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By Retribution

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It's 3am. Behind you, a battered synthoid lays twitching, a smoldering hole sparking between it's eyes. The room is adorned with innumerable sigils, pentagrams and other occult imagery, penned in questionable ink.
Before you, endless twinkling cityscape, it's tallest peaks obscured by acidic rain and it's deepest alleys hidden by thick smog. Even now, traffic is thick and streets are bustling, oblivious to the violence. Or perhaps, numb to it. Your phone buzzes in your pocket; another haunting, another possession, another rogue android on the loose. You sigh, knowing it will be many hours before you sleep again.

Life in 2062 is hard. Humanity's hedonistic consumption has rendered much of our world unlivable, and as such most of those that remained consolidated in to a few major population centers. Three colossal, sprawling cityscapes sprouting up like lesions, each home to approx. a billion residents each. Poverty, disease and crime dominate and subjugate the lower classes, whilst the uber-rich live safely above it in indescribable opulence among the clouds.
These digital addictions lead to a return to the old ways, seeing a resurgence in the occult and mysticism. Such ritualistic fervor has caused somewhat of an infestation; wayward spiritual entities flooding a downtrodden and desperate populace, feeding on the negative energies abundant amongst the poor. A recipe for disaster.
Growing alongside the influx of spiritual unrest, was a technological one; A.I. Once seen as the future of human development, A.I quickly became one of it's greats threats. It seemed that without the tempering presence of a soul, consciousness and intelligence quickly became hell bent on bloodshed, and the creation of such dangerous programs quickly became illegal. However, some rogue elements survived, and pop up from time to time to wreak havoc, hijacking synthoids or other machinery.

This is where the Medium comes in to play. A semi-secret society of psychically gifted individuals tasked with stomping out both spiritual or demonic incursions, as well as rogue A.I elements. They act both as a dubious arm of law enforcement and extrajudicial vigilante. Those who believe in their existence either love them as selfless protectors, or hate them as cold, efficient killers. It's up for debate which is more true.
In truth, most Mediums are ordinary citizens. Some veer more toward cybernetic enhancement over psychic ability, but all are drawn to the job as though by some compulsion. As much as they may try to avoid it, they can never hide from it for long.

Skelly time

Name: First and Last

Code name: |Either a nickname, or a call sign used in the field|

Age: |18+, no children in the field|

Defining Features: |Scars, tattoos, dyed hair etc. What sticks out at a glance?|

Appearance: |Just a link to whatever pic you'd like to use. I'd rather no photos of real people, it's always a weird look.|

Psychic Abilities: |What innate powers were you born with?|

Cybernetic Enhancements: |What upgrades have you been kitted out with?|

Brief Background: |Not a biography, but enough of a general outline that it makes sense why you're in such a dire line of work. Who are you?|

I have only fairly recently returned to the site, and I am pretty rusty in my writing, and honestly I'm kind of just winging it with this. I don't even really know if I want to write with only one person or with multiple. If you're interested, I guess just send me a P.M and we'll go from there; you can also reach me through the E.S Discord if I don't get back to you right away.

Name: Vincent Maxoff

Code name: Revenant

Age: 28

Defining Features: Vincent bears a large burn scar across the right side of his cheek and down his neck, and a series of arcane symbols forming lower half-sleeve tattoos.

Psychic Abilities: As with most Mediums, Vincent has the sight; the innate, from-birth ability to see spiritual entities. Beyond this, he has also shown a natural affinity for warding; a type of psychokinesis focused on repelling spiritual (and to a lesser extent, physical) entities.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Vincent's only enhancement is a communicator implant, common place to many citizens.

Brief Background: Born to a pair of prolific Medium's, Vincent was all but destined to enter the life. Though not physically gifted by any means, at least not compared to his fellow hopefuls, but he especially excelled in the theory portion of the job. He was quickly viewed as an expert in occult rituals and ceremony. A promising rising star, his peers said.
This was not to last, however. As he watched his fellow Mediums die off one by one, an unfortunate reality of such a dangerous profession, the young trainee became a disillusioned and unmotivated man. He became distant from both his family and partners, eventually winding up working alone.
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