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ALO (1x1)((CLOSED))

By Kitiki_Anemara

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  Nuke was always a suicidal girl. One day she couldn't bear it any longer, with her mother in the hospital for so long and no one to care for her she would stay at the hospital. But one day she jumped.
  She thought for sure she would die but when she woke up, she was in one of her favorite MMORPG games, Alphine Online (SAO fans know what I'm talking about) Nuke tried to log out so she could figure out what happened... but the log out button was gone...
  As Nuke looks around at familiar surroundings, she sees museB, who's character seems about her age. MuseB saw Nuke looking over at them. Nuke, being one of the top ALO players, was well known, so when MuseB saw Nuke's blade that could only be crafted by hardcore players, MuseB instantly froze in shock. Nuke hadn't been on for months, this was a once in a lifetime experience!
  MuseB requested a battle and she accepted...

  MuseB lost but Nuke asked if they wanted to make a party together saying that MuseB is pretty strong. MuseB accepts and they start to grow to be good friends and soon... maybe even more than friends.
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Kitiki_AnemaraOri   1y ago

((Still trying to figure out how to get pictures here from on a phone >.<))

She couldnt take it anymore. Seeing her mother constantly on the brink of death with every trip to the hospital was overwhelming. Shed be released only to show uo again the next day. Ori was tired of it. She stood fully clothed and looking into the pool of her mothers back yard. After having dragged out multiple extention xords and outlets and connecting toasters, mini ovens, microwaves, and anything else she could find. She managed to successfully electrify the pool. [I 'Soon there will be no pain...'] was her last thought before jumping in.

[Center --------------<><><><>-----------------]

How long has it been? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Her head was pounding as she opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by a city of elven-looking people. [I Arent i supposed to be dead?] she wondered but before she asked where she was, she saw the all-too-familiar signs and realized she was in a digital world only accessed by people who had the nerve gear- Alphine Online.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She decided to open her menu to see what was going on only to find that the logout button wasnt there. She started getting frustrated and ended up sighing then looked through her things. [I 'been a while huh'] she thought, finding legendary and ultra rare items along with insanely high stats from back when she'd been a hardcore player. She used to play in championships and was undefeated, the username above her head could be recognized anywhere. Once again, she siged. Closing her menu as someone came up to her, she looked up with her resting bitch face and glared at him. She rarely smiled.

[I [b "do i look new to you?"]] she growled and didnt seem in the mood to spar as she crossed her arms and glared more intently. [I 'i have my own problems to worry about and am really not in the mood to deal with this'] she thought bitterly, awaiting a snide remark or something as she suddenly felt keenly aware of the two one-of-a-kind swords weighing on her back. [I [b "what makes you think you can challenge me and win?"]]
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She kept her eyes narrowed and snarled at his atrempt to tease her for not smiling. She wouldnt dare to pretend that everything was fine. After several long moments she crossed her arms and finally asked. [I [b "Whats in it for you?"]] she would remain skeptical with narrowed eyes and determin how she felt about this challenger based on his answer. So far she was not impressed nor in the mood for a simple dual. If she were to accept his challenge- again determijed by his response- she would have a proposition to make depending on his skills. She knew he couldnt win against her already after having a peak at his stats, but she might change her ways... If he managed to impress and put up a worthy fight.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She was slightly confused by his answer, having expected there to be something more but when there wasnt- her lip twitched as if she were about to smirk. [b [i "alright then"]] she opened her menu and sent the dual request, it appeared in front of him as [+red [b Decline]] or [+Green [b Accept]]. [i [b "We begin whenever you're ready then."]] she shrugged, wanting to get it over with yet also somewhat intrigued. For now it would take her mind off of the fact that she'd killed herself and somehow ended up here with a missing [i logout] button.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

This time she did smirk. [b "Don't hold back"] she taunted, she wouldnt go easy on him and summoned on of her stronger weapons for the dual. Adrenaline slowly made its way through her as she now anticipated the fight and a timer appeared overhead, counting down from ten. [i [b [+magenta "Five minutes on the clock, this is a timed dual so be fast. Be strong."]]] A computerized voice announced as the dual was about to commence. [i [b [+magenta "Five!.... Four!.... Three!...."]]]
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

[B [i [+magenta Two...... One..........]]] there was a pause [i [b [+magenta Begin]]]

