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Let's Misbehave

By She-Wolf

Let's Misbehave

Kaoru was always a shy boy. When his father remarried the shyness seem to get worse. Even thought Kaoru had an older brother. Kaoru was still a loner. The only one he was ever close to was his best friend. Things became rather difficult since his best friend started dating his older brother.

(Okay this is the rough idea I have so far. )

What I am looking for in a partner / requirements
This rp will be anime or illustrate picture only. Also it will be MxM
I need someone who can post 1000+ characters
Also I need you to be flexible. I know you and I both have lives outside of this site.
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She-Wolf|Akushitsuna|   1y ago

[#f4b0fd [center [Font "Century gothic" How easy it was to play with his younger brother heart. They were only related because Kaoru's father married his mother. The two have known each for about 10 years. It wasn't hard finding what Karou loved the most. The thing that he could just snatch away.

Kaoru only seemed to have one close friend. One that he always hung out with one they he truly loved. Kaoru was always a shy boy. Despite his feeling for his friend he never actually told his friend how he felt. Which made it easy to steal him away from Kaoru. All he had to do was bat his eyes, twirl his hair. Just act sweet and innocent then _____ fell right into his arms. It was easy, simply actually.

Tonight he was going on a date with ____. Surely Kaoru was just heart broken maybe even devastated. Why should he be nice to that little maggot. Kaoru was just a human, at least he never shown any signs. Perhaps that was why he enjoy making Kaoru suffer so much. Kaoru was weak, he need to know that. He need to fear him, despite being cruel , and stilling his love from him Kaoru showed no emotion. It was frustrating, annoying even. How dare that brat try to stand up against him.
She-Wolf|Kaoru|   1y ago

[center [font "century gothic" [+Gray Kaoru was always a shy and quiet boy even before his father remarried. Kaoru didn't have many friend when his father remarried he gain an older brother and a step mom. His step mom was always kind to him just like his father. Suna his older brother was always bitter and anger towards him. Kaoru could figure out why.

Kaoru try to be friendly towards his brother but nothing seemed to work. Kaoru eventually decided to try to avoid Suna but no matter how hard he tried he Suna always found a way back in. Even now Suna managed to find aways back into Kaoru life, the two hadn't seen each other in 2 years.

Kaoru had moved out of his parents house when he turn 18 he and his best friend. Shared an apartment together. Now his best friend who he care deeply for had a date with his brother. Out of all people out there why did it have to be with him. It made his heart ace. Kaoru had no idea his brother wasn't human but he always felt anxious around him. Suna bitterness was just unbearable. After dealing with his brother for 10 years he finally mange to move out now this happened.

Karou let out a sigh. As he looked down at his watch. It was already 4pm soon Suna would be here to go on a date with ____. Just the thought of that made his heart ace more. He had been trying to ignore the fact but time was felting no matter what he read or watch on tv. Nothing was working as a distraction. His mind went back to his closed friend.


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