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Spotlight Glow [BeautyFromPain-]

By SmileBright

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When three friends, Eleanor , Y/C, and X, create a band in high school, they never assume anything past maybe a few local gigs. They never expected to be the new upcoming band in the alternative pop punk music scene. Being rising stars was new, but they all were able to settle in their new roles and being in the limelight, all the time.

After a year or so, their manager had suggested Y/C and X have a bit of a fake romance, as for fans to have a reason to follow the band more closely. And it worked, maybe a little too well. Y/C had little romantic feelings for X, while X was falling more and more in love with Y/C. In the heat of the moment and on stage one night, their fake relationship turned real.

Little did everyone else know, Eleanor had been hopelessly in love with Y/C. As the two went out for a girl’s night at a high end bar one night, the night ends with the two women in bed together.

They begin a sort of relationship, and it’s clear that Y/C enjoys her relationship with Eleanor more than her relationship with X. But, the relationship with X has been giving their band more traction and fame as well.

What will Y/C do? Will she continue to have a secret relationship with Eleanor? Will she end her relationship with X? Will she end her relationship with Eleanor? Find out in Spotlight Glow.


1. PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and language and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
2. Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark, and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
3. I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
4. Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
5. Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
6. Please post at least one a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end.
7. PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. Please accept that and do not steal it.
8. Let’s have fun!

Photo Link:
Nicknames (if any):
Age: 21+
Occupation: (You could choose singer/gutarist or bassist. Eleanor is the drummer)
Athem: Song that describes your character

Photo Link:
Name: Eleanor Hadley King
Nickname: King (by close friends and fans mostly), El, Hads
Age: 25
Occupation: Drummer/Pianist for Sky of Stars
Anthem: If I'm Lucky- State Champs.
Photo Link:
Name: Adeline Parker
Nicknames (if any): Addy
Age: 23
Occupation: Singer for Sky of Stars
Anthem: Scars - Papa Roach
Photo Link:
Name: Malachi Lucas Ashford
Nicknames: Ash, Luke, Chi
Age: 25
Occupation: Bassist for Sky of Stars
Anthem: "About a Girl" by The Academy Is . . .

**Notes: X will be played between the two of us. If you feel very strongly and want to control X, that is totally fine as well! I thought we could discuss his character more together, so we'll figure him out. X WILL be male, so I'm up for whatever as long as he is male. We can double if needed, one of us can play him and the other can play another male (maybe the manager or something) but they won't be the main focus of the roleplay. To know you read all the way to here, please label your PM with Spotlight Glow and an idea for the band name (we will discuss that as well).**
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Eleanor never thought this would be her life. The woman and her two friends had one day decided to start a band, and never thought it would go anywhere; maybe a few gigs around their town and at small venues. And that’s how [i Sky of Stars] was formed. But after a few months, they had a record company want to sign them, and the rest was history. They were one of the new, upcoming bands on their field, and were gaining lots of traction. Eleanor never really wanted the limelight, she just wanted to do something fun with her friends, but everyone around her seemed to be excited about the whole thing, she agreed and they began their new lives as rising stars.

Eleanor sat down on the couch in the recording studio, as their manager had called them all to a meeting. Next Malachi, her best friend for as long as she could remember and was basically her brother at this point. [b “Hey King.”] Malachi spoke toward Eleanor, a smile on his lips as well. Eleanor smiled back, ‘King’ being a nickname her close friends used sometimes, and her fans had begun using it as well. She was a bit on the tomboyish side anyway, so it worked with her image as well. Malachi plopped himself down on a beanbag nearby the couch she was sitting on, and looked around. [b “Know why we are here anyway?”] he asked, checking his watch. [i “No idea, Amber just told us to meet her here for a meeting. I think she wanted to discuss something about growing our fanbase.”] Eleanor responded, the manager Amber keeping everything very secret. The male nodded, before pulling out his phone.

Malachi was the bassist of the small band, while Eleanor played drums. The last member was Adeline. She was beautiful, had a killer voice, and was someone that Eleanor had a crush on for the last few months, as they grew closer as they band grew to fame. But, Eleanor had no idea if Adeline even was attracted to women, as Eleanor was out as a lesbian to everyone, even the fans. And besides, she wanted to keep the band as tight knit as possible. No need to bring any relationships or flirting into a band of friends.

