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Story takes place after Mass Effect 3. Conduit and mass relay are destroyed. Shepard is paired with Garrus. Kaiden is alive, Ashley is not. Everyone from 2 except Mordin survived.

The galaxy is saved, but now they need to rebuild. But what do you do when society as you know it has changed, what do you do when your only purpose is gone? How do you pick up the threads of an old life? Much time has passed for Shepard as she laid under the rubble of the Conduit. She has no idea how long it has been, she has no idea if anyone even thinks she is alive. But that's not important to her right now. She just hoped Garrus was okay, that he had survived and that he didn't give up on her. After all, there is no Shepard without Vakarian.

1. Post when you can, I have work so my posts may be delayed by a few days.
2. This a mature roleplay no one under the age of 18.
3. No sex scenes per rules of the site.
4. Have fun

☆This a work of fanfiction. Mass Effect and all its characters belong to BioWare, no copyright infringement is intended☆
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KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Shepard had saved the galaxy from the Reapers, and destroyed the conduit, at great cost to herself. However thanks to the modifications Cerberus did to her, she somehow survives. Buried beneath the rubble too hurt to move, her only thought is of the man she left behind. She hopes to see him again, but she has no idea how long it will be before anyone even clears the rubble. Maybe she should close her eyes for a bit.


When she comes to a bright light is shining above her, she can smell antiseptic, and hear the faint beeping of a heart monitor. They had found her. With a faint smile on her lips she drifts off again. She didn't want to, but they had put enough sedatives in her to knock out a horse. She hopes when she wakes up again, it will be with him sitting next to her.
NorthernWolves     1y ago


Being a Turian, Garrus was already accustomed to any old Turian sayings. Even the new ones didn't surprise him. But humans, they had various sayings that always popped the curious part of his mind. It all had to do with their speech. Usually humans were not that eloquent, even if that was the type of speech they were going for. But the sayings, no matter how brute or to the point it was, had this hidden eloquence to it that Garrus could not put into words.

One such saying he'd dug up while figuring out how to date humans was some human documentary on wildlife. Now Garrus didn't know what a bear was, but by the way the humans were talking about, they were supposedly less smart than humans. But the phrase [i "there is considerable overlap between the intelligence of the smartest of bears and dumbest tourists"] was what he remembered from that.

The reason for the present recall of that specific saying had to with an interesting reason. After being stuck on Earth after the relays were destroyed, Garrus somehow ended up staying. He had military experiance, and the Alliance looking to rebuild their military had hired him as an advisor and occasionally a trainer. Although these past one-and-a-half years had not been easy. The biggest mystery was that of Commander Shepard. Last anyone had seen of her was down on Earth when pushing towards the elevator. After the battle, she'd just disappeared. Only those still alive left from the Normandy understood why losing Shepard ached and tormented him; they were the only ones with any knowledge of the two of them being much closer than friends.

There were still many pieces of various rubble laying around. Most of it was debris that had survived Earth's atmosphere and had strewn itself across the planet. Those parts only began to be scrapped after a few months of the battle's passing, as the humans, understandably, focused on rebuilding their cities and other population centers first with what they had. One of the places Garrus knew there was a giant chunk of debris, supposedly parts from the Crucible superweapon which had annihilated the Reapers. It was during the afternoon while walking, he'd overheard people talking about some drunk idiot walking through the warning signs and light barriers. In attempting to recover the drunkard, the humans had found a second body.

It wasn't until later in the evening when Garrus' thoughts looped back around to the second body. Normally he wouldn't have payed attention to some random body, but throughout the day he'd heard many humans having hushed conversations about this other body. For a seasoned hunter such as Garrus, it didn't take too long for him to find information on where this other body was sent.

The fact that the body had been sent to a hospital and nowhere else cheered up Garrus. It meant whoever had been found was still alive, and he wouldn't need to do the formalities of visiting the relatives of the dead human and solemnly telling them of a death of one of their own. With Turians it was sort of expected to die in battle, humans had similar expectations but they tended to be more emotional when it came to family.

Arriving at the hospital, still in his armor, he calmly walked up to the check-in place. Garrus spotted some eyes on him. Not too easy to blend into a place of humans as a Turian, and even harder with him being a somewhat famous Turian among the humans.

Having Alliance Military identification made the process of inquiry streamlined, so much so that 30 seconds later Garrus, escorted by one the nurses, was walking to the room where the located body was being kept.

Garrus could not hold back the shock upon entering the room. He felt the sharp gasping intake of air, his heart palpated slightly as it sped up. His head did a small shake, eyes blinking like auto-cannons while whispering a Turian expletive. The body laying on the bed was that of Shepard's. But if she was the body laying under that big hunk of debris, then how had she survived the past 1.5 years? Sure she'd [i 'survived'] being spaced, Cerberus having resurrected her, but Garrus doubted someone had resurrected her. Last time it had taken two years, and the body had been found less than 24 hours ago.

Despite the protestations of the nurse, Garrus strolled into the room. He only stopped till reaching the edge of the bed. His head, tilted downwards, rotated slowly from right to left, scanning Shepard up and down. [+blue "Shepard?"]
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

In the dark of her subconscious the pain was bearable, she could even ignore the sound of the heart monitor. She hated being in hospitals, always had even when she was a young orphan on the streets. Dr Chakwas made the stays in medbay better, but she still hated it. It reminded her of being weak and helpless. Floating in the dark she hears someone call her name. Confusion fills her. She vaguely recognized that voice, and the subharmonincs laying it. [I 'A turian?'] She thinks to herself. It take a moment before she remembers. [I Garrus!'] Though she shouts it in her mind, it escapes her lips in a raspy tone. Blinking her verdant gaze open, she turns her head to meet his. Mustering up a smile she says [+green "When did you become a nurse Garrus? I don't think you have the right uniform on."] The playful banter rolls off her tongue, one of her many coping mechanisms. She was so happy to see him, unbeknownst to her, tears had begun to trail down her cheeks, even as she continued to smile.

Her gaze moves past him as one of the nurses gasps and rushes off to get the doctor. The only nurse comes in and starts to fire off questions, did she know her name, did she know what the year was, and on and on. Shepard sighs and answers the best she can. The only stumbling point when she gave the wrong year. The nurse hesitates before informing her of the correct year. Her gaze widens in shock and she looks to Garrus for confirmation that the nurse was speaking the truth.


Garrus didn't know what to expect. On the one hand, Shepard had been dead for 1.5 years under heavy rubble. That fall from space and then the compression under all those tons of metal and other material would have damaged something, not to mention the damage to not using parts of the body. On the other hand, Shepard had survived a spacing.

His mind was sent into a scramble. He would never have predicted that after such a long sleep, Shepard would awake and recognize his voice. They had spent quite a lengthy time together through many perilous adventures, and the past 1.5 years he had forgotten what it was like being with someone who knew your ins and out.

Garrus' mind was still processing the just occurred scene, along with increased heart rate and pleasant mental fog, not reacting to Shepard's joking right away. By the time he got his head back behind the sniper's scope, a nurse had walked in and was proceeding with the bombarding list of questions. Garrus was relegated to the role of spectator, until all the eyes in the room turned on him after the question about year. He gulped, his arms going behind his back into the nook of his back, hands together. [+purple "Shepard..."], his voice unsteady with a slight hint of regret, [+purple "You were out under the rubble for the past 1.5 years"]. Garrus took a few steps forwards, his blue eyes locking once again, after another lengthy separation, into Shepard's bright green eyes.
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Her gaze roams over him as he takes a decidedly military stance. [+green "Almost two years? It can't be. If it had been that long, I shouldn't even be then why..."] Her words cut off as something comes to mind. [+green "Please tell me Cerberus didn't get ahold of my body again."] She says in a pleading tone.

The nurse sighs and goes to speak only to have a male doctor come in. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees Shepard awake. Moving into action he checks her vitals and so on. [+red "Good to see those nano machines still work. And I thought they were kidding."] He says softly, so only Shepard, and Garrus, mostly due to his superior hearing, could hear. Her gaze narrows as she realizes he could be part of the old Lazarus project if he knew about that. He smiles disarmingly. [+red "Relax Commander. I'm not with them. A lot of tests were done on you to see how you were alive. Alot of things were kept on the hush hush. So please, let us do our job before you decide to try to escape."]

She lets out a quiet huff but other than that stays silent. She wasn't going to antagonize someone who clearly was trying to help her. The doctor smiles more and checks something on his omi tool. [+red "Vitals are good, especially now that you are conscious. Unfortunately you will have to remain here a while longer. We need to make sure you are perfectly healthy."] He glances over at Garrus before continuing, [+red "Try not to overextended yourself, Commander. I'll be back to check on you in a few hours."] Smiling once more he leaves with the nurse.


Garrus knew nothing about what Cerberus had done to Shepard's body. Perhaps Liara might have known. But he had never asked. Liara had not yet become the Shadow Broker when Shepard had been reconstructed, and then after they were fighting a galactic sized war against the Reapers. And that was if the Illusive Man had left any files on what happened during Shepard's reconstruction.

