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Mouseflight's Journey

By Mouseflight

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RULES (read first) - Don't make your OC overpowered
- Use a logical cat. Green cats don't exist
- Don't be rude or swear
- Have fun

In Mouseflight's story, a she-cat named Mouseflight must set out from RiverClan, or the Fox Pack will kill she and her clan. Many clan members have set out by themself, and it's up to Mouseflight to bring them back together.
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Mouseflight     1y ago

Mouseflight walked in the grass of ShadowClan. She was headed to Carrionplace to rest for the night.
Mouseflight     1y ago

When she arrived, a huge smokey black tom jumped from a bush. "What are you doing here?!" he growled.
Mouseflight     1y ago

Mouseflight didn't say a word. "MUD!!" The tom roared. A ginger and brown dappled tom skirted to the tom. "Y-yes?" he asked. "Take this RiverClan cat to the shelter!"
Mouseflight     1y ago

Mud grabbed Mouseflight and took her to a smelly shelter and dropped her on a pile of bins. "Stay there, I'll hunt for you." Mud said. "Back off," Mouse hissed. "I know how to hunt adders." Mud backed up a little bit. "He'll kill you if you hunt for yourself, I have to get you something." Mud sighed. "Fine." muttered Mouseflight. Mud nodded and scurried off.
Mouseflight     1y ago

Later, Mud came back with a plump rabbit. He gave it to Mouseflight and walked off, pretending nothing happened. A cat named Shadow laughed at him. "My my, the rogue is helping the clan cat." Mud ignored him and sat by the Thunderpath.
NykoLeWolfSelene   1y ago

Selene padded up silently behind Mud. "Hello, Mud," She whispered in his ear.
NykoLeWolfSelene   1y ago

"It is good to see you again," Selene said mockingly, purring.


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