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Love. Lust. & Liars

By She-Wolf

Chiyo had always hated humans and especially vampires. For years she wondered the streets alone. Until one day a kind Witch took her in. The Witch was kind to all. She even owned a pet shop. Selling rare animals and even the occasional spells.

Chiyo was happy she finally had a home. Chiyo help the Witch by cleaning, and help taking care of all the animals. Chiyo was always complimented when someone walked into the store. Her hair was white like snow her eye were an icy blue. One day a strange man came into the store. He confronted the witch about buying Chiyo the witch refused. That anger the man, he left in a fit of rage. Chiyo was happy the witch didn't sell her. Late that night someone broke into the shop. Chiyo did her best to fight them off but unfortunately her attempts were in vain. The man over power her and dragged her off.

Chiyo soon discovered it was the man from before. The man kept her prisoner in his home. He treated her like she was gem. She hated it, that man was a vampire. Vampire normally didn't have much interest in neko but this one did. The man wouldn't let her out if his site. When ever she would try to escape he would catch her, and drag her back. He threaten to bite and drink her blood until she fainted. She knew deep down he could do it. He want to keep clean. After all she was his little gem.
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She-Wolf|Neko|   1y ago

[+Magenta Pm if you are interested!

What I am looking for

Need someone who can play a male vampire. (if you don't want to be a vampire a human or creature is fine too)

Also need someone who can post 1000+ Characters.
She-Wolf|Neko|   1y ago

[center [+Magenta Chiyo Ketsuki has been alone most her life. She lost her parents at young age. She had been wondering the streets alone, for years until one day a kind witch named Artemis took her in. Artemis was kind and loving, she always treated Chiyo well.

Being a witch this day and age wasn't exactly easy. With so many other witches and other supernatural beings. It was hard to make ends meet. Artemis didn't only work as witch she also owner of a pet shop. Artemis was still rather busy finding things and animals for her shop. So Chiyo was in charge of the shop most of the time. Chiyo made sure every animal she sold went to a good home.

Chiyo smiled softly as she watch people come in and out of the store. Today was a rather slow day most people that came either bought food for their animals, or other various items. Some people were just honestly looking. Chiyo smiled softly as she ran her hand through her silvery color hair.

Her icy blue eyes danced around the room. It was then she notice Artemis. She smiled a warmly towards the woman. Her tail even wagged in a happy motion. Chiyo could tell Artemis was deep in thought. [+pink "What is wrong?"] she said softly. Artemis simply smiled and patted Chiyo shoulder, she told her not to worry about. Whenever she said that it did make her worry, at least a little.

The day seemed to drag on, the small bell on the door rang. A tall rather slender figure stepped inside. Chiyo looked towards the figure. Only to be disgusted. It was a male vampire. Chiyo did her best to her to hold in her emotions. She hated vampires, they always tried to dominate over everything.

To vampires Chiyo was weak. She was neko after all to those monster she was toy. Pleasurable yet fragile. Chiyo icy blue eyes watched as the man walked around the store. She then went back to reading a book. Her ears flicker when she noticed the man standing before with a smile one his face. Chiyo did her best to smile. [+pink "can I help you?"] she said drily.

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