After both the nurse and doctor left, Garrus first let out a trapped sigh. He then sat down on the edge of the bed, his left half of the body facing to Shepard and his right half, the one with the partially scarred cheek area, facing towards the door. [+blue "No doubt the Alliance is going to send someone down here."] A slight shake of the head and a dry chuckle, [+blue "As you humans put it, relax my ass."] A twinkling of amusement appeared in Garrus' eyes as he turned his head to face Shepard. [+blue "You know,"] , pronounced in his unique way, [+blue "I could find a quiet place where they wouldn't find you. At for a few hours."]
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

She lets out a soft laugh, the sound slightly raspy. [+green "You are gonna have to carry me Vakarian, the machines may have made me heal like a Krogan, but that doesn't mean my pain receptors are turned off."] She says with a soft smile. She stays silent for a little while, her gaze roaming over him, slowly she moves on of her arms and lightly puts her hand on his arm, as if to remind herself that he was real. [+green "It's good to see you again, Garrus."] She says quietly, her tone trembling slightly. She hadn't truly believed she would survive destroying the mass relay and the crucible, but she was happy she had, and she was so happy that Garrus was here with her. [+green "Get me out of here, and we can play catch up. A lot must have changed with all the time I was out."] She wanted to know where they stood, relationship wise, but she was afraid to even ask.


While he would've enjoyed having some quiet catch-up time with Shepard, Garrus knew the Alliance would be sending some representative down here to check on Shepard. Of course he was technically an Alliance representative. But he wasn't technically Alliance, just an advisor. Sometimes the military had the same stupid bureaucracy tiers which had made him seek other alternative justice methods after working at C-Sec.

Her vocal chords definitely needed time to reaquant themselves with talking after this of disuse. But Shepard, even without nanomachines, was a tough human. Although some krogan would argue whether or not a human was as tough as a krogan, which had definitely made for a few interesting conversations while on Tuchanka during the Reaper War.

With Shepard's hand in his left hand, Garrus brought his right hand over her hand, creating a softly-held hand sandwich. [+blue "I will, but only after the Alliance pays you a visit. Don't want them hunting after the two of us, that would cut into our private time."] Giving Shepard a cheeky look.
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

She could feel her cheeks warm at his last sentence, and her green gaze moves away as she turns her head to hide it. Before she can saying anything the doors to her room slide open and three people in Alliance uniform walk in. Of the three, she recognized one, and she was not exactly thrilled to see him. [+green "Spectre Alenko, will wonders never cease."] Her tone was cold, yet polite. She had never forgiven him for trying to sabotage her and Garrus' relationship, nor his constant promises to win her back.

Kaiden looks slightly annoyed at her tone, but he puts on a polite mask when he sees Garuss and her holding hands. [+orange "Shepard. The Alliance wished to see that the reports were true, and to ask how you survived when men better than you didn't. Like Admiral Anderson."] He smirks slightly as he sees her flinch, good, she deserved it.

Shepard could feel anger coursing through her. How dare this self righteous, xenophobe drag Anderson into this. Slur her if she wanted, but there was no way she was taking this laying down. [+green "Watch it Alenko. You want the full story fine, but don't you dare disrespect Anderson's memory."] She hisses out. The other two Alliance members step into the room more and move towards her.

[+red "Commander Shepard, we apologize for Alenko. He heard we were going to see you and insisted on accompanying us. Rest assured a report will be given. Now, will you please tell us what happened? The last anyone knows you had gone to handle the crucible."]

Her grip on Garrus' hand tightens as she takes a deep breath, and slowly tells her story. She tells of how Anderson followed her into the Crucible, as had the Illusive Man. She tells of how a fight ensued, leaving the Illusive Man dead, and her and Anderson injured. She explains how both her and Anderson sat together, thinking they would die together, if Anderson hadn't used his last medi gel to treat her wounds as best he could. Tears trail down her face as she admits to losing her composure, she had sworn at him, called him at idiot for sacrificing himself for her. His response of 'parents protect their kids.' Shocked her, then and now. She takes a moment to calm her breathing before continuing. She tells of getting to the main part of the crucible, and choosing to destroy it to protect everyone. [+green "The last thing I remember is a blast that sent me flying. Next thing I know I wake up here."] Her gaze flashes over to Kaiden and the Alliance members and she could tell all were upset, but Kaiden looked livid.

[+orange "So you admit that Anderson's death is your fault. That every death that occurred is your fault."]

She does not get to respond as one of the Alliance members speaks before her. [+red "That's enough Alenko. I don't care if you are a Spectre. Everyone knows it's because of Udina that it even happened. Shepard earned her title, and she sacrificed her very life for us."]

[+orange "She sacrificed nothing. She is still alive isn't she?"]

Shepard looks away, her hand leaving Garrus' as both her hands curl into fists. She couldn't believe someone she had once called part of her crew, her family, thought so little of her. She may dislike him, but she would have never let her personal feelings cloud her judgment like this. Hell, even when she had begun to date Garrus, she never chose favorites. If he wasn't suited for a certain mission, she told him, and he actually helped her pick a replacement for him. Kaiden on the other hand, always whined and complained about any alien she chose to work with.


His words definitely made some sort of impression on Shepard, otherwise those bright green eyes would not have shifted away. But that was about all that happened before the door opened. At the time that Shepard recognized Alenko, so to did Garrus. At first Kaiden Alenko had been just another Alliance soldier onboard the Normany, nothing out of the ordinary about him. The problems only arose further down the line, especially when Shepard took an interest over Garrus Vakarian instead of a human like Kaiden Alenko. Alenko's actions had been out of jealousy, which could be understood, but Garrus could not forgive Alenko on acting on those pangs of jealousy by sabotaging his and Shepard's bond; Shepard also never forgave him nor trusted him since then.

While Garrus wanted to defend Shepard, something told him that doing so would further antagonize Alenko. It wouldn't take long for anyone, especially Alenko with his still active Spectre status, in figuring out Garrus' whereabouts. And since he wasn't officially Alliance military, Alenko might decide on a brash action of attempting assault. Garrus knew that he'd win a fight versus Alenko. But that was a fight he wanted to avoid.

Garrus' eyes flitted between Shepard and the Alliance representative group during Shepard's story. The two who had come down under orders maintained a neutral expression, consistent with those simply recording what they'd been ordered to report. Alenko on the other hand, it was quite evident, at least to Garrus, that his mind was already made up and everything Shepard explained only confirmed it more.

Garrus had had enough of Alenko. Even after the flanking Alliance representatives told him to shut up via explanation, he still would not lay off. Standing up, Garrus burned his gaze into Alenko's eyes. [+blue "Kaiden Alenko,"], not bothering with the Spectre honorific, [+blue "listen carefully you narrow minded bosh'tet."] Garrus knew he butchered the Quarian curse word, but it was definitely more insulting than calling someone a pyjak. [+blue "Shepard was put in charge of the entire damn war, and that meant making decisions."] Lowering his for a few left-and-right shakes, [+blue "Humans, Turians, Quarians, Batarians, Krogan, Asari, Hanar"], spitting each race out at Alenko, [+blue "sacrificed themselves for Shepard. Even the Batarians, after Shepard wiped out a colony, forgave Shepard. It seems it is only you"], raising his right hand and pointing disrespectfully at Alenko, [+blue "are still stuck in the past. "]
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Kaiden puts a sneer on his face and directs his words to Shepard, his tone spiteful. [+orange "Keep your Turian on a leash, Shepard. It would be a shame if something were to go wrong on one of his travels."] Fury burns in her gaze, and before logic can even begin to take root she forces herself out of the bed, pulling out several wires and the iv in the process. Coating her hand with the blue aura most biotics have she punches Kaiden in the face, the force sending him back into the closed doors, leaving a deep dent from the impact of his body. [+green "You pile of Krogan refuse! Say what you want about me, but don't you ever threaten anyone I care about."] She shouts at him, her breathing heavy and her form shaking as the aura signaling her use of biotics fades away. The two Alliance members glance at each other and then turn their backs to have plausible deniability.

Kaiden pushes himself to his feet and glares at her, his cheek and jaw already beginning to bruise. [+orange "I shouldn't be surprised. You always preferred aliens to your own kind. Tell me something Shepard, does he share you with his men? Make you act like his cute little toy? How someone like you got the rank of Commander, and Spectre I will never know."]

Before she can speak one of the Alliance members suddenly slams him back up against the dented doors. [+red "You go too far Alenko. Hackett, and the council will hear about this."]

[+orange "Its my word against yours Warren, and I'm a Spectre, I'm pretty sure they'll be on my side."]

[+green "No they won't. I'll make sure of it. You forget, hospitals have cameras, not to mention Garrus, Warren, and-"] She glances at the other Alliance members who quickly states his last name, [+green Jefferson, all have omitools that record everything. So, last warning. Enough with your jealous outbursts. You'd think the war we fought would have taught you something, but you're still the same xenophobe that was on my ship all those years ago."]