Adeline also entered the room, a small smile appearing on Eleanor’s lips. She patted the spot next to her, as an invitation to her friend to sit with her. When she sat, she could see Malachi look up, a smile on his lips as well. [b “Hey Addy.”] he spoke, his eyes lingered on her for another moment before his eyes went back to his phone. No one, not even Malachi, knew about Eleanor’s crush on Adeline, and she was hoping to keep it that way.

Amber entered the studio lounge, looking over the band. [+blue “Good, you are all here.”] Amber spoke, propping her sunglasses from her eyes on her head. [+blue “So, I have been speaking with someone who is trained in social media and fan building for upcoming bands. You guys have sort of plateaued with your fans, and that is going to plummet the status of your band unless we do something about it.”] Amber spoke, pulling a chair out to sit in it. Eleanor’s eyes scanned her bandmates, they all were a bit nervous about what Amber wanted them to do. Amber was willing to do anything for their band, and sometimes those things were more than they could handle.

Amber sighed, before letting a smile rest on her lips. [+blue “So, I was thinking. Maybe we can have two of you have a bit of a fake relationship, huh? Your next album is full of love songs anyway, it’d be perfect!”]. Eleanor’s face was dumbfounded. [i “What? Are you crazy? We are all just friends anyway!”] Eleanor spoke, crossing her arms. Eleanor would never hold back what she was thinking. [+blue “Eleanor, please. You don’t have to worry. You’re not who we were thinking of anyway…”] Amber smirked, her eyes flickering to Malachi and then Adeline. [i “Wait...that means…”] Eleanor started, letting her eyes flicker to her friends before Amber spoke once more.

[+blue “Yup. Malachi and Addy, you guys are now unofficially “dating” “] Amber spoke, putting air quotes around the word dating. Eleanor was, in simple terms, completely pissed off. SHE was the one who liked Adeline, and now the person who was basically her brother would be ‘dating’ her. She hoped that, maybe, one of them would refuse. But she knew that probably wouldn’t happen. As much as she hated the idea, it would boost fan interaction. It was a good plan. She looked toward her band, her hands slowly fidgeting together. [i “Well, what do you guys think?”] Eleanor asked, it was up to them anyway.
BeautyFromPain-.Muses.   1y ago

Adeline was still somewhat sleeping when she got a message from their manager, Amber. Stating that she wanted to speak to us three in the morning. Adeline groaned at the text, and didn't even reply. She didn't understand what she wanted to talk about but she knew that she would find out tomorrow morning.

It was the next morning and she looked at her phone, realizing it was on a message from Amber. Adeline looked confusingly at the text. She didn't even realize that she opened that text message last night. Adeline shook her head, and decided that she should probably take a shower and get down to the studio.

Adeline jumped into the shower real quick and washed her hair and body. She got out and wrapped the towel around her thin body. She went to her room put on her bra, tank top, and a shirt that hung off so that her shoulder was being shown. Adeline put on some jeans and then her shoes. She did her hair and put this flower thing around her head. She smiled as she looked herself in the mirror. She didn't want to put makeup but she did it anyways. within 45 minutes she was all ready. But she knew that she was late already. When wasn't she late?

Adeline drove down and walked in and saw Malachi and Eleanor. She sat next to Eleanor and smiled at her. [b "Hey guys!"]] She smiled real big at the both of them. And then she waited for Amber to show up. Once she did she show up. She listened to all of the comments. Adeline blinked and her jaw just dropped. Absolutely not. She will not 'fake date' anyone.

Adeline looked at Eleanor and then back at Malachi. [b "Absolutely not!"] She yelled out loud and instantly she stormed out of the room. Out of all people, Malachi? No. Eleanor? High possibility. Adeline was homosexual, and she wanted no part of this. At all.

Eleanor couldn't help but take a moment to look over Adeline as she entered the studio. She was breathtakingly gorgeous, and she had no idea how much Eleanor cared for her. How much she wanted to be with her, to hold her and kiss her. She could have just wrapped her arms around the woman as she sat next to her on the couch, as Malachi paid no mind to the woman. He was more invested in his phone than anything else, which meant he was probably back on the dating apps Eleanor constantly told him to get rid of, none of the woman on there wanted anything serious like he did.

As Adeline yelled and then stormed out was when Malachi finally looked up from his phone. [b "Fake date? Adeline and I? Why would we do that?"] Malachi asked, turning his phone down and sliding it into his pocket. Amber groaned, hating to have to explain it again. [+blue "The fans will love it! They will be all over your socials, for all of you. And then your current album, with the love songs on there, it will sell beautifully."] Amber spoke, [+blue "So, Chi, you in?"] she asked the male. Malachi looked to Eleanor, whose expression was a bit pissed, but still turned to Amber and nodded. [b "Why the fuck not."] he smirked.

