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In a world with werewolves and humans, the dichotomy is clear. Black and White, there should be no in-between, no cross-over.

Until one day in history, a human is accidentally bitten and it becomes apparent, humans can become wolves. Outrage is the response and in light of this event rules and laws are brought in to enforce that wolves will not bite humans. A wolf is considered impure, a traitor if they turn a human and are to be put to death, they are considered insane and beyond help.

The divide soon becomes clear, in the decades to follow the wolves eventually separate themselves from the human communities, allowed contact with humans but never to live with them unless given permission. Humans born to wolves is a rare occurrence but in such situations, the children are raised until high school age and then integrated into a human community. For their own protection, so they will be safe. It is safe to say not many believe this but it is the reason given.

Bitten wolves are considered usurpers, they are not accepted by born wolves, given a gift they are not entitled to. Humans turned are taught control but never allowed to integrate into wolf society, living among them yet separate, ostracised.

This history is the playbook to Tatiana. A human child born to a wolf, life should have been simple, once she was old enough she would have freedom and be able to explore and adventure out into the human communities. However, nothing is ever that simple.

Tatiana is bitten by her mother and father, to try and rectify their shame, their want for a wolf as a child. An unprecedented event, sending shockwaves through the Wolven community. What did they do now? Tatiana was to be raised amongst them but never their equal. Theif, usurper are just some of the insults spat her way. Wolves followed tradition, Tatiana would be treated like any other bitten wolf even raised among them.


This is an open RP, both wolf and human roleplayers welcome.

Please private message me before you post.
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