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Unkindly love

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 36 / 96 days ago

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Muse A went to the most prominent of law schools. He wanted to be a successful lawyer like his father was. He worked day and night and his hard work sure paid off. Muse B was kicked out of her house at only the age of 14. She led to a life of crime. She was in and out of juvie until she turned 18. Then in and out of jail. One day her fate was on the line with a possibility of 4 years in prison. That is where Muse A comes into her life he was assigned to Muse B's case. Muse A really doesn't want to take on this case. But takes it anyways. Muse B wasn't being corporative with Muse A. Muse A had to get aggressive with Muse B because it seems as if its the only way to make her obey.

What will fate bring to the two of them?

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[+Red ''well, one thing is for sure you aren't staying another night in this hell hole..''] Itsuki said. [+red ''I'll let you crash at my place until we get a court date set up.] He knew everyone would let him do as he pleased because they didn't want Itsuki's father getting after them.
While being hugged she nodded. "Yes.. She's at my Aunt Nana's house.." She said with a sigh. "My Nana loved us, but hated my mom and dad. She knew they're pareting wasn't good, but she still believed in them to fix they're actions." she said as she went to go sit back down. "I miss them so damn much ya'know.. Its awful having only five minutes to call them.. It really is.." She then started to cry and at that time she let it all out and couldn't stop.
''You know.. With that information, your mother can go to jail.'' Itsuki said coldly. ''The talk of your father makes me fucking sick.'' He said his tone still firm. ''I will be sure to get you out of this mess and get your mother in prison where she belongs.'' He looked at her when he was shown the scar he ran his finger along the scar before taking a step towards her and pulled her into a tight hug. ''Do you know where your sister is now?'' he askes her.
"Yes sir it was self defense.. For me and my sisters saftey.." She said queit. "I was also 15 and my sister 10.. And no my mother didnt.. These were her words she said to me.." She said sadly. "Its just business honey! " her mother said to her in the past time. "My mother started to chuckle after she said the too.." As she was still chewing on the string of his jacket she got up and went to Itsuki. She lifts up her shirt to show him a scar on her rib. "my father stabbed me while I was trying to keep my sister and myself safe.." She let Itsuki take a look at the scar and then put it back down when he was finished taking a look at it.
''It was self-defense correct?'' Itsuki asked her. His tone was very firm. ''I also need you to tell me how old you were when this happened. Your mother could be held responsible for this. Did she stop your father at all?'' He asked one question after another one. He wanted Kinsley to get out. He was gripping onto a single strand of hope. This was one of his very first cases without asking his father for any sort of help.
Looking back down again she noddwd . "Yea.. He tried to rape me too.." She said with one single tear running down her face..We didn't want to show weak again. She just missed her little sister and wanted to make sure she was ok. And she knew her mom must wanted her to just go to hell, rot in helll.. Her mother wanted her to go to prison, in fact ahe was.the one who called the police. "Did you know..? My dad was the rapist.. Isn't it kinda hard seeing your sister getting raped by you dad..? And especially when he gets to rape you.." She said withmore tears running down her face.
Itsuki just gave a slight nod. ''I have one question for you. Did the man you killed ever attack you?'' He asked quietly. Itsuki was trying everything he can to make sure Kinsley will be safe from going into prison. He dug through his desk to find a notebook.
Once the guards brought Kinsley to the office she just sat there wearing his jacket. She started chewing on the string of the jacket. "This is so warm.. Thank you..", she said looking into his eyes. Just the color itself was beautiful to her.
Itsuki had already come back and was getting ready to speak to Kinsley. He had been up for hours trying to figure out a way to keep her from going to prison. Itsuki started to grow rather fond of her. Once he was ready he had the guards get her and bring her into his office.
Guards shout as he walks out the doors, "Yes sir..!" As the sun rises for another "good" day, Kinsley wakes up and looks around. In her head she says, "Fuck.. This isn't a dream.." She shouts out loud, "Fuck!!"
Itsuki looked at the guards ''You have a good day as well.'' He said as she started walking away ''I'll be in early tomorrow morning.'' Itsuki called out as he headed for the front doors. He sighed a bit as he got to the car.
When he put the wake jacket on her she gave a slight small smile. And cuddle in it. It was nice to finally have something warm. Guard one talking to guard to nervously. Guard two takes the keys back. "Thank you sir..!", he bowed right after he took the keys. " have a great day sir..!",Guard one bowed too.
He gave a soft chuckle and blinked a bit. ''I hate my eyes... Red... Indicates that I'm from the Hayashi family..'' Itsuki said as he held her close wanting to calm her down. He looked down at her once she had fallen asleep he took picked her up and laid her on the bed ''God this looks cold..'' He muttered and took off his jacket and put it on her. He started to leave after that. Itsuki walked out of the cell and locked it back up. He went to find the guards to give the keys back to them.
As he opened the cell door her face still hiding. Once he pushed her head up and as she was looking at him, the only thing she could focus on were his eyes. Has they twinkled in the little light that she had. "Your eyes are beautiful.." She said soft and quietly. And right after she said that she got pulled into a hug. She's never felt such a want hug before. Especially not from her parents. Only a slight warm hug from her little sister. She started crying her heart out in this warm feeling of a hug. Then a soon as she started crying she fell asleep.