Eleanor went toward the door, out to where Adeline was. [i "Hey, Addy, wait."] she spoke, taking hold of Addy's arm as the woman was turned away. [i "Hey, I get it. This sucks. For some reason, Malachi seems to think this is a great idea, so he's in."] Eleanor said, letting her hand fall from the grip on the woman's arm. [i "You know Amber isn't gonna let up until you agree. And who knows, maybe we can write a really good breakup album together."] she teased, taking the woman's hand softly. Eleanor and Addy wrote music together all the time, so maybe making it into a reason for them to hang out might lessen the blow. It killed her to be asking her to do this, to talk her into it, but she knew Amber would be a bitch about it until she agreed.

[i "How about this. I'll take you out on the town, go to a couple clubs and everything. We can get drunk and forget about this whole thing. Besides, the fans love it when we take photos and leave out Malachi, this will be even better."] she smirked, letting go of the woman's hand.

Eleanor hated this. She would have much rather Adeline be in a relationship with her, but she knew Amber loved to mix Malachi into this, so he'd have to be involved. And as much as both girls were stubborn, Eleanor would have refused to pretend to romantically inclined to Malachi, as he was basically her brother, and besides, she was openly lesbian to all her fans, it wouldn't have any sense. Eleanor took Adeline's hand, walking her back into the studio. [+blue "Ah, look whose back."] Amber spoke smugly, crossing her arms. [+blue "So, you gonna pretend to date lover boy over here, or should I get the label involved?"] Amber spoke.

This was low, even for Amber. She knew that the label was what would make or break their band. [i "Amber please."] Eleanor tried to calm the woman down, her voice a bit annoyed. [+blue "No, this is what the label what's it gonna be?"] Amber asked. Eleanor closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She was certain she knew the answer, but she never knew with Addy sometimes.
BeautyFromPain-.Muses.   1y ago

[left [pic]] Addy sat outside the door thinking about all of this. This was just all too crazy for her. Why would she do that? The thought of getting close to a male made her stomach turn. She didn't want to do this at all. But did she really have a choice? At this time, she felt like she didn't have one.

She heard the door open and blue eyes floated up to the person that came out. She was praying to god that it wasn't going to be Amber. Adeline let out a sigh of relief when she realized that it was Eleanor. She looked at her and felt like she needed her help. She was listening to everything that she was saying. It stung a little because she would hope that Eleanor would be totally against it. But she didn't seem like she was. Or maybe she was but wasn't telling Adeline. Adeline didn't know at this point. She felt Eleanor grab her hand and Addy could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. Something about her touching her hand... felt so right.

Once the two girls were back in the room, everyone could tell that Adeline wasn't happy about it. What Amber has to yet realize is that Addy has some fire with her attitude. [b "Okay first off Amber, when are you going to realize that the label don't scare me? What you say to me, don't scare me. I have an amazing band. And the fact that you as our manager try to use the label against us when we don't want to do things your way is bullshit. So even if you did we would find another manager in a heartbeat."] Adeline raised a 'brow at Amber. She wasn't going to deal with her pushing her and her friends around like that.

She looked over at Malachi. She loved this dude to death, but not the way he probably wanted her too. She thought this fake dating was bad news. She thought it could honestly end bad. [b "Second off, I'm totally against it. But I'll still do it. But before this "fake" dating happens. Me and Eleanor are taking a few days to ourselves. Because your pathetic for asking me to do such a thing. And yes, Malachi, without you. When we get back then we can do this dumb thing that you think is going to be such a great idea."]

Now with that being said, she looked around at the room and let out a big sigh of relief then looked at Eleanor. [b "Ready? Because I sure know I am."]

Amber's face dropped from the smug smile it had as she listened to Adeline. This whole band was full of stubborn people, and she knew all of the decisions she had brought up to the group had been fought about. Album names, tour dates, tour outfits; all had been group arguments. Well, two teams of fighting. Usually it was Amber and Malachi versus Eleanor and Adeline. Listening to Addy's words, she huffed. [+blue "It doesn't have to scare you. It took a lot to get you guys signed to this label, and I care about the future of your band. It's not my way, it's what the label wants. If this label drops you, getting a new one to sign you could take months or years! This is what they want, and once they get it, it doesn't have to last long!"] Amber spoke, blowing a piece of hair out of her face, crossing her arms. [+blue "Well, I'm glad to know we will try it. Take all the time you guys need. You're tour starts in a week and a half, so just make sure your packed and back before the bus leaves."] Amber spoke, before getting up and heading to the door. [+blue "Just stay safe, we don't want anything crazy happening before tour."] she spoke, before heading out of the studio.

