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Blood Magic | Sy & Ara

By Ravenity

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A fan-fiction of Sy & Ara. They attend a school to practice and control their magic.

Sy a Slytherin and Ara a Hufflepuff.


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The kitchen smelled really good. She felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Every fear from before was melting away. Sy was such a sweetie. She felt Sylus’ arms behind her. She looked back at his eyes, [b “Mm okay but just one. Safe the rest for tomorrow.” ] Ara said. She faced him and said how she felt. It made her smile hearing the same from him. His smile was so nice to see.
She kissed him softly, enjoying his caress. [b “Mm, okay, that sounds like fun.” ] Ara said. They did separate their way after. She finished some homework before she went to bed. She felt really excited for the next day.

Morning came in, she made sure she looked nice, wearing a desaturated pale pink sweater, a grey light skirt, tights and a pair of brown lace boots. She let her hair down, and did some of her makeup, making her lips a neutral beige pink, some eyeliner, mascara and a slight orange brown eyeshadow that didn’t stand out much. It took her a while to get ready and her friends would dig into find out where she was going. She couldn’t hide it so she told them she was going on a date.

[i Can’t wait to see you.] She sent with a heart emoji. She waited for a while but sylus still wasn’t here. She kept checking her phone and then went to go check the door. No Sylus. He said he’d meet her at her room… She sighed and waited inside her room again. She messaged Sy [ ‘Is everything okay?’ ] She soon heard noise outside and saw three girls at him…what were they even doing at her dorms? One was trying to drug him.

Ara couldn’t help but look irritated. Ara scoffed, watched them continue to attempt it and Sylus pulling back and said he needed to go but he didn’t sound angry, she would be. As if she’d get into the middle of that. [b “I can’t imagine being that pathetic for attention.” ] Ara bluntly said to them, rolled her eyes, and walked down the hall towards the exit. She’d wait for Sylus there, because she didn’t want to see it, deal with it and she felt Sylus was more then capable to make those ugly beings shoo. It made her feel pretty grumpy.
Sylus found it odd that Kyle kept bringing up the fact that he knew Ara was interested in him. He knew she wasn't and it was only a fluke to get back at him for holding Amy's hand, but still, it bugged him to think Kyle was pushing his buttons. He'd ignore him for now, just happy to be able to spend the day with Ara.

When Friday came, he would let her into his room, seeing how cute she looked. Ara was always so attractive to him and he found her attention and kindness something he had been missing lately. He told her what he had been doing for the week and if she liked the foods she had from him. [b "I'm glad you liked it"] he hugged his arms around hers and went to change as he soon sat on the bed beside her.

[b "We can just have a picnic, we don't have to be swimming"] he told her, nodding his head. He wanted to just have a normal date and be able to kiss her without his roommate coming in.

[b "Yeah we can prepare everything and keep it in the fridge for tomorrow"] he held her hand and would use the kitchen in the Slytherin dorms. Sylus would head into the fridge and would take out the ingredients he needed. He coated the chicken with batter and would fry them up nicely as he'd glance over and watched ARa make some brownies.

They'd prep the food and store it in the fridge as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. [b "Can I get a taste of your brownies?"] he asked and would hear her sweet words. [b "I'm happy you're my girlfriend. You're the sweetest and cutest thing ever"] he kissed her cheek and would smile even brighter. [b "I'm glad you're still beside me after everything"] he felt lucky she was wiling to. Anyone else would probably see him as a monster.

[b "Me too"] he grinned and would pull her in closer and lean in to kiss her lips. He'd reach up to caress her cheek. [b "Tomorrow morning, let's head to the beach and have our picnic. Then in the afternoon we can paint. Maybe we can bring your art supplies with us"] he'd hold her hand and lead her back to her dorm for the night.


The following morning, Sylus would wake up early, getting dressed in some ripped jeans and a black sweater. He made sure to fix up his spikey hair and clean up for their date. Sylus wore the magic control ring and would spend some time releasing a bit of his magic. HIs snake mark was faded today, so he knew he was in good shape. When he was ready, he'd text Ara [i I'm going to grab the food and meet you at your room when you're ready Ar]. He'd send the text and head into the kitchen to grab the basket of food they made last night.

