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MourningGloryBeast   304d ago
Lady of the Night

School, how the man hated the place. Not just any school, but college. He was a gang leader, not a brainy type and yet somehow his ass landed here. Hands shoved into black jeans as dark eyes were still on the building. Adam had been here only a couple of times, but now he had to come or he would be kicked out. Not that he cared, but daddy and mommy threatened he would lost his inheritance if he did get kicked out.

[b "Well, lets get this shit over with. The sooner I do, the sooner I'm free."] He muttered as he walked up the stairs leading into the building and down a hall where a door was standing open and a man with square-rimmed glasses was at the front, bright blue eyes on him as he walked in. "Nice of you to join us, Adam. Since almost all seats are filled, take the seat by Belle." The professor said as he pointed out a young woman about his age. A beautiful girl at that.

[b "Yeah, whatever."] Came the quiet retort as he turned and made his way to the last open seat. [b "Guess we're gonna be 'neighbours.'] He said as he took the seat beside the young woman, letting his eyes move to her. [b "I'm Adam."] Came soft words as they were all he could really think to say.

Usually he was better in finding words. Or he thought that he was. But something about this girl made him want to keep quiet for a few minutes so he could "study her".
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

School was the female's best friend. She absolutely loved school. She didn't know if it was because she was such a book worm that she enjoyed school. At this point she wasn't too sure of anything. She hasn't really done much with herself because she is always doing schoolwork. But to her, that was okay. Belle smiled when her alarm went off. It was time to get ready for school. Once she was ready, she was out the door.

Belle made her way into the school where she was greeted by other people. She smiled big at them and then made herself to class. She sat down in her chair. Of course, she was the first one to be in class. "Good morning, Belle!" Belle smiled big at the professor and then just waited for class to start.

Belle then was startled when the professor was speaking to someone. She turned around and looked. She didn't even know who that was. She just knew that there was a person that never came to class. Belle turned back around and then her heart skipped a beat when the professor told him to sit next to her.

Belle gulped when he started to talk to her. [b "Guess so, names Belle."] She was very short and sweet with her reply.
MourningGloryBeast   304d ago
Lady of the Night

For a second he let his eyes roam over the girl a second or third time., Or rather he let his eyes roam over what he could see above the desk. Nice, very nice. Did the professor REALLY think that making him sit with her would be punishment? Funny if that was the case. Though thinking about, Adam believed that it was. Oh well, he would just make the joke on the professor.

Slowly he shook his head and looked down to the desk to try and make it look like he had not been staring at the lovely girl beside him, though he was almost sure that he had been caught. [b "Belle..that's a very nice name. Means beauty doesn't it?"] He asked and was brushing his hand over the desk. Already he was bored as hell and just wanted to get out of the class. He wanted out of the damn school.

[b "Tell me something. Is the Prof. always so dry and boring?"] Adam asked as the older man was turned to the board and beginning to go over something. Probably a history lesson given by the timeline drawn across the board. But he couldn't be sure, not really because he was already tuning out the words being spoken.

Adam HATED history with a passion. And since he was becoming more and more sure that was what was being gone over, he was tuning more and more out. Everything around him was becoming a dull hum and he felt more like he was listening to bees buzzing than anything else. And with that thought, the male had to bite down on his bottom lip to keep ANY of the comments he wanted to say from slipping past pale pink lips.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle was still hoping that he would stop talking to her. She didn't really associate with anyone like his kind. Belle eyes stayed glued on the professor, but she couldn't concentrate because he wouldn't shut up. Belle sighed deeply, and then looked over at him. [b "Do you mind? I'm trying to learn something."] She blinked and then realized what she just said. She gulped and then looked away. [b "Sorry,"] she quickly mumbled.

Belle bit on her lip when he started to talk about her name. Unfortunately, he was right. It did mean beauty. But did she honestly want to admit to that. She took in a deep breath, and then sighed lightly. She looked back over at him, and then looked away once more.

[b "Yes, it does mean beauty."] Belle loved her name so much. She didn't know why she liked it so much but she did! Belle sighed slightly, as the class was over. And was she glad for that. She grabbed her things, looked at Adam and then smiled at him. [b "You have a good day, Adam. See you around!"]

Belle was always told to be nice to others. So she wanted to end their little interaction on good terms and not bad terms.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

It amused the man to have such a pretty little thing snap off at him the way that she had. If it had been anyone else, Adam probably would have made sure there was hell to pay. But there was just something about the little brunette that enchanted him. Or was it allured him? Honestly he wasn't sure how the right way to put it was. All he knew was that most would not have dared to even speak to him in such a way. So it showed behind that pretty little angel's face there was some fire and he liked to play with fire.

