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The Vampire Lover (closed to Seakobra )


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  1. [Allowed] Seakobra

Bella was moving into your home without knowing you lived there at the time, it went on for 2 weeks, every morning she woke up with a sore neck. You have been drinking her blood for 2 weeks, you never did have the
chance to tell her how you feel about her until the blood moon was out you tell her
You will be rping the 2 weeks(it can go on to a year) and it can go as far as you want just tell me you oc name and then we can roleplay

Female Role Taken
Name: Bella
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Status: Single (until she meets your oc)
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes,5 feet tall
Bio: Human, lost family in a trade

Age: looks 18 but his real age is unknown.
Gender: Male
Status: Single (until he meets Bella)
Looks: Balck hair, purple eyes and 7'4
Bio: Unlocked through rp.


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"N-no not true..." she looked away still not trying to blush.
Seakobra     225d ago

*he smiles gently* "Wel, you see, when the blood rushes to your face, particularly when you are embarressed or the such, it's known as a 'blush'."

"w-what i-im n-not blushing!" She looks away from him. "w-what a-are you t-talking a-about?!"
Seakobra     225d ago

"Hm, that sounds suspicous....." *he looks into her face* "Why are you blushing?"

"Something thats all!" she blushed a bit
Seakobra     225d ago

"Thinking about what?" *he looks at her*

(just saying im ok with it) "just thinking thats all"

(just saying im ok with it) "just thinking thats all"
Seakobra     225d ago

(oh no, i was just making a comment. we dont have to do it) "What's up?

(we can pm the thing you want to do if you want to just pm Andy saying what you want to do) "really" she was thinking
Seakobra     225d ago

(my dirty ass mind: so, im gonna pick, you say?) "Hm,I dont know anything right now."

"well im going to let you pick" she gave a smile
Seakobra     225d ago

*he kisses back, and snaps the picture* "Now then, what would you like to do next?"

"Alright sounds good" She smiled, then kissed him.
Seakobra     225d ago

*he smiles* "Well then, we need a photo to mark the occasion." *he takes out his phone and gets it in selfie mode, and got it ready*