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By Wang-Yibo

Replies: 64 / 4 days ago

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I shrugged. "I have nothing to do anyway." I giggled at the word you made up
Kirinu nodded and gave a playful bow "Well, your famousness-" He made up a word- "You seem to be getting bored, i wouldnt want to keep you waiting." He smiled and narrowed his eyes before patting his shoulder. Nobu climbed his clothes and sat on his shoulder.
I sighed heavily. "Yeah, I have no idea." I started to look just as bored as Nobu.

(nah fam its ok)
(Sorry for inactivity XP)
Kirinu Put his hand over his mouth and chuckled quietly. "Oh really?" He gave an exasperated dramatic huff. Nobu sat at his feet, looking bored.
(Sorry for the one liner, im currently brain dead, just give me a minute or two to get back in le flow XD)
I quietly giggled trying to be serious. "I-I will um Idk" I say cutely but angered.
*Ok, ill admit hes adorable..* Kirinu nodded and made a faint attempt at being shrewd "Yes, i did." He crossed his arms and leaned forward slightly, "What are you going to do?" He grinned unable to stay serious.
I slightly tilted my head to the left. "d-did you just laugh?" I ask putting my sunglasses back on top of my head. I was trying to be very serious but was just being very cute.
Kirinu reached forward and grabbed Nobu putting him on the ground. he scratched the cats head and looked back up allowing a small chuckle to escape. Kirinu put his hands back in his packets and tilted his head slightly to the right.
I faked a smile. "Y-Yeah I guess he does." I made a face that was to cute to describe but it was also obvious I didn't like him there.
"He likes you!" Kirinu grinned. the leash was still around his wrist and connected to Nobu's harness but was long enough to reach him. He luaghed a little at how Nobu made him freak out.
I slowly nodded. I giggled at Nobu rubbing my legs. Then freaked a little when he climbed up me.
He gave a small laugh. "True. We do seem to continuously run in to each other." Nobu climbed down Kirinu's side using his hoodie and arms to keep from falling. The cat rubbed against Kirinu's leg then did the same to Jimin before climbing Jimin and sitting on his shoulder. Kirinu tilted his head, surprised at the cat, who did not like new people.
I shook my head "nope nowhere specific." "Honestly we gotta stop meeting like this." I pulled my sunglasses off my head and put them on. "It's so hot" I mumble to myself
"Yeah. Twice." he scratched Nobu's chin. "Where you headed anywhere?" He tilted his head curiously. Kirinu put his hands back in his pockets and watched Jimin with a curious gaze as he waited for a reply.