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Blood Magic | Sy & Ara

By Ravenity

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A fan-fiction of Sy & Ara. They attend a school to practice and control their magic.

Sy a Slytherin and Ara a Hufflepuff.
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RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

The level of begging, chores, and hard work she put into getting her mother to allow her to attend the school was a hefty amount. It took one bad magical accident to get her mother to admit defeat. Her curiosity could not be filled by only in-home lessons, and they were strictly specific teaching too, for the fear that she’d turn into what her father side were.

Ara did her best when attending to not show her heritage by covering up the symbol that was marked on her face with makeup and using magic to make her hair a pale blonde to be less recognizable. She’d use her mothers last name, anything to distance herself from her own family bloodline. Her mother despised them, and Ara could remember the few reasons why.

The first year was intimidating, but she was happy with the friends she made. She made sure she kept her distance from anyone in Slytherin when she could. Warned by her own mother and, others. She studied hard, even turning down time to hang out to just spend learning. Sometimes, she would catch sight of a guy from Slytherin, she heard his name was ‘Sylus’. There were a lot…of bad rumours about him. She’d purposely leave if he were around, being affected by past experiences too. But my – was he attractive and cool. Near the end of the first year, she lost control from an unfortunate incident. Rumours had that the person at the other side was still in deep slumber. It left her with fewer friends. She almost didn’t return for the second year.

The first day of the second year was starting soon. It was cloudy, and the sky was rumbling. When she arrived, she was given a message to meet with a professor in the Slytherin dorms…somewhere? It made her stomach twist, but disobeying wasn’t in her. She went there with a backpack, in partial uniform, wearing her favorite high waist skirt and gold accessories.

She took a deep breath and walked inside. There were chatter in the common room. Ara hoped she could sneak past them and try to search for his office but fat chance that was happening.

“Hey, what is a Hufflepuff doing here?” One called out.
Ara would fall into a smile, [b “I’m here to see someone.” ] Ara said politely and was going to keep walking when, someone decided to make her backpack levitate.
[b “Can you please bring it down?” ] Ara asked.
Someone mocked her and then said “Go fetch.”
Ara tried to grab it, and obviously she couldn’t, they kept messing around with her. It was upsetting her. They were laughing, few telling her to go back. Someone even try to make her skirt lift and she’d blush and hold that down.
“Don’t be shy.” One chuckled.
Ara shot a look.
“Oh look she’s mad now! What are you going to do about it? Hug it out?” He chuckled. Ara took out her wand and chanted a spell to make him fall asleep. She realized only a second later that she really shouldn’t have done that when it was five against one. Her bag was flung hard against the other side of the room. She grabbed it quickly to be shoved down, and her stuff being taken.
[b “If you don’t give it back I’m going to tell the professor.” ] Ara warned him.
“Ooo, so scary. Leave, you shouldn’t have come here.” He said “Or how would you like being turned into my pet bird for the day?”
Ara knew that threat had to be empty, it wasn’t that easy or maybe…he could. [b “I-I just need my stuff and to talk to someone.” ] Ara said. She saw Sylus coming in and got worried if he’d pay attention and cause more trouble for her.
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

All of the work he had to do at his uncle's house was ruthless. It was hard enough not having any parents, but to be left with an uncle that had two sons and a home right in the center of the city, it just wasn't fun. He was treated as a slave, only to do things they wanted, to buy their meals, and to be bullied by them at home. He was always teased, shoved in the closet, and even got his things stolen and taken away. It wasn't fair.

Still, there were times where he'd get so angry that he'd end up just disappearing from one room to the next. It would scare his older cousin because they've never seen magic like that before. He was called a monster, but one day he received a letter from the magic academy and he was quickly sent off.

He attended the school and was taught how to use his powers correctly through his first year. He wasn't a monster, he just had a special talent the rest of his family weren't aware of. Occasionally when he used magic, he noticed a symbol on his wrist appear. He wasn't sure what it was, so he would research it at the library after hours. Sylus was used to being on his own, so he kept to himself mostly, but the more he found out about his bloodline, the more things made sense like his power and capabilities. He'd go to the dungeons at night and practice his magic sometimes. He wanted to be able to control them and use them well. HE even discovered some new power he had.

His first year was filled with making a few friends and at the same time, building up a reputation that wasn't admirable. He would sneak off, train, even cause trouble when he didn't need to. He would make a secret hideout and work with making potions and other concoctions and test them out on other students. There was one time, he created a poisonous gas and released it in the classroom. He then would shapeshift into a frog and hop out of there before anyone saw, but he had been caught a few times for missing in action.

Other times he'd disappear into the shadows and go into the nearby forest, finding creatures, which he would sometimes battle to keep his strength up, discovering more power that he had. He was suspected once for animal cruelty, but it was mostly because he wanted to gather some material to make a stronger want.

Still, on campus, he wasn't someone to be dealt with. Being in Slytherin meant he was around others that were just as mischievous and powerful as he was. They had a click and stuck to one another. When he was staying in the dorms, he was often admired for his magic battles in class. He was able to fend himself off pretty well and was even good at shooting out spells. Most of the girls in his dorm were all over him. He was a lone wolf that was powerful and smart. They liked being around him. He was sometimes even treated as a player because he was seen with so many girls. If they ever came onto him, he'd happily give them what they wanted, but he didn't have a girlfriend.

Time flew by quickly though and now he was a third year. He walked the halls as a well known Slytherin, usually with girls following him at his side. He would make his way back to the dorms after class and one girl would wrap her arm around his. "Let's relax and play some games? Class is over" she'd smile and the other girls beside him would giggle. Some of the other Slytherin guys came along since Sylus had them around. They'd all relax in the common room, playing a movie and games.

Sylus was reading a book about some dark magic when he heard one of them call out a younger student. His eyes went to see who it was. Sylus had seen her before. She was a second year.....and in one of his classes, but he couldn't remember which. Why was she here?

The other guys were messing with her backpack, tossing it away and then even trying to peek up her skirt. He'd put his book down, hearing the girls giggle "She's a cute one. Bet she's here to try and win Sylus over" one girl said.

When one of the guys was put to sleep, Sylus took out his wand and got her bag back as he handed it to her. His amber eyes and black hair were his notable traits that people new him by. He was in jeans and a black shirt under a short sleeved jacket. [b "Here you go"] he glanced back at the guys [b "Don't bother the hufflepuff. Who you trying to talk to"] he'd ask, leaning in a bit as he looked into her blue eyes. He'd take notice of her blonde hair. [b "I'll take you to them"] he offered and would run his fingers through his hair, glancing back.

"Why would you show her around. She's probably just here to make trouble"

"Let her figure it out herself"

[b "Shut it. If she has business, why not help out. We can't all be snakes"] he spoke, leading Ara to the professor's room when she said who she needed to see.
Ravenity     1y ago

RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara felt the anxiety brew in the pit of her stomach when she saw Sylus coming in. She didn’t believe it could get any worse until now. Getting in trouble for not showing up seemed a lot less worrying now. She could see had friends with him, one girl particularly close. She’d quickly look away, and debated on leaving, using magic could result into worser things. She saw her backpack floating again, and was surprised when it was brought back to her. She held onto it tightly. She looked back at Sylus, feeling glad he gave it back to her but wondered if this was also another trick.

[b “Thank you.” ] She whispered. He got closer, and she’d hesitantly told him the professor’s name. Sylus was very…attractive and intimidating. She was surprised he even offered to take her. Maybe the rumors were stretched. [b “Would you?” ] She felt like someone else would bug her while she tried to figure out where to go here anyway.

Ara felt so offended when talked about her as if she’d cause trouble, [b “I’m not. I don’t cause trouble.” ] She refuted. Sylus spoke clear, and confident and it felt good that he was helping her out. She was still weary of him, but as they were walking, he wasn’t doing anything suspicious.

She’d smile, [b “Thank you for helping me out. I’m Ara, I’m a second year.” ] She introduced. She remembered him in the class, she figured he didn’t really pay attention. He always looked so down. [b “I’ll make sure to return the favour. Can you wait for me?” ] She imagined it would be a lot easier to leave and be unbothered if Sylus escorted her. She imagined if she made friends with him, she’d get a lot less bothered period and maybe he’d be looking a lot more happier in class.

She’d knock on the door and got the okay to go in. They’d talk, she was surprised it was about her bloodline, her father’s side, how they were looking for her. They were friends. She said she wanted to still keep it hidden, because she knew how chaotic they were – well most. When she stepped out, she’d hope to talk to him more. It took a lot of guts but she’d ask him, [b “Do you want to study together? We have a class together. Oh um...” ] Ara paused remember seeing a girl particularly close, [b "If that's okay...with your girlfriend." ]
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

He was getting annoyed with the loud sound that filled the room. He was trying to research a few new things that he wanted to try, but was interrupted by the boys getting this girl's attention. When he saw who it was, he remembered how nice she was in class. Definitely a goody two shoes....and she never really caused anyone issues, at least with what he was aware of.

The guys were throwing her bag around and he would use his wand to bring it back to her. He noticed the guy asleep and he'd wake him up with a spell [b "Nice one. You must be startled with all of us. Come on, I'll help you out"] he leaned into her, seeing her pretty face, her nose and lips so close to his as he heard the girls behind him. One of them just whispering to the other "She's just trying to get your attention Sy. Ignore her"

He led her to the professor's office and would nod his head [b "Sylus. You can call me Sy, thirst year"] he heard her say to return the favor and he'd look her over from head to toe [b "Hmm, okay. Sure"] he'd wait for her to finish and when she came out, he was reading a book against the wall. She mentioned studying [b "Study? Oh that how to control magic? Where are we going to study?"] he asked, taking it as she was going to take him somewhere secluded and repay him. Then he heard girlfriend [b "Huh? I don't have one. Those girls are just my friends"] he told her, walking towards her side.

[b "So where are you doing to take me?"] he let her lead the way and he followed behind her. [i Ara huh] he thought to himself as he leaned in [b "What did you want with the Slytherin professor? It's not really normal for Hufflepuffs to be in the Slytherin dorm?"]
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Startled… She was definitely afraid. She hated that she was thrown into a bad situation because she had to come all the way over here. She wasn’t a fan of this house...always been warned about people here. Sylus leaned into her which made her cheeks warm up. He was still intimidating… She watched the other girl whisper something to him and look at her like she was a nuisance. Why were they all so mean here? It wasn’t like she had done anything without being provoked. Even a harmless sleeping spell was...lighter than what they were doing.

Sylus led her to the office. SHe’d smile back when he introduced him [b “Okay, Sy.” ] She was a little puzzled when he scanned her up and down and then decided to say ‘sure’. Did she have something odd on? That couldn’t be. She felt pretty confident on how she looked. She finished her talk and stepped out, seeing him read a book. Who knew that he’d like to read too. He wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be.

Ara nodded, [b “I know a quiet and mostly secluded spot.” ] Ara said. She asked thinking that was his girlfriend...maybe that’s why she looked annoyed. Her eyes widened to hear that she wasn’t, [b”Oh? You’re so close to them. I guess that’s nice, that your close to your friends.” ] Ara brightly said. She’d lead the way to one of the study halls, there was a spot in the corner that everyone seemed to stay away from because of some rumor of it being haunted.

[b “Doing to….take?” ] Ara looked back at him confused. They arrived at the door. She opened it up and lead him down teh study hall to another door that was great for studying alone or with a small group. She wasn’t sure how to answer his question without telling the truth. [b “Well um…” ] Ara paused trying to think of some lie or or a way to conceal it. Maybe honesty was best. She’d sit down on the chair and set her backpack down. [b “It’s complicated...sort of.” ] If she told, she worried if he’d tell others.

She’d go into her backpack to find the book for the class. [b “ know, you’re actually really nice.” ] Ara said, she’d look at his eyes, finding them pretty. It was making her a bit nervous being around him but, it wasn’t a bad kind of nervous either. She couldn’t look at him directly for too long or she’d blush because he was...attractive. [b “ I’m sorry I believed the rumours about you. I thought...all Slytherins were just mean but you proved me wrong. Next time I see you I’ll give you some desserts - I’m a pretty good baker.” ] Ara mentioned, thinking that would be a great way to repay him.

She’d open the book to the last chapter they had homework for. She did have to wonder if he had an an accident like hers to end up in this class. [b “Did you do the reading already? I’m having a little trouble with the practice part of it. I’m not the best at control, people think I do it intentionally but, it’s really because I’m not great at it. I normally study in a place with less wood in case something goes wrong.” ] Ara admitted, and realized she probably overshared, but she hoped to get a study buddy and it helped that he was nice and attractive.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He didn't really like it when too many people were bullying one person. It reminded him of the time his cousins always picked on him. So when he saw them doing that to Ara, he made sure to pull them back and help her out. He kept his eyes on this new girl, looking her over. She was cute and innocent. He remembered her being a sweet girl, so he thought he'd help.

When he led her to the professor, he figured he was done with her, but she asked to stay. He didn't really want to, but since she offered to study with him and repay him, he didn't want to turn her down. Usually when he turned someone down, he would get reprimanded or punished.

He waited while reading a book on the dark arts and one of the spells he had been practicing since it interested him. But when Ara returned, he would follow her to the secluded spot she mentioned. [b "I mean, I am close. They are in my dorm after all. I've known them since I started here. Are you close to the others in Hufflepuff?"] he asked, heading into the study hall with her. As Sylus looked around, he saw some people looking at them curiously. Was it that odd to see two people from two different houses together?

He waited for her to explain why she needed to be there, but when she said it was complicated, he shrugged [b "You should try me"] he suggested and would see her taking a seat and opening up a book. He'd look at her once more [b "You're going to study?"] he asked, seeing her not meeting his eyes. Why?

He'd lean into her and cup her chin, tilting her to face him [b "What about making it up to me? What are you going to do to me? Something physical?"] he asked, looking a bit confused when she started bringing up rumors. [b "Well a lot of us are pretty rude and mean sometimes. It's not a false rumor"] he admitted, wondering why she was being way too nice.