[b "Not sure the peof can teach."] Adam retorted quietly as he tapped his fingers on the desk softly, counting each tap he gave. He had almost forgotten that he had commented on her name meaning beauty. Or he had until she spoke up and answered the question he had posed. [b "Nice..very nice.."] Came muttered words as he took in the answer. [b "Fitting too."] Again, his words seemed almost absently spoken as his fingertips continued with their soft tapping.

By the time class was over, Adam was sure he was much more bored than he had been at the start of the class. The only thing he seemed able to pay attention to was Belle. [b "Guess see you around, Beauty."] The young man said with a smirk as he stood and tipped an invisible hat to her. He had "fish to fry" and couldn't be bothered to waist more time in the school. But then he froze as he had moved oast the young woman, eyes going back to her.

[b "Probably going to be hell on both of us for different reasons.. But can I get your number? Maybe have you true and tutor me some? I mean I won't learn shit from the prof."] The words were quiet and almost embarrassed as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle was very eager to get out of there. She didn't know this guy very well and then the most unbelievable thing happened. She was listening to Adam's proposal. She gulped lightly. How did she he know that she was a tutor? She bit on her lip lightly, and then stood there for a second, realizing that she still hasn't answered his question. Her motto was to always help someone that was in dire need. Since he has missed class before, he was in dire need. She cursed at herself mentally.

[b "Tutoring eh? If you're never here, how did you know I did tutoring?"] Her gaze was looked up his. The way he would look at her was really weird. It's like how you would like at a significant other. Belle knew she had no time for something like that. She sighed once more. She wanted to get out of here. But at the same time.. she didn't.

She grabbed his hand, and wrote her number on his hand. [b "I hope you actually need tutoring. We can start today, if you'd like. If not, here's my number and text me when is a good time for you to start."] She scribbled her number down and then let his hand go. The thoughts she had going through her head just from touching his hand. Those thoughts needed to go away now. Adam wasn't even her type!
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

He had not meant for it to happen but the faintest of chuckles slipped from him as she asked how he knew that she was a tutor if he was never at school. A shrug was given as he looked to one of the empty seats before looking back at Belle. [b "Know people. And was told about it. You seem surprised though."] His words were quiet as he spoke them.

Maybe he shouldn't tease her the way that he was, but the truth was there was just something about her. She wasn't like others who feared him. And he was more than curious and allured by her. So he couldn't help the light teasing to see just how she reacted. It was in his way to tell her that he at least liked her a little bit. Or she was someone he could stand.

The grabbing of his hand and having her number written on it had taken the young man by surprise. At least for a moment it had until she explained it to him. Dark gaze went to his hand and then back to Belle. [b "Do I look like the kind of guy who would do this if I didn't? But yeah...sounds good Beauty. When today?"] Adam knew she said he could text her but he was trying to keep her a little longer.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle looked at him, and as she was about to walk off, he was still talking. She knew better than to walk off while someone was talking. She didn't understand this guy at all. Belle sighed lightly and then looked at him. [b "Uhm. Yeah, kind of surprised."] Who wouldn't be?

Belle pursed her lips lightly as she brought her bag up to her shoulders. He was looking to start today. Belle kind of tilt her head at him and then nodded. [b "Of course, we can go now. I know a place we can go, and I can help you with what you need help with."]

Belle smiled at him, but then she found herself blushing when he called beauty. Was this guy flirting with her? She had no time for this whatsoever. Belle looked around as people were staring. They had frightened looks on their face. Like she should be scared of this guy or something. But she really wasn't. And she wasn't sure why.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Technically yes he was flirting with the girl, but at the same time he wasn't. Her name did mean Beauty and he did think she was beautiful so he was killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Not that he would say that at the moment. Right now, Adam was more focused on getting her to talk to him and to start the tutoring session so that he could spend more time around her. He didn't know what it was, but there was just an air about her that drew him in.

[b "Yeah, guess it would be a shock. But then like I said I know people."] Came his quiet words as he shrugged faintly to let her know that he wasn't bothered by her surprise. And slowly he nodded to her next set of words. [b "Any place you have in mind works. Mean don't even know how this tutor stuff works. So guess I just gotta follow your lead."]

And his dark eyes did go to those who were watching them, an icy look in them as he challenged ANYONE to say something. Most didn't, but one guy did.