Amy stopped him in the doorway. "Sylus do you want to hang out today? Just the two of us like old times?" she asked, seeing he looked good today and kind of dressed up. She walked up to him and rested her hand on his chest, letting it slide down.

[b "I can't. I have a date with Ara today"] he told her, seeing the look of disappointment in her eyes. "Ara this and that. Just make sure she doesn't make you hurt anyone else"

Sylus glared at her [b "You don't know what you're talking about"] he shoved past her and would bring the food to Ara's dorm. When she was ready, he'd wait outside, seeing a few people passing by and looking at him. A few girls surrounded him to ask him where he's been and what he was doing, but he tried to ward them off. He'd tell them he was out of town and that he came back and was waiting for Ara.

One girl was tugging at his arm, dragging him in a different direction "It's been a while Sy. Come have fun with us" she spoke out loud. He'd glance at the girls and he'd shake his head [b "I really can't. I'm waiting for my girlfriend"] he pulled his arm back, trying to fix his clothes, hoping Ara would meet up with him soon.
ellocalypse / 1d ago
Ara could see what Kyle was doing and she wasn’t going to slip into it, so she shrugged. She spent the rest of the week excited to spent time with Sy. Friday came in and Amy got dismissed. She faced Sylus and grinned to when he complimented her. He was very sweet.
[b “Really? I’m proud of you.” ] Ara giggled. She thought it was so nice of him to use his magic on doing something good. [b “It was very yummy. I’m very thankful.” ] Ara hugged him too, meeting his eyes. She liked all of those ideas…well as long as she didn’t have to go into the water. [b “That sounds like fun, but Sy its not very warm outside anymore, so don’t expect to be swimming.” ] She reminded. She sure liked the idea, them going on a date.

[b “Oh, yes, that’s fine.” ] Ara nodded. She felt a bit nervous about it after that had happened but, maybe this would help Sylus understand himself better to control it better. She watched him go into his closet and change. Ara tilted her head and saw him spiking up his hair. Awe Sy looked really nice, and it was for her. He was so sweet. [b “Mmm! Let’s do it. Should we do it tomorrow for lunch or tonight? We can get everything ready now.” ] Ara said. She’d take hold of his hand.
If he agreed, they’d go ask permission to use one of the kitchens. Ara let Sy handle the chicken. She decided to make some chocolate chip brownies. It was so nice to be cooking with Sylus. She did her best not to make a mess It didn’t take her long to finish the brownies since she’s done them plenty. She’d help Sylus and get t he sandwiches ready for their picnic tomorrow. Fresh would be better but she knew herself that she’d take longer than she’d like in the morning.
The kitchen smelled mostly of brownies. While they were baking, she hugged him [b “I’m so happy your my boyfriend. I think out of anyone you understand me the most.” ] Ara softly said, besides her mom. He also had an accident and she knew that heavy guilt that came with it. He didn’t mean it. [b “I want to be with you for a long time,” ] She looked up at his eyes. She felt that Sy had a good heart and he had been treating her well. She went on her tip toes and kissed him.
Ravenity / 2d ago
He glanced back at Ara. "You don't remember holding my hand walking to the burger place? That's unfortunate. You seemed pretty into me" he told her and would see the two walk out. Kyle only wanted to mess with Sylus, but he hasn't seen him looking this happy, so decided to let it go for now.

Sylus took her back to her room and would promise to see her this weekend. He already was missing her. He would get some food for her. He didn't want her to feel lonely without him. He'd spend his days training in the early mornings with the professor, making sure to get the hang of increasing his control. He didn't want to harm anyone else around him or Ara anymore.

WHen Friday came around, he heard a knock on his door followed by the sounds of two girls talking. Ara and Amy? He'd listen in on their conversation and would wonder why Amy was so worried about him being around Ara. He answered the door and eventually got Amy to go away for now. He'd hug his arms around her waist and he smiled.