Malachi was confused, why was this such a big deal? Sure, he didn't want to be tied down while on tour, but if it was with Addy, what's wrong with that. Adeline was beautiful, and he had a crush on her months ago. Now, he could have this chance to see if anything could work between them. Watching Amber leave, he sighed as well. [b "Well, I guess if I'm not invited to 'girl time', I'm going to head out too."] Malachi teased, standing up from the beanbag he had been laying in. [b "Have fun, ladies."] he spoke, before heading out of the studio as well.

Eleanor was amazing at how strong Adeline was. They were both similar in stubbornness, but Eleanor did always bit her tongue a bit more than Addy. Before she could answer if she was ready to go, she took her hand. As she was about to agree, before Amber began talking. Eleanor kept Addy where she was by holding her hand, and then Amber was gone. Before she could speak again, Malachi started. No one would let Eleanor speak, so once Malachi left as well, a large sigh left her lips. Finally, she could stand up, her hand still in Addy's. [i "Man, I couldn't get a word in with those two. Please, let's get out of here."] she smiled. The two left, Eleanor walking with the woman to her own car. [i "Do you want to stay at my place tonight? I think a night out is in order, don't you? I can let you go home and grab some things before we head to my house?"] she asked, a smile on her lips. Outside of the studio, Eleanor was leaning against her car as the sun shown beautifully on Addy. She looked like a goddess, and Eleanor had to cough to break herself out of her stare. [i "Ready?"] she asked her, her teeth biting softly on her lower lip.
BeautyFromPain-.Muses.   1y ago

Adeline was standing there, watching Eleanor and everyone else around her. You could say that Addy tends to have a temper. But that's because there was certain things that Addy would never be okay with. And this situation was one of them. Addy was still trying to wrap her head around the whole ordeal. Adeline knew by the way Amber reacted she did get under her skin. Especially with how she left. It didn't phase Adeline any. She didn't care at this point. But what she did care about was having alone time with Eleanor.

Adeline snapped out of the little funk that she was in. [b "Definitely!"] She smiled at her big.

Adeline has never told anyone that she was homosexual. So the idea of her doing this fake dating thing with Malachi. She definitely wasn't going to enjoy it. But she knew thing she was definitely going to enjoy. And that was spending time with Eleanor without anyone else. No Malachi, No Amber. Just the two of them. It couldn't get any better than this.

Eleanor used her key to unlock the doors, each girl getting in one side of the new black Honda. When the group finally got traction and had some extra money they never head, a car was the first thing Eleanor bought. She finally got rid of her terrible Malibu that sounded like a 18-wheeler, and got a new car she could finally use to get around. Nothing too fancy, she didn't need it. But she loved the car and took good care of it. Eleanor never grew up with a lot, her family living paycheck to paycheck, and she never expected to be able to buy a new car off the lot. She was finally able to make something of herself, while making sure her parent and siblings were comfortable as well.

Rolling the windows down and turning on their album, Elle tapped on the steering wheel to the beat, humming along. Elle never thought of herself as much of a singer, even if she did some backup vocals once or twice, but she really loved Adeline's voice. It was gorgeous, and the first time she heard it, she knew they were gonna make it. Eleanor loved listening to their music, maybe it seemed narcissistic, but she created music she loved. It was the best feeling to create music you loved yourself.

When she pulled into a parking spot in front of Adeline's place, she put the car in park. [i "Do you want me to come in too? I can help you pick something out to go out in tonight? Or I can wait here, up to you."] she smiled toward the woman. She would loved to come in and watch the woman try to going out clothes all day, and Eleanor knew she'd make sure her outfit was just as mesmerizing as she could be. Elle racked a hand through her hair, letting herself relax back against the seat. [i "Ya know what, I'll just come in too. Make sure we get in and out, and start our relaxing next few days."] Eleanor smiled, getting out and running around to get Addy's door. [i "I was always told to open doors for beautiful woman."] she winked playfully. She always made flirting comments to Addy, as well as most woman she came in contact with. But Addy's, they always meant a little more than just playful.
BeautyFromPain-.Muses.   1y ago

Adeline was ready for this. Her mind was going crazy with everything that was going on. Everything that was said to her today. From Amber. It was insane. She didn't understand why she had to do this. But she didn't want to fight it too much because she was worried everyone would find out about her secret. And that was the last thing she wanted right now. Especially from Malachi. She wasn't too sure how it was going to end or how anyone would respond.