"You know he's no good for you and probably just going to get you hurt. You would be better off tutoring someone like me. I would actually pay attention." A dark haired male said as he moved closer to the pair. He too was looking over Belle in ALMOST the same way that Adam did.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle was getting ready to respond to Adam when she heard another voice. And she knew that voice anywhere. Her eyes flickered over and saw the male coming over. Gaston. Belle sighed intently and then she looked back at Adam. [b "This guy will do anything to be with me."] Belle was kind of fed up with it honestly. She knew she didn't need to tutor him because he was very smart and had good grades. Adam actually needed the help.

Belle rolled her eyes. [b "First off, how am I going to get hurt from tutoring?"] Belle wasn't trying to be with anyone. She just wanted to do the world a favor and help people that struggle. [b "Second off, Gaston, you as smart as me. You just want to find an excuse to have alone time with me. And sorry but I have a tutoring session with Adam."]

Belle words were a bit stern and she knew that it would sting Gaston or he wouldn't even care. Belle pursed her lips looking back at Adam. She felt like he was getting angry. Belle could understand why though. But what she didn't realize is that he was getting mad for different reasons. [b "We can go whenever your ready, Adam."]
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The whole time, Adam was watching Gaston and the little exchange that the male had with Belle. He already hated the other for the fact that they were both leaders of rivaling gangs, but this just added to the fire. It was probably the fact that now he had his eyes set on Belle, or just the fact that Gaston didn't know how to take no for an answer. At least that was something he could do even if he was hardheaded.

"You don't know what he's like Belle. He is one of those who will do anything to get what he wants and knows how to do it. And who is to say that I am as smart as you? No one in this class is as smart as you are." Gaston said, keeping his gaze upon Belle. Her stern words sting but made him all the more persistent. For he really was the way he had said Adam was. And he would be damned to let some "beast" have the girl he had his eye on.

The faintest of smirks graced Adam's lips when Belle told Gaston that she was already helping him.[b "I'm ready now if you want, Beauty."] The man said as he gave her a nod. He knew her name was Belle but was calling her what he knew it meant. He was also calling her Beauty now to get under Gaston's skin.

"You're making a mistake Belle!" Gaston all but shouted when the other two walked past him, Adam purposely elbowing him.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle rolled her eyes when she heard him call after her. She just ignored him because there was no reason to feed into what he was saying. Usually how it goes when she tutors anyone. What she didn't understand is that this one was more intense. And she didn't quite understand why.

Belle walked out the school and right down the road. It was a little cafe area. that's what it looked like on the outside, but when you walked in it was a study place for students to study. She smiled as she walked in. This was her favorite place to be at. Belle smiled at others, and then went to her normal spot. It's the spot she was used too.

[b "Okay Adam, what's something we need to work on first?"]
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The man known as "Beast" was more than aware of what Gaston was saying. The two of them had been at war for longer than he could remember and there were no cjanges that would be coming. The other man wanted what Adam had and Adam would be damned to let that happen. The only thing that was new, was tbat fact that Adam seemed to have Belle's attenrion which it appeared Gaston had not been able to gain.

His thoughts were wrapped up in the other man and what all of this could mean. Probably an even bigger fight on his hands. But that didn't bother the man too much as he didn't mind the challenge. In fact, the "Beast" lived for it where Gaston was concerned.

Only vaguely was he aware of the cafè. Those there though seemed to know Belle and know her well. So he assumed that this was her usual place. And when they took their seat, dark gaze fell upon the girl before him as he took in her words.

[b "How about we start whever you think is the best place? I've missed so much won't know where to begin. Plus said we have a test Monday and I don't know shit."] He muttered, turning it all over to Belle. She was the tutor and expert here, not him.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle chewed on the inside of her lip. She knew that there was a lot that he needed to catch up on. But she didn't even know where to begin. There was so much he needed to learn, and in such little time. Belle wasn't sure if she could teach him in such little time.

[b "Well, we can start with the class we were in."] She gathered all the papers, and began to speak about what they all have covered since he hasn't really been in the class much. She knew this was going to be difficult but she had to start somewhere.

There was one thing that bugged her. Why did Gaston and them seem like they had a feud. Belle sat there for a minute and then she looked at Adam. [b "What's with you and Adam?"]
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The class that they had just had was probably the most godawful one that he had somehow got stuck signing up for. But it was also the one that would help him the most too. So it really was a catch-twenty-two in Adam's mind. At least he had a beautiful girl trying to make it make sense to him. She was DEFINITELY NOT hard to look at. In fact, Belle was beautiful and matched her name. The trouble then for him was that he was more distracted by her beauty than he had any desire for learning.