[b "I missed you and you look so pretty"] he grinned, leaning in and kissing her lips softly. [b "I'm just relaxing. I've been focusing on getting better control. I watered the whole courtyard the other day"] he told her, feeling proud he was getting better. [b "I wanted you to have something yummy to eat"] he told her, hugging his arms around her waist. He'd think about the weekend [b "Let's do things together. We can stay at your place, or if you want I can take you to the beach and we can have a picnic?"] he suggested and would like the idea of painting with her more. [b "I want to paint with you again too. How about we do the picnic today at the beach? We can cook and pack our food and then go?"] he suggested, feeling much happier she was here and willing to spend time with him.

[b "I also told my Uncle we'd be able to visit tomorrow night if that's okay?"] he went into the closet and he'd change into some shorts and a white vneck tee with a denim jacket on top. He'd fix up his hair a bit more, but it was still spiked up as he walked back to her. [b "How about we make some fried chicken sandwiches, some dessert and then I can take us to the beach? We have some chicken and ingredients in the kitchen, so it shouldn't be too hard"] he smiled.
ellocalypse / 3d ago
Ara listened to Kyle go on a bout holding his hand [b “Mmm, that was so Sy didn’t worry about me. I don’t remember sharing a burger.” ] She admitted.
She felt good that Sylus was being so sweet to her, walking her back. She agreed to see him this weekend. She really wished she could have spent more time with him..but it wasn’t anyone’s fault that they shared rooms. She wasn’t sure how she felt about kissing and making out right in front of Kyle.
Next day followed and she saw Sylus’ text. She went to pick it up and would feel that warm fuzzy feeling to know he was trying to feed her. How sweet Sy was. She even got to see his cute selfies. She took selfies too and sent them.

Friday came in and she got to really excited to see him and then there was Amy. Ara frowned hearing his cough. Did Sy get sick too? Ara looked back at Amy and then Sylus and started to think that he was okay and just using an excuse. Ara smiled when he rejected Amy.

Her? A bad influence? If anything, Sy was her bad influence and she remembered hearing Sylus had gotten in trouble before, maybe those were rumours? Oh ‘this’ much trouble. [b “I’m…not… There’s no reason for me to lie. I don’t know why you think that.” ] Ara frowned.

Sylus came to her defense and she thought it was nice of him but she did not want to spend time with Amy since she did not want to get bullied. [b “As long as you try to be friendly with me. I’m really not what you say, that’s not any of my intentions.”]

She went inside with Sylus and SY closed t he door on Amy. Well, that was settled. She smiled to him brightly [b “Oh, the occasion of seeing you. That’s all.” ] Ara said. She saw him in his sweat pants and hoodie. [b “Are you feeling unwell? Because if you are, it’s okay you don’t have to. By the way, thanks again for the food you ordered me. I really feel taken care of with you.” Ara leaned in and kissed his cheek. [b “How do you want to spend our weekend? We can visit a park, or we can go to my house, do an activity like more painting or something you find fun.” ] Ara said. She hoped to cheer him up.
He smiled at the thought [b "Well it's nice to see that you learned some values. I didn't have any parents to teach me things like that, but I think sometimes it's common sense that you should take responsibility for your actions. I need to go visit Isaac"] he sighed a bit and wondered if they would even allow him to visit.

He snuggled with Ara, enjoying her company and how cute she was beside him. He wanted to spend more time with her like this. Sylus ate beside her and would kiss her cheek softly, leaning in to kiss down her neck when he saw Kyle coming in. IT made him frustrated because he wanted more alone time with Ara.

"You held my hand and shared a burger with me remember?" he smirked.

Sylus just rolled his eyes and would slowly get up as he took Ara's hand. [b "Yeah I'll walk you back"] he smiled and would head to her dorm. When they arrived, he would meet her blue eyes and ignored the people around them. [b "I want to. Maybe this weekend we can?"] he hugged his arms around her and waved before heading back to his room.

WHen he got back to his room, Sylus glanced back at Kyle [b "Cockblocker"] he rolled his eyes and Kyle came over to pat his back innocently. "It's okay. I'm sure she can be satisfied by you, if not, let me know" he smirked. Sylus just shoved him back [b "Shut up asshole"] he rolled his eyes and would head to bed for the night. The following morning, Sylus would head out to practice with the professor in the courtyard. They practiced early in the mornings so that not a lot of people were around.