She glances behind him as the doors open and security as well as several nurses, and the doctor from before enter her room. [+purple "What is going on in here? Shepard what are you doing out of bed?"]

[+green "Sorry doc, just a disagreement between Spectres. Alenko was just leaving."]

Kaiden glares her and stomps out, muttering under his breath as he does. The two Alliance members apologize to her and promise to send a report to the board and council. Shaking her head the adrenalin leaves her and she begins to feel the angry throvbing of her body. She pushed herself too quickly. Getting back on her bed she lets the doctor examine her and reinsert the iv. Shaking his head and muttering about people starting fight he leaves with the security personnel.

[+green "So...should I message Tali about needing to watch her language around you, or ask her to help you speak it?"] She says with a soft chuckle. [+green "I don't think I have ever heard you call anyone a bosh'tet."] She shakes her head and leans back against the wall, a soft sigh escaping her lips. She couldn't believe Kaiden, but she should have expected it. He never had been one to believe that someone could be better than him.
NorthernWolves     1y ago


Kaidan's continued attack on Shepard inflamed Garrus even more. Especially since Kaden had ignored his words, instead further angering Shepard. Garrus could feel the tension constricting inside the room, having already filled up the space by expansion alone. His eyes jumped, wary and steady on his feet, reading up Kaidan and Shepard.

His eyes had just moved back to Kaidan when Garrus heard noises, that of someone arising from a bed and pulling tubes and wires along with them. That could only mean Shepard finally had enough of this show and decided for affirmative action. In the form of a weak punch, mostly from the lengthy sleep, came Shepard's action, sending Kaiden into the door. Garrus was concerned. While seeing Shepard kicking ass made a warm feeling bloom inside of him, such actions the body could only endure for short bursts. Shepard was tough, but even her body could not keep up with her tempo after left unused for 1.5 years.

After the tension had spiked into the climax, it began its journey back down. Beginning with Alenko walking out of the room, and ending with Shepard once again quietly laying in bed. Garrus let out a lenghty , warm chuckle as he sat on the edge of Shepard's bed. [+blue "That's if you're able to calm her down after coming back from the dead again."] Garrus pulled another one of his signature moves, that sly, off-to-space smile [+blue " I don't think Tali will have a lot of time teaching some slightly washed up Turian, she is an admiral with many important duties now."] Garrus turned so his body faced Shepard as well. The crew of the Normandy had went their separate ways, and Garrus didn't want to overload Shepard with too much information.
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

[+green "An Admiral huh? Good for her. Did she ever get her home built on Rannoch?"] She asks in a soft tone. She had been worried that Tali, along with others of her crew hadn't made it. Obviously, Kaiden survived. [+green "What happened to everyone else? Is everyone alright? Come to think of it, what are you doing on Earth, Garrus? Not that I'm complaining, far from it, but you're very far from Palaven."] She moves slightly, her old habit of leaning against him while they talked flaring up, she stops herself before she gets very close. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable, for all she knew, with how much time passed, he could be bonded to a nice Turian. Sadness flashes in her gaze before she manages to hide it as her mind goes back to an old conversation between them on the Normandy.

[I [+blue "Turian customs? Well, normally if a pair is serious about each other, and plan to be together as mates, they get bonded. The female gets her face painted with clan colors of her husband."] She looks slightly confused until he points to the blue markings on his face. [+blue "These are my clan markings. If you and I got bonded this would be painted on your face. We'd use regular human paint though, what Turian's use burns our plates and skin, making it permanent."] She had turned slightly red and smiled a little. [+green "Careful Vakarian, else someone will think you just asked to marry me."] She teases. She sees shock appear on his face before his customary sly smile takes his place. [+blue "And if I did? Would that be so bad?"]
[+green " No, but I'd rather wait until the war was over."]
[+blue "You got it. After we save the galaxy, I'll ask you properly to bond with me, sound fair?"] Instead of responding in words she had simply kissed him.]

Back in the present she lets out a soft sigh and runs a hand through her long hair. She normally kept her hair within military requirements which was just past her chin, but after a year and a half of not cutting it, it was halfway down her back.


Garrus answered Shepard's first question with an obvious nod, feeling that would suffice to carry across the answer in the positive. And then came a stream of questions. This wasn't surprising for Garrus, as he was expecting a lot of questions from Shepard at some point. Usually what happened with anyone gone for an extended period of time.

But he was surprised with Shepard shifting closer to him, slightly disappointed when she had stopped. Garrus gazed concernedly at Shepard. He noticed that flash of sadness, and he thought he understood her thoughts. Sometimes when two people, such as the two of them, grew very close and made those promises of marriage, sometimes time by itself could cause one to give up on the other and seek another partner. This is what Shepard thought. The funny, with a serving of sadness, thing about it was that Garrus had searched around for blue paint that wouldn't cause excruciating pains and lifelong burns on human skin. Finding it wasn't too hard, especially when working around humans. And with blue being an Alliance color, there was plenty of blue paint to go around. He had just needed a tiny bucket of it.

Even though the paint had long since dried out, Garrus hoped their relationship hadn't dried out.

Hearing Shepard sigh, Garrus thought now was a good time to answer at least her last question. [+blue "Shepard"], that distinct pause as his mandibles flapped a tiny bit, [+blue "After the battle, travel through the relays became impossible for awhile. I stayed on Earth helping your planet rebuild, and sort of stuck around with the Alliance as an advisor and trainer to get their military back up."] His hands clasped together, jagged elbows sunk into the soft bed. [+blue "Even after the relays were fixed, I stuck around."] A light shrug of the shoulders, a nervous wiggle of both mandibles in an awkward pause. Garrus' mouth opened, and then closed, not knowing what to say next. Then an idea popped into his mind, readable by that hopeful look at the ceiling and a wider movement of the mandibles. [+blue "And I think I know why. It's because you were here this entire time."] Garrus looked downwards, a warm smile as he locked his eyes with Shepard's. [+blue While I might not have the original bucket of blue paint from over a year ago, finding a new one shouldn't be a problem in the Alliance inventory."]
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Confusion fills her gaze for a moment before his words register, and her eyes widen in shock. The heart monitor beeps rapidly for a moment before going back to normal. [+green "i suppose not. All of the Alliance ships and vehicles are blue. Um..."] She lets out a shaky breath and looks away from him, not entirely sure what to say. [+green "I'm not trying to be rude, nor am I saying no, but I'm honestly surprised. I figured well...if I hadn't survived I thought you'd meet a nice female of your species and settled down...and I guess I'm just curious as to why you didn't, especially after nearly two years."] She pauses for a moment. [+green "Was I pronounced KIA or MIA?"] She remembered having to go through C-Sec once to prove her identity, she had no idea what she would have to do this time, even with the reports currently being sent in.


Happiness only lingered for a fleeting moment seeing Shepard's initial reaction, for she then followed it up still doubting his feelings about her. It did feel a bit unfair of Garrus. But he knew Shepard was not being unreasonable, especially since she didn't know his lack of interest in finding a suitable bonding partner while a part of C-Sec or the Turian military, or anywhere else for that matter. That had only changed after having been around Shepard.

[+blue "Both."] A slight shift to prevent from sliding off the edge of the bed. [+blue "Publicly you were pronounced MIA. All the lower ranks also think you're MIA"], ending with a slight uneasiness. [+blue "Only the upper echelons of the Alliance military pronounced you KIA, and even then with great hesitancy. Small group of the Admirals, one of them being our good old Hackett, thinks you never died."] Moving his left hand to rest atop Shepard's right.

Garrus paused. It definitely was awkward in going back to answering the question concerning fidelity, but he had to push through this little awkwardness. [+blue "I never did tell you about my, as you humans phrase it, dating life. More of a lack thereof of one."] He took a single deep breath out, followed by a similarly deep one in. [+blue "Never really pursued after women like my careers in C-Sec, the Turian military, or whatever the hell we were doing."] The crew of the Normandy had done so many various types of mission, it was hard to say what they'd originally been made for. [+blue "The only person I could ever really settle down with was one who had been through the same damn hell I've been through."] He gazed at Shepard again, squeezing her hand gently. [+blue "And the only gal I know who's been by my side is you."] He once again offered that warm smile of his, hoping he had finally put Shepard at ease.
KathyCrossJane Shepard   1y ago
Reclusive Artist

Acting on impulse she hugs him as best she can, his armor making it a bit difficult. She wished they were anywhere else, so he didn't have it on. Part of her thought she had truly died, and her mind was giving her a last hurrah, but it was hard to ignore what her senses were telling her. She could feel her eyes begin to sting as she fights not to cry. [+green "Okay."] She smiles up at him, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. [+green "Being that I've already talked with the Alliance, can you bust me out of here?"] She really hated being in any sort of medical facility. She had no idea where they would go, but she didn't want to stay here.