It was her question that snapped him out of his thoughts and had brought him back to reality. She wanted to know what it was about his "relationship" with Gaston and why the two men seemed to hate the other. Was that even a good idea to be telling the young woman?

Silence for a moment or two was held before dark gaze went to the table and his hands. [b "We go way back. Gaston and I just never got along and have it out for the other. Always have and always will."] Not a lie, but he was not telling her the whole truth either.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

It was weird. Belle didn't even want to focus on this schoolwork. Which she didn't quite understand, because she always wanted to work on schoolwork. Not this time though. She wanted to know about this thing between Adam and Gaston. she didn't quite understand. But at this point, she felt like was never going to understand it.

Belle put her pencil down and then had a look on Adam. [b "Is there a reason why?"] The one thing about Belle is she could be super pushy sometimes. She didn't quite understand why, but she just did. Maybe it was her father rubbing off on her. Belle watched him for a moment, wondering if he was even going to tell her.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

This was going to be..interesting to say the very least. How did one just out and say "Hey so you know me and that other guy...yeah the one who called me out in class? Well we're both gang leaders and are trying to take the others turf. And to make things even better it seems we both now have a thing for and want you as our queen".. Yeah, that was a HUGE no in the "Beast's" mind. That was not something you told anyone you just met. Rash and senseless as he was, even Adam knew that much.

So dark gaze once more lifted from the table and met the gaze of the young woman that was locked upon him. [b "Complicated and a way of life. We grew up hating the other and probably gonna die hating the other."] It was the only answer that he could and would be giving her.

Before he could even change topics back to school work, there Gaston was bursting his way through the door and towards them. "Finally caught the two of you!" He exclaimed eyes on them. He had been watching the whole time in truth
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle listened to what he said. Belle still didn't quite understand. How can you go about hating someone? But then again, she needed to realize that not everyone was her. Was down to earth, and didn't really hate anyone. Belle just stared at him for a moment. She wanted to know why. Deep down, she knew there was more. But then she thought she probably she shouldn't push the issue.

She was going to start talking again, and then she heard HIS voice. Belle rolled her eyes, when she saw Gaston come busting through the doors. He was never in here, so he didn't understand why he was in here now. A lot of people were staring at the three. They all knew that Belle had nothing to do with this. She just watched between Adam and Gaston. She sighed, shaking here head.

[b "What do you want, Gaston? You can't take no for an answer?"] Belle was very cold with her question. which usually no one has ever seen. Belle crossed her arms as she relaxed her body against the back of the chair, as her gaze went back and forth between the two.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

With the way she looked at him with that steady gaze, "Beast" felt as if he were under a microscope. It was clear to him that the young woman wasn't grasping the meaning behind his words and wondered how they made sense. If he were an outsider looking in, the male probably would not grasp it either. But the truth of the matter was it was his life. The life he knew and probably would never get out of.

He was waiting for her to push the issue. Waiting for her to try and get him to explain it to her. When that didn't come and she looked as if she were about to start speaking again, Adam let out a breath he didn't even know he had been holding. He was actually looking forward to topics being changed. Or he was until said topic literally came bursting through the door and up to the table.

Adam visibly stiffened and dark gaze went to the other male. Gaston at the moment however had his gaze on Belle. Her tone of voice seemed to have NO affect on him whatsoever.

"You have no idea what he is like. All I am trying to do is protect you Belle. You would be so much better off away from him." Gaston rambled on and on and Adam's hands banged down on the table. [b "Want to rat my ass out. Then better be prepared to have your own ass ratted out too."] He was in no mood for the games. And he ALMOST forgot that Belle was sat right there with them.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle was sitting, rolling her eyes at Gaston. She was getting ready to say something but then she watched Adam get super mad and slam his fists down. Her eyes got wide, and she just watched him. She wasn't scared that he did that. But she really was curious now. Because she could tell that Gaston gets under his skin a lot. Belle was so curious, but at this point, she thought she would let this play out.

She bit on her lip lightly, very concerned by his comment. Her eyes were glued on Adam. She wanted an explanation, and she wanted it now. She was getting a little irritated. She rolled her eyes, and then she put her pencil down and stood up and looked at both of them.

[b "One of you are going to explain what the fuck is going on and your going to explain now!"]