[b "You can bake? Sure, I'd like to give it a try. But was that what you meant? By repaying me?"] he looked a bit annoyed now. Sylus took a seat and he'd lean on his elbow on the table. [b "Reading? I don't really pay attention in that class. It's not hard"] he shook his head and just felt disappointed as he watched her. [b "I don't know how to control my magic that well, but I can do it. Did you need some help. I'm decent at it I think. But why would you want to be in a place with less wood. Do you use fire as your magic?"] he asked, leaning in looking at her for a second. [b "You know, this wasn't what I was expecting. I can't believe you dragged me out of the dorms for this"] he pouted a bit and would lean out, his hand resting on her shoulder as he let it glide along her back to see what she'd do.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara didn’t depict what book he was reading, just that he was reading and she admired that, that he took the extra time to read. He helped her out which made her believe he was a good person. [b “It’s good that you have many friends… Although…nevermind.” ] She didn’t exactly think they were that nice. [b “I am, I have my own group of friends.” ] Ara said. She still had to repair her reputation quite a bit though.

She noticed curious looks but she figured she’d be curious too…oh wait, what if they thought the wrong thing? No way, this was the first time she’s ever been talking to him. She sat down and declared it as complicated. She was hoping he’d accept that she just didn’t want to tell him. [b “Um….” ] My dad’s side of the family is crazy and if he finds me I won’t be in a good place? Definitely not telling him that. [b “Well…it’s private.” ]

Ara opened her book, and heard his question. She did recall asking him to study. [b “Yes?” ] Ara responded confused, just had trouble looking at him directly for a longer than five seconds. It wasn’t like other attractive boys hadn’t talked to her before but…Sylus had a different look to him that made her feel way more attracted.

She noticed him lean into her, but she didn’t expect him to cup her chin and tilt her face. She prevented herself from blushing for a bout five seconds and then he said something strange. [b “Wait…What?” ] She burned, [b “What do you mean? Do you want a hug?”] Do to him? She tried to process it, and meanwhile continued the conversation about him being nice.
[b “Oh…well, at least you helped me.” ] Ara said. She nodded about baking. [b “Ah hmm. What else would it mean? Trust me, you'll love it. Everyone in hufflepuff loves when I bring baked goods.” ] She said, and noticed him looking annoyed. Did he not want her to bake anything afterall?

She referred to the chapter they were on. She knew she was a year behind but, was it really that easy? Last year…it sure didn’t feel so easy to control herself when she felt threatened. [b “Maybe then you can help me out.” ] Ara said. She nodded about needing help. [b “One of the spells for a class involves a fire bolt but… I tend to make it too big and unpredictable.” ] She explained. Maybe he’d know how to have better control over it.

He was pouting, and she started to wonder what she did wrong. For this? She soon felt Sylus hand resting on her shoulder, and then gliding down her back. What was he doing? It was slowly clicking to her. Oh no… Did he think? Was he expecting more than a hug? Like a kiss?

She’d lean in and kiss his cheek, [b “There, that’s your reward.” ] She smiled brightly to him, [b “And I’ll make you chocolate cake. Can you help me study too? I’ll bake you more stuff.” ] Ara promised, wanting his help. She figured that was enough, she wasn’t going to full on kiss him when she just met him. Maybe he was just a troubled soul with a good heart.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He had his amber eyes glued to a page about making a concoction to revive the dead. It was interesting and he had some of the ingredients. If he was able to gather the rest, maybe he could see if it worked. But he was soon distracted when Ara finished up that meeting. [b "I don't really have that many friends. They kind of just stick around me because I'm....capable?"] was that the term? He looked her over and figured she had a squad of other good magicians that played by the rules. Definitely not his scene.

He'd follow her to the study hall and when she mentioned that the information was private, he'd left it at that. Sylus was so confused when she pulled out the book and started studying. He took a seat, wondering why she dragged him here like this. No girl ever asked him to just sit here and study. Usually they wanted to do something more.

Sylus tilted her face and when he asked, she made it even more awkward. [b "Do I have to spell it out for you?"] he raised his brow and would wonder what was up with this girl. [b "Baked goods? I don't think I've had real baked stuff before. Only what the school makes"] he admitted, wondering if all of the other girls in hufflepuff were like this.

He was so baffled, he just took a seat and would listen to her ask about class. He hadn't been paying too much attention on that class, but he did spent a lot of time trying to control his magic. Sometimes his blood boiled and he would get really upset and angry. During those times he'd rely on those duels or magic competitions to vent, but he hadn't gone through a phase in a while. Sylus took a peek at his wrist, seeing no visible sign of his heritage. He'd let out a deep breath and heard Ara asking for help.

[b "You need help? I thought you were a good student?"] he'd ask, wondering what magic she had. Fire? [b "That sounds cool. Maybe we can test it out and I can see first hand why it's not working. I know for me It doesn't work well if I don't focus or if my mind is elsewhere"] he spoke, thinking about what he could do to get her to pay him back for real.

He'd run his hands down here back, but when she leaned in and gave him a kiss, his eyes widened in shock. He'd look back at her [b "Uhm. Thanks?"] he spoke, scratching the back of his head. Was she teasing him now? Her lips were soft and warm though.

[b "Cake....I've never had chocolate cake. Is it good?"] he wondered, figuring he might as well give it a shot. [b "I'll help you once. Just to see what this chocolate cake stuff is like and if it's worth it"] he narrowed his eyes and looked at her book. [b "I think the homework is about chanting spells and being able to form a solid chant before executing the spell. We're supposed to try it with water. You know the water spell where you shoot waterballs. That's actually a good spell to see if your magic is stable. Maybe read up on it and we can head to the courtyard and try it in action?"]
Ravenity     1y ago

RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara frowned, and whispered [b “Those don’t sound like friends….” ] Maybe she could be a better friend to him. Sylus clearly must have been just misguided. She wanted to help.

He took her by surprise tilting her face. She never had anyone be so upfront or even get in her personal space unless they were looking for trouble. She looked back confused when he asked the question. Spell out what? [b “Ahh well…” ] She wondered if he helped her out to get a favour, but it didn’t look like that back there - she offered to do him a favour herself.

[b “Really? Your family never baked you anything?” ] Ara jaw slightly dropped and then she grinned thinking it was the perfect opportunity to have Sylus like her, [b “My mom is really good at baking, she taught me everything. I’ll bake you something tonight.” ] Ara said. Sylus would definitely like her with the cake she’d bring in.

She couldn’t help but notice him looking disappointed. She wasn’t sure what he expected. Maybe he came here just because she asked nicely? She had trouble saying no when people were kind, maybe that was it. But, she still wanted to spend time with him.

[b “I am a good student. But...sometimes I have a bit of trouble with control, or well recently.” ] Half of time she felt afraid to use magic in case things went wrong. It wasn’t like that before. She grew happy to hear he’d help her out. She’d rather not have many people know she had a problem. What good was a wizard that couldn’t use their own magic often because they were afraid?

Sylus ran his hand down her back. She didn’t know exactly why, but she opted for at least giving him a kiss on the cheek. Why did he look so shocked? Was that not okay? [b “Do you want a hug too?” ] Ara giggled, thinking it was pretty funny.

[b “How can you have never had chocolate cake?” ] Ara asked, and started to believe maybe he had a tough life, [b “It’s really good. Might even be your favorite.” ] Ara said. Once? She grinned when it sounded like he’d give her a chance. She would definitely focus on making an amazing chocolate cake. Why was he narrowing his eyes at her like it was a threat though? [b “It’s worth it. I promise.” ] Ara said brightly.

His suggestion seemed like a good idea. [b “I know that one, we can go practice.” ] Ara said. She really felt good that he was helping her out. Sylus really was a good person. She was going to make sure that she would help him. Ara set her book away and got up to go to the courtyard with him.

She hoped she didn’t embarrass herself. When they went out, she noticed glances on them. She even saw one of her friends, and she looked really concerned. Ara just waved and continued with Sylus to the courtyard. She set her bag down, and would chant the spell and try to focus. She made the water appear, build up but she still felt uneasy so it exploded on her and got her top wet. [b “Damn it.” ] She blushed. She tried it again, and held it for longer but the same reaction happened. It gave her a lot of anxiety. [b “I could...I was better last year. I was really good last year.” ] She mentioned to him, wondering if he’d tease her about it.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He would eye her curiously and he shrugged [b "Why what do you consider as a friend?"] he wondered, figuring that if they hung out they were considered friends already and so many people in Slytherin wanted to hang out with him. He leaned in close and wondered when she was going to make it up to him. IT didn't seem like she was doing anything.

[b "My family? No, they never baked me anything. I don't really spend time with them"] he told her, hearing about her mother being a good cook. [b "Yeah? No one's ever made me a cake before. Okay, I'll give it a try"] he told her, figuring he'd at least get something out of helping her. He was still annoyed that he couldn't get anything else in return. He thought she was really pretty, it would have been nice to get physical.

[b "I sometimes have trouble controlling my magic too. I try to learn and practice to make it easier, but sometimes it's a little too much still"] he could understand that part of it. Especially when his bloodline mark showed. It was definitely hard to control anything, so he kept a keen eye on that. He felt her lips on his cheek and when she asked, he'd roll his eyes a bit. [b "Well yeah? Maybe even some touching here and there. Nothing new"] he saw her giggle and he'd scratch his head again. This girl was definitely odd.

[b "They don't have chocolate cake where I used to live. It's not too odd over there. My favorite? I guess I don't really have a favorite cake"] he admitted, soon making a suggestion to try and help her with her magic. Anything than to be sitting here studying from a book.

They headed outside to the courtyard, Sylus ignored the eyes on him. He didn't really care who he was seen with. He always did his own thing and didn't bother to deal with others. When he saw her take out her wand, he could see the water appear, seeing her build up its size. When it exploded all over her, he chuckled a bit, [b "You got this, just try to relax and stay more focused. Don't get so nervous"] he told her, moving behind her. He'd rest his hands on her shoulders and would point her hand to keep it straight. He asked her to chant the spell again, keeping her form as he also took out his wand to try and mimic her.

He made a water ball and saw her still growing hers. [b "Good, just keep your mind blank, imagine the waterball just getting bigger. Don't think about anything else"] he told her, seeing her not end up splashing it yet.

Sylus' eyes looked over her shirt and noticed she was all wet. He could see her pink lingerie underneath. He chuckled a bit and would use his wand to create a towel. He waited for her to finish before tossing it at her. [b "You should dry off first before we keep continuing. If you're tired, we can call it a day. We get more practice time in class anyway"] he told her, not really judging on how bad she was. When he was using a lot of magic, sometimes it was just plain hard to control at all. Even he'd probably end up making a big waterball and exploding it as well. He's had his fair share of accidents in the dungeon.

[b "Come on, let's go get some of that cake if you're still up for it. I'm kind of hungry"]
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ah, he heard that. [b “Well someone that you share your stories with, help each other out, have fun and celebrate with. You don’t become friends because you’re capable…that’s…sounds like a job.” ] Ara explained, and wondered if he had any friends like that at all. It was sad to think he wouldn’t have friends like that.

Sylus was leaning pretty close and it made her pretty nervous, and blush. She never had anyone just tilt her face like that or purposely get so close.

[b “Oh? Sorry to hear that.” ] Ara said. She frowned to hear no one made him a cake before. Then she’d smile and say [b “Then I’ll be the first! I’ll make sure it’s amazing.” ] Ara promised. It was a lot of pressure being someone’s first time though. She wondered if her cake would turn out that good this time. She didn’t want to disappoint him.

Ara could understand that. She was fine with control before… [b “Well then, we can help each other out. We can be study buddies.” ] Ara said. She thought that would be the perfect arrangement. She could help him make good friends, and cheer up more. Ara kissed his cheek thinking that would be more than enough.

She saw him roll his eyes, and had to wonder…if he didn’t like that. Touch? She wondered exactly what he meant. [b “Ahh…well touching…wouldn’t you want to do that with a girlfriend?” ] Then she recalled hearing about how he liked to flirt with girls. Maybe he was one of those. Well, she definitely didn’t want that.

It did surprise her to hear they hadn’t. [b “Maybe mine will be your favorite then.” ] Ara said.

They got to the courtyard and she attempted it and exploded. She blushed, feeling embarrassed by it, and she heard him chuckle a bit. Ah…even his laugh was attractive. She watched him as he moved behind her. [i Don’t get nervous he says.] How was she not supposed to be nervous when he was so close to her? Her mind went blank, a little too focused on how Sylus had his hands on her shoulders and even help her point her hand.
At least it made her mind go blank, it wasn’t exploding on her yet, but she couldn’t stop it from growing – way too big. At least this time, she’d throw it farther before exploding a little too early.

She heard him chuckle thinking that’s what he was laughing about. Ara caught the towel, [b “Oh thanks.” ] Ara said. She’d peak down at herself…damn it. She’d try to dry it off. Ara sighed to herself. [b “You’re right.” ]

Ara brightly smiled when he talked about the cake. [b “Definitely!” ] She couldn’t wait to tell her friends how wrong the rumours were too. She’d grab her bag and lead the way to one the kitchens. She already had permission. Ara would grab a hair tie with a bow out of her backpack and put her hair up in a cute short ponytail. She’d roll up her sleeves and looked for the ingredients. She couldn’t reach some places, so she’d ask Sylus to grab it for her.

She’d mix the ingredients and stir it together [b “Sy do you know how to cook?” ] Ara asked him. [b “I know how to a bit. I also know how to paint. My mom taught me. She’s an artist at the side. What do you do for fun?” ] She’d soon pour the batter into the pan and pop it into the oven. [b “Okay now time for the mouse and frosting.” ] Ara had some flour on her face by now. She’d wash her hands and get started on making the mouse. She’d take some in a spoon and offered him a taste. Sylus had to like her by now. There was no way he didn’t since she was so positive and friendly.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He looked at her curiously and thought about the people in Slytherin. [b "We kind of do that. I talk to them and they talk to me and we help each other. But I am also capable"] he told her, figuring that it was the closest he could call friend.

He's never had cake before and definitely not chocolate cake. [b "Why are you sorry? Isn't it just cake?"] he was confused as to why she felt bad. [b "Okay. I long as it tastes good, I don't really have too much of an expectation"] he admitted and would head out to the courtyard with her. [i Buddies?] he wondered where she came from. The way she talked and spoke to him....and promised to repay him was all odd. She didn't look like she was making fun of him though. Was she being serious?

