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Shadow and Bone rp (looking for somoene to play the darkling)

By BrittSehkret
Backup thread
Looking for someone to play the darkling and willing to play any of the other characters for you in exchange. Wnat to work on a plot together. Ocs are a must in this rp cause that is going to be part of the plot.
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Hey!!! I can play the Darkling, I love him as a character!
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

would you mind using real life pictures?

Um, sure I guess.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

sorry, since I'm using a real life picture for my character I just thought it'd be fair.

Do I have to then? Or is it a choice?
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

I guess not. I just more imagine one from the show to counterpart my character but it's ok.

Are you sure? Because I can if you want...
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

it's up to you. I thought it might fit better if the picture types were the same kind but if you don't want to I won't force you.

Okie dokie. I'll keep this one.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

ok. it's still a darkling picture

Yep. I drew it.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

ok. So I was asking for the darkling in my search, was there any character you liked by chance or are we just going to use my character and the darkling?

I like the Darkling, because of his story, so I'll use him.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

ok I was just making sure

Okie dokie lemon smokie.*winks cutely*
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

are you ok with doing an Au? My character being in Alina's place except there's one difference. She's gifted with two abilities Water and Sun but she has to concentrate on which one she uses. Mostly she uses water to hide that she can use the sun since in the darklings story he's looking for a sun summoner and his mother Baghra would have wanted to hide this from him.

Uh, sure thing!*smiles cutely*
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

ok. who should start?

You can okie?
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

ok let me get to work on it.

Well, I can't let you, because I don't own you...*laughs*
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

Coming from a pureblood Grisha Family, Amira always knew she was different. Her parents were not the ordinary her mother a tidemaker and her dad a sun summoner but her dad had found ways to hide it. When she was about eight years old she was brought to the little palace where she met other Grisha her age. Times had been different then but she never forgot the first time she came before Baghra the woman had found a way to reveal what she could do and when she was able to trigger her power she was in shock. "A tidemaker and a sun summoner. You must be careful girl." Baghra said before her training began

That time was almost ten years ago as she was now seventeen close to her eighteenth birthday. She trained every day but because she had to be a tidemaker in the public. "Another day, another time you have to hide half of who you are." Nadia said. Amira looked and made sure no one was watching as she put her hands together and showed Nadia the sun and how strong she had become with it. "It's ok. You, me, Marie and Baghra know the truth." Amira said as she let it go before anyone noticed then got back to training. Baghra's warnings were coming to her head about being drawn to the shadows and even when she hid the light it would be drawn to her.

The Darkling was working on a new project when he heard a general coming. He put away Morozova's journals and let him in. "Yes?"
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

"The Grisha are out on the trianing grounds, I thought you might want to see their progress." The General said as the 2nd army was preparing for the next time they had to go out.

"This is good. I will follow." he said, smiling thinly.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

The general nod

Outside on the training grounds, as they were practicing with a group. Nadia and Amira were ambushed by a few squallers to test their abilities. "this isn't good. 2 against 4 of them." Nadia said. "I could do something about it." Amira said to her but Nadia looked at her "You'd expose yourself." Nadia said and Amira used her tidemaker abilities with Nadia as she said "ten years I'm kinda tired of hiding it." She admitted. Just when the general had come out with the darkling she went from using water to putting her hands together and switched to sun as she knocked the squallers back putting a hand on her friend's shoulder "You ok?" Amira asked Nadia with her back to the two Generals. Nadia breathed hard "I am."

"A tidemaker and a sun summoner in one Grisha?" The general by the darkling said "She's been with us for almost ten years and I thought she was just a tidemaker like her mother."

The Darkling watched, smiling as they practiced. "Good work." he said.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

Amira noticed that General Kirigan had been there when she'd used the sun and she kept her back to him looking at Nadia. "Calm down." Nadia said as she nod and they looked at the others who just looked at her shocked.

"I can call her over if you wish to speak to her." The general said

The Darkling nodded at them and started to walk on.
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

Amira tried to keep her calm up until she heard the main general's voice "Amira Silina, come here." The general said as she took a deep breath before she walked over and she stopped in front of him. "Yes, sir?" Amira asked. "General Kirigan wishes to speak with you." The general said leading her where he walked to then he left her there. "You wished to see me, sir?" Amira said in trying to act like she hadn't used the sun.

He turned, smiling slightly. "Yes. Amira, I've been thinking. What do you know of Morozova's Stag?"
BrittSehkretAmira Silina   1y ago

"I've heard it was created by Sankt Ilya a long time ago as an amplifier but most people consider it a myth, sir." Amira said, she knew Baghra mentioned it was impossible to find but if push came to shove she would need to find it.


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