His smile grew in magnitude and softness with Shepard's hug. It definitely wasn't the best of hugs, both having to do with him wearing armor and Shepard not wearing anything that could be used as padding. But still. It felt so damn good to hug Shepard once again.

[+blue "Shepard..."], a voice filled with equal mixes of regret and sadness, pushing Shepard away just enough so he could properly look at her. [+blue "I know you hate hospitals. But you should stay here at least one night under the doctor's care."] He wasn't doing this because he didn't want to see Shepard. He was doing this because he thought this was what she needed. [+blue "It's no fault of your own that your body needs to get calibrated to your mind, and I am not one who can calibrate a body. My calibration expertise lies with mechanical objects."] A dry, short chuckle, before a polite cough. [+blue "I'll come back here first thing tomorrow morning and get you out of here. Deal?"]
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She looks up at him as he pulls away, her hands moving to hold his hands. She laughs softly at his many uses of the word 'calibration'. She lets out a soft sigh when he requests she remain here overnight. She opens her mouth before closing it. There was another reason she hated hospitals, she always had nightmares. At least on the Normandy Dr. Chakwas made her feel safe enough that she rarely had them, and if she did, the motherly medic was able to calm her down and help her fall back asleep. Pushing her pride aside she decides to ask him. [+green "Do you think you can stay?"] She looks away, slightly embarrassed, but she knew he would not mock her. [+green "I don't want the nightmares to come back."] Before she had begun a relationship with Garrus, she would sometimes get nightmares about Mindoir, or the mission on Akuze, and then with everything going on with the Reapers she had nightmares about all the dead. Now, who knows what her mind would use to torment her. One thing she knew was that waking up in a hospital room after one made things a whole lot worse.


Garrus sighed, knowing his next words would disappoint Shepard. [+blue If only I could stay."] A slow, singular shake of the head, followed by another deep sigh. [+blue "I still have some bureacratic things to take care of. For once however, I'm the one doing them and not some slow pyjak who needs to be pushed."] He lets out a chuckle. The number of sloth bureaucrats he and Shepard had pushed into action, those had been some interesting discussions. [+blue The downside to me running the show is that people have become reliant on my so called punctuality,"] imitating a British accent as best he could, [+blue "and there's a lot of work waiting for me."]

Garrus pulled Shepard back in, gently leaning his head towards her head to touch their foreheads together. He sat like that in silence. There was something in this quiet moment, hearing Shepard's breathe and feeling her heart pulse again. [+blue I do need to clean up the place as well, so you don't berate me for not keeping it clean."] After the war he had gotten a place comfortable enough for two living beings to live together. That was when he was still coping with Shepard missing completely. He had never left the place, but he had gotten another place where the space was comfortable enough for one living being to live and to have small groups of guests as well. [+blue " I have a place for the two of us, just needs some cleaning since I haven't stepped foot in it for awhile."]

He slowly straightened out, gazing at Shepard's green eyes the entire time.
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She manages a small smile when he explains why he can't stay, she wasn't going to tell him to blow off his responsibilities, even for her. After all, their places had been reversed, especially when he had taken that missile to the face, and he had all but berated her for even attempting to put anything on hold just for him. Sighing quietly she goes to respond, only to have him hug her and press his forehead to hers. She had missed this. Closing her eyes she lets herself enjoy it, allowing it to remind her that they had both survived and now had all the time in the world to figure things out. She had no idea what she would be doing career wise. [+green "You left things in disarray? Who are you, and what have you done with Garrus?"] She says in a teasing tone. [+green "Heh, alright, I'll see you tomorrow Garrus. Be safe."]

Sadness fills her gaze as she watches him leave, and when the steel doors close behind him she feels something begin to constrict in her chest. Breathing deeply she tries to calm down. She would see him tomorrow. Everything was going to be fine. The next few hours pass in boredom. One nurse had taken pity on her and given her a data pad that had a few books on it. Leaning against the bed she starts to read a book a lone vampire fighting in a world overrun by werewolves. Shaking her head in amusement she read until the wee hours of the morning, only stopping when a nurse gives her some meds to ease her pain, that the story had distracted her from. Drifting off she prays to have a normal sleep.

It was not to be. Trapped in her subconscious she relives her spacing, her death on the crucible. Then she has a dream where she was back on the Collector ship and was watching everyone die. It becomes worse when she sees Garrus die, and he accuses her of failing them. Bolting up in bed she rests her head on her arms, tears trailing down her cheeks. By the time a nurse comes in to do her morning check, Shepard is calm and composed. Laying back down, she faces the wall, her mind going over the nightmare. If Dr. Chakwas had been attending to her, she would have been able to talk about it, maybe figure out what they meant. Shaking her head she closes her eyes, and attempts to doze off, knowing the lights now on, would keep her semi awake.


He knew that Shepard's teasing would probably be the last feeling of happiness she would feel after his departure. But he couldn't just call off from his duties this last minute. Well, in theory he could do that, there wasn't anything necessarily legally wise from stopping him to just walk off for the day. But it would cause much more problems for some number of Alliance members, and they wouldn't be too appreciative of such a sudden walkout.

First order of business to take care off was a new batch of sniper recruits. These soldiers had successful passed Alliance military basic training and would become end up becoming snipers. Garrus had done some reforms when designing a new training program. Many things he kept the same, all of his decisions drawn from many years of experience, but some things were different. One of the most obvious differences were the first snipers given to snipers in training had no scope, nor were they given any other field magnification device. Garrus' experience told him that snipers needed to feel their sniper rifles closely, and no better way than by attempting to figure out the damn thing worked without a scope. Many in the Alliance were skeptical of his idea, even Garrus was skeptical at his own idea, but higher marksmanship results at the end of the course proved the skeptics wrong.

Second order of business were a few vehicle fixes. Not that the Alliance engineers were incompetent, but they did appreciate his help. Especially the younger, less experienced engineers. Not that they were in any way worse. But having someone who technically wasn't in their command structure explain to them as they worked what to do didn't make them feel as nervous.

The third order of business became the fourth order of business because one of the officers wanted to get his report on what had occurred at the hospital between himself, Shepard, and Alenko. Garrus only answered the questions with short, direct answers, giving over what his omnitool had recorded over to the lieutenant.

Now he could get to his last order of business, finding a small can on blue paint. It wasn't too difficult. A simple stroll to where all the painting materials were kept, and in there were plenty of various sized cans of blue paint. Garrus grabbed the smallest one before heading back to the place he'd allowed to slide into disuse.

Everything inside was blanketed by dust, giving the entire room a slightly unsettling grey sheen. There were packed boxes with his writing, in Turian, scattered in specific areas of this living space. Garrus knew there was no way he'd be able to unpack all of that in a single day, let aone in a few hours. But he could turn the unsettling room into something more liveable.

As he worked clearing the dust, occasionally sneezing, Garrus finally realized what had been bothering him this entire time. Shepard was alone at the hospital and weak. If anyone wanted to play some games with her, now would be a perfect time. Garrus didn't know what Alenko would do after such a humiliation at the hospital. Not knowing was worrisome.

Finishing with the dedusting of the living space, Garrus grabbed the can of paint and left for the hospital. It was dark and chilly outside, but that was nothing to the armored turian with a sniper rifle on his back and an assault rifle down near the hips. Walking into the dimly lit, mostly empty hospital, the nurse on duty was the same one who he'd seen earlier in the day. Walking up to the desk, he first gave her the can of paint and asked to give it to Shepard whenever she awoke. The nurse gave him a confused look, but Garrus assured her that Shepard would understand the meaning of this. Even with the assurance, Garrus would not doubt that whoever handed Shepard that can of paint would ask Shepard why she was receiving such an odd gift.

He then departed for the staircase leading up to the rooftop. Once up there, he unfolded his sniper rifle to peer through the scope at the surrounding areas. He would maintain this vigil throughout the entire night. Like an archangel.
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She was almost back asleep when she heard the telltale sound of the doors to her room opening. Sitting up she smiles a little at the nurse that entered, it was the same one who gave her the data pad. The nurse returns her smile. [+purple "Good morning Firefly."] Shepard smiles more at the nickname. [+purple "Someone left this for you."] She reaches out and hands Shepard the tiny container of indigo blue paint. Shepard smiles and takes the container. She holds in close to her, which amuses the nurse. [+purple "I'm guessing that has a special meaning to you?"]
[+green "Yeah its a Turian custom."]
[+purple "I see. Well I have to go on the rest of my rounds. I'll check back later."]

Shepard smiles and moves to sit against the wall, the cam of paint set next to her. Grabbing the data pad she goes to read only to hear her door open again. Thinking it was Garrus she looks up with a smile only to have it falter when she sees the person there. [+green "Kaiden. What are you doing back here?"] She asks in a polite tone.