She mentioned girlfriend again [b "Huh? I don't have one. You can touch me if you really want to. I have nothing against touching"] he glanced back at her. [b "You're confident aren't you"] he smiled a bit.

He watched her practice making water balls, but when she was losing control, he tried to help her. He straightened out her posture and it seemed to help until she realized her water ball was huge. After a while, he'd hand her a towel and let her catch her breath as he asked her about the cake. Sylus would then follow her into the kitchen [b "I cook for myself a lot. I think I'm okay"] he was so surprised to hear her learning so much from her mom. Were parents like this all the time? His own had left him. He didn't learn much from his greedy uncle and his cousins. It was odd to hear someone admire someone so much. [b "That's pretty cool. Maybe you could show me a painting sometime. I haven't seen my parents in a long time. They left me with my uncle when I was five. I think they didn't want me"] he spoke quietly. He thought about fun. [b "I like to practice magic for fun. Or travel. I like going to visit the ocean and swim around. It's relaxing"] he'd watch her make the cake, setting it in the oven as he looked at the way she cooked. She was kind of messy and had flour on her face and hands. He'd walk over and grab a napkin. [b "Hold on"] he'd wipe her cheek and forehead a bit [b "You have some flour"] he dusted off her shoulders and then he'd see the spoon, taking a bite. [b "Mmm, it's really sweet. I like it"] he licked his lips and would take the spoon from her, letting her try some too. He'd then ask to help, stirring the frosting and getting more interested in the food. He liked to cook, but seeing someone else cook something he's never made before caught his attention. [b "I wonder how it'll taste"]
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

[b “Well, as long as you think you’re friends.” ] Ara said, but it still didn’t seem like it to her.
Sylus clearly didn’t understand the gravity of cake...and also she figured he must have had a tough life if he hadn’t even had chocolate cake or anyone bake him one. [b “Because you missed out.” ] Ara said. She sure felt good that he was giving her a chance to make him cake. Of course he would like her now.

[b “Oh I mean, those are stuff you’d do with a girlfriend. Ahh, well that’s good to know I guess?” ] She said, guessing it was fine to hug him? She smiled a bit [b “I definitely am with my cake. By the end of it, you’ll be amazed.” ] [i And like me. ]

She tried hard to make the waterballs, but she still lost control. WHen Sylus helped her out, it made her zone out, not realize how big it had grown but at least it stayed, it was more stable than before. He really was charming.

It did surprise her to hear that he did cook for himself a lot. She wondered if it was out of need rather than fun. [b “Do you like to cook?” ] She asked. She mentioned her mom, admiring her a lot. She understood much better now, why she did what she did and she was happy to be removed from that situation. It looked like Sylus was in long thought.

[b “Mmm, I’d love to.” ] Ara brightly said. His parents… Ara frowned, it must have been hard for him. [b “Maybe...Maybe they got in trouble Sylus. You don’t know that. I haven’t seen my dad or my brother in a long time but I don’t really want to.” ] Ara said. She listened to him on what he liked to do for fun.

[b “Me too! Except for the swimming...part. I’m not, very good around pools or water.” ] Ara said. He really seemed like any other normal person. They were so wrong about him. She popped the cake in the oven and faced him. She blushed a bit when he wiped her cheek and forehead. [b “Thanks.” ] He made her heart leap a bit.

She fed him the spoon, glad he really liked it. She’d work on making the chocolate frosting, [b “Like chocolate heaven. When I got upset, my mom would make me cake.” ] Ara said. She didn’t realize that when Sylus wiped her cheek, her mark showed through a bit. Her bloodline was known to be powerful, and also very wealthy.

The cake was fully baked. She took it out and would let it cool down. [b “Making cake takes patience. I hope you don’t mind.” ] Ara said. She’d give him a taste of the frosting too. Technically they could use magic to make this all faster but Ara didn’t want to risk it. Once the cake cooled, she cut the cake in half in the center and put the mousse inbetween, and chocolate frosting ontop. There were also chocolate chips in the cake. She realized she didn’t have much to decorate it with, so she’d just make it smooth. [b “All done.” ] Ara cut a slice for him and set it on the counter, [b “Eat it up.” ] Ara said, excited to see his reaction. Sylus was going to want to spend everyday with her - definitely. She would have someone that could help her in that class and she could make him see how much nicer it was not making friends like that.
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

He figured that those were called friends. He's never really let anyone in on his secrets or on his true self, but he was never bothered by that at all. It was always the same. Whenever someone got a sight of his magic, they got scared and would call him a monster. It wasn't like he could do anything about it. He was born into this bloodline.

He didn't get why it was such a bit deal for him to miss out on cake. He watched her curiously [b "Well I guess I'll decide if I missed out or not"] he led her to the courtyard and wondered how could he be so amazed by cake. She was hyping it up for him.

Sylus saw her splash herself and thought she was cute. She was having trouble, so he helped in the best way he could. SHe managed to get it to a good size and fire it off, but he figured if she just practiced on that concept, it'd make controlling her magic a lot easier. [b "I like to cook. I try out a few different foods when I can. Maybe I can make you something and you can be the judge. Just like this cake"] he told her, soon hearing about her mom. IT was so odd for him to hear people talk in that way. He didn't know what it was like to have parental love.

[b "I haven't seen them since I was young. My dad I rarely got to see. He was always off somewhere. My mom passed away when I was young"] he told her, figuring it had something to do with his dad and his bloodline. He shook his head and would shrug [b "I stayed with my uncle until I could go to school here"] he told her, soon telling her about his hobbies.

[b "I can tell. That waterbomb was a mess"] he chuckled and would watch her in the kitchen when she made the cake. Sylus looked intrigued at the way she mixed the batter and and poured in the ingredients.

When he had a taste of frosting, he smiled. It was sweet and he really liked sweet things. [b "Mmm, it's good"] he admitted and would watch her put the frosting on top. Once the cake was finished, he looked it over, seeing the melted chocolate and the mouse. It did look good [b "Thanks"] he grabbed a fork and took a bite. He tasted the cake and his eyes would widen in surprise. It was delicious. [b " This is soo good"] he glanced at her and bit down on his lip. [b "I don't get it. IT didn't look hard to's so good"] he gasped in shock. He took a bother bite and would keep eating until the slice was gone. [b "Okay. You were right. I was missing out on this"] he grabbed another slice and he'd bring a forkful to her lips. [b "Try it! It's so good"] he wanted her to get a taste as if she hadn't had it before.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

There was a lot of pressure to make a good chocolate cake but she sure wanted to try. She got splashed by her own self. This was not how to impress someone but she was looking for help.

Ara’s eyes widened [b “Really! I’d love to try your food.” ] She giggled. She couldn’t believe that Sylus, Sy with his reputation offered to cook her food. He was so nice. It made butterflies flutter in her stomach. She’d stare at him for a little longer than she should. She’d mention her mom. She did miss her, they had a good relationship with each other.

[b “I’m sorry…that must be hard Sy.” ] Ara said, [b “I don’t see my dad too.” ] She couldn’t understand his loss but she assumed it would be hard. Life would have been much different if she didn’t have her mom. She got the sense he wasn’t too fond with staying with his uncle. [b “Well it’s good you have a home…I hope.” ] She listened to him talk about his hobbies. She pouted a bit when he talked about the mess she made. [b “Well-I um… that’s not… It wasn’t that bad.” ] Ara said. His laughing was cute. He was really cool too.

She gave him a taste of frosting and he looked happy with it. It made her feel more confident on how this cake would turn. She layered it and cut him a slice. She felt a little nervous, his eyes widened and she wondered if it was a good thing. Then he said it. Ara grinned, [b “It is isn’t it?” ] She giggled. Ara knew she made it look easy, but there was a lot of failed attempts before she got good.

[b “Ah hmm, isn’t it? But I can’t share the recipe with you – it’s a secret.” ] Plus it would make him come back to her. He saw what she put in but he didn’t know the amount and she doubt he’d memorize everything. She enjoyed seeing how happy he looked, it made those fluttering feelings grow more. [b “When’s your birthday Sy? I can make you this cake for your birthday too,” ] Ara suggested. He brought a forkful to her lips – with the same fork. Ahh, he was so cute. She’d take the bite, and was happy that it did taste good and rich. [b “Good job me.” ] She said. She’d watch him eat, and think about maybe – just maybe she could get Sylus to like her even more.

Ara peaked up at the time [b “Looks like I spoiled our dinner.” ] Ara wondered if he’d…let her tag along. But, he stuck with other Slytherins and it was intimidating. She wondered at least if he’d consider her as a friend now. [b “Is my reward satisfying? I can bake you more stuff. You look a lot happier than I’ve ever seen you.” ] She wondered if he had noticed she avoided him like the plague before…probably not.
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It was still so confusing to him that she was going to make a cake as a way to repay him back. No one's ever done that to him before. It was waaay too odd. HIs eyes watched her when they were practicing, but he gave her some tips to help keep the water's shape.

He shared some information about his family and hobbies with her mostly because there was this subtle feeling of calmness around him. He felt relaxed around her. That tense feeling he usually had wasn't there. Whenever he looked at his wrist, nothing was there either. It was too odd and it worried him.

[b "I can make some food for you someday. Let you try a bit"] he suggested and would follow her to the kitchen, seeing her start to work on the cake. He mentioned his parents and his uncle, but when she apologized, he didn't like feeling any pity. Yeah it was hard, but he figured she wouldn't understand him, especially not after the way she spoke about her mom. [b "I have my home here. I don't want to go back"] he told her and would see her get flour everywhere.

He'd try to wipe it off her face and noticed a bit of dark shade on her cheek. What was that? He held her chin and tried to look, seeing a mood and some faded stars. [b "You have something on your cheek"] he told her, remembering seeing that symbol somewhere before. But where?

When the cake finished, it was hard not to turn it away. It looked really good and it made him smile when he took a bite. He's never had anything like it before. It was sweet, smooth, delicious, and soft. [b "I've never had cake as good as this before. Chocolate huh? You're good"] he told her, a little disappointed that she couldn't share the recipe. [b "Hmm, a secret. Maybe I can find it a book somewhere"] he smirked and would give her a piece so she could try just how good it was.

[b "Birthday? It's the first of the year. It's passed already. I want this chocolate cake more often than that. It's too far"] he told her, shaking his head. He ate another slice and then he would hear her compliment herself. [b "Yeah it was really good. Good job"] he was glad that it was really good. He felt better and didn't mind they weren't touchy feely.

[b "It's okay. I don't eat much anyway. It was very satisfying. I don't mind if you bake me more things. I bet they'd taste good. Did you still want dinner?"] he wondered, cleaning off his lips and then looking a bit surprised at her. [b "I look happier? What did I look like before?"] he glanced at her blue eyes. [b "You're a weird one you know that? I don't think I've seen you that much around campus. Shouldn't you be staying with your hufflepuffs? WHy do you want to spend time with me?"] he asked, walking towards the cafeteria with her.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara smiled big hearing he’d make her food. She never had a boy make her food before. [b “I’m excited.” ] Ara admitted to him. She listened to him, and felt sad that he had to have it so hard. [b “Then home…must have been difficult.” ] Ara said. She did get flour everywhere, she got lost in having fun.

Sylus wiped it off the flour off her face, making her heart race a little. Why did he do that? Hold her chin. He was so close…it was making her nervous. How was he so comfortable being this close? Something on her cheek? Her expression suddenly switched to concern, [b “Oh that? It’s nothing.” ] Ara turned her head, [b “Something silly me and my friends were doing earlier. Face painting.” ] She quickly corrected, hoping he’d buy it.

She’d quickly put some more concealer form her bag on, and let him enjoy the cake – seeing how happy he looked. [b “Really? Guess I am that good.” ] She giggled. Why would he want to find out if he had her? [b “It won’t be the same and I didn’t follow a recipe from a book.” ] Ara told him, [b “It’s more than just the cake that makes it taste good, it’s the person too.” ] She didn’t want to be replaced. It was her weapon.

She’d take a bite he offered. Did that mean he wanted to see her more often too then? [b “I can make it again sooner. Whenever you feel down, let me know.” ] Ara said, figuring associating her with yummy cake would make him want to gravitate to her. She felt so proud of herself when he told her good job. She sure liked being praised.

Ara nodded [b “I do, we’ll get in trouble if we don’t go anyway.” ] Ara reminded. She wondered what she could bake for him next time. Ara nodded, and tilt her head to think. [b “Well…you look…” ] intimidating [b “Angry? Moody? Grumpy? Or…just indifferent.” ] She looked at his amber eyes. She really liked how he smiled when he ate the chocolate cake. He looked so innocent when he did. She felt, that was his true self.

Weird? [b “Why…am I weird? We are in different years, and it’s not like I’ve been avoiding you.” ] Ara shrugged. Ah why… Would he be mad if he knew part of the reason why? Probably. It was only a part of it. [b “I do stay with them, but I also like making friends outside of my own house. You also helped me, and are really nice. I’d like to…” ] She paused, and then blushed a bit, [b “be friends and stuff…” ]

She walked with him to the cafeteria. It would be odd for her to sit next to him wouldn’t it? But, maybe then…it would also help. [b “Sy…Can I sit with you today?” ] She looked up at him with a smile. She realized she was feeling pretty tired already too, like she was using her energy more than usual today. Probably because she practiced plenty in the morning too.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He did want to see if the food he made was to her standards. He only felt it right since she made him try such a delicious cake. [b "You are? Well I'm confident it'll taste good. Hopefully you like it"] he told her, also explaining about some of his troubles with family. He never really had a family. At least ones that cared like she did.

Sylus noticed the mark on her cheek when he was wiping her face. IT looked like a bloodline mark, if anything, something he's seen in a book before. He wasn't sure what it was though. She said they were face painting [b "You guys were? Why didn't you just wash it off? Why did you cover it up?"] he wondered.

She covered it back up and was surprised to hear it wouldn't be the same as a cook book. Really? Maybe it was a secret recipe that only her mom made. [b "Hmm, the person too. I'll have to try more chocolate cakes then"] he admitted and would tell her that he'd like to have it more often. [b "Is it okay to keep the rest or share it?"] he wondered, taking the rest of the cake with him.

