her. She loved the riding and she loved anything that was involved in risk taking. She just hoped the "good girl" would be able to let loose.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia didn't know what she was feeling while she had her arms wrapped around the other. But when the motorcycle came to a stop, she was kind didn't like that too much. She didn't exactly understand why she didn't like it too much but that was all she knew. Glacia chewed on the inside of her lip. She took the helmet off, and put it on the female's bike. Glacia could feel her heart pounding against her chest. She felt like she was getting an adrenaline rush right now.

Glacia looked up at her, and then smiled, nodding slightly. [b "Oh yeah. I'm good."] She smiled once more and then her eyes scanned the area. What were they going to do. She wasn't entirely sure. Glacia looked back at her. [b "Okay, so now what?"]
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

It looked like the other had more fire than she had originally thought. But that was a good thing because she WANTED to see the side to Glacia that others didn't know. And what better way than to pull her off campus and to try and have a day of fun? Or just do what her impulses told her to do. Either way, Aiden was hoping that the two of them could have some fun.

Fingerless gloved hands made their way into her back pockets as dark gaze fell upon the other young woman who was just getting off the bike. It looked like she had had fun and the sparkle in her eyes was lovely. Breathtaking if she were to be honest with herself.

ALMOST had she missed what was said as she was so mesmorized by the other girl. And slowly she shook her head, a faint smile gracing her lips. [b "We could always swim? Or go straight for the boardwalk and the food and rides. The call is yours cutie. I was just the one who brought us here."]
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia smiled at the options that was given to her. She thought for a minute and then smiled big. She was going to choose the swimming option, because then Aiden would have to see her in a bikini. Glacia was noticing that she was coming more and more out of her shell. Glacia licked her lips lightly, and then decided she had to go to a store and buy a bathing suit because she didn't exactly plan on just bringing her suit with her whenever she went out.

[b "I vote swimming! but. I have to buy one."] Glacia's eyes kind of scanned the area, and then she found a store. Found a bathing suit, paid for it, and then walked back outside in her bikini. Glacia bit on her lip lightly, as she looked at Aiden with seductive eyes. She smirked, and then she ran off to the water.

At this point, she was hoping that Aiden would chase after her, and would meet her in the water. She dived into the water, and then smiled as she came back up to the surface, and moved her hands through her hair, as the water slowly went down her body, as Glacia's eyes met Aiden's.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Truly, the brunette had thrown swimming in the mix of options because it was what she most wanted to do. She wanted to be able to see the other without her clothes and in a swimsuit and she just wanted a reason to get wet. It was a warm day as it was and a swim seemed like it would be perfect for the time being. Besides, the boardwalk would be open easily until ten and they had ALL day to go up there for the food, rides, and if Glacia liked shopping. None of that was voiced as she got a smile from the other girl and she had picked swimming. [b "Then swimming it is. And I can't wait to see what you'll choose."] Came soft and almost purred words. Aiden herself had no intent on buying a suit. She was simply choosing her lacy black bra and panties. It saved the hassle and as far as she could tell they were about the same thing anyway.

When the other came from the store in her swimsuit, it all but took her breath away. She was drop dead gorgeous and looked better than Aiden had even imagined. What was even better was that minxy little smirk and those seductive eyes. Yes, Glacia was coming out of her shell nicely and she wanted to see more of this side of the girl.

For a moment, Aiden did stand still and watch the other as she ran off towards the water and dove in. She then unfroze and stripped from her leather jacket, black tube top and skinny jeans and boots, forgetting them on the sand as she ran after the other girl only being in her bra and panties. A smile was on her lips as she was soon inches away from the other, watching the water slowly run down her body, dark eyes meeting those beautiful bright eyes. [b "God you are beautiful."] Came soft words.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia gulped lightly as she watched her strip. Glacia was looking around, and was happy to realize that no one was paying attention to them. It was the complete opposite of school. Where no one would stare at them. Glacia enjoyed this feeling too much. Probably more than she should.

Glacia couldn't help but look her up and down. Especially since she was just in bra and panties. Glacia licked lips lightly. As she probably knew that Aiden would catch her doing that. At this point she didn't even care. This was a side that Glacia has never seen before. She kind of enjoyed it though.