Kaiden activates his omitool and the door to her room locks. Apprehension runs through her as he does this, at full health she could mop the floor with him, but right now, not so much. [+orange "We need to talk Jane."] He says as he moves towards her.
[+green I have nothing to say to you Kaiden. Please leave."]
[+orange "Hm. You owe me an apology. You embarrassed me in front of Alliance military, as well as your little Turian."] His body soon glows with the aura of a biotic user as soon as he reaches her.
[+green "I won't apologize for putting you in your place."]
Anger fills his gaze and he suddenly grabs her by the front of her hospital clothing and slams her up against the nearby wall. [+orange "Put me in my place huh? I don't think so. You got a lucky shot off yesterday, but we both know you're in no condition to fight."] Thus saying he uses his free hand to roam along her body, and before she can firm a retort or call for help, he kisses her. Tears of shame fill her eyes as she tries to push him away, or summon her biotic abilities to no avail. [I 'Garrus!'] Heart pounding she wonders why no one noticed her room being locked, or why security wasn't barging in to her room. As if reading her mind, Kaiden break the kiss and moves so he is able to restrain her hands. [+orange "No one is going to interrupt us. I payed off the security personnel watching your room."] He chuckles and idly plays with a strand of her hair. [+orange "Hm, perhaps I should cut your hair, I preferred it short."]

[+green "I swear Kaiden you are going to regret this."]
[+orange "Oh yeah? Who's going to do that? You're too pathetically weak to do anything about it, ypu are going to have no evidence, and your Turian is not here to have your back."] He says with glee. Horror fills her gaze as she realizes his intentions.
[+green "What happened to you, Kaiden? You were never like this."]
[+orange Don't act like you know me. But I'll answer your question. You and the Reaper War. I stopped caring about other people and decided to focus on myself and any missions. And regardless of what the Alliance may say, I know the Council won't revoke my status. So, I'm going to have my way with you, and then leave. I can't promise to be gentle."]

She closes her eyes as she feels him beginning to undo the ties to her clothing. Heart still pounding she mentally wishes Garrus was here. She didn't want to go through this type of trauma a second time.


No one else showed up throughout the night and the early hours of the morning. As the sun rose, the activity around the hospital picked up. Garrus continued his vigil but more carefully. Didn't want to scare anyone with the thought of being an assassination target.

After an hour of no result, Garrus packed up his sniper rifle and put it on his back. With a sigh he wandered back down to the ground floor. The moment he entered the reception area the nurse standing behind the desk, a different one from last night, urgently waived him over. He jogged over to the desk, an eyebrow raised. Obviously she knew who he was and why he was here. Which made the the urgent waiving somewhat of a concern.

There was room for concern. A guard detail had been posted by Shepard's door, but they had left before someone else had entered. They didn't know who, but someone was there with unknown intentions. Garrus nodded in understanding. [+blue "Have security record whatever is going in the room and right outside, and call for backup."] His voice was quiet and deadly, ready for decisive action.

Already knowing the route, Garrus jogged towards Shepard door. Many things ran through his mind, most of all who was visiting Shepard and their intent to do so. It didn't take long to find out. A locked door, someone moving into Shepard and doing something with her clothes. Garrus knew he didn't have much time to prevent this. He had no experience with hacking locked doors with his omnitool. He was a marksman and repair-Turian.

Finding one of those medical carts used to transport various items nearby, Garrus wheeled it in front of the door. With one smooth motion, Garrus pulled the sniper rifle onto the cart and peered into the scope. Whoever that bastard was, Garrus couldn't help but do the Turian equivalent of growling. Some asshole was disrobing Shepard, and this shot would not be easy. Shepard was right in front of his intended target, so any round fired would penetrate and hit Shepard.

Some of the humans around noticed him, screaming and running away with terror. Being a seasoned veteran Garrus was not distracted by the noises and rising tension. He kept his breath and heart rate calm, finger just above the trigger and eye glued to the scope. He didn't like using Shepard as bait, especially in a situation like this, but such was the set-up he had to deal with.

The person rose their head, higher than Shepard's body high enough to where the shot would miss Shepard. Garrus' finger slipped right onto the trigger, one finaly adjustment before depressing the trigger.

The sniper rifle roared into action, sending a projectile through the door and into the back of the head of his target. The bullet entered the head causing the target to suddenly jerk, going limp as a spray of blood caused by the bullet exiting through the other side of their head spraying the walls.

Garrus collapsed on his knees, his heart pounding against his chest. He took multiple deep breaths, but still felt like the weight of the world lay on his shoulders.
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She had begun to go numb, her eyes were almost glass like as her mind starts to shut down, allowing her to ignore Kaiden's words, and actions for the most part. Her shirt now completely undone, she faintly flinches as he grips her chin, intent on taking another kiss. Suddenly there is a loud cracking sound and Kaiden's body jerks. Her eyes widen in shock as there is a suddenly spray of blood, Kaiden's blood, some of it hitting her clothing and face. She sees the light leave his eyes before his body drops to the ground, dead. Had she been anyone else she was positive she would have screamed. Instead she focuses on tying her clothing closed, her trembling hands the only indication she was troubled by the ongoing events.

She looks up as the door to her room is all but busted open, and several people, nurses and security personnel rush in. One of the nurses reaches for her only to have her back away repeatedly. Another nurse intercepts the nurse before looking towards Garrus as he remains in the hallway. Shepard follows her gaze and upon seeing Garrus she lets go of her military training. She flings herself into Garrus, wrapping her arms around him as best she can, her frame shaking as she fights to quietly cry, when all she wanted to do was shout and sob. Kiaden was dead, and in some part she blamed herself. One of the nurses slowly approaches the pair. [+purple "I think, at this point it would be best if she were housed somewhere else, perhaps her own home. I understand her ship used to have an on board medic. If we can get their name, we can arrange for them to take over her care, and perhaps they can help her deal with this current trauma."] She says in a sympathetic tone. Shepard doesn't respond, if anything she presses into Garrus more, as if he alone could keep her safe. Let them think her weak or foolish, she just had to be by him right now.


Even when everyone starting running into the room, Garrus still remained sitting on the floor. He was partially in shock. Today had been the first day in a long time since he'd taken a life. Alenko, killed with a simple bullet to the head through a locked door. Just like that. Another body turned into a lifeless corpse. While Garrus disliked Alenko, he had never wished for his death. But all the wishing was irrelevant with this morning's occurrence.

He then felt a body flinging itself into him, arms wrapping around his armor as someone pulled themselves into him. Garrus wrapped his own arms gently around Shepard. He pulled her into him, standing up while attempting to sooth her with soft rocking.

Before leaving, he gave the name of Dr.Chakwas and the place he would be staying to the nurse who had brought up the idea. After that, forgetting the sniper rifle on the cart, still carrying he Shepard he went back to the place he'd spent time yesterday cleaning. Entering the room, he walked towards the couch and slid Shepard off of him and onto the couch. He left for the bar, gone for a minute before returning with brandy and a Turian drink. Handing Shepard the glass bottle of brandy, Garrus sat down himself close to Shepard. Popping open his own bottle, he began drinking straight from it.
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She barely registers being picked up, her face hidden by the red curtain of her hair. Her mind was repeating the entire ordeal over and over. She blinks in mild confusion when a bottle of brandy is pushed into her hands. She glances around the room before popping the seal on the bottle. She takes a sip from the bottle, the liquid lightly burning as it goes down. Sighing quietly she leans back into the couch, her verdant gaze focusing on the ceiling. She takes another sip and a soft, dark chuckle escapes her lips. [+green "Well...that was an interesting start to a day."] She says, her Commander mask firmly in place. Turning the bottle around in her hands, she reads the label mechanically.

[+green "Thank you for saving me, Garrus."] She says quietly. Anyone else would think she was going into to shock with how she was reacting, anyone who knew her, would know she was simply shoving it aside to deal with later. Looking away from the bottle she looks at him, concern evident in her gaze. Was she upset that Kaiden was dead, and that Garrus had pulled the trigger? Yes, but she would not blame him at all. Right now she wanted to make sure he was okay. Her own issues can, and will wait. It was what she was good at. Pushing aside her own needs and focusing on others. She knew that there would probably be an inquiry, through the Alliance and the Council, hopefully no charges would be put against Garrus.

She hesitates before she puts down the bottle of brandy. Moving closer to him she once again wraps her arms around him, her head resting against his shoulder. Closing her eyes she tries to offer what comfort and support she could, even as she mentally chastised herself. She still couldn't believe she had reacted the way she had, she was better than that. It wouldn't have bothered her if it had been just her and Garrus when she started to cry, but others had seen her, and that would change their opinion of her.


Garrus drank a single swig, leaving the the bottle three-quarters full. He sat it down on the table in front of the couch before deciding not to drink anymore of the alcoholic substance. Getting inebriated would have helped not thinking about today morning's scene. Garrus could not argue with Shepard's assessment of it being an interesting start, describing in a mild manner, but Shepard needed him. And since alcohol made one think less, Garrus had pushed it aside.