Adeline realized she lost in her own world. She didn't even realize that she already got into Eleanor's vehicle. This wasn't her first time being in her car, and it definitely wouldn't be the last time she was in her car either. Or she was hoping it wouldn't be the last time that she was in here. Every time she did get into the vehicle she always commented on how nice it was. She couldn't get over how nice it was.

Adeline once more got lost in her own thoughts. She wanted to scream at this whole idea of dating thing. She was more worried that she would get judged. She just doesn't seem like the type of female that will only be interested in females. Adeline pursed her lips lightly. She wanted this vacation to start soon, because she wanted to clear her head.

Adeline realized that they were at her house now. She shook her head lightly, and luckily in the nick of time because she heard what Eleanor had to say. [b "Well of course I want you to come in! I need someone to tell me when an outfit is great on me!"] Adeline smiled real big at her and then walked into her house with Eleanor.

Adeline went straight to her room to start packing. She knew that Eleanor would be in there soon. Adeline pulled out a few of her nice outfits, and right when Eleanor walked in was when Adeline started to undress and put on one of the outfits on.

Eleanor followed slowly behind her, watching her go straight to her room. She loved seeing Adeline's place, the photos of the band placed around her home. She picked up a photo of the band, it was their very first gig as a full band. The group looked tired, but you could see the excitement in all their eyes. It was one of Eleanor's favorite photos of all of them, but it was also the day Eleanor saw Adeline a little different. That was the day she realized she was basically in love with her. But with all the stress going on around them, Eleanor choose to keep her mouth shut about it. She didn't want anything to ruin the friendship the two women had, so just keeping to herself was her best course of action.

Eleanor made her way slowly into her room, seeing Adeline start to undress. [i "Fuck..."] she whispered under her breath, not wanting to make it awkward. She was gorgeous, and seeing her so easily change in front of her made Eleanor's stomach flip. But, it also was a clear sign, in her mind, that Adeline only saw Elle as a friend, and nothing more. Being so comfortable with no shame in removing her clothing, it was something that best friends did. But Eleanor wanted so much more than that.

As she pulled on one of the outfits, Eleanor could have dropped dead. She looked amazing, and she knew everyone, guys and girls, would be all over her all night. Adeline was beautiful, and now with the traction of the band, people tended to flock them when they were out. So, Eleanor would have to keep her close to her, which was no problem with her. [i "Addy, you looked amazing! But, you can pull off anything, really!"] she smiled bright, taking her hand and letting her spin around. [i "Breathtaking, I'm going to have to fight off everyone around you. They are all going to want you."] she teased at the woman, brushing a piece of the woman's hair behind her ear.

[i "Are you gonna go with this one, or are you gonna try on more? I am more than ready to see more!"] Eleanor smiled, finding a seat on her bed, sitting cross-legged while she waited for the woman's answer.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

[left [pic]] What was weird to Adeline is that she had no problem undressing in front of her. But everytime she would enter a room her heart would beat against her chest super hard. She didn't understand why it was happening. But she had so many questions about it. She pursed her lips lightly as she slowly waited for her response. Adeline smiled real big at her. But Adeline was still wondering... Was she gaining feelings for Eleanor?

Adeline shook her head and giggled at the same time. [b "Oh no! I have plenty more to try on!"] She giggled once more, and undressed real quick, revealing her pale but flawless skin, as she tried on a few more outfits. [b "Gosh! I like them all! I think I'll bring them all!"] She laughed at herself. Adeline was very bad at making decisions.

Adeline undressed one more time, and this time she put on some shorts and a tank top. She wanted to get some color on her skin. The only way to do that was to expose her skin to the sun. Adeline was very excited to see what their vacation was going to be like. They only had a few days to spend as much time together as they could.

But in the back of Adeline mind she can't but help to wonder why her heart would beat the way it does when she enters a room. Adeline bit on her lip. It would explain why Adeline's heart skips a beat everytime Eleanor would hold her hand. Did Adeline wanted more than just the friendship level?