Glacia watched as she got close to her, and was staring into her eyes. That made Glacia blush very red. Glacia breathed a little heavy as they were inches apart. Glacia bit on her lip lightly as she realized that was she was completely speechless. The only thing Glacia knew is that she grabbed the other and pulled her close where there chest were literally touching one another.
MourningGloryFree   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Oh, Aiden had known that the beach would be a perfect spot to get away. Here, no one gave a damn what anyone else did. It was the complete opposite of their school. People actually had lives and only cared about being in their own little bubbles and worlds. Maybe that was why she had asked Glacia out like she did. Had even said that the beach and boardwalk seemed like a good idea. Or she had seen something she wanted and made the move to get it. Not that it REALLY matted. All she knew was she had no regrets and was going to enjoy the day like it was the only one that they had.

She was realising that there was so much more to the other girl. She seemed flirty and more confident. Free. This was not the her that was seen in the hellhole that the called a school. And honestly she loved it. She even thought it was sexy as hell. The only question in her mind was if after getting this taste of freedom was Glacia going to own it? Or was she going to let the world she knew creep back in and "tame" her all over again?

Finding herself all but dragged against the other girl to where they were chest to chest, Aiden smirked lightly as her eyes locked with the others. [b "Well this is a nice way to be. Mind if we stay like this a while?"] She asked, an arm snaking about the other girl's waist and keeping her close to her. God did she want to kiss her. But she was waiting for a move once more to be made by the other girl. She did NOT want to push her too far and too far.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] Glacia smiled as she felt the other girls hand wrapping around her waist. Making their bodies just that much closer. Glacia was enjoying this much. She never imagined herself enjoying this as much as she was right now. It made her think about a lot. All the female knew is that she never wanted this day to end.

Glacia licked her lips lightly once more, as she realized that she was locking her eyes with Aiden. [b "I wouldn't want it any other way."] Glacia looked around, and saw that still no one was paying attention. Glacia wanted to continue to stay like this. She didn't want to go back to the way she was before.

Glacia was going to make a move here, and she didn't know how well it was going to end. Glacia wrapped her arms around the other's neck and uses one hand to entangle her fingers into her hair and then she leans forward and kisses her. Glacia felt her cheeks starting to get really hot because she has never kissed a girl before. But she knew that this felt right. And she didn't want to stop.
MourningGloryFree   279d ago
Lady of the Night

Oh she could have left them the way they had been before, but she HAD to make sure they were nice and close. And that had been why her arm had snaked around Glacia in the first place. In her opinion, the closer they were, the better. Aiden had been enjoying their interactions since they began and this had just made things all the better.

[b "Are you sure about that, cutie?"] Came soft words that were slightly husky. Hey, the girl was beautiful and being so close could do things to a girl. God she hoped the other girl would stay like this. Aiden found it hot as hell and well it showed her that there was more. And she liked people who had a "fire" in them.

The surprise to her when those soft pink lips had found hers and the fingers had become entangled in her hair. And she could not help a soft sound from slipping from her as she kissed her back. Oh, she had kissed many girls before, but none had lit a fire in her the way Glacia had. Clichè as hell, but it was the truth.

A few seconds later, the brunette withdrew from their kiss but stayed close and rested her forehead against the other girl's. [b "Full of surprises, aren't you Cutie?"] She asked with a soft and content sigh.

This time she wasn't using the name "Cutie" to tease the other girl. Well hell, she had not been using it as a tease to begin with. There were other names she was sure she wanted to use for her. But in them just meeting (officially) even she knew some form of boundaries. A tease and a flirt she could DEFINITELY be, but something about this girl made her want to behave just a little bit better. Not that she would admit that. Or maybe she should? Was that too much and was it too soon?

[b "What other things do you have up those sleeves of yours?"] A stupid question, but she was curious. But more than curious, Aiden found herself intrigued and REALLY wanting to know.
BeautyFromPain-glacιa   219d ago

Glacia loved the interaction between them. She could tell that Aiden liked what was happening. But Glacia couldn't lie either. She loved it a lot. She didn't understand everything that was happening. She didn't understand the feelings either, but she loved the fire she had in her personality. 

There was something about Aiden that made Glacia want to continue to be like this. Glacia felt like she had been hiding this entire time. From her family, from her friends, from everyone. Glacia didn't even know that she was going to kiss her either. But part of her didn't want to stop. But then again, that was her emotions speaking. But still something about Aiden that lit a fire in her soul. 