Shepard's arms wrapped around him once more, this time from his right. Garrus let Shepard settle comfortably against him, a slight blush as her head went on his right shoulder, before wrapping his right arm around her left side. Garrus' sigh was a long and solemn one, accompanied by his spaced-out thinking gaze directed at the table in front of the couch. No doubt yesterday's scene would've cause at least some bureaucratic mess. But today's scene? That would involve not only the Alliance. The Council would come swooping in, demanding all sorts of records, statements, with a chance of him locked up right up until the trial. Garrus shook his head. Dealing with a bureaucratic shitstorm was the last thing he needed, especially after finding Shepard.

Settling further back into the couch, Garrus felt the assault rifle still on his back. He used his left hand to remove it and place it off to the side of his bottle on the table. [+blue "Never wanted to kill him"], a sad, regretful tone. [+blue "Annoying as a vorcha he could be, but he never did anything stupid."] Gently pulling Shepard so her body was in front of him instead of laying off of his side. [+blue "I... Shepard..."] A frustrated sigh, his mandibles flapping despondently. [+blue "I didn't shoot at anyone after the war ended, not until today morning."] Garrus knew he'd left his sniper rifle on the cart in the hospital, but that wouldn't stop from being hounded down by security. [+blue I didn't feel confident enough unlocking the door fast enough, so I decided to take the shot."] His voice felt drained of all emotion, dealing with his own guilt bouncing around that Turian skull of his.
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She lets out a soft sigh before her verdant gaze meets his azure one. [+green "Garrus...if they decide to blame you for what happened...I will do all that I can to protect you."] She says softly. [+green "I may not be able to fight in my current state, but I still have my status, and contrary to what people think, I am fairly decent with diplomancy."] She manages a small smile. [+green "Besides, the Council owes me. I may as well cash in on all of chips."]

She was determined to keep him out of jail, or worse. He did kill a Spectre, in human territory no less. Trying to maneuver through all of the hoops and red tape was going to be an interesting challenge. She closes her eyes for a moment, a small headache beginning to bloom, maybe the brandy had been a bad idea. [+green "As for taking the shot, it's what you were trained to do. If Kaiden had meant to kill me, instead of..."] Her voice trails off for a moment. [+green "Well, I would have rather you taken the shot then try to unlock the door."] She rests her forehead against his, using Turian affection to show she was not upset with him. [+green "I've been through that trauma once before, and I am very grateful you saved me from enduring it again."]


Shepard stating that she was fairly decent with diplomacy made for quite the understatement. Garrus was certain that a fairly decent diplomat could've pulled of what Shepard did during the Reaper Wars. Preventing the Turians and Krogan from fighting each other had already been a struggle. Managing an alliance between the two? And that had been only one such seemingly impossible task. It was a shame that it took a genocidal war to unite the entire galaxy.

Garrus definitely disliked the idea of Shepard roping herself into this. She'd just woken up, and one of the earliest events that had occured to her was a rape attempt, quickly followed by blood splattering everywhere from his sniper fire. Garrus was no doctor, but this couldn't be mentally healthy for anyone waking up after 1.5 years of sleep.

He relaxed feeling Shepard's soft, fleshy forehead against his rough, coarse forehead. Garrus felt more in tune with Shepard. Hearing her heartbeat and breathing, he matched his own to hers. Perfect silence filled the room. It had been such a long time since an intimate moment such as this. And his sorry ass was still wearing armor!

Garrus gently moved Shepard besides him before slowly standing up. [+blue "I'll be back, just have to change into something besides this armor."] He departed with a chuckle to the master bedroom, knowing that in one of those boxes there was some casual Turian clothes.

While changing, the terminal lit up. A few seconds later revealed a message from Liara T'soni. Garrus chuckled, Liara was still in the trade of information. He didn't know whether she'd continued being the Shadow Broker or had gone on with a different job. Whataever the path, Garrus suspected Liara knew about Shepard's reappearance.

Sticking his head out the door of the master bedroom, [+blue "Shepard? Mind answering the vid call? It's from Liara."] He then ducked back inside the room, finishing pulling on softer, more flexible clothing over his tough, jagged edges. Hearing voices, he assumed Liara and Shepard had already begun to chat.

Nothing remained but to walk out and join them, which Garrus did.
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She smiles a little as she watches his go to change. At least he wasn't shy around her like when they had first begun dating. Picking up the bottle of brandy she takes another drink, and rests her head back against the couch. She had lost nearly two years of her life. It was Cerberus all over again. Sighing quietly she nearly jumps when Garrus asks her to answer the video call. Pushing to her feet she answers the call.
[+purple "Garrus, have you heard-"] Liara cuts off midsentence when she sees that is was Shepard on the line, and not Garrus. [+purple "Shepard?"] She asks in a trembling tone.
[+green "Hey LiLi."] Shepard responds with her trademark grin. She had called Liara that after one mission and it had stuck, though only Shepars could get away with it. Anyone else would get blasted.
[+purple "By the are you alive?"]
[+green "I honestly don't know."]
[+purple "I see. Well, some information has hit my desk. They say Kaiden was killed, and Garrus is going to be charged for murdering a Spectre."]
Anger fills Shepard gaze but her tone is even as she speaks. [+green "Garrus saved me from Kaiden. You remember the incident after Virmire? When I had to go undercover."] She was referring to a solo mission she had done to help an old friend find someone they were looking for. It had gone south quickly. She had wound up being kidnapped and sexually assaulted over the period of two weeks. When Garrus and Wrex had found her, she was a ghost of herself. It didn't help that afterwards they found out her friend had set her up, to be sold into human trafficking to settle a gambling debt.

[+purple "Yes. As well as the consequences."]
[+green "Same thing. Only this time Garrus was there to stop it."]
[+purple "Alright. I'll use what resources I have available to make sure nothing is put against Garrus. "] She pauses before smiling a bit. [+purple "So. Are you happy to be back with him?"]

A true smile form's on Shepard's face as she responds. [+green "You have no idea. Even with two years apart we still click. I'm glad he was first thing I saw when I woke up."]
[+purple "Does that mean the two of will get married, or bonded? Which customs will you observe?"]
A laugh escapes Shepard at how hyper Liara was getting. [+green "It looks like we will be getting bonded, so Turian customs."]
[+purple "That will be different, but do you think you'll miss the human aspect of it? What about your family?"] Right as she asks that she knew she messed up. She had forgotten that Shepard was an orphan.
[+green "As far as I know, you, Garrus, and all the others from the Normandy are my family. That's a whole lot of different customs. Besides. I'd rather follow Turian customs, after all, I'll be joining Garrus' clan. No need to get off on the wrong talon."]
[+purple "I suppose you're right. Do you think Garrus would mind if I stopped by?"] She goes to respond only to see Garrus draw near from the corner of her eye. [+green "Ask him yourself."] She says before moving to the side so Garrus could take over the call.


Garrus had many fond memories of Liara. While mainly being a scientist, she had proved her worth as a trustworthy fighting companion. While perhaps not the most powerful biotic to exist on the Normandy crew, relative to Jack or Samara, but her scientific approach towards her own abilities made Garrus hope he never would be on the receiving end of one of Liara's biotic attacks.

With his mind back in the present after recounting random memories of Liara, Garrus knew he had walked into the middle of some conversation which he had missed in its entirety. What had Shepard and Liara been discussing that had led to the phrase [+green "no need to get off on the wrong talon"]? He could probably ask Shepard later.

Garrus neared the couch the moment Liara finished asking about popping by. Garrus first sat down, a foot away and to the right from Shepard and gazed at the holographic projection. While he knew of the Asari's infinite-like life spans, Garrus had played a game of 'spot the difference' with Liara. Even know she seemed the same shade of blue as when he had first met her.

He then leaned back, spreading his arms outwards along the back rest of the couch. His left hand finding Shepard's right shoulder, he snaked it further to her left shoulder before slowly pulling Shepard in into a half embrace. [+blue "If you don't mind a slightly bare bones living space, we won't mind you stopping by."] Garrus had momentarily looked at Shepard when saying the word we, they were together again and Liara was both of their friends.

Garrus then let out a sigh. [+blue "And probably at a good time as well. By now you've heard of me killing Kaiden Alenko."] Garrus still had guilt and regret about this, still evident in his eyes and tone. [+blue "Since you found out this fast about Shepard and about my first kill in over a year, finding any dirt on Alenko would help."] Garrus pulled Shepard even closer, turning his head to gaze into her eyes. [+blue "After all, it wouldn't be the first time we've hunted a Spectre with shady dealings."] That is if one excluded the fact that Saren had been investigated before dying.
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Liara watches the two of them with a mixture of happiness and a bit of envy. She was happy for them, but also wished she had a relationship like they did. [+purple "I'll see what I can find. It shouldn't be too hard, from what I've heard Kaiden didn't endear himself to any non humans during or after the war."] She says in a sad tone. [+purple "Though I do find it astonishing he chose to attack you Shepard."]

