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A Girl in A Boy School


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So , new day in the school year, you hang out with you buddy's, but you guys end up running into Misty "Y-Your a female!" Misty looked at the guys, she ran away from the guy crowed.

Name: Corl
Age: 18
Role: Furry
Personality: she is quiet, kind, polite, and loyal
Gender/Identity: Female
Sexuality: Pansexul
She has terrible insomnia

Qrow Reaper/Male:
Part demon insane and never shows face if he does he will kill you afterward
Age: looks eighteen, real age unknown
Bio: most of the things that are known about Qrows past are classified, all that is known is that the whole factor of him being outside is just an experiment that the government is doing
Other: long story short, he is some sort of unknown thing that the planet has never seen, which gives him a healing factor, he can no longer feel pain because of the many many experiments, he is 7 feet tall
Weapons: ANYTHING...


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Ash-IBITEYOU-UwUCorl   218d ago

Corl had her hood on and she ran in to a group of guys, she was surrounded by them, she was shaking in fear, know she was the only female, in an boy only school. "Can i just get through please ." She tried keeping her hood on so they never did know if she was female.