When he thought about it, it made him happier [b "Okay. I'll let you know. Do you have something you like to eat? OR a favorite dish?"] he wondered, heading to the cafeteria. They passed a few other students and when he heard he looked a certain way, he just shrugged [b "Sounds accurate. I don't really care too much about a lot of things, but I do enjoy magic and being here. It's one thing in my life that feels right"] he admitted and told her she was a little weird. No one he's met seemed as innocent and goody as her. [b "Huh? Why would you avoid me? I'm pretty nice"] he smirked and chuckled when she called him nice. [b "I'm glad you think so. A lot of others are still scared of me"] he thought it weird.

[b "Aren't we already? You made me cake. I'll take the friendship. But what other stuff did you want?"] he asked, going inside and seeing the tables. They were usually separated by house, but occasionally people sat wherever they wanted. [b "Sit with me? Okay, but I sit at the Slytherin table. Think you can manage?"] he asked, heading over and seeing a few of his friends. They waved him over and met ARa's eyes. "You're still with the hufflepuff? Where have you been all day?"

[b "I was helping her out with some things"] he told them, seeing one guy smirking "It's cause she's hot huh"

ONe girl eyed Ara "Sy, come one. I'm sure you've helped enough"

[b "She's gonna join us. She even made some cake to share and it's good"] he tried to ease them up a bit. Sylus took a seat and let her sit beside him. The lunch was being served. There were potatoes, chicken, salads, and other side dishes.

Sylus glanced back at Ara [b "I can make food better than this too"] he said proudly.

The other girl across from him folded her arms over her chest "So did you do him or what? You got what you wanted didn't you? Leave Sylus alone"
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

[b “I will, because it’s form you.” ] Ara sweetly said. Kill them with kindness was her moto. She figured that things must have not been great at home.

He noticed the mark. His questions were good questions. [b “Uh huh.” ] Ara said, looking away, to go cover it up. She’d pause before coming up with an excuse [b “Oh, that’s because we used the wrong type of paint and it’s kind of stuck? I’m working on a way to remove it safely.” ] She hoped that Sylus wouldn’t tell anyone she had a mark on her face. That would be the last thing she wanted. Why did it have to be on her face of all places?

Try more? She’d rather him only eat hers. She supposed that wasn’t fair. [b You can but it won’t be the same.” ] Ara promised. At least to her it wasn’t. When her mom made food, even if it was the same recipe – it just wasn’t the same. [b “It’s a gift, so you can decide.” ] Ara said. To think she could make someone with an infamous reputation like her from chocolate cake. It sure made her feel good about herself. Then maybe that meant…

[b “I like dishes with fish,” ] Ara said [b “I’m not a picky eater.”] But she still had expensive taste.

She wondered what made him the way he was. She didn’t want to prod too much, a little afraid to if she were honest with herself. She didn’t like being called weird, she thought she was the very opposite of that. Ara nervously [b “I didn’t. You are.” ] [i really intimidating. ] But now that she got to talk to him, she didn’t feel that intimidated.

[b “I think it’s because you look like you’d kill them.” ] Ara blurt out and her eyes widened, she hadn’t meant to say that out loud. [b “I mean… Not that. If you smiled more maybe they wouldn’t?” ] Ans she’d pause to think of it and realized that would probably worry others more since he hardly did so.

Ara smiled brightly hearing he considered them friends. [b “Uhh, other stuff? I don’t know…” ] Ara said, fat chance of that. He seemed to like to be around other girls. He probably didn’t want a girlfriend, let go one who was not that capable right now.

She nodded, knowing it wasn’t common but it could do her well too. Manage? It made her stomach twist. [b “Um…I’ll be okay.” ] Since he was with her, maybe he’d stop them from doing bad things. Hot? That was the last thing she saw herself being.

The girl eyed him. Ara let Sylus talk, and felt good when he didn’t listen. Ara sat beside Sylus. She saw her friends and waved and they looked at her with the biggest concern she’s seen. They didn’t have the guts to come over to her.

[b “Hmm really? Then, you’ll cook and I’ll bake.” ] Ara said, thinking it would be fun. She knew how to cook a bit too. The girl across spoke. [b “Do him?” ] She repeated. [b “I did get what I wanted.” ] Ara smiled. She got help with the class and got to repay him. [b “But…why would I leave him alone? He’s my friend. Right Sy?” ] Ara looked at Sylus with hopeful eyes. She was starting to feel pretty drained. She’d yawn and eat slowly. That calming effect earlier would wither away as she got more tired. [b “We studied, we practiced in the courtyard and then I baked a cake.” ] Ara explained. She wouldn’t eat too much.

Another girl came in and was just standing behind Ara, “Hey, this is where I sit, move.”
Ara frowned, [b “Well, can you sit somewhere else? It’s not like you’re his girlfriend.” ] Remembering Sylus said she wasn’t.
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

She was being extremely nice to him and he didn't understand why. People that tried to treat him this way only wanted to take something in return. Was she after something? Did she know of his bloodline? Why was she trying so hard to come and be his friend.

He caught sight of her mark, but could tell she didn't want him to know about it. Was it something like his? Did she feel shame in having people know who her family was? He met her ocean blue eyes and wondered why she was lying to his face. No one tried to hide a mark like that, unless it was something she didn't want anyone to see.

She definitely made it obvious that no one else could make that cake like she did. [b "Hmm, okay. I guess I'll take your word for it"] he didn't know why she needed to state it was only amazing from her.

He did want to try sharing the cake, but a part of him wanted it all to himself. HE'd run his fingers through his hair [b "I don't think I'll get cake like this often, so I'm going to save it for myself"] he smiled and would lead her to the cafeteria. It did bug him though when she said he looked like he'd kill someone. [b "I'm not a murderer. I won't just kill someone for looking at my funny. Well maybe"] he teased, glancing back at her. [b "Smile more? Like this?"] he lifted up a smile and wondered if it looked okay.

He saw her looking happy he called her a friend, but then hesitant [b "I won't do anything to you, don't worry. You gave me cake"] he chuckled and led her to the Slytherin table. When he sat down, the group was already starting to look at her funny. Sylus let her sit beside him and he would answer their questions. [b "We're in the same class. I was helping her out with some spells. Stop"] he told the guys.

Sylus glanced back at Ara [b "Sure. I can definitely do that. If the cake tastes that good, I wonder what the other desserts would be like"] he chuckled and would see one of his friends telling her to move. [b "Hey, she sat here first. Just sit over there. There's tons of open seats Amy"] he nodded to Ara's question and would see her yawn. She must have used up a lot of magic. "She made you a cake. This girl is already all over you Sy. It's obvious. How about you fall for me instead?" one guy asked.

The other laughed and would shake his head "Sy does nothing and he gets all the attractive girls. It's not fair"

[b "Hey, I just helped her out"] he took a bite of the food and would eat slowly. [b "You look tired. After dinner, I'll take you back to Hufflepuff"] he told her, patting her head gently and then seeing some of the girls looking at him.

"Sy, she's grown. I'm sure she knows how to get back"

"Yeah, just let her make her own decisions"

[b "If you want me to"] he'd correct.
Ravenity     1y ago

From the way he looked at her when she told the lie…he probably didn’t believe her. Yet, he never said anything. She hoped that he’d keep it to himself. It gave her anxiety to think someone would know it.

She deterred away from it, and the cake really helped. She smiled when he agreed to take her word for it. Maybe it would integrate it in his mind that only she could make it right for him. [b “Okay, but I can make you more too.” ] She promised, and felt her heart warm when he smiled. She never got a crush on someone so suddenly, but Sylus was sure attractive and he was being so nice.

Ara shot a glance of concern at ‘well maybe’. Ah he was joking. [b “I didn’t think so.” ] Ara said. She watched him smile, and thought it was innocent but knew that people would be concerned if he was up to something. [b “To me, it’s cute.” ] Ara said. She liked being considered his friend, and at the same time, a part of her thought it would be nice one day to get closer. It just seemed that was a far stretch. [b “I’m not worried, but thank you.” ] Ara said, [b “Oh so it’s the cake that saved me?” ] She giggled.

They got to the table, she sat beside him. She felt pretty nervous sitting with them but it would be a long term benefit. Sylus seemed to have her back, this really was a good idea. [b “I’ll make you chocolate chip cookies next time.” ] Ara told him. Sylus defended her again – which really showed Amy. She listened to the guy and frowned hearing she was already all over him. [b “I’m not…we’re just…friends.” ] Ara said, not wanting to make Sylus uncomfortable. Fall for him? [b “Give me something to fall for then.” ] Ara said.

Gets all? Ah right, he hung around many girls. [b “He helped me.” ] Ara stated. [b “And I’m not, it’s not like that.” ] She wondered how many others would bake stuff for him or tried. If they were friends, then it would be more likely for him to see her. That would be best. She felt her eyes feeling heavy. More tired…than usual this early.

Ara heard Sylus, and soon felt him patting the top of her head. She blushed, surprised he’d even do that. She’d see the looks she was getting, and wondered if she’d be making enemies instead. But… [b “I wouldn’t mind.” ] Ara said to him. It would also be a good chance to show others in Hufflepuff that the rumors weren’t all that true. She ate a bit. She’d listen to their conversations and start to get the feeling maybe they weren’t all that mean, just pretty blunt with their thoughts.

Dinner came to an end. She’d walk with Sylus towards Hufflepuff. Like they said, she knew how to get back and she did wonder why Sylus offered anyway but at least he did. [b “I’ll bring chocolate chip cookies for next class.” ] Ara said. She figured she could bake it in the morning. She’d yawn again, [b “Sorry, I’m feeling pretty tired today. Thanks for defending me by the way. Thanks to you my day turned really nice.” ] Ara smiled to him.
As they passed some people, she’d move behind him for a while. They arrived at her dorms and Sylus definitely got some questioning looks. Ara figured she’d explain later. "Can I ask why he's here?" Her friend who was just going to their room asked, looking at Sylus and then looked away.
[b "He's my friend."] Ara said.
"Really? You didn' anything together did you?" She asked looking between the two.

[b "Oh yea, we had a lot of fun today"] Ara nodded, not thinking much of that question. She looked so worried and Ara started to get confused. Ara frowned, and looked at Sylus [b "Thanks for dropping me by. Hey um...before you go do other girls bake you stuff too?" ]
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He didn't really believe what she said about her mark. She was at a magic school and usually people with those were pure bloods. He knew that at least. Maybe when he was back at the library he'd try to find that book about bloodlines again.

The cake was delicious and Sylus got pretty excited that he was able to take the rest home with him. He was surprised she wanted to make more for him, but he wouldn't say no to baked goods, especially if her cake was that good.

He tried to smile at her and it seemed forced, but she thought it was cute. [b "Ha! Cute? I don't think I've ever been called that ever in my life. I usually get the intimidating or scary"] he chuckled and would meet her eyes. [b "The cake helped. You offered to pay me back. I just wasn't expecting cake"] he laughed a bit and sat next to her at the table. His friends were making fun of the fact that he spent so much time with her. They eyed Ara talking to Sylus like they were already close friends.

"Didn't you two just meet today?"

[b "Yeah? So?"]

"You two seem like you've known each other for a while"

[b "Well we are friends"] he'd tell them and then his other friend said something dumb. [b "She has a point"] he laughed and would soon finish eating dinner with her after he patted her head. They would soon head towards the Hufflepuff dorm and he would see people looking at him. [b "Oooh, okay. I like cookies"] he nodded with a big smile on his face. He'd look down at his wrist, noticing his mark showing a bit. He felt calm all day today and wondered why it didn't appear earlier. He looked confused. But when he saw Ara yawn again, he patted her head again [b "You should get some rest. Thanks again for the cake. It was good. I'll see you in class"] he saw some people walk by and when he noticed some looks, he'd glare at the ones that looked like judging.

He brought Ara in and saw one of her Hufflepuff friends. [b "I'm just walking Ara to her dorm"] he narrowed his eyes and then he let Ara do the talking. [b "Together? We did a lot of things together. Ara fed me some cake"] he winked and would chuckle a bit and then nodded.

When she was about to head inside, he glanced back at her [b "Not really. Girls usually give me other things, not baking cakes for me"] he waved and he would glance at the others looking at him. He would head outside and open up a portal, teleporting back to his dorm room for the night.


The following morning, Sylus would shower, dress in his uniform and then he would head to his first classes. He'd walk through the halls with some of the Slytherin students, but was mostly surrounded by the girls. They talked about how hard classes were and using magic. But after his first class, he had the control magic with Ara. He was pretty eager to get some chocolate cookies. ONce he made it to class, he'd take a seat, looking around for her.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Even if his smile was forced, she thought it was so cute he was trying. [b “AH hmm cute. You look really cute when you ate my cake.” ] Ara mentioned. She was intimidated and scared of him at first too – because of the rumours and he carried himself like he could do harm. Goes to show, it was never good to judge. [b “I think it’s just because you don’t always look too happy,” ] Ara said. But when he did, he looked like an entirely different a person. She had to wonder if what he expected at all. Sy’s laugh was pretty charming.

His friends were teasing. Did it really seem like that? That they knew each other for a while? It felt good. Sylus even laughed at what she said. They were so wrong about him. His friends could tell he was acting a bit different.

Sylus walked with her to the Hufflepuff dorms. It was a nice walk. He looked so happy about the cookies. She hoped she had the energy to wake up early. She saw him look at his wrist for a moment, but she end up yawning and didn’t get to see. All that magic really drained her, guess she used more than she thought.

Ara blushed a bit again when he patted her head for the second time. It was sweet, but she wondered why. [b “Your welcome.” ] Ara smiled to him. Her friend came in to go inside and rest too. She looked a little startled by Sylus narrowing his eyes at her.
Sylus winked and chuckled, which easily made the butterflies return. He was – so cool. Before she head inside, she asked Sylus the question. That meant – then she was one the few or only? [b “I bet I gave you the best thing ever.” ] Ara said confidently, she waved to him too. She went into the room and the she got a good look of concern. Ara started gushing about Sylus to her, and how he was such a nice person. She explained what happened and her friend kept questioning her if that was what really happened since Ara always seemed to put a positive spin on things that weren’t always great.
Ara laid and bed and replayed the days event in her mind. How he smiled at her, pat her head, helped her out…and he was so cool. Ahh…and she felt so tired. If she didn’t, then she probably would have been staying up longer thinking about it.
She woke up early to her alarm. She still felt…quite tired but she didn’t let that stop her from going to the kitchen to make chocolate chip cookies. She nearly left them in for too long but the alarm she set up saved her. She put her hair up and put he cookies in a container. She went to her first class, it went well. Friends kept asking about Sylus and how they were worried for her.
On her way to the second class, someone decided it would be funny if she fell when she told who the cookies were for. Most of the cookies fell out of the container and on the floor. She had about three of them that were okay.