Nuke stared at her opponent and allowed him to make the first move. [I [b "thanks. You're gonna need it"]] she smirked in reply, thinking this is going to be entertaining. She may not go all out but she wont hold back either, he seemed like the first worthy opponent she'd have since fighting what they could call their Kirito if SAO were real. But some would argue thats what she'd become known as. She didnt mind or care. For now her thoughts would be on reading her opponents moves, learning their fighting style, and in general just reading him like an open book in battle. Because of how easily she did this her people skills werent the best. She watched for his first move.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

An eerie smirk formed on her lips as one of her sapphire blue eyes turned to a lemonaid pink color. in the blink of an eye, she held in one hand a giant sword which many players would barely be able to lift with two. It seemed to glow for a moment as it had absorbed the strength of the first attack and she lifted it over her head and brought it down, extended to her right in a dramatic motion. [i [b "I know you can do better than that"]] She cooed in a tone almost as if she were playing the part of a villain.

((sorry for crap post))
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

((it's a good post xD dont worry about it ^w^))

It was part of a secret skill she couldn't control but it was powerful nonetheless even at a fraction of its power, only one eye had changed and it stayed a lemonaid pink. If her other eye changed and the color deepened to dark red, it meant the end of a player- only in this game of course not their physical body, they could always respawn.

She chuckled and her form seemed fuzzy as the attack hit it and she seemed to disappear only to suddenly appear behind him. [b [i "Peek-a-boo"]] she smirked and roundhouse kicked him- not intending to do much damage so much as knock him back and give him a scare. [b [i "Give it all you got"]] she teased. There was some strength in this kid, she had to admit, but she wouldn't decide anything until she saw him giving his all. At this moment she was really glad she didn't forget how to fight.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

Nuke smirked as she threw her sword and it disappeared into pixels. With the clap of her hands she used a summoning spell and was quickly surrounded by swarms of bees and wasps which took most of the damage as her health bar flickered red for a moment and barely went down eight points, regenerating rather quickly but not instantaneous like it might have had it been a normal attack. Before deciding to attack back there was a loud buzz overhead and a beeping red timer that read zero. The dual ended officially and the crowd that had gathered and watched immediately dispersed.

With a small sigh, she chuckled and despawned the flying creatures she had summoned. Her eye faded to its normal light blue and her smile faded as she thought deeply about something and looked at the boy in front of her. [b [i "hm..."]] She tilted her head slightly and opened her menu to look for something
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

[b "I suppose"] she replied, her lip twitched almost as if she were going to smile again with slight amusement... almost. It wasn't long before she found what she was looking for and sighed, pressing something as a message popped up in front of the boy. [b [i [+maroon Nuke invites you to join their party]]]. [b [i [+red Deny]]] [b [i [+maroon or]]] [b [i [+green Accept]]]. She wasn't entirely sure about partying up with this kid, but she had to admit a full-blown fight against him might prove to be interesting. When she finished, she closed her menu and looked up at him to see what his reaction would be.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She closed her menu and crossed her arms casually then looked at him. [b [i "I must admit a full-out fight with you would've been interesting"]] She stated calmly and thought for a moment, then opened her menu and made a one-sided "trade" and offered giving him a copy of her third most powerful weapon- which was also one of the three most powerful in the game itself which only had three copies in the entire game. A picture of the weapon popped up in front of him

[center [b [+maroon Accept Trade?]]
[b [+green Accept]] - [b [+red Deny]]]
She glanced up at him casually [b "Don't lose it"] she smirked, a part of her actually hoping he'd accept the gift as she thought about something as she kept her menu open. She used one of the game's secret, legendary hidden skills she'd picked up somehow in her time playing the game which allowed her to see the world maps, levels and the defeated and undefeated bosses as well as open quests along with their rewards with no restriction. The only thing that made this more unfair to other players was that even as she viewed this information they couldn't see it- unless she wanted them to.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She chuckled and managed a slight half-smirk [b "just take it and dont complain"] she told him, looking through the map and thinking though it would look as though she were a bit crazy and closely observing the air- so she learned to make it less obvious that she was looking at something and instead kept her menu open and pretended to look for something before closing it finally. [b "Right, well there's a boss on the 12th floor which no one is able to beat which means that from there up to the two-hundreth floor all the bosses are undefeated"] she sighed [b "honestly expected party's of a hundred people to have beaten at least a hundred bosses by now but oh well"] she sighed again and shook her head then looked at Hikaru [b "Care to fight it?"] She said it seriously though the implication of merely them two fighting one of the major bosses would sound absured and stupid not to mention insane.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She smirked at his excitement- it helped take her mind off her predicament. [B "Well if you have no were to log off and go to then of course. We could either go now or stop at on of the restaurants for a quick bite to eat before heading off- or when we come back- either way works for me"] She put her hand on her hip and stood there looking at him, ignoring the small group of people heading towards them until she noticed a diamond shape above their heads which was read. [B "your choice..."] she muttered and sighed, turning to greet the unwelcome guests which approached her.