In the afternoon, he'd use a spell to become his roommate again and he went to pick up some food. He texted Ara [i 'Ar, I got you something for lunch. WHen you go to the Cafe, just tell them order for Ara'] he sent and would smile as he headed back to his room. He wanted to eat lunch with her, but he wasn't allowed to leave his room or be anywhere on campus unless allowed to. He had gotten her a half soup, salad, and a small pizza combo for her lunch. He'd see the pictures she'd sent and he would take selfies of him making funny faces as he sent some as well. He'd even give a kissy face.

He would head back to his room, but when he was getting a lot of knocks on his door. Sylus would pose as his roommate and open the door. The girls were bugging him so much, asking about where Sylus was and the details about what was happening. Sylus would just make it clear that they weren't broken up. They were still together and that Sylus was just taking a short break from classes due to a family situation.


When Friday came around, Sylus would do morning practice, learning to expend more energy while being discreet. HE even had enough magic to water the entire courtyard. By noon, he was relaxing in bed, just trying to catch up on school work that one of the professors dropped off when he heard the door. [b "Coming"] he'd walk over and when he'd hear two voices, he'd listen for a bit. It sounded like Amy and ARa. Did Amy know what happened?

He would open the door and put a hoodie over himself. He'd pretend to cough for a bit [b "Sorry Amy, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I called Ara to stop by. Maybe next time we can hang out"] he glanced up at her and would see Amy looking pretty pissed. She rolled her eyes at them and she glanced back at Sylus "Sy, it seems like she's a bad influence on you. You never used to get in this much trouble before. Be careful. She could be lying and manipulating you"] she told him.

Sylus glanced back at ARa and would sigh [b "I trust Ara. If you two hang out, maybe you'd trust her too. She's nice and sweet. She really cares about me and my friends you know. Just give her a chance"] he told her, holding Ara's hand as he led her inside.

When the door closed, Sylus would face her [b "Wow, you look so pretty today Ar. What's the occasion?"] he asked, looking down at his sweat pants and hoodie. [b "I should change too"]
ellocalypse / 5d ago
[b “That’s because I’ve learned it very young, I needed to be able to. Thank you for the compliments. Mmm, it was. You didn’t mean to take it that far.” ] Ara siad.
She snuggled with SYlus for the movie finding him attractive and cute. It really seemed like he liked what she said. She was in awe when he said he flet the same way about getting her attention.

They shared food. She wanted to hug him and kiss him more sense it’s been a while. Then Kyle came in, and undressed. Sylus spared her eyes. Interested in Kyle? She never remembers saying that. [b “When?” ] Ara wondered.

She pouted a bit [b “Neither do I. But Kyle is here...and curfew is coming up.” ] Ara reminded. She half smiled when he said he’d walk her to her dorm. It was sweet of him. She walked with him, holding his hand. She swung them playfully. Sylus had been good to her this whole time. He was a lot like her. She didn’t mean to cause that accident either. She noticed the glances at them but it didn’t matter.
[b “Mmm, let’s spend time together Sy.” ] Ara smiled. She hugged him too and kissed him softly back. [b “Me too. Message me okay?” ] Ara said. She head inside and got ready for bed. She felt good that she went to see him and that things were okay. It was fine...he just had an accident. She spent some time with Queen before she went to bed.

Her friends asked her in the morning what was going on since they hadn’t seen Sylus for awhile. Ara said they were fine and rumours about them breaking up turned into them having a fight and making up...yet still some girls would take it as opportunity to go bother Sylus roommate and even try to knock on his door to get his attention. She’d message Sylus along the day, and send him pictures.

She went to go see the person she put in a deep sleep, and worked again to try to wake him but still no luck. She even tried to visit Issac but he refused to see her or eat her muffins. She didn’t know why she did considering he threatened her, it wasn’t her fault that he got...very burned...mostly anyway.