Belle was never the one to cuss or get angry, but she was tired of the secrets and the little games that was happening. Belle glared at Gaston. [b "And you. Me and you will NEVER happen. Stop following me around like the little stupid stalker you are. You follow me everywhere! Can't you take no for an answer? Or do I have to get real angry?"]
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Gaston was shocked to say the least because he had never seen this side to Belle. All he knew was the her that he saw in class. The sweet girl who never cursed and who ALWAYS did her work. But to see this side, it was even more attractive and a smirk came to his lips. "Usually girls want to go out with me. I have never had anyone but you turn me down. Can't say that I will stop because I want you Belle. I want you more than anything I have ever wanted." The man said, trying to be as smooth as he could.

Beast rolled his eyes as he heard the other man. It was pathetic to say the least. And some pretty damn cheesy lines too. He one the other hand liked seeing the fire in the girl and wanted to see more. Maybe he shouldn't be playing with fire, but Adam wasn't always known to play things smart. How he had ended up needing a tutor in the first place as it was.

[b "Lets just say neither of us do explain this to you. What would be your next steps?"] He asked as he finally sat forward, dark gaze only on Belle as he was ignoring that the giant pain in the ass known as Gaston was still right there.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle kind of blinked at Gaston comment. She shook her head and sighed. [b "This is the exact reason why I won't go out with you, Gaston. Your cocky. And you think your better than everyone else."] Belle raised a brow at him. Belle hated people like that. she sighed intently. She didn't even want to deal with this anymore. When she woke up this morning, she didn't think she would be dealing with this much drama.

Belle then looked at Adam, kind of confused on what he asked. Belle wasn't a dark person, nor was she a person that gets angry for easily. She gulped lightly and then sighed lightly. She just kind of stared at him, and then she tilted her head at him.

[b "Well.. Umm.. Walk out of here, probably, because this is too much drama for me."] She shrugged because this was too much. This was a lot to wrap her head around. But she did want to know. But she wasn't going to force anyone to tell her. But she is tired of her wasting her valuable time.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The dark eyes of Gaston were on Belle as she spoke her words. Did they sting the man? No, quite the opposite. He happened to take her words as a challenge and only smirked at the young woman. "You know you saying this only makes me want you more, Belle. And I will have you one day. I ALWAYS get what I want." The man said as he flashed her a smile.

Adam rolled his eyes at Gaston. Quite frankly, the man called "Beast" had his money on Belle. She seemed strong minded and more than capable of keeping out of Gaston's clutches. Though he had to admit that something about the words got under his skin and had his hand clench.

Slowly he shook his head and let out the breath he had been holding. He was an ass and one of the gang leaders in the area. But even he knew that SOMETIMES a temper needed to be reined in. And for a second he was quiet to take in the words that Belle had said to him. [b "How about I make you a deal? Come out with me one time? A date or whatever you want to call it. By the end of the night I will have either show you what I mean... Or have told you."]
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle blinked and then she laughed at Gaston. [b "Is that what you think?"] Belle wasn't the one to ever think about relationships. Because Belle always had her nose in a book, she didn't think anyone would ever be interested in her. It felt like she in some type of competition with Gaston. Belle licked her lips, not realizing what she was about to say. [b "Gaston, I rather be with Adam than you. So that should say something to you."]

It was moments after that she said that is when she heard Adam's offer. Belle pursed her lips for a moment. She most likely would get her explanation. And could it honestly be that bad? Maybe she could get to know him a lot better. And understand why he is the way he is.

Belle eyes locked with Adam's. [b "I'll gladly go on a date with you."] Belle smiled sweetly at him. Belle doesn't even remember the last time she was on a date. Belle looked around when she heard all the gasps from everyone in the little tutor area. At this point, Belle didn't even care. She wanted to see how well this was going to go.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Gaston looked at Belle when she said her words about preferring Adam to him. And that was what got him. "You really think he is so much better than me? You don't know the man he is. At least you know something about me."] The man snapped off. His eyes only darkened when Belle had turned away from him and she seemed to take up Adam's offer. He was going to make the other pay for stealing his woman.

There was a lot that wasn't understood about him. Most never took the chance to try and get to know him. They only knew that he was called "Beast" and that he was a gang leader. His own parents didn't understand him at that either. Which when he thought about it, the life he led was more their fault than anything else. But he never did let himself think about it. Things were the way they were and he had grown used to them.