She came into the class, and saw Sylus sitting and looking around. She’d smile to him and came to sit down beside him for the first time. [b “Sy, good morning.” ] Ara said. She set the container with the broken dirty cookies on her desk. [b “These got ruined but, I managed to save these three ones.” ] Ara said, taking out a ziplock bag of three big cookies. She’d set it on his desk. She was upset with what happened but, what good would being angry or sad do except lead to some magical problem.

The professor came in. Ara tried really hard to be a good student, so she’d be attentive. She’d take notes and glance back at Sylus, it didn’t seem he was as focused as her. Ara would whisper to him [b “I can share my notes. I heard we have a quiz coming up, so we can help each other out.” ] They’d have a short break. [b “Did you sleep well?” ] Ara asked brightly. She didn’t have the same energy to make him feel calm today, not that she’d notice.
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His eyes met hers and he scratched the back of his neck [b "Do I? Well I haven't had cake like that in a long time"] he admitted, knowing he hasn't had chocolate cake before. IT tasted so good. Probably one of the best things he's ever had. He found her to be odd and sweet at the same time. Still, she gave him cake, so he wasn't complaining at all.

[b "I don't look too happy? I mean there isn't much to be happy about"] he shrugged and would finish eating dinner with her. Sylus would lead her back to the dorms and noticed others watching them. He'd eye them curiously and then he heard her friend talking to him. He eyed her and got excited about cookies. He smiled and would pat her head, [b "Thanks again for the cake. I'll see you tomorrow"] he waved and would head back outside.

Sylus went towards the outside and then he summoned a portal and headed through to the dorm. When he appeared in the common room, he met his friends and they were smirking and asking him questions. "You didn't spend the night with her?"

[b "That's not allowed. You know that"] he rolled his eyes and would head to his room. Amy came to his side and she'd ask if he was okay and if he needed anything. He'd look down at his wrist, seeing his mark darken a little more [b "I'm fine. Good night guys"] he headed towards his room for the night.

In the morning, Sylus dressed up in uniform and went to the cafe to grab some breakfast. He went to his first class, listening in. It was about spells and they were taught how to make things levitate and move. He picked it up pretty quickly, using his wand and then letting the object float. He grew a bit irritated that it took others a longer time to get it. He felt like he didn't have the time for this.

He saw the mark had darken and he would leave class, sneaking out to the courtyard. He would teleport to the dungeon and Sylus would release some magic that was building up. He fired dark fireballs down the tunnels, trying to get his magic under control. His wrist was darkening, but he had to go to his next class. Ara promised him cookies.

He teleported back and would take a seat at a desk, seeing her approach him. [b "Morning"] he pulled on his sleeve to cover it up and then he would see the broken cookies. [b "Aww, how'd they get ruined?"] he asked, seeing her pull out three. His eyes looked over at her and he would thank her. [b "These look really good. Thank you"] he took a bite and would smile at the taste. He broke his cookie in half and gave it to her.

As class went on, he would lose interest, getting pretty tense. He grew anxious, but when he glanced at Ara, he was able to calm down a bit. [b "Notes? Hmm, okay. I'll take a peek later. Not feeling too well. I think I have some pent up magic"] he told her, looking at her cheek, not seeing the mark.

He nodded his head and would start to try and pay attention. They were going to pair up in partners and practice making waterballs outside. Sylus looked her over [b "Think you can handle it?"] he asked, leading the way to the courtyard.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Not much… [b “What do you mean? There’s plenty, maybe you’re not looking close enough.” ] Ara said. He lead her to her dorms, getting a pat on her head again. He was sweet.

Their class together began. She approached him, sitting down to the seat next to him. She noticed Sylus pulling his sleeve but didn’t think much of it. [b “Oh um, someone bumped into me, I fell – it doesn’t matter.” ] Ara said, she just hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed with only three cookies. She watched him take a bite, and he looked like he enjoyed it which was a relief to her. Sylus even shared half with her. It was really nice he was sharing.

Ara paid attention to class. She was still feeling tired. She still didn’t get enough sleep since she woke up especially early. She offered Sylus to look at her notes. Ara looked at him with concern, [b “Do you want me to get help?” ] Ara asked. Class continued, and she’d keep glancing at Sylus with concern. Pent up magic…

They were meant to pair up. She half smiled, [b “I’m going to try. But…I’m worried about you.” ] Ara said. Would Sylus be okay? They’d walk out of the classroom with everyone else. She wondered if she was able to help Sylus without him noticing – although she wasn’t sure if she could help.

They went out to the Courtyard. Ara tried to remember what Sylus said yesterday, focusing, and surprisingly this time the ball was much more smaller… She guessed she didn’t get enough sleep but at least it wasn’t exploding. [b “Sy look, I’m controlling it so much better now.” ] Ara said proudly. She'd throw it at a tree, feeling good that at least she had better control right now. She'd attempt it again, and it was still very small but stable. She’d watch to see how Sylus was doing too.
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He wondered why ARa was so positive and everything she said was as if there were no traumatizing parts of life or any kinds of sadness. He didn't get how bright she was or where it came from. Maybe she was just lucky that everything in her life was going well. For him, moving somewhere new was the only way to get a fresh start.

In class, he looked around, feeling pretty excited to get some cookies when he saw ARa. He didn't if he got one or five, but being able to have a cookie put him in a good mood. [b "They ruined the cookies? You should tell me who it is. I'll make sure to remind them not to ruin the cookies you made for me"] he narrowed his eyes and took a bite, smiling at the taste. It was so good.

When class started, he was getting antsy. He could feel the rush of magical power just flowing through his veins. He needed to expel some power or they'd find out. He didn't feel too well and he was getting frustrated. Sylus could feel his blood beginning to boil, that darkness wanting to explode freely. [b " I'll be okay when we practice"] he told her, heading outside when they were supposed to start.

Sylus stood with Ara, seeing her focusing on making a small water ball as he watched her. He held his wand and also started making a water ball. His would get bigger and bigger without him really noticing. Sylus bit down on his lip and his eyes would start to shine. He focused his power into the ball and he'd smile a bit.

"Sylus, that's too big. Lower down your magic" the professor told him. He felt much better making it bigger though, so he ignored the warning and made it larger and larger. Sylus could see the mark on his wrist fading slowly.

"Sylus! Stop making it bigger"

[b "I.....can't!"] he told the professor, waving his wand and then making it levitate into the air to try and keep it away from them.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara tilted her head, thinking back. She shook her head, [b “They probably didn’t mean for the cookies to spill. It’s fine. But I appreciate the help.” ] Ara smiled. She figured she’d be liked less if she tattled.

What he said concerned her. She could tell, he wasn’t looking as happier as bef ore. [b “Okay…if you say so.” ] Would he really be okay?

They went out the courtyard to practice. She did well, except it was really small. She figured she needed more rest. On the other hand she saw how big Sylus was making it. Her jaw dropped. His eyes…nearly glowed? [b “Sy that’s really big I think you should listen.” ] Ara said. She’d look up and get petrified. That was big enough to drown in. She’d take a few steps back, but it was still plenty to cover them. Ara noticed the grass…it was dying around him – after all that water had to come from somewhere. Ah…then she must have done the same yesterday. If Sylus kept going he’d really kill the field.

She’d grab Sylus other hand, and attempted to use the magic she had to calm him down, but it seemed less of an emotional problem then something else. So instead, she’d quietly chant and induce him to sleep. Since she didn’t have that much magic left, she figured it would be safe enough. Ara would struggle to stop him from falling onto the ground with her strength but managed. The water ball rained down onto the grass, and even on them.

“I think he passed out.” Ara told the professor, feeling a bit guilty but it might be for the best. She saw it as helping him. Another student offered to help carry Sylus to the nurse. When they got there, Ara would stay, sitting on a chair by the bedside. They said he was fine, asleep and needed some rest. Ara was still a bit wet. She looked back at Sylus, wondering if he’d know that she put him to sleep. She still had some magic left in her. She’d take a deep breath, and slowly took his hand again, closing her eyes and attempted to step into his dream, wanting to take control of it and give him a good one. She'd create a beach, remembering he liked that. She'd find him by the sand. She'd let him enjoy the view, staying in the distance from him. Soon enough, the water was turning into tar. It startled her, since she had little magic - she found herself not being able to control the dream anymore. Which meant she was trapped in his dream until he woke up on his own.
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He narrowed his eyes a bit [b "Well I'd have more cookies if that person didn't spill them"] he told her, shaking his head in irritation. They were delicious, so Sylus wanted so much more.

THe more he sat through class, the more irritated he got with his magic build up. He could see his mark showing and he was getting restless. Sylus stepped out with them and partnered up with Ara, using his wand to make a really big water ball. He felt the magic flowing towards the water's center and the amber in his eyes were glowing fiercely.

He didn't hear Ara's quiet voice as he focused on the magic. It kept growing bigger and bitter, but when he felt someone grab his hand, he glanced at her, but couldn't stop. It still kept building. He soon began feeling drowsy as he slowly dropped his wand. The water ball popped and it rained over the courtyard. He laid on the ground until the professor asked for someone to take him to the nurses office.

He passed out for about an hour before getting caught up in a dream. He'd run around, seeing the beach and then running into the water. He would splash around until he saw the water changing. It turned thick, so he'd slowly back up onto the ground once more. He'd see a figure just off in the distance, standing by the forest. He held his hand out to Sylus, his eyes glowing a deep red color.

Sylus glanced over at him and could feel himself being pulled in towards him. He'd look back and try to keep himself from moving, but the dark man pulled him in. "Sylus.." he'd call out and use his wand. Sylus stared at the figure, his eyes meeting his and his wrist starting to sting. He looked down, seeing his mark fully visible, starting to glow. He'd rub his wrist, but was being pulled in closer.

THe dark figure lifted him up into the sky, raising his feet off the ground until he took notice of Ara. HE pointed his wand at her, but the minute Sylus fell to the ground, he woke up. He shot up from the bed and he would gasp, looking around and seeing Ara.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

He looked so irritated. Maybe he was upset just at the cookies. [b “That’s…true. I can bake you more.” ] Ara suggested. At least he wasn’t upset at her.

They were out practicing when Sylus’ magic went out of control. She put him to sleep which stopped everything all at once. She hoped…that the courtyard could be restored and Sylus was okay. She was pretty wet like everyone else.

Ara waited for a while by his side. She’d sneeze a bit from getting wet. The nurse used a hot air charm to dry her off. Ara tried to make sense of why Sylus lost that much control. She had…but it never went as big as his. She could only assume either he had that bad of a control or he was part of a very strong bloodline. A lot of people wore that with pride though.

She dipped into his dream, making it what she believed he’d enjoy. It was nice to see him running around, enjoying himself and splashing. She’d keep distance from the water…even in dreams it wasn’t in her favour. Especially since even dreams could be dangerous.

Ara watched Sylus follow something. The fear strung in her chest, hoping this dream wouldn’t spin into a horrible nightmare. She followed Sylus, trying to reach him having – this really bad feeling about him going toward that forest. [b “Sy, don’t go there,” ] Ara said. She’d reach a certain point, until she hit some invisible barrier where it pushed her back. He was lifted up. Ara’s eyes widened. [b “Sylus! Wake up!” ] Ara yelled. She saw other dark figures coming behind her. She got up on her feet, trying to back up but having no where to back up to. It was getting closer, and she could feel her energy being drained further. She’d try to force control again, to make the dark energy disappear. [b “Sy!” ] She yelled again [b “Don’t focus on it.” ] The figures disappeared – he was falling.

Before she could think of imagining some cushion to catch him, she woke. Her head was down on the bed, resting. Her heart was racing and she felt a little sick. She’s been in other nightmares but…that bad energy felt real. She lifted her head slowly, seeing that he shot up, looking at her. She’d rather have him not know what she did.

[b “Hey, your up.” ] Ara said, making herself smile. [b “You overused your magic, so you were brought here. Are you doing okay now?” ] Ara asked. She remembered him looking at his wrist in his dream. She’d peak over but they way his arm was positioned right now, she couldn’t see.
[b “I think maybe even I’m a bit tired.” ] Ara said. She’d grab the plate of stew left for him [b “They brought you some food too.” ]
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

In the courtyard, Sylus didn't feel so well. He was getting really frustrated and he didn't know what to do with the overflowing magic through his veins. All he could do was aim it at the water ball. It grew too large and when he tried, he couldn't release it or stop. It kept sucking out the life from the area around him and getting bigger and bigger.

When Ara put him to sleep, Sylus released his focus and fell back to the ground. Everyone in the surround area got water all over them as it rained down.

The next thing Sylus could see was nothing more than a good time at the beach. He'd run around, getting excited, but when he saw something coming out of the forest, he'd glance at it, feeling the gravitational pull towards the dark figure. He was getting sucked in, his red eyes looking into his soul as he struggled to move. He was raised and when the figure caught a glance of something else, he was dropped to the ground and he fell.

When he shot up, he would look around the room, catching his breath. He could still feel like his neck was being held as he was raised up, but when he reached up to touch his neck, he was okay. Sylus spotted Ara resting against his bed and he'd look around curiously. WHy was here here? The last thing he could remember was the water ball.

[b "I did?"] he looked confused as he watched ARa explain what happened. [b "I did?"] he'd glance off, looking at his wrist, but remembered she was here, so he kept the sheet over his arm. He'd notice no one else around [b "I feel okay. Just had a bit of a nightmare"] he admitted, seeing how tired Ara looked [b "Maybe you should get some rest too? You can lie down, there's extra beds here. Or if you want, I can take you back to the dorm?"] he wondered, seeing that it was only lunch time.