Friday came in and when classes finished she’d hurry to her room, fix her hair, do a bit of makeup, cover up her mark - wearing a yellow light dress and a jacket ontop. She went to Sylus room quickly and there was Amy at the door too, knocking, “Sylus, come out, let’s hang out.”
[b “Sorry, he’s spending time with me.” ] Ara quickly said.
“Sure he is,” Amy rolled his eyes, “I heard you too got into a big fight or something, and someone got burned. You made him do it right?”
[b “Made him…? What? ] Ara asked [b “We didn’t fight. We’re fine.” ]
“I heard you put Issac’s friend in a coma and now Issac is gone too. So, you did something didn’t you? You used a spell on Syus too.” Amy said.
[b “I didn’t do anything and if you believed I did, wouldn’t you be afraid of me?” ] Ara reminded.
“-Anyways it’s his choice. You really should stop manipulating him or I’ll have to do something about it to keep my friend save,” Amy said.
Ara frowned and starting to get upset...then ralized [b “Amy you need to go. Seriously, Sy isn’t feeling great.”] Ara said.
He frowned and would wrap his arms around her [b "Still, I don't think your actions will go unnoticed. I can see how hard you're trying to fix things. I should do the same"] he wanted her to feel good about it too. [b "You have other skills Ara. I've never seen anyone our age be as good at healing magic as you are. You're really good at casting it too. I'll try and make sure he knows it was an accident"] he sighed, knowing that it'd be hard trying to even talk to Isaac again.

During the movie, they sat together, cuddling and just enjoying each other's company. It'd been a while since he was able to spend time with her, so he really wanted it to last. Her words surprised him, but he wanted her to know he was okay with all of that too. [b "I do too. Your kisses, the way you touch me. I love your attention too Ar"] he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers again.

When the food came, Sylus ate with her, sharing the steak and fries. He'd take a bite and would feed her as well. Then he got a hug and would see the door open. Kyle eyed the two and remembered the time they held hands. "You do? THat's good. It seemed like you were interested in me not too long ago either"

Sylus glanced back at Kyle [b "We're doing okay"] he had his arms around Ara's waist. [b "I don't want you to go though"] he sighed and then he would get up after the movie finished [b "OKay, I'll walk you back to your dorm"] he would hold her hand and then put on a hoodie. He'd walk with her out of the dorm and then he would head back with her to the HUfflepuff dorms.

Sylus noticed a few people looking at him, but he'd just ignore it for now. At least it would clear up rumors that they broke up at least. [b "I wanted to spend more time with you. Maybe this weekend after your classes are over?"] he suggested and would make it to the front of her building. [b "I'll work hard this week at practice. I can't wait to see you again Ar"] he hugged his arms around her waist and leaned in to kiss her lips before watching her head inside.

When she went in, he'd head to the courtyard and open a portal back to his room for the night.
Not everything. [b “It was… I haven’t seen him a while. Nothing I do is working.” ] Ara sighed. She heard him talk about her being strong and it made her smile [b “Maybe in another way but I’m not very physical strong Sy. Mmm, he shouldn’t have. I bet…he really…regrets it.” ] Ara mumbled. [b “Anyways-movie.” ]

She was liking cuddling, watching a movie and getting kisses from Sy. She said something that made her feel shy about. She smiled a bit more at what he said. She kissed him more deeply. [b “I love your kisses. I love your…” ] She paused kissing him back and feeling him lick her bottom lip….it felt nice. [b “I want your attention.” ] She said.

He brought out food. It tasted good and it was filling. [b “Hmm what really?” ] She pondered wondering if Sylus didn’t like ea ting too much mea t. She hugged him lost in her own thought when she watched him. He was really cute, kissing her cheek like that. The door opened suddenly. [b “Oh-of course not.” ] Ara brushed her hair back, [b “We really like each other.” ] Ara smiled to Sylus and noticed Kyle changing in front of them in boxers. Ara blushed. Sylus blocked her view of him. [b “Ahhh…” ] Ara nervously laughed, [b “Should I go?” ] Ara wondered, not wanting to be a bother. She doubt she’d be able to kiss Sylus more when his roommate was here anyway.