Shepard manages to suppress a startled squeak as she is pulled against Garrus, she smiles up at him a little before addressing Liara. [+green "I think the war twisted his mind. He always put the Alliance above everything, ordinarily I'd say he wouldn't be capable of what he tried to do, but well..."] She sighs and rests her head against Garrus' shoulder. [+green "We all saw his reaction on the Normandy when it was revealed about me and Garrus, as well as how he acted on Horizon years later. Maybe he always had this dark side to him, and just kept it hidden."]

[+purple "Yes, he was very much against an human interspecies relationships, though he had no issues with my race mainly due to our humanoid appearance. As it stands, I'll be by in a few hours, in the meantime I'll do a bit of digging. See you soon."] With that the hologram disappears as she drops the call.

Sighing quietly, Shepard stays leaning against Garrus, her gaze muted as she thinks back on all of her interactions with Kaiden, trying to find any hints to his true nature. Mentally shaking her head she finally notices that she was still in her hospital clothing, and it had a fair amount of blood on it. [+green "I think I need to shower, and get a change of clothes."] She says softly. She wondered if anyone had collected her belonging on the Normandy, as well as what happened to it and the crew when she went down with the Crucible.


Liara brought up a point which was still on Garrus' mind. Why had Alenko attacked Shepard instead of him? Garrus would've thought Alenko would view him as the source of all the problems with Shepard, since if he had not been there then Shepard might have chosen differently. That left another option, Alenko viewed Shepard as the problem. In the end, it didn't matter who Alenko ended up attacking. It wouldn't convince Shepard to choose Alenko, it would only convince her to distance herself even further.

Liara would be here in a few hours? How close was she? Garrus would have to wait till Liara arrived, as Liara turned off the vid-call on her end. He definitely wouldn't be able to unpack all the boxes in a few hours, having forgotten what box with what belongings was where.

Garrus slowly stood up, pulling Shepard up with him as well. [+blue "I'll walk you to the shower, and while you're showering I'll see if I have any of your old clothes around."] Garrus thought he remembered that one of the boxes was filled with Shepard's belongings, items he'd manage to snag off the Normandy before the Alliance had collected the rest.

In this living space, the shower area was at the end of a short corridor running from the master bedroom. After entering the mastering bedroom, the big bed in the far right corner, Garrus led Shepard a few feet forwards before taking the left turn into the short corridor leading into the shower. After making sure Shepard still remembered how to use a shower, Garrus closed the door and began pacing all the rooms.

All the packed boxes were in small groups of three to four boxes, all of them with Turian language written on them. It wasn't until the living room that Garrus spotted a solitary, unmarked box resting besides the fireplace. Garrus didn't remember wanting to burn anything, so why had he placed a box near the fireplace?

Opening the box he now understood. This was the box with Shepard's belongings, the fireplace being a metaphor for the fire that had bonded, without the paint, the two of them. Clothes wise there didn't appear to be much. Black sweater and sweat pants with the N7 emblem and stripes, a few t-shirts, two pairs of pants, and those two pieced underwear female humans wore.

Instead of taking only the clothes, Garrus lifted the entire box and walked back towards the door he'd closed. Knocking softly on it, [+blue "Shepard??"].
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She smiles, faintly amused as he helps her to the bathroom. Normally she would quip that she wasn't an invalid, but currently she was. She waits until he turns on the water before adjusting it to her preferred temperature. She always loved taking hot showers. Once the door was closed she slips out of her hospital clothes and steps under the warm spray. Closing her eyes she rests her forehead against the tiles of the shower wall. Pushing her hair put of her face she looks to see what she could use to wash when she hears Garrus knock. Thinking nothing of it she calls for him to enter, thinking the frosted glass on the shower door would help his not be embarrassed with her nudity. [+green "Its alright Garrus. Come in. The glass should preserve your sense of modesty. Though lord knows we should be past that."] She says in a slightly teasing tone.

Looking back at the shelves in the shower she shrugs and grabs Garrus' body wash the scent of spice and sandalwood making her smile. Grabbing a washcloth she starts to slowly bathe herself. Hearing the door open she says [+green "hope you don't mind, I'm using your body wash, and wash cloth."] She didn't mind smelling like him, in fact she was happy to use his things.


Garrus shook his head, a quiet, friendly chuckle bouncing off the door and into his ears. Having spent his entire life either clothed or encased in armor, Garrus didn't know what to do with a body lacking either. This of course translated into a sense of modesty, as Shepard had pointed out, such that the first few times Shepard had to convince him that it was perfectly alright for him to see her without either clothes or armor.

His modesty had gone as far as EDI wearing clothes over that robotic VI platform that had been acquired by Shepard on Mars, sensing Garrus' extreme discomfort.

Opening the door let all the steam trapped inside the shower room to blow out into his face. Shepard enjoyed hot showers, and hot showers meant copious clouds of steam. [+blue "I don't mind, seeing as there's nothing else to use."] Garrus still avoided peering at the fogged-up glass door, instead making sure to put the box on the countertop near the sink. [+blue "This box is filled with the stuff I managed to snag before the Alliance came in and cleaned shop."] He turned so his body was facing the door, but his head was turned slightly to the left. [+blue "I'll be in the master bedroom once you want to come out."]

And with that he turned about, sharply and precisely, and walked out of the shower-room to sit on the edge of the bed. He could still smell spice and sandalwood on himself, making him smile a soft, warm smile.
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She manages to hold back a laugh at his behavior, not wanting to upset him. Once she is completely washes she turns off the water and leaves the shower. Padding over to the box she smiles as she sees what he managed to save. Going through everything she slips on her under clothing, only to blush as she realizes it was a lacey pair meant for intimate moments. Oh was she going to razz him about that. Going through the small box again she slips on a pair of black jeans, and a t-shirt with the words [I "I have 99 problems, but bedding a Turian isn't one."] Smiling to herself she towel dries her hair before putting her hospital clothes over one arm and grabbing the box. Turning off the light she steps into the bedroom and looks around. Like the rest of the place it was sparcely decorated and had a few boxes in it.

Seeing Garrus with his back to her on his omni tool she quietly puts the box and clothes down and slowly creeps towards him. Once close enough she jumps on his back and quickly covers his eyes. [+green "Gotcha~"] She says with a soft laugh. It was a bit juvenile but she wanted to make him smile, even it was just a little bit. Did her body twinge from it, yes, but she was choosing to ignore it.


Not knowing what else to do, Garrus decided to check his omni-tool. But even there he didn't know what to check. He simply sat staring at the glowing orange light, mind spaced out while waiting for Shepard to be done.

One moment, silent orange glowing. The next moment, darkness as a pair of hands covered his eyes. Hearing Shepard's voice, followed by her soft laughter, Garrus laughed back with his version of soft laughter. It still came out somewhat rough, course, and with some harmonics, but he couldn't do anything about the Turian vocal chords that came with being a Turian.

The omni-tool had already shut off when Garrus reached behind, wrapping his arm around Shepard. It was a bit uncomfortable, he wasn't that flexible, but he managed to slowly rotate Shepard around himself so she now was in his lap instead of on his back. He saw the t-shirt right away, a chuckle escaping his lips before settling for an amused laughter. [+blue "Shepard, you chose that for a reason?"] He did not wait for a response. He leaned back until his back was on top of the covered mattress, but he did not pull Shepard down with him. He wasn't looking to force her. Especially considering today's events.
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She smiles upon hearing his unique laughter, and presses a kiss to his cheek when he plays along with her. She blushes slightly when he comments on her shirt and idly places her hands on his chest. [+green "Its a light shirt. If I wore my N7 casuals I would get too warm."] She says by way of explanation. Her blush deepens as he lays back on the bed and she smiles gratefully when he gives her the choice. Slipping off of his lap She lays with him on the mattress and rests her head against his chest. She closes her eyes as she listens to his heartbeat and faint purring that always happened when she chose to be close with him. [+green "Did you ever tell your Dad about us?"] She asks quietly. She knew his dad was against humans due to the First Contact war, and that he and Garrus never got along. She didn't want to make things difficult for Garrus, but she didn't want to have to walk away from him either, especially after losing nearly another two years of her life. She reaches out with her hand and holds one of his tightly, her red hair acting as a curtain to hide her gaze.


Shepard had many choices in how to lay with Garrus, if she chose to lay down that is.

Garrus craned his neck upwards feeling the weight disappear off of his lap. Shepard had chosen to lay besides him on her back, her head in the center of his chest. One of the things he'd learned after Shepard had lain head against chest the first time way back then, was that Turians sometimes emitted a purring sound when breathing. It didn't make sense for Garrus. Going off of human studies Turians were more bird-like than cat-like. But it made Shepard happy, and since it didn't impact his health in any way, he didn't bother flying any deeper.

At first Garrus lay still in response to Shepard's question about his dad. But as neurons fired, his heart rate sped up from a relaxed steady beat, to a pounding constant drum. His dad was now a frail, old Turian wanting to live a quiet life. He would definitely hear about the trial over killing Alenko. Garrus shifted slightly, trying to calm himself down with slow, steady breaths.