Sylus glanced at the food and he would see her holding it. [b "Thank you. Sorry for dragging you into all this. You're all wet too"] he took the bowl and took a bite. He could feel his neck tighten a bit. IT didn't feel like a dream. Someone was really talking to him. Someone from the darkside. He was well aware where his bloodline was from and how the figure probably knew his name, but it still scared him. [b "Do you want to eat some? I still have to cook you some food to repay you. How's after classes sound?"]
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Ara doubted he’d be happy to know she’d slip into his dreams. When she lifted her head, he looked still bothered. She was meant to give him a good dream…why did it turn that way? [b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara whispered. It did surprise her at how nice he was being, to offer to take her back into her room. She had no magic left in her. [b “No, that’s okay. I have more classes, I wouldn’t want to get in trouble. But the nurse gave you permission to rest instead of attend classes.” ] Ara said.

She held the food out to him. She felt a shiver running down her spine, spacing out and remembering that feeling of those shadowy figures gave her. What if they were real… She’s heard about creatures visiting dreams that were dangerous but they were rather rare. She had spaced out all until he said “you’re all wet too.”
[b “It’s okay, I’m fine.” ] Ara softly smiled, [b “I’m dry now.” ] She watched him eat, thinking a little harder again. It was…scary, that dream. She found herself spaced out again, until Sylus voice startled her a bit. [b “Oh! You really don’t have anything to repay me for but I’d love to eat your cooking.” ] Ara nodded. She’d find yourself yawn again. Maybe attending next class wasn’t a good idea. She wondered if she could get permission too. But she didn’t like to be asked questions as to why.

Few other students came in, there were his friends, mainly the girls. Ara looked back .They started to ask Sylus bunch of questions. Ara even got pushed aside off the chair. Ara didn’t say anything because she didn’t have the energy and she didn’t want to get in an argument.
“Did you do something?” One of them asked her, “Well probably not considering the only magic you do is what? Grow plants?”
Ara sighed. Sy was feeling down, she’d rather not cause stress. [b “I’m going to rest my eyes for a few minutes. Wake me up?” ] Ara said to Sylus with a smile. [b “I think it’s nice that your friends came to check up on you.” ] She’d go to the next bed and would lay down, feeling exhausted.
ellocalypse     1y ago

He didn't know what happened, but the next thing he knew, he was being held in the air and then dropping onto hard ground. He woke up suddenly and then he would look around, seeing Ara. What happened? He felt like he was was having a nightmare. Why was she here and why was he in the nurses room?

His eyes met hers [b "What happened? What do you mean you're sorry?"] he asked, seeing that she looked pretty tired. [b "I did. look really tired. Maybe you should stay and rest too"] he told her, noticing and sensing her magic levels were low.

When he saw her holding the food out, he would reach and take a bite slowly, seeing Ara was looking at him curiously as if spacing out. [b "You okay?"] he asked, taking a bite and then relaxing a bit. He did notice that his own clothes were kind of wet too. [b "I must have made a mess. Did I hurt anyone?"] he asked curiously as he offered Ara to make her a meal. When she declined, he shook his head [b "Yeah, but I promised. You helped me and made sure I was okay right?"] he told her, wanting to know the details if she'd spill.

His Slytherin friends came over and there were mostly the girls. Sylus looked up at them, trying to answer their questions, but wasn't sure what happened exactly. He only remembered making the water ball bigger. He'd glance to Ara to see if she had an explanation, but when one of the girls mentioned growing plants, Sylus glanced at her [b "Hey be nice. She helped me here"] he told her and would finish up the rest of his food.

Sylus looked and saw Ara looked a little tired and fed up. He'd watch her lay down and rest up [b "Yeah of course. Take a nap and I'll wake you"] he smiled and would use some of his magic. He induced her into a calm sleep, being able to use that much at least.

Sylus spoke with his friends for a while, seeing them trying to prop up his pillow and blankets. They were a little too much. [b "Can I get some alone time?"] he asked, wanting to just get some peace and quiet for now.

Once the girls left, he would lay back and close his eyes a bit. An hour later, he'd get up and move over to Ara's bed. He'd rub her shoulder a bit [b "Ara? You okay?"] he'd ask, seeing if it was time for her to wake. [b "Come on? I'll take you back to your room and I'll make you something"] he smiled, opening up a portal in the room.
Ravenity     1y ago

[b “Oh um, I mean, sorry that you had a nightmare.” ] Ara quickly said. Yesterday she drained herself up and now she drained anything else she had left all up too. Guess that’s why she was also in the class.

She kept thinking hard about the dream, about what the problem could possibly be…and even how frightening it was. {b “Hmm? Yes.” ] Ara filled a smile. It wasn’t his fault he had a nightmare, or whatever what that was.

[b “No, you didn’t hurt anyone. We all just got a bit wet, that’s all. The yard…didn’t fare well though.” ] She didn’t have enough magic right now to bring life to it. Someone else would take care of it anyway. Ara looked back at him and wondered if she really did help. Maybe if she didn’t meddle in his dreams it would have been okay. [b “Mmm, okay, I would love to have your food.” ] Ara said. [b “I didn’t do much. I just stayed by your side.” ]

His friends came in. She got pushed aside. It was nice hearing Sylus defend her but she also felt a bit guilty. He didn’t know she put him to sleep or tried to give him a good dream. Going into someone’s dreams was pretty an invasion of privacy. Most couldn’t even invade others dreams, forget about her level of control. It was because of her bloodline. She also just happen to be better at it.

Ara laid down, her eyes weighing down on her. She did feel a bit worried with his friends around to fall asleep….but she started to feel calmer and fall asleep easily. She woke to her shoulder being rubbed and a voice asking if she was okay. She’d open her eyes slowly, [b “Mmmm…I’m…okay.” ] She was still half asleep. She’d close her eyes again, but still heard him talk. She’d up her eyes again at the end of the sentence, Sylus was smiling and sooo attractive. Ahhh… Was this a dream? [b “Okay.” ] She’d yawn. She’d follow him into the portal without thought. Then she realized… Apparition – teleporting…that…was a very advanced spell, and she knew laws stated he had to over 17 and have a license to use that spell since it was risky.

She’d gasp, [b “Sy that spell, you’re not allowed to do that and how did you even?” ] She began and quieted herself. [b “We could get in trouble.” ] She mentioned in concern. She’d even look up at the time and felt more worried [b “Ahh the professor is going to be so mad I’m so late.” ] Ara said, looking around for her backpack and realized she left it… [b “I left it…in the room.” ] She pointed to where the portal had been. She released a sigh, [b “I’m going to get detention aren’t I? I never got detention before.” ] She looked back at Sylus and tried to settle herself down. [b “Are you feeling better?”]
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

He had a nightmare, but he really wanted to be able to understand what was that nightmare. He was faced to face with someone and he was frozen still. He could barely move or try to get away in that dream. What scared him the most was his red eyes and the fact that he knew his name.

When he focused on Ara, he was glad that he didn't hurt anyone at all. [b "The yard? Hmm, well I'm glad no one was hurt because of me. That would put me in a lot of trouble"] he spoke. [i Then I can't do my experiments anymore or be able to learn here] he thought and was surprised to hear she wanted to have his food.

[b "Still, you brought me here and stayed with me. It mustn't have been easy"] he saw his friend enter and then they started to wonder why Ara was here. He didn't like hearing them bash her. He watched her lay down and he spoke with his friends for now, thanking them for checking up on him. Two of them offered to tell the teacher in the other classes and even take notes for him.

Once they left, Sylus napped as well, soon waking up and then getting up. He felt okay. His wrist still had his mark, but he wasn't as frustrated as he was before. He decided he was okay to leave. Sylus soon got up and went to wake up Ara. She looked peaceful in her sleep. He wondered if he helped out a little bit with his magic.

He'd open up a portal and he'd take her hand in his as he led her into the portal. They arrived just outside of her dorm room. He heard her ask about being in trouble [b "It's okay. No one knows"] he told her and then he looked at the time [b "I can just tell her that you felt sick"] he assured her and then he looked to see she left her bag. He went through another portal and soon came back, giving it to her.

[b "You won't get detention. I think you should just rest for the rest of the day. You look pretty tired. I'm okay. I'll go ahead and tell your other teachers so you don't have to worry. Just try to regain your magic"] he rubbed her head and would smile a bit. [b "I'm going to the kitchen and I'll cook you some soup also"] he would soon head downstairs and he was getting some looks from the other HufflePuffs. He didn't really care though. He was doing a favor for Ara.

He started working in the kitchen. He grabbed some veggies, some chicken, and noodles, making a chicken noodle soup. He also had some bread toasting in the oven as well. After he simmered the soup, he'd place them into a bowl and then he would head back to Ara's room, setting it at her bedside.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

[b “I’d think they’d know it was an accident,” ] Ara assured. She wanted to ask but she didn’t want the same question to be asked to her either. When he thanked her like that it made her feel a bit guilty. [b “It was no big deal. I wanted to stay.” ] Ara smiled to him.

She fell asleep soon enough. When she woke, she walked with him and realized what he did. She wasn’t near that level, and someone that lacked control she was really surprised how he did that spell well.

[b “For now but it’s also dangerous. We shouldn’t do that.” ] Ara told him. She still looked concerned when he said he’d tell them that she felt sick. No one…was that understanding to her except her own mother. [b “I’m not so sure that’ll work.” ]

Ara’s eyes widened when he went through another portal [b “Sylus, no don’t-“ ] He soon came back, [b “You shouldn’t do that! What if someone saw you?” ] Ara said, she’d took her backpack but felt worried. [b “Thanks…anyway.” ]

There was a good chance she would get detention. The disappointment… she couldn’t have that on her record. Her? Detention? She was tired, she felt calmer than before but she still felt tired…as if that dream of his really did drain her energy further. Ara met his eyes, would he really go tell her teachers? [b “You would…do that for me?” ] Ara said. She blushed when he rubbed her head. He was…very sweet. She never had a boy be this kind to her. Even make her food. [b “I don’t want to trouble you. If you’re feeling okay, I would…that would be nice.” ] Ara said. He head out the door.

She’d sit down and feel all those butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t help but internally gush about him. She’d smile to herself and lay down. He was so sweet… Maybe she could find a way to help him with those nightmares. Maybe there was something about it in the library.

Her roommate returned for a moment because she wanted to grab something. Ara explained that she wasn’t feeling well and that she was spending time with Sylus. Again, that look of concern…[b “I swear, he’s very sweet. He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met.” ] Ara promised.

“Ara…I’m saying this because I’m worried about you. Students in Slytherin don’t help unless they are getting something back or it’s beneficial to them. Maybe he’s tricking or using you.” She said, “I got to go, I’ll tell your prof.” She left and Ara would roll onto their side of the bed. She had to be wrong. Besides, a part of her had been very forward because…

Sylus came back, the soup smelled good. She got up, and saw him setting the bowl on her nightstand. [b “Thank you so much Sy,” ] Ara grinned to him. She’d slowly eat it up, and found that he was a really good cook, [b “Wow, this tastes so good” ] Ara said, looking a him really surprised he could cook well. Never…in her life had she met someone even at her age cook this well – let go cook. She’d blush a bit again, feeling those butterflies return.

[b “Do you cook for others often?” ] She wondered. She’d eat slowly. Maybe…next time she wouldn’t give him desserts. Just to prove her point. Ara’s cat queen came out from under the bed. Ara leaned down and pet her, [b “Sy, this my kitty Queen. She’s very nice.” Queen got one sight of Sylus and would quickly move behind Ara. Ara tried to pull Queen gently out to show him to Sylus but Queen refused. [b “Hmm, she’s not normally not this shy. Did you bring a pet with you?” ]
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He sighed a bit and would nod his head [b "Yeah, I hope so. I don't want to harm people around me on purpose"] he glanced over and hoped she was okay too. She was being really nice to him, wanting to stay when they've only met once. It was odd to have someone just naturally care when he never had that before.

Sylus let her rest and when he woke up, he offered to take her back to her room. [b "It's not. I use it all the time. Just not in front of others"] he knew the risks and what he needed to teleport safely, but he had been using that magic as a kid. IT wasn't hard.

When he grabbed her bag, he could tell she was worried [b "I'm fine don't worry. I didn't see anyone"] he promised and would take her to her room, helping her into bed. He didn't want to see her struggling and he could even sense how low her magic was. He told her he'd let her teachers know she wasn't feeling well [b "Yeah of course. Now rest up"] he headed downstairs to make some soup, while texting messages to his friends in Ara's classes. He told them to let the professors know she wasn't coming in.

Once he finished cooking, he brought it back to her room, seeing her roommate just leaving. He'd smile a bit and then enter to give ARa the soup. She started to eat and when she said it tasted good, he grinned [b "I'm glad. It's just chicken noodle soup, but I'm glad you like it"] he was glad someone was able to taste his food. HIs amber eyes watched her eat and he could see her cheeks turning a rosy red. [b "Not really. Mostly for me or if it's late and the cafeteria is closed. I have cooked for my friends at the dorm, but not often"] he admitted, seeing a cat come out. Sylus looked down to see her pet her, but when she saw Sylus, she quickly ran away.

[b "Guess she doesn't like me"] he shrugged a bit and wondered if he should show her. [b "I do have a familiar. His name is Nyx. I just got him recently, so he's only a little pup"] he summoned him and a little puppy appeared on his lap. Nyx jumped on his lap and went to lick his face, pouncing as Sylus rubbed his head. [b "He's been a good boy, but I've been potty training him and trying to teach him some spells. He's good at fetch"] he smiled, seeing Nyx glance at Ara and pounce onto the bed, soon eyeing Queen as he chased after her, wanting to play.
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She figured as much that he didn’t want to. [b “It’s okay. We’ll learn together how to control our magic better.” ] Ara assured. She was really taken back by Sylus using that spell. [b “I know but what if…something goes wrong? Getting caught would be really bad.” ] Ara said. He even brought her backpack the same way.

Sylus left her to rest. She thought it was very sweet all he was doing. Of course he didn’t know what she did – would he be upset if she told him she put him to sleep? Maybe he wouldn’t be if it helped.