Eleanor was cursing herself for letting her face heat up every time she saw the woman's skin. She wished she had half the confidence that Addy had. Each outfit she tried on was more beautiful than the last, and she now knew for a fact that she'd have to keep men and woman alike away from her. Eleanor knew she would not be able to take her eyes off of her either, which would definitely help her situation anyway. Besides, she would be sleeping at her place anyway. And the girls were so close at this point there was no need for seperate beds at this point, and Eleanor could just look forward to that.

Eleanor smirked as she ended up packing all the outfits, she was always never good at just picking one thing from a bunch. Seeing her in the tank top and shorts, even something so simple, she still believed she was gorgeous. With her skin so pain, she assumed it would be to get some sun before they went out. Eleanor's place had a balcony anyway, the two could sit outside before they got ready. She was excited to have this time alone with Adeline before tour.

Tour was always super stressful, but always such a good time. They would barely have time to do anything for themselves, with photo shoots and meet-up and the shows every night. Sure, they had been all over the country, but it didn't feel like it. They never got to experience the world around them, but they were going to have more time between shows this tour, so it would be nice to get time to 'not work' and just hang out in a new place.

Once Addy was all packed, Eleanor helped her bring her back back downstairs, and into her car. [i "Ready for our vacation to begin? Where to first? My house, or we can get something to eat, my treat?"] Eleanor asked the woman, before sliding into the drivers seat in the car.
MysticDreamer-     350d ago

Adeline gulped lightly as her mind was wandering right now. Everything that she was feeling. And the fact that she was going have to play pretend girlfriend to her other friend. She didn't really like the idea of that either. But with some of the things that were said. She really didn't have a choice. Deep down, she was sure Eleanor knew that she didn't want to do this at all. 

Adeline was just enjoying the fact that they could just enjoy some time to themself without having doing everything for the band. Adeline noticed that all the times she would go home, she was always so extremely tired. The reason is because she was doing everything for this band and for this manager. Luckily, they get a little break. This is something that Adeline needed right now. 

Adeline realized she was in her own world when she heard Eleanor voice echoing in the back of her mind. Adeline smiled softly, and then realized that her blue eyes were locking with the other females eyes. Adeline needed to know what she was feeling. She didn't understand it at all. But she enjoyed whatever she was feeling. She just need to figure out what this meant. 

Adeline flashed her a smiled and then nodded. [b "I'm starving! Food sounds amazing right now! We can go anywhere! You totes know I'm not picky!"] Adeline blinked when she realized that she said totes. Addy has never been nervous around her. But for some reason she was super nervous around her right now. The sad part is that she didn't think she could talk to Eleanor about it. But what happened if this little trip brings them closer? Closer in a way that Addy could never imagine. Adeline chewed on the inside of her cheek, realizing she was getting lost in her own thoughts once more.

Eleanor smiled, before sliding the car into drive and pulling away from the blonde’s home.  She knew of a cafe the two enjoyed, so she headed in that direction.  They both had been there enough times to know the menu by heart.  As she drove in comfortable silence, she couldn’t help but think of the words that had left her friend’s lips.  Totes?  Though Adeline was known to use comfortable language around Eleanor, ‘totes’ was not usually one of those things.  Almost as if she was…nervous?

Hell, Eleanor was nervous around her all the time, but she never noticed it the other way around.  No, she was crazy. Adeline wasn’t interested in her; Eleanor didn’t even know if Adeline was interested in women at all.  Adeline knew about her, considering she had dated multiple women around Adeline but she had never asked Adeline much about her dating life.  With everything with the band it was hard for them to keep relationships or flings for very long anyway.   

After Eleanor realized she hadn’t said anything in a while, she cleared her throat before speaking.  [i “Are you okay with Sunrise Cafe? I know we both love that place, so I hope that’s fine.”] she smiled, turning onto the street where the cafe sat.  She was able to quickly pull into a spot in front of the cafe, turning the car off quickly.  Placing her hand over Adeline’s, she smiled softly, and after realizing she had placed her hand over the other woman’s, she pulled it back quickly. An awkward laugh escaped her lips, as she opened the door to the car.  [i “Let’s head in.”] she spoke, before sliding out from the front seat.  

The girls found a table in the mostly empty cafe, Eleanor grabbing a menu even though she already knew what she wanted to eat.  She played with the edge before looking up at Adeline.  [i God, she was breathtaking.] she thought, the woman unaware of how head over heels Eleanor was of her.  [i “So…I’m thinking we will go to that new club Fireflies tonight.  It looks really cool and I’ve heard the drink are strong.”] she teased, leaning in slightly toward the blonde.


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