[b "I really like being here with you though Sy. I'm having fun." ] Ara took hold of his hand.
He knew she did something wrong too, but Ara was so sweet and kind that he tended to overlook that sometimes. He'd nod his head [b "I know, but you're doing everything in your power to try to heal him and make sure he's okay. You're doing a lot more than I am right now and I can see how upset and sad you are about it. IT was also an accident"] he saw her smile and he was glad she was understanding.

He shook his head [b "I know you're strong Ara. You're stronger than a lot of people I know. But he did deserve to be pushed back at least....he shouldn't hurt you like that"] he frowned at the thought of burning. He remembered holding his neck and he had to squint his eyes to try and forget about it.

As they relaxed and watched the movie, he would kiss Ara's neck, finding her so attractive right now. She came to see him, visit and make sure he was okay. It was more than he could have asked for. Then she mentioned being his meal and he liked that idea. He did want to eat her up if he could. [b "Of course. You're my girlfriend and you're really attractive. I can't help it"] he nodded and would kiss her lips more.

He would smile at her words [b "Do you like these kisses? When I give you attention like this?"] he asked, kissing her once more and then licking her bottom lip. He would order them food and when he went to pick it up, he would then open another portal back.

He unloaded the food and would hand her her meal. [b "It does. It looks so good. I haven't had meat in a while"] he would cut up his steak and continue the movie. SYlus would feed her some fries and then his steak as he took in some of hers [b "Mmm, yummy"] he chuckled and would see her turning red. [b "It's good"] he smiled and would get hugged so tightly. IT made him chuckle as he finished up and then set his dish aside.

Sylus would hug his arms around her as well, kissing her cheek and then he heard the door open. Kyle came inside and when he saw the two, he'd shut the door "Oh I didn't know you were having company. Guess you two aren't broken up yet" he went to his closet and then he would start to change, taking off his robes and standing there in his boxers.

[b "Hey! Let us know when you're changing. We're just watching a movie"] he'd turn so Ara couldn't see naked Kyle. He would then sigh a bit, not wanting to have any company right now.
[b “Am I? I did something wrong too.” ] Ara reminded. Ara shook her head [b “No I don’t think so, but…it was because of the magic that you took it too far. I like it when you help me out.” ] Ara softly smiled.

Ara thought back and then shrugged, [b “I’m not strong myself, so when he gripped that hard on me it left a mark. He’s a lot bigger than me Sy.” ] She reminded. It wasn’t that big of a deal because she could heal herself easily. It was more of annoyance and hatred of being handled like that.

They watched the movie and they were both getting hungry…and with Sylus kissing her neck, it made her mind go and even her words places. Her cheeks burned up for saying something so embarrassing. [b “I um…I uhh,” ] Ara blinked a few times and looked away shyly, until he leaned in and tugged her lip. It did turn her on when he did that. She was made to get closer when he tugged. [b “Wha, really?” ] She shyly said and kissed him back when he kissed her. She’d smile when he said he’d get them some food. Ah she couldn’t believe she said that out loud!

Sexy and arousing? It made her feel good hearing he thought of her that way too. [b “So are you…when you kiss me like that.” ] She returned. Ahh Sy was so attractive. Scary? She couldn’t see that. She offered to pay this time but Sylus went to pay for it. She wondered where he got the money but decided not to ask. Ara nodded when he said he’d be back. She slapped the side of her own head “Ahh why you say that out loud? Dumb Ara.” She touched her own cheek and felt how warm it was. But he liked it, he acted like he liked her saying that. It made her smile and not feel so bad. Maybe it was okay to say things like that with him then.

Sy made it back and it looked really good, “Wow, this looks good. Yea me too.” ] She giggled. She sat with him and ate slowly. She’d sway side to side now and then leaving her shoulder tapping his shoulder. She fed Sylus a bite off hers, watching him take it in from her fork. She blushed again, staring at him. He was so attractive and so cute. She hugged him tightly, and continued to eat and watch the movie with him. It felt so normal again. Her fears were nothing to worry about. She would defend Sylus no matter what.
He would hear her mention some nice things about it and it made him smile brightly [b "You're really sweet and caring. Moreso than I am"] he admitted and was glad she still thought of good things. [b "Is it that bad that I'm protective? Maybe it's just the fact that I took in too much magic that it was bad"] he sighed and felt her warm lips on his cheek.