The soup smelled good and tasted really good. The way Sylus grinned made her heart skip a beat. He was really cute. [b “It’s more than that, I never had a guy make me food before.” ] Ara said. She was really enjoying it, and could easily eat it up. Ara noticed him watching her eat, she’d blush a bit thinking about him and how nice he was.
It made her feel special that he made her food. [b “Well, your food is very tasty. I’m very thankful.” ] Ara said. She’d continue to finish the soup up, finding it pretty filling too. She couldn’t wait to tell her roommate about all the things Sy did and how nice he was.

Queen came out but she quickly hid behind her. Ara pet her to settle her down. She was still very small. She met Queen only two months ago. [b “Mmm, she’s still a baby, she’s probably just nervous.” ] Ara said. She’d finish up the soup and set the plate down for now.

[b “Really! That’s such acute name.” ] Ara said. She watched a little puppy appear and he was just pure adorableness – just as cute as Queen. [b “Oh you’re so cute Nyx,” ] Ara gushed. He was licking and bouncing Sylus. [b “Awe you’re so precious.” ] Ara said. Teach him spells? Ah, she suppose he was no normal puppy. She wasn’t sure if Queen was yet. She met Nyx’ eyes and Ara would lean her hand forward to let him sniff, [b “Hello Nyx.” ] She’d slowly pet him and saw him pounce onto her bed. She giggled [b “Your very lucky.” ] Nyx chased Queen and well Queen ran.

Queen eventually leapt into Ara’s arms and held tight. Nyx followed. Ara pet Nyx, [b “Queen he’s not going to hurt you.” ] Ara said quietly. Nyx yipped and licked Queen. Queen had no where to go with Ara holding her. She seemed to calm down and understand that she wasn’t in threat.
[b “What treats does Nyx like? Maybe I can get him some next time.” ] Ara suggested. She then remembered she had to be honest with him. He took care of her after all. Maybe she’d leave out the dream part but…

[b “Sy, I have to be honest with you.” ] Ara said, looking concerned. [b “Back when… When you lost control of the spell. I put you to sleep. That’s why it stopped. I’m sorry I did that without your permission. I thought it would be safer for you and everyone. Plus I didn’t want more grass to die.” ]
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He did want to learn to control his magic better, but no matter how hard he practiced, he was told that his specific bloodline was hard to control. IT just took time and practice and growth. [b "Don't worry we won't. I don't get caught too easily"] he smirked and then he would let her rest as he went to cook some food.

WHen he returned, he would see her eat slowly, making him glad that she liked the food he made. [b "Yeah? Well you did me a favor and made me so many desserts. I wanted to at least help you out too"] he admitted and would smile, seeing her finish it up. [b "I can always make you something more too if you want. Just gotta tell me some of your favorite foods"] he then saw Queen and he smiled, seeing the little kitty. His eyes looked her over her and she was a rare kitten. One that had special claws that could only be found in a rare cat species abroad. He had been looking for one of those cats. [b "Where did you get her?"] he asked curiously.

[b "She's cute though. Hopefully she warms up to me"] he then summoned Nyx and he was already a ball of energy. He was hopping all over the place chasing Queen. [b "Nyx, come on boy, calm down"] he rubbed his head and laughed a bit, seeing him go up to Ara. He smiled seeing ARa like his little familiar. [b "He is. I just summoned him recently. He's also a little one"] he chuckled, seeing him go to lick Queen.

[b "He's still a pup he wouldn't hurt a fly. He likes the bacon treats, but I try not to spoil him too much. I still want to make sure he's disciplined and listens"] he lifted Nyx into lap and he would kiss his head.

When Ara told him she wanted to be honest, hed glance back at her [b "Huh, what do you mean? You put me to sleep?"] he narrowed his eyes at her for a bit. [b "You can do that spell? THat's a pretty advanced spell for a second year. I'm surprised"] he looked her over a bit and then when she said it was safer that way and she didn't want grass to die, he laughed a bit. [b "Please don't prove my friends right. I'm sure you'd like to do more magic than let grass die"] he smirked a bit.

[b "If I didn't harm anyone, it's fine, but in the future, don't try to hold me down with magic or try to control me without my permission"] he told her, his facial expression serious. [b "You're no match for my magic"] he patted her head once more and would pull her sheets up. [b "Are you feeling better?"]
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She really didn’t think it was a great idea breaking the rules. [b “Yea but… it’s the law.” ] She said, and figured he probably didn’t care for it. Maybe he broke that law but he did make her food. It was so nice of him. [b “Thank you, it’s really delicious but you know, I don’t expect anything back for when I make stuff.” ] Ara mentioned. She finished it all up. It tasted really good. [b “I like a lot Japanese food. I would go often with my mom to Japanese restaurants.” ] she admitted.

Queen was hiding away. She had been okay with her roommates…although they were all girls. Maybe that had something to do wit hit? Ara kept petting her to make her feel more comfortable. She sure loved Queen. She wished she had her flower crown on her to show Sylus just how much more cute Queen was with an accessory on. [b “I found her on the streets. Her siblings and her mother had been harmed. I managed to save her. She was pretty weary of people for a while.” ] Ara explained. She still had that image burned in her mind, how upset it made her.

[b “If you feed her and treat her right, I’m sure she will.” ] Ara said, [b “To me, Queen is like my own baby. She’s helped me in many ways too.” ] Ara said. She saw Nyx appear and he was so cute! She loved animals. He was chasing Queen and it freaked out Queen a bit but Ara could tell he was just playing.
[b “I can tell, looks like he’s very kind too.” ] Ara said. Bacon treats! Ah, she could get a hold of that for Nyx. [b “Can I give him bacon treats somtime?” ] Ara asked. She thought it was so cute how he held Nyx and kissed him. Maybe he was good with pets after all. Ah…right she had to tell him at least some of the truth of what happened. She did it out of the goodness of her heart, to help everyone but she wasn’t sure how he’d feel about forcing him to sleep.

Ara said it, and when he narrowed her eyes at her – it made her stomach sink a bit. Was he mad? [b “I’ve been practicing that one a lot. Best form of self defense.” ] Ara explained…which was mostly true. She surprised to hear Sylus laugh. What was wrong with helping plants? [b “I do…but I also care about plants.” ] Ara said.

The way he said it and the way he looked very serious gave her anxiety. [b “Oh, I’m sorry. It was an emergency.” ] Ara said. At least she’d never tell him if something like that happened again. No match? [i If I’m no match then why did you pass out from my sleep spell?” ] She felt him pat her head and she still felt that anxiety. What would he do if she did it without his permission. [b “I’m not like that Sy. I don’t want to go against you… I just wanted to help. Whatever you say I’ll do-I mean what you want me not to do-I won’t.” ] Forgot about telling him she snuck into his dreams. She still wanted to help him with that, just now she figured she had to help without him knowing…because he didn’t know she knew he may have a nightmare problem.

He pulled the sheets up. She was better before he gave what could be a threat. [b “I’m getting better.” ] Ara smiled to him, [b “It’s all because of your soup.” ] She grinned. She still felt tired though…there really was something odd about that dream, about those figures stealing her energy away. [b “I’m still tired to be honest… I might sleep again.”]
ellocalypse     1y ago

He broke a lot of rules, but most of them were only to make his own life a little easier. He never did anything extreme that would get him expelled or in serious trouble. THere was only once instance during his first year where he nearly blew up the chemistry lab, but it wasn't on purpose.

Ara mentioned the law and he would shrug a bit. He's been doing magic since he was young, but he never knew what it actually was. Until he came here, all of the rules and regulations were new to him.

After he brought Ara some food, he was glad she thought it was delicious and to her liking. HE never really knew what to expect from others about his cooking. SO many people came from different places after all. [b "I know, but I want to make it up to you"] he told her, helping her set the tray and the food away to the side. She was looking much better, but he wondered what caused her to feel this way. Was it him? When he made that water bomb? He's never seen someone looking so drained in magic power before.

[b "Japanese food? I've been trying to make more of that lately. I'm half Japanese, but I don't know much about my heritage since I've never been"] he told her, seeing Queen soon pop out. THe little kitten looked frightened when she saw him. He wondered if it was his aura. [b "On the streets? Lucky kitten she is then for meeting you"] he smiled and would show her Nyx, seeing the two play together. Well Nyx chasing Queen.

[b "Yeah you can. He's still a little pup so he has so much energy"] he chuckled and would hold him as he rubbed his back. When Ara told him the truth of what happened, he glanced back at her and told her not to do it again. He didn't want anyone to use magic on himself because he's had many bad experiences like that before. [b "I see. Well it's pretty useful"] he thought it was funny she did care about plants though. His dorm mate was right.

[b "It's fine. No one was hurt this time around, so I'm glad you were able to help out"] he patted her head and would figure she was only trying to help. She did help him today after all. He pulled the sheets up and would smile a bit [b "Do you know of a reason why you're so drained? I don't think you'd normally be this tired without something happening?"] he looked her over and could sense her recovering, but even a normal person had more magic than this.

Sylus could tell she was tired, so he just stopped the questions for now. [b "Just let me know if you need anymore help Ara. You know where to find me"] he told her, letting her get some rest as he went back to his room for the day.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

[b “Yes, Hmm, really? I’d love to try more of your food.” ] Ara said. Her Queen came out. She looked worried when she saw Sylus. Maybe she still was warry after all. Ara nodded [b “I’m lucky too.” ] Ara smiled to Queen, continuing to pet her. Even after Nyx chased her. She was starting to see Nyx wasn’t a threat.
[b “Okay, next time, I’ll bring him treats.” ] Ara said, finding Nyx to be so adorable and peppy like any puppy should be.

He made her smile a bit when he said he was glad, and she didn’t mind that he pat her head. Still a little worrying though with the way he looked at her before. She suspected the reason but no one ever liked their dreams invaded.

[b “Not really… I did practice a lot yesterday, even before I saw you.” ] Ara mentioned. It was better to feign ignorance, wasn’t it? She’d softly smile and nod [b “Alright, thank you Sylus, for everything.” ] She watched him head out. He was…a huge mystery and, capable…she bet people went out of their way not to upset him. That kind of safety must have been nice.

Ara pulled her knees up, resting her arms on them and her chin. She squinted, trying to remember if the figures had a face but like most dreams it was a blur. She laid back down in bed, thinking deeply. She’d fall asleep and woke few hours later.

Her roommates returned, showing concern since she wasn’t in class. Dinner was coming up but she really didn’t have the appetite and wanted to only rest. They started to make assumptions that Sylus had something to do with it. Ara explained all the great things that happened with Sylus, but they still looked doubtful.

She found herself asleep again, sleeping for over 12 hours including the naps she took during the day. When she woke up, she felt much better and could tell she had more of her magic back but not all of it…which was odd. Before classes even started, she went to the library to find a book that would help describe what occurred. She end up having to take out the book because breakfast was starting. She figured she could read it right after breakfast.

Ara quickly went back into her room, fixing her hair, making it more wavy, braiding a part of her hair back, and using a moon clip. She did light makeup and the nicest lip gloss she had. She wanted Sy to find her pretty. She even used her vanilla lotion.
Ara quickly made it over to Sylus, smiling brightly [b “Sy, morning.”] She’d help herself in sitting beside him. [b “Did you sleep well?”] Would he notice? That she smelled nicer or looked a bit prettier? She even wore more jewelry, her golden necklace, bracelet – all pretty dainty with small blue jewels. [b “I have much more energy than I did yesterday, thanks to sleeping so much.” ] Ara said. She saw a few other Slytherins looking at her.
“You’re here again?” The guy asked.
[b “Ah yea, we’re friends.” ] Ara said. She looked down seeing other people come in, mainly from Gryffindor. She’d watch and quickly look away not wanting to make contact with anyone. [b “Spend time with me again afternoon? We can study.” ] Ara said to Sylus.
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He had a smile on his face when she said she wanted to try more of his food [b "Okay, I'll try to make some of those Japanese dishes and see if you'd like them"] he told her and looked over at Queen, staying away from him. His eyes looked up at her [b "You are. SHe looks like she's very attached to you"] he liked the idea of her bringing Nyx some treats, but at the same time, he didn't want to spoil him too much.

He was surprised to hear she put him to sleep. That means he was really strong with her magic. [b "Hmm, if you can put people to sleep, you're a worthy opponent. I wonder if I'd be able duel with you in class. It'd probably be really fun"] he thought to himself. Once he pulled the sheets up, he'd send Nyx back to the demon realm and he would slowly get up. She couldn't remember anything that would drain her energy like this, but at the same time, he felt like something must have happened.

He'd wave and would head back to his own dorm room, also taking a break and relaxing in bed as well. He ended up waking up around dinner and he would go with his roommates into the cafeteria. They grabbed some food and then they would head back and he would read more on dark magic before he headed into bed.

THe following morning, Sylus headed to his first class. He was in his uniform, his black hair spiked up naturally as he spotted Ara coming over to his side. She looked different. He could even get a whiff of her lotion. It smelled so sweet. His eyes glanced over at her [b "Morning. You look much better than yesterday. I slept okay"] he nodded and saw her hair style. She looked really pretty today. [b "You look nice today. What's the occasion?"] he asked, seeing his other friends making comments. [b "I'm glad I could help too"] he smiled.

Once of his friends spoke and Sylus watched him [b "It's cool don't worry about it"] he told him and would hear her mention they were friends. He took out his notebooks and would ready for class [b "Hmm? What did you want to do in the afternoon? I was planning on doing something later today"] he told her, wanting to work on his spells and collect more specimens for them.

"It's so odd seeing a second year wanting to hang out so much. Well I guess not" he shrugged, knowing a lot of girls moved to Sylus' side.

He shrugged and would continue off as Sylus took out his pen [b "I told your professors about yesterday and I'm sure your friend did too. Nothing to worry about"] he smiled, wondering what they would study. [b "Study? THat's boring. Maybe we can test out a few spells. I can show you a cool area I found where we can practice after classes too"]
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[b “Mmm, I want to be your test taster.” ] Ara grinned. She never met someone like Sylus before. It was so nice of him to offer. She couldn’t do much about Queen being weary of Sylus. She was attached to her, she treated Queen very well. Ara remembered how devastated she was when she saw the kittens all injured and the mother. She knew life was cruel but…that was insanely horrible to her.

