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Bitter to the end

By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 27 / 107 days ago

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She walked on showing know motion not looking back but just grinding " Talk more, and your dead you'll bleed out before the cops even get to you and try to find me" Without saying anything else she walked on it into a different alleyway.
He fell to the ground ''You can't do this shit!'' He called out. ''Your- fucking insane!!'' He started to cough up blood trying to pull out his phone to call the cops. Roxy was shaking with fear as she sat in the ally.

Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 62d ago
"That's it!" She had walked back over to him but only gave a stare, then a quick movement, all he saw was bright hit of something but before he new what it was, she Had stabed him. "You treated her like shit, she's not your girlfriend any more" She walked away with a grin on her face leaving him to die.

(this ok??)
Roxy was lost in some dark ally. Roxy's boyfriend flipped Willow off as she left. ''Dont come runnin back here anymore. And stay away from my girlfriend.''
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 62d ago
``Your lucky I don't cut your neck and let you bleed``
She stood up, put the knife in her pocket and walked away.
After a bit and walking around, she went to find Roxy.

(Sorry for the late reply!!)
Roxy's boyfriend growled not letting back even with the knife up against his neck. Roxy looked at Willow and winced and started to slowly back away from them both. Her boyfriend glared at Willow ''Now look what you did'' he spat
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 91d ago
Willow gave a sigh, as willow put a foot out she tripped him, "Now im going to ask you again." She had pulled out a knife, "Back the fuck away from her" She held the knife close to his neck showing anger. She spoke with otu looking at Roxy "Why not help a friend that needs help." As she looked insane, but only helping out her 'friend'.
Her boyfriend growled ''You better get out of my way.'' he said bitterly. ''W-willow... why did you come back?!'' Roxy asked in a panic as her boyfriend shoved willow out of the way.
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 94d ago
Willow turned around to see Roxy's boyfriend, she walked back over and she stood in front of Roxy. "Why so angry." She had said with no emotion, staying in the way. "Now will you kindly back the hell off" she walked in front of him.
She just shook her head and sat back down. ''Th-thanks for the food I guess..'' Roxy gave a soft smile before she heard the door open from behind her. It was her boyfriend standing there angrily.
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 95d ago
"Why is it not safe?" Willow walked over to Roxy "Look i came over to give you food." Willow handed her the food and then walked away. "Be safe." She walked on going to the park.
Roxy's head shot up at her voice being called out ''W-willow??..'' she asked as she stood up looking at her as she came closer. ''Y-you shouldn't b-be here.. it's not safe..'' she stuttered.
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 95d ago
Willow saw a bit of Roxy but she walked over without knowing that was her. As she walked on she was a little hungry, so she went and got food not only for Willow but also for Roxy. She found her way back to Roxy, "Roxy?" she called out.
She was still shaking with fear as she made it to the steps of her house. Roxy sat at the steps not wanting to go inside at all. She was very timid and meek.
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 103d ago