Dark eyes met dark eyes and a light smile slipped to his lips. He couldn't help that he was actually happy that she would choose him over Gaston and had even agreed to his offer. [b "Then I can meet you back here in an hour. There is just something I have to take care of first."] The man said as he stood. He didn't even pay attention or notice the gasps around them. Again, something he was used to and something he could tune out.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle completely ignored what Gaston had to say and was focusing more on what Adam was saying. She wondered what he had to take care of, but at this point, she didn't care. She had a date to get ready for.

[b "No problem. Meet you back here in an hour."] She gathered everything up, and went home. She started pacing around. she hasn't been on a date in forever. She only agreed because she wanted to know what was going on between him and Gaston. She was praying god that she finds out. Because in reality, she wouldn't be doing this if it was for any other reason. But who knew, maybe it will go better than she thought.

Belle decided to jump in the shower real quick. Once she got out, she put on a nice summer dress. She smiled at herself, and then she decided to curl her hair. She decided not to wear her red hat this time. Then it showed that where her bangs were at. She smiled as her hair fell down her back. She was all ready to go.

Once the hour was up, she headed back to the same spot. She sat down and waited for Adam to come back, hoping to god that Gaston wouldn't show up.
MourningGloryBeast   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Gaston was pissed that he had been ignored. He would not let Belle get away with it and he sure as hell would not let Adam get away with taking what was his. But instead of making more of a scene for the moment, the man stalked out of the cafe. He had his own little business to take care of. Namely getting others who would help him make their date hell.

Adam nodded to Belle slowly as he stood. [b "I'll tell you more later. Stuff included."] He muttered. She had not asked for him to tell her, well not about that, but the look in her eyes had said she wanted to know. "Evil" as people thought him to be, Adam could watch and read people well enough. Both a curse and blessing. Or so he thought.

When he left her, the man went to meet up with the others. He was telling them that there were no "wars" for the night though he did ask that they stay around and watch in case something happened. He also put Luke in charge just to make sure the gang behaved themselves,

As soon as the hour was up, Adam stuffed his hands into his pockets and made his way back to the cafe to meet with Belle. He was just a couple minutes late thanks to his phone being a couple minutes slow. [b "Sorry for making you wait.. And by the way.. you do look beautiful."] He said quietly and held a hand out to her. He had somewhere else he wanted to take her for dinner.
BeautyFromPain-.Belle.   1y ago

Belle was getting ready to leave when she saw him walk in. Belle pursed her lips lightly and then sighed lightly. Today has been crazy. She wouldn't even imagine herself to ever do this. She wouldn't even imagine to go on a date. Belle was always more focused on herself and her studies. But she didn't know. She felt something different, but she knew that she shouldn't read into it.

Belle saw him walk in, and she noticed that she had her eyes glued on him. Belle gulped lightly and then took in a deep breath. She smiled when she saw him. [b "No worries. I'm a pretty patient."] She smiled at him, wondering where they were going to go.
MourningGloryBeast   288d ago
Lady of the Night

The young man knew that he had kept her waiting "a hot minute" but he had seriously hoped she had not left. So to say he was relieved when she was still there when he got there was an understatement. The question now was whether his ass would be able to be coherent and to actually express how sorry he truly was gor making her wait. Well more so than merely saying that he was sorry for making her wait for him.

Dark eyes remained fixed on the young woman before him and he couldn't tear his gaze away. Only the faintest of smirks crossed his lips when he realised that her eyes seemed just as drawn to him. And he had to admit that it pleased him as she had NOT seemed the type to be interested in dates or anything of the sort. Not that he knew that for sure, but that was the air that Miss Belle had given off eaelier that day when they had been in class.

Her words had been what dragged Adam from his wandering thoughts and he gave a slow shake of his head to refocus his attention. [b "Think I should be grateful for that. Most would have said fuck it and left. So again, sorry and thanks."] Came soft words as he held a hand out to her.

[b "The place I am going to take you to is a small family owned Italian restaurant. One of the best in town. But gonna let you be the judge of that. After, the rest of the evening is yours and we do what you want."] He was TRYING to be good. Well mostly good. Adam knew he still owed the girl a damn good explanation for the shit between him and Gaston. But he was trying to put it off as long as he could.

[b "Do you trust me Belle?"] The man asked as he looked towards her. Okay, so that was a damn question for him to be asking her. They had only really JUST met. Or rather had seen the other around from time to time but this was the first day they had ever interacted. Only someone who was an idiot would trust him after the things that had been happening that day. The icing on the cake being the way he and Gaston seemed to hate the other's guts. [b "You don't have to answer that. I JUST realised what a stupid question that really was."] Adam muttered quietly as the silence between them was getting longer and longer.


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