Ara’s eyes widened, and she’s wave one had signaling ‘no’ [b “I really don’t think I could do that. I’d fail horribly.” ] Plus she didn’t want to stick out. She had little control and…she also was worried about Sylus control. [b “I think we should also learn more about control before we do that.” ]

He pulled the sheets up on her. In someway, he also reminded her of her mom because he was being very caring towards her. She appreciated it. Nyx went away but she felt she would see him again, and she had to find treats for him.

Ara took her place next to him. Sylus looked good without trying hard. She knew she looked pretty even without the extra effort today too. She definitely could even put more but it would be too much. [b “I feel better.” ] Ara assured. She smiled more when he said she looked nice? Occasion? [I I want you to find me pretty.] [b “No specific occasion, I like to change things up now and then.” ] Ara said which was true. She did like trying different hairstyles, adding accessories and choosing her own clothes. She had less choice with the uniform but she did make a few adjustments – like shortening her skirt a bit. It just looked cuter.

[b “Oh um…study?” ] She said, hoping to go with him. Sylus was planed something…she hoped she would be able to join. Odd? [b “Is it really?” ] Ara said. Guess not…? Did Sylus hang out with other girls like her? For some reason…it didn’t feel good.

[b “Thanks so much for telling them.” ] Ara said. She suggested studying with her. Boring? It was hardly boring. She suppose testing few spells was also part of learning though. [b “I’d like to do that too. As long as I’m learning something new I don’t mind.” ] Ara brightly said. She’d eat her breakfast up. Class was starting, they didn’t have class together today and since they were separate years…she felt bummed she didn’t get to have classes with him. She wondered what that would be like.
She’d let Sylus go with his friends. She met with her friends, they had free time before there class started. They’d go to the library and she end up reading more on that book she got. Her friend peeked in asking why she was reading that. She excused it as she wanted to do a project on it sometime. A boy from Hufflepuff shyly tried to ask her out, Ara politely declined him. Her friend blurt out “She already is crushing on someone else.” Ara blushed and saying, [b “No-No I’m not.” ] But her face told enough.

She went to defense against the dark arts class. She had so many questions at the end for the professor-privately but he looked at her very concerned about the question she was asking.

Lunch came around, she again made herself sit down right next to Sy, telling him about her class before they separated for there classes again. She realized they didn’t set a meeting place but she found out through a friend’s friend Sylus last class, so she’d wait outside for him, continuing her reading until he came out – quickly hiding the title. She felt happy that he said she looked nice earlier. [b “Hi Sy.” ] Ara smiled to him, [b “I didn’t know where we were supposed to meet. So I thought I’d drop by.” ] She saw the other upperclassmen come out too and felt a bit intimidated.
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He smiled [b "Okay, if I come up with a new dish, I'll definitely let you try it out"] he offered and would look back at Queen. He'd understand that she was afraid of him, but he also knew it was because he was always gathering special animal materials too. Maybe she saw that in him. She stuck so close to Ara and Nyx was also pouncing around, licking and sniffing the room curiously.

He'd ask about maybe doing a duel with her, but she seemed to refuse. Guess he couldn't give it a try. The sleeping spell was a more advanced one, so he figured she'd be able to put up a good fight against him. [b "True. I still don't really know how to control my power. It's too much sometimes"] he admitted and would tuck her in before leaving for the night.


In the morning Ara met up with him and she said she was feeling better. He was glad she was. She looked really pretty today though. [b "Oh okay. Well you're very pretty today"] he smiled and would lean into her, getting a whiff of her lotion. [b "Mmm, you smell really nice too. Maybe later we can do some fun things too"] he suggested and would see the others looking at them. Were they jealous? Sylus wasn't sure, but if Ara was hanging around him, he didn't mind having a pretty girl at his side.

[b "Hmm, I guess we can practice more control. Maybe somewhere less visible"] he liked that idea. [b "You'll be learning something new. I think you'd even like it"] he grinned, soon seeing that it was almost time for class. Sylus would soon get up and then he'd wave as he headed to his first class.

Sylus paid attention, but at the same time, he read his book on the dark magic. He recently found more ways to control his bloodline, knowing that he was known to have high dark magic power. If he wanted to control it, he wanted to find it in these books. His next class was also a dark arts class for the third years. They learned how to defend from dark magic. THey learned a new light spell and Sylus was struggling to make his light bright. He tried to fight off the dementor, but instead, the dementor decided to flee away on its own. He didn't know what happened, but even the professor was surprised.

After class, he headed to the cafeteria, taking a seat at the Slytherin table. Ara came to his side and he ate with her. He mentioned how he was able to scare away a dementor.

After the last few classes in the afternoon, Sylus stepped out of his class and saw ARa again. [b "Hey. Oh yeah, I guess we can go. I almost forgot"] he told her, walking out and seeing some of the upper class men looking at her. "She's cute. Your girlfriend Sy?"

[b "Na, she's just a friend I'm helping out"] he told them before heading out with her. He walked with her through the halls and past the courtyard. Once they reached the forest, he would meet her eyes. [b "Let's practice more control magic?"] he told her, pointing into the forest. [b "Here we can practice and not worry about people around or hurting others"]
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

Those fuzzy feelings filled her when she got a compliment, [b “Thank you, I’m always pretty really.” ] Ara said so casually. She turned her head when he leaned into her more – he was…so close. She wished she could hide what she felt better in these cases. Fun things? Magic? [b “Mmm, we can have a lot of fun later.” ] Maybe Sylus could teach her a few things the third years were learning. Ah but, she still needed to be better with control first.

[b “Agreed on that.” ] Ara said. She didn’t want to cause any harm. She wondered where Sylus would take them. She wondered if it was pretty or of it had a lot of books or maybe it was cozy. In her classes, she’s still think about Sylus, think about where they’d go, if he would smile at her like that, compliment her some more. She knew she was pretty – so why wouldn’t he?

She found Sylus at lunch time. She assumed ‘scare’ meant he just did really well. He was really cool.

Classes end and she stopped by Sylus class when hers ended. She waited for him, smiling and waving at him when he came out. She heard the question he was asked. Of course he wouldn’t say yes – she wasn’t but it was a little disappointment. It wasn’t like she wanted to be his girlfriend or anything…she didn’t think so or maybe…

She followed Sylus to the halls, they went past the courtyard and reached the forest. Was this the cool area? What did she think they were going to anyway? Well he was right. [b “Okay.” ] Ara said, with less enthusiasm then before. [b “I guess it’s a [i cool ] forest.” ] She whispered. Ahh, all that waiting and it was just a forest. She’d bring up a waterball since it was safer, she made it much bigger and maybe because of disappointment she was calm that it actually stayed steady. She’d throw it near a patch of dry grass. [b “If I can get better control, I can use the water from the hose to water my mom’s garden with magic.” ] She said, but with the same non-enthusiastic tone. She’d do it again, holding it for longer, and moved it near Sylus [b “Guess I mastered this for today.” ] Ara said and aimed for a tree by him but it end up exploding too soon and got Sylus a bit wet. Ara’s eyes widened, [b “Ohhh, I’m sorry.” ] She’d whisper and use the hot air spell to dry him but it made his hair a bit messy. She giggled and then quieted [b “Sorry…”]
ellocalypse     1y ago

He looked at her curiously when she said she was always pretty. His eyes watched her and he looked baffled when she said she was always pretty. She really had some confidence. He chuckled a bit and then he would tell her that they would do some fun things later, maybe get a little closer. When she agreed, he was so surprised. [b "Mhmm, we will"] he'd then say goodbye as he went to his other classes.

At lunch, he saw Ara again and she would just insert herself right beside him. It was odd she was being so clingy, but he couldn't complain. It didn't bother him when girls usually gathered around him anyway.

AFter classes ended, he would step outside, seeing Ara once more. Where did she pop out from? She was always there and it surprised him so much. He'd meet her eyes [b "Oh that's right, okay, let's go"] he headed to courtyard with her until they reached the opening to the forest. Sylus looked back at her, seeing the expression on her face looking a bit disappointed. [b "WHat are you thinking about?"] he'd ask and would see her bring up a waterball. Sylus watched her making it bigger and she looked like she wasn't having any issues.

[b "Wow you're getting good at focusing"] he told her, hearing her tone. She seemed annoyed [b "Is something wrong Ara?"] he'd ask and use his wand to make a waterball also. He'd fire it at a tree, knocking it down with some force. [b "Can you do something like this?"] he'd ask and then he would feel some water explode on him. He'd look back at her [b "Hey! Watch it!"] he told her, feeling the hot air spell. She dried him off, but now his hair was way too spiked. He'd notice her expression [b "What's wrong. Why are you laughing? Fix me"] he ordered her to.

If she came to fix his hair, he'd look at her blue eyes and he'd caress her cheek a bit. [b "If you've mastered everything for today, how about I show you more fun in my secret lair?"] he suggested, leaning in and pressing her back against a tree. He'd move in close as if going for a kiss, but he'd move past her cheek and whisper into her ear [b "No one knows about this place, so you'd better not tell anyone"] he whispered, taking her hand and pulling her into a portal.

THey appeared inside a dungeon. Long dirt tunnels that led to his secret hideout. He teleported them into the built lab he had made. There were cabinets with glassware and a lab bench to work on. There was even a couch and table to rest. He'd look at her eyes [b "This is where I practice"] he'd tell her.
RavenityAra | Blood Magic   1y ago

She wondered why he looked so surprised she showed up. He said he even almost forgot… which was a little upsetting but, she guessed it was fair since she it’s barely been three days since she met him. When they got to the forest she got disappointed. She’s seen this forest many times or many other forests. [b “Nothing.” ] Ara sighed. She’d practice and her disappointment or calmness in her disappointment made her control it with ease.
[b “I guess I am.” ] Ara said. Something wrong? She thought he’d show her something cool. Of all the places she envisioned, it wasn’t a simple trip to the forest. [b “No, nothing is wrong.” ] She couldn’t tell him that, it would be mean and maybe he forgot he said he’d take her somewhere cool.

Ara watched him fire at the tree. Ara gasped [b “Sylus, you shouldn’t hurt the tree like that.” ] Ara frowned [b “I could but I don’t want to, these trees have been here for decades maybe centuries.” ] She couldn’t bring back a fallen tree back that was for sure. She doubted it.

She got him wet- not intentionally. She apologized, dried him off and giggled finding his hair messy. She’d quickly stifle her laughter. [b “Your hair.” ] Ara laughed again and then he ordered her to fix it. Ara stopped laughing again. She’d step froward, going on her tip toes, to pat down his hair, running her fingers into his hair. Sy’s hair was pretty soft, clearly he cared enough to take care of his hair. [b “There.” ] Ara said, she felt good she got to touch his hair. She noticed him looking at her eyes, so she looked back and soon blushed when he caressed her cheek.

Secret lair? Fun? The way he said it… He leaned in, and she found her back against the tree. Ara held her breath, seeing him coming so close. His amber eyes…Why was he getting so close? Her heart felt like it was beating louder. Was Sy going to kiss her? Before she could react, she feel his breath tickle her ear. She burned up. Why would she think he’d do that? Why was he teasing her for?
[b “I… I won’t.” ] She quietly said, Sylus taking a hold of her hand. His hand…was warm. She’d smile to herself a bit. Maybe he did like her? She didn’t make a complaint about him pulling her into a portal. A dungeon? Tunnels… It was kind of creepy and also pretty cool. Her mom did tell her never to go alone with guys like this… [i Sorry mom. ] At least Sy wasn’t a criminal or anything.
[b “How did you find this place?” ] Ara asked.
He brought them into the lab. It was cozy. [b “Wow, did you set everything up here?” ] Ara asked. She’d look around, seeing potions, and ingredients around. She assumed Sylus bought them. She only supported ethically sourced materials. She saw a few books piled. She didn’t want to prod because she worried it would make him upset. [b “What were you last working on or practiced? “ ] Ara asked, while walking around a bit, just looking with her eyes curiously.

She’d sit down on the sofa, finding Sy kept it pretty clean. [b “I promise I won’t tell a soul.” ] Ara grinned. It was a secret and he told her. That must have meant he trusted her… that meant…he must like her. At least enough to trust her. [b “Does anyone else know?” ] Ara asked. She’d meet his eyes, and felt those fuzzy feelings return. She’d look away and pretend she was looking around the room again. Why did he got so close? She did remember all the girls around him…those rumours had to be wrong because the others were wrong -right? He wasn’t fooling around with a bunch of girls…she didn’t want that.
ellocalypseSylus (alt.)   1y ago

He was surprised because every break he had Ara was there. He was so surprised to see her waiting for him. Why did she need to? He almost forgot that they had to hang out after school. He would lead her to the forest, away from the students and the school. To his surprise she willingly came along. Was she not afraid of what he could do? His eyes watched her curiously and he would see her looking disappointed as she made her waterball.

Sylus saw her doing really well. She aimed and made the waterball bigger. Sylus shot down a tree, but then Ara would gasp and tell him he shouldn't hurt the tree [b "But there are many more around. What's one tree?"] he asked, hearing her mention they've lived a long time. Maybe she was right.

He got wet and asked her to dry him off, seeing her walk over and fix up his hair. She ran her fingers through and Sylus felt so much calmer. He'd meet her eyes and would lean in to touch her cheek, pressing her up against the tree before telling her not to tell anyone about where they went next. He'd pull her through a portal and they arrived at his secret hideout.

Sylus released her hand and he would walk over to his lab bench, clearing up some of the mess from his last experiment. He glanced back at Ara [b "I found it one time when I was exploring around campus. I went through some tunnels and I liked this area"] he told her and then he let her take a seat and relax for a while [b "I did. I brought things and set up a small lab. I like to make concoctions and potions and stuff. It's cool to see what you can do"] he told her and would look at the small flask that was green.

[b "I was making a changing spell. If you drink a little of this, you'll turn into a bird and you can soar through the sky"] he told her, showing her a few other concoctions he made. [b "I made one that could turn you into anyone else. You just need a bit of DNA. I have another one that lets you breath underwater. I use that one a lot"] he smiled.

[b "No one knows about this place. It's my hideout. You just seemed really disappointed when I brought you to the forest, so I wanted to show you this place"] he admitted. [b "Why are you asking? Do you want others to know about this place?"]


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