Garrus closed his eyes, tipping his chin against the top of his chest, slowing down his breaths even more. He lay in this position for 15 seconds before opening his eyes. [+blue "I never told him."] Garrus once again shifted, this time lifting the back of his head so he could position his arms behind the head like a pillow. [+blue "I never got to told him. He was just as busy as us back on Palaven during the Reaper Wars, didn't want to add some extra burden."] Garrus let out a quiet, long sigh. [+blue "I managed to fix our relationship somewhat. He still does not endorse the methods I used for my success, but he did accept all of my accomplishments."] Another long, quiet sigh as an intermission in the monologue. [+blue "He's now old and frail. Still a stick up his ass, but I can't fault him for that. But now, I don't know."] Garrus' voice slipped into a more despondent tone. [+blue With this whole trial, I don't know how he'll react. Will I even get to see him one last time?"]
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Something flashes in Shepard's gaze, gone almost too fast to be analyzed. Sighing quietly she tries to comfort him as best she could. [+green "You'll see him again, Garrus. Don't have a defeatist attitude. I'm sure between me and Liara we can make sure that nothing is put against you."] She says in a soothing tone. Hearing him this is upset hurt her, and made her wonder for a brief moment if he would have been better off not knowing she was alive. It seems like she's done so far is cause him problems. [+green "And if by some chance they do manage to even have a trial done, there is no way they can find you guilty, or I'm a Krogan."]

She couldn't understand why him telling his father about them would be a burden, but she decided to let it rest, even if it had hurt her a bit. She never knew her parents, but she could understand not wanting to disappoint someone who cared about you, so she wasn't too upset. What a mess. Compared to this, saving the galaxy seemed like a walk in the park. She does know how long she lays there before her eyes drift shut and fals asleep against him, her hand lightly gripping his shirt as if to assume herself he was there.


With Liara and Shepard backing him up, Garrus wasn't afraid of being pronounced guilty of murdering Alenko. Instead he was afraid, along with worry, how his father would react. Garrus didn't know how the possible stress would impact on his father's war weary body.

He lay there silenty with Shepard sleeping quietly against him. Despite an eventful day, he could not fall asleep. Yet he didn't feel restless. No desire to toss and turn. Most likely because of Shepard laying against his side, and not wanting to disturb her.

Garrus gently propped up Shepard's head with a pillow, moving her hand on his chest to the bed. He shifted as subtly as possible to the edge of the bed, almost noiselessly standing up. Garrus slowly rolled his feet as he walked out the bedroom, closing the door behind him. With Liara planning to show up, he had to least clear out the boxes in the living room. Lucky for him there was a place where he could move the boxes out of the way until it was time to unpack them.
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She barely stirs as Garrus slips out of the bed, her body sore and tired, both physically and mentally. She sleeps for nearly two hours and when she wakes, she is momentarily confused as to where she was. Once awareness fully hits her she smiles a little and gets off the bed and stretches, a groan escaping her lips as several muscles pull and pop. Running a hand through her hair she goes to look for Garrus.

Getting to the living room she blinks in surprise when she sees that the boxes are gone. Shaking her head in faint amusement she mutters about a certain Turian not being able to sit still. She goes to try and find him when she hears a knock on the door. Military instincts kicking in she goes to grab her pistol when she remembers she was not in uniform and did not have her weapons. Sighing quietly she opens the door, and smiles upon seeing Liara. [+green "Well look what the cat dragged in."] She says in a warm tone.

Liara stands there for a moment before all but throwing herself at Shepard to hug her. [+purple "You have no idea how happy I am to see you."] She says softly. It was taking all her will not to start crying. She had missed Shepard a great deal. When she had first met Shepard she had developed a bit of a crush on her, but after a while it turned into an almost motherly bond. Though at times it became confusing as to who was caring for who. Stepping back her gaze roams over Shepard, taking in the slightly pale pallor and the warm but tired smile. [+purple "Did Garrus step out?"]
[+green "Oh no, he is here somewhere. You know him, not one to sit idle. Come on in. No sense lurking in the doorway."]
Liara smiles and steps inside her gaze taking in the very spartan like decor. [+purple "Did you both just move in here?"]
Shepard stays silent, not sure how to answer this as she didn't even know Garrus had this place until today.


Garrus wasn't bothered by Shepard sleeping. For one, it was something she needed. Especially before Liara arrived. There was a second reason as well. One of the things Garrus had learned about being a relationship was separation time. There was such a thing as spending too much time together, although it never seemed to occur at all with Shepard. Garrus needed this separation time now, with Shepard suddenly reappearing from the dead once more. He'd accustomed himself to his mostly solitary life here on Earth. Occasionally he would attend some party or some other social event, but it was never the same as being around Shepard.

He methodically carried one box at a time, first filling up one closet. Moving slowly and steadily, the living room became empty due to the lack of boxes filling the area. Next he cleared up the general bathroom, without a shower, so it was usable. Next he cleared the boxes out of the kitchen, although there wasn't anything anything in either the refrigerator or freezer to prepare.

He had just finished stowing away a box with various items in a small closet when he heard two female voices talking. One of them was Shepard, and the other one sounded like Liara.

This time, he had heard the entire phrase as he emerged from the unlit corridor with a welcoming smile. [+blue "Yes and no."] Approaching closer till he stood side-by-side with Shepard. [+blue "I bought this place after the war, but never actually lived here on accounting of Shepard's extended absence."] Garrus felt awkwardness right after. One of his friends had spent time and effort to get all the way here, and it didn't look too welcoming. [+blue "You'd think after the war we'd be able to meet again without having to first deal with some problem."] Garrus then stepped aside, inviting Liara to go to the living room with a simple hand gesture.
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Shepard barely manages to hold back a wince at the "extended absence" remark. Liara smiles in sympathy before speaking. [+purple "Perhaps we should make an arrangement then. After all of this is taken care of. Though I am surprised you decided on moving in together so quickly. Though with the bonding I suppose it's only natural."]

Shepard shifts her weight slightly, avoiding Liara's gaze. [+purple "What's wrong?"]
[+green "Nothing. I am going to get some air, between here and the hospital I haven't had much of a chance to be outside yet. You hammer out details with Garrus."] She says quietly. Not waiting for a response she slips past them and goes outside. Okay maybe she was letting it bother her, but she was a bit upset that Garrus hadn't told his father. Sure the crew accepting their relationship was one thing, but its different if his own family didn't know. It was stupid, but part of her wondered if he was secretly ashamed that he fell for a human, and not another Turian. She stays outside for a good fifteen minutes before going back inside.


He didn't know what to do. Something which he didn't see had happened, causing Shepard to walk out. Liara had seen or even felt something off with Shepard which had prompted Liara's question.

Garrus stood there speechless, a forlorn gaze in the direction in which Shepard had left. He had wanted to discuss everything along with her, not just himself and Liara. All the decisions made together, either through acceptance or compromise.

Shaking his head, Garrus nodded at the couches in the living room before walking himself over to one of them. He sat down with his elbows resting on the knees, hands in one fast resting against his chin. Liara sat down across from him that peering gaze as she assessed him.

He sat like that for a few minutes, trying to make up his mind. Liara knew to wait in cases like this. With the two of them only now back together, in addition to other recent events, it wouldn't be smooth flying. And she suspected one other thing.

[+purple "Have you told your father about any of this?"] Garrus' head rotates upwards, and Liara knew that he'd already had a similar conversation about this topic. [+blue "No I have not."] Garrus let out yet another sigh, quite the day for sighs, a single, solemn nod. [+blue "I haven't told him not because I'm ashamed of Shepard. Hell, if she were a Turian he would definitely be all over the bonding!"] He settled back into silence. [+purple "Human bias from the First Contact War?"] Garrus nodded his head in response. [+purple "I believe you should talk to him."] Garrus' eyes moved up, both eyebrows raised. [+purple "If you explain everything from the very beginning, he might be a bit more understanding than if you simpy jump to the main point."] Liara could feel as if one of Garrus' worried quietly slipped away. [+blue "You have always given us the best advice. Doesn't hurt to try. I'll give him call, and introduce him to Shepard."]

Garrus didn't know whether it was better if Shepard overheard at least the last part, or better to keep it as a surprise. Either way, he hoped Shepard would feel better.
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Walking back in she sighs as she heads to the living room, certain that was where they would be. Walking in she notices the pensive silence and shakes her head. [+green "You know when I said hammer out the details I mean talk, not stonewall each other."] She says with a slight smile. Not even thinking about it she sits next to Garrus, one of her knees touching his. [+green "So what have you got LiLi? Knowing you, the hours you spent getting here you did quite a bit of digging."]

Liara gives Garrus a significant look before speaking. [+purple "You would be correct. It would appear Alenko had a history of violent tendencies, particularly against females, more so if they were nonhuman."] She says in a sad tone. [+purple "Most of his transgressions were buried, chalking it up to the tension