[B [+red "well if it isnt the one and only Nuke-"]]

She cut them off with a sigh [b "cut the crap TulstinOp, what do you and those killjoy reds want?"]

[B [+red "so impatient arent we?"]] she cooed, crossing her arms [b [+red "youve ghosted- have you forgotten what you owe me?"]]

[B "that debt was payed when I saved your ass in SAO- or did you suddenly forget the two years half the world got trapped in the game and you only served to murder [i hundreds] of people.. Because I remember it clearly-"] she was cut off my the tip of a sword being held to her throat. After several moments of silence she broke out laughing some as TulstinOp sneered and screamed sharply [b [+red ShUT UP"]] Nuke only chuckled and before one could blink- she was suddenly behing her, holding a demon blade to the womans throat. [B "You forget your place- Im not afraid to go red for a while because of some nerve gear malfunctions- you never know if you might actually die"] something in Nukes eyes showed she wasnt joking as she pushed her away- causing Tulstin to stumble a few steps before tge group of red players went off.

Now irritated and making no comment on the events that just occured within what was under a minute- She was irritated and sighed then looked over at Hikaru [b "you chosen yet?"] she asked in the slightly irritated tone unintentionally
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She was certain she may have to explain later but for now she merely sighed as a sudden thought infiltrated her mind. [I If she were to die in here would she respawn or would she finally die as she assume she has in the real world?] She shook it off and glanced away from Hikaru. [B "We can eat after I suppose."] she replied and looked toward a large warp pad in the center of the towb they were in. [B "You ready to go to the frozen city on level twelve? The dungeon that leads to the boss wont be too far off though I suggest caution as without the proper equipment your HP will start going down in the extreme cold- even more so with the bosses mele and elemental attacks-"] she paused and sighed at herself then looked back at him. [B "Though... I expect you already know all that,right?"] She managed to calm her tone as she talked and her expression had gone neutral.
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

She had been through nearly every level at least once to explore and work towards getting better supplies. At some point she had looked forward to beating the game until her mother had fallen ill and her father changed to a point that she gave up the game entirely while her will to live evaporated. Shaking her head a bit and forcing her mind away from those thoughts, she nodded and looked at him. [b "Well then what're we waiting for?"] She smirked for a moment then stepped onto the warp pad.

[center - - - - -]

Once they warped there, their HP bars immediately turned a light blue and the Mana/magic bars turned red- the colors inverted. [b "hm.."] Nuke glanced around at the oddly vacant town square and stepped off the warp pad. [b "The town's been invaded- guess we've shown up in the middle of a raid meaning the warp is useless now- it wont let anyone escape"] She explained as low growls filled the area coming from the shadows
Kitiki_AnemaraNuke   1y ago

[b "That is just a hypothetical reason of course since raids are most common."] She added in a mumble, summoning a rather common weapon though it was a rare golden bow which used magical arrows or only certain special arrows which are difficult for most archers to find. [b "There are many things in the game codes that could happen"] She looked around [b "many things surround certain times of year coherant with holidays and such in the real world-"] she quickly pulled up a calander and frowned as it glowed softly in front of them. [b "Raids don't usually happen around this time... nor would the alien invasions that happen once a year as a special bonus event for players to gain extra loot-."] Her brow creesed as she thought deeply, closing her menu as she caught movement between the buildings from the corner of her eye.

As she didn't turn her head and kept a sidelong glance in that direction, she mumbled. [b "Mauraders... during this time of year hm?... Makes sense if all bosses attack, mana, and HP are all increased to 3-times the normal for 3 days only..."] She sighed and switched the bow and arrows to weild a simple golden, double-edged sword. [b "They're just here to cheat, steal, and kill people.. and destroy the village afterwards."] she sighed. [b "lets just get this over with-"]

As she said that final statement, she spun around swiftly and put the head of one of the players clean off as they'd just attempted to use their craft to steal rare loot from Hikaru. [b "Don't let your guard down- they've likely set themselves to respawn at warps or within this same map. We have to loot and kill the leader of the charge to end it unfortunately... or kill and loot- either way they'll respawn with less than they had."] She finished and sighed before disappearing into shadow, shortly followed by screams of surprise and shock then of anger and death as she cut through mauraders swiftly.


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