[b "I'll guess you will just have to wait and see, huh?"] Glacia giggled slightly, and continue to swim in the water. The water felt so great against her skin. She felt like she could just relax. She went under water and then came back up as the water was dripping from her thin body, as she looked at Aiden, wondering what she was going to do next.
MourningGloryFree   218d ago
Lady of the Night

The bad girl had been with many a girl before Glacia but none had ever brought her to life in such a way. They had always been way too much(and not in a good way) for her to handle. What Aiden needed was a girl who was gorgeous but also had a head on her shoulders. A girl who could keep her on her toes and keep her feeling alive when there were times she felt nothing but dead on the inside.

Good God had she wanted to keep that kiss. Would she have loved to do more. Show the other girl that there was SO much more that could be felt. But she knew that they were both holding back. The other because from what she was seeing because she was not out yet. And Aiden was because she didn't want to pressure the other or push her too far too fast.

So when the other girl had pulled back from her and began to swim again, Aiden just found herself wstching. She was more than captivated by Glacia and the way she and the water became one. If she didn't know any better, the brunette would have called the other a mermaid or goddess of the sea. She wasn't sure which, but damn she was a sight to behold when she came back up and had the droplets of water sliding down her thin body

Without thinking, Aiden went to her again as if drawn by the call of siren and had drawn her close. Her body was pressed to the other girl's and again she kissed her, nipping her bottom lip gently. [b "Oh the things watching you can do to a girl."] She purred softly before she let Glacia's lip go, dark eyes becoming locked with bright blue. She was now waiting to see what the other girl would do.
MoonlightBeauty_нιdιng   88d ago

Glacia couldn't seem to control her feelings around Aiden. She knew exactly why. But she wasn't out to other people that she was gay. She had a huge family and the only person that really knew was her sister, Amber. And of course, Amber was like her best friend. She was the one that was the most supportive of whatever she did. Even if it wasn't good choices. Her sister told her that as long as Glacia is happy she would be happy. And that feeling, that bond that she had with her sister was amazing. 

Glacia was just swimming and was just loving the way the water hit her body. She loved the cool water, because it was already too warm for her outside.  

Glacia was taken by surprise when she could feel the other's body against hers. And instantly, Glacia cheeks flushed with red. Glacia had no idea where this was going to go. But she loved the feeling that this was bringing. She could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. Then instantly she felt the other lips against hers. It was like she was hungry for Aiden. And the more kissing they did, they more she couldn't resist her urges. 

She didn't even need to think about kissing her back, because Glacia found her lips forming with the other females. It was perfect. All of this feeling was perfect. At this moment, she didn't have a care in the world. She then felt her pull away and Glacia found herself whimpering lightly for Aiden breaking the kiss. But then at the same time, she thought it might be a good idea. Then once more, she found herself staring deep into dark eyes while the other stared into Glacia's bright blue eyes. She didn't know what all she was doing, because she was all so new at this. But Glacia was sure about one thing. This could definitely go a lot farther.
MourningGloryFree   46d ago
Lady of the Night

None of this was new to Aiden. She was what some would call a "bad girl". Most assumed she was a plager too. The truth...most was an act. IF she cared about a girl and was with her, the young woman dropped any others. Her focus would only be on the woman she was with. She was out and not afraid to admit it. To her, life was too short. Live it for the day because tomorrow was never promised.

Hands still rested upon the hips of Glacia as the blonde now stared back into her dark eyes. God she would have given anything to know what the other was thinking in those moments. Because she could see the storm behind the blue eyes and it all but allured her. Drew her in more than any before had been able to. That alone both thrilled and terrified the young woman.

[b "You know doll, not a mind reader. If you want more, you're going to have to tell me. I know you know my rep just like the whole damn school and town do. But let me let you in on a little secret. That's what I want people to see and to think. I need someone who will say fuck it and try to get to know the real me."] The words were soft as she continued to stare into the eyes of the enchantress before her. Aiden had NEVER in her life admitted that to anyone before. So for her to have done so to Glacia, that meant that she thought the young woman who she had gotten to ditch with her was pretty damn special.

[b "So darlin'. Tell me what it's going to be...I am literally in the palm of your hand."] Again soft words were spoken as she wanted the other to tell her just what she was wanting from all of this.


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