He felt lucky he had Ara beside him. She was the best company he could ask for. She cared about him genuinely and she healed his hands with ease. She was definitely really special to him and he didn't want to be without her. [b "He hurt you? Was he that strong?"] he asked, frowning. HE felt bad for Isaac, but he shouldn't have laid his hands on Ara either.

THey laid together and watched the Disney movie, but it was also making him hungry seeing all the food. HE pulled her in close and would let her rest back against his chest as he pressed his lips against her neck. HE watched her look back and he kissed her softly. [b "We can get food"] he heard her mention having her. Did she understand what she just said? HIs eyes looked at her curiously and he raised his brow [b "Dinner? Can I have you for dessert?"] he leaned in and tugged on her lip, pulling it towards him.

[b "I'd like that actually"] he kissed her lips once more [b "Yeah let's get some food. I'll place and order and use the portal to pick it up. We can do steak and fries"] he nodded and would run his fingers down her sides slowly.

[b "Mmm, you can be sexy and arousing at the same time"] he would pull out his phone and choose a steak place that he liked. HE picked out a steak and some fries and let Ara choose as well. Once he put in the order, he would pay for it. Luckily for him he was able to get some money from tuition and from his uncle. He didn't buy too many things anyway and he felt like he wanted to treat Ara.

When the order was ready, he'd open up a portal [b "I'll be back Ar. Just wait here"] he told her, heading inside. He'd grab the food from the restaurant and make it back to his room, setting the food on his bed as he took them out. [b "Now I won't feel as bad watching his movie with my tummy grumbling"] he chuckled handing her her meal.
[b “No...not to me. I think you’re very loving and caring at heart.” ] Ara gently smiled [b “And very...very protective. We just have to tone it down a bit on it.” ] Ara kissed his cheek. She’s heard rumours of Sylus not being someone to mess with or bad things would happen.

She healed his burns till they were gone. [b “No problem. I healed myself from the...uh-litte marks Issac gave me too. That guy doesn’t know his own strength either.” ] Ara scoffed. She hugged him when he talked about practicing.

He picked a movie and she watched it with him but it was making her a bit hungry too with all of this food talk. She leaned into him when his arm wrapped around her waist. “Mmm…” She missed the feeling of his kisses on her neck. Sy was still Sy, he just had an accident. Just like her. She faced him and kissed his lips.

[b “Me too,” ] Ara giggled, [b “cook? It’s not so easy to access, why don’t we go get...or maybe go out and get food using your portal?” ] Ara suggested remembering Sylus wanted to stay hidden for awhile from school and she wanted to respect that. [b “Or you know, you can have me for dinner.” ] She playully said, then realized what she said - blushed and quietly said [b “I was just joking. I said something weird. I’m sorry. Pizza, let’s get pizza? Or maybe burgers? Or steak? Steak is good.” ] Ara said nervously.
He was learning a lot more about control with the professor because it seemed like they needed to enforce it now with him. What they didn't know was that he also absorbed a large amount of magic power at that door. He sighed a bit [b "Well I hope my friends are not thinking anything else"] he sighed and realized that Ara was right. He guessed maybe it wasn't too far off from his reputation.

[b "Do you think that reputation is true though?"] he smiled a bit and would see her slowly move back closer to him. He saw taking his hands and then healing them slowly as he watched them disappear. [b "That's so cool. Thank you ARa"] he leaned in to kiss her lips and then he watched her frown at his words. At least she wasn't afraid of him. That made him happy. [b "Yeah I think all we can do is practice"] he would nod his head and then he patted the empty bed beside him. He leaned into her and then he would grab his laptop. Once he opened it up, he would pick out some Disney movies and wonder which ones she wanted to see. He ended up choosing Ratatouille. He would sit and watch with ARa and would wrap his arm around her waist. He'd slowly run his fingers down her arm and kiss her neck slowly, feeling pretty happy because she was here with him.

He'd watch the rat cooking food and he'd chuckle and laugh when they almost got caught. [b "This movie is making me hungry. Maybe I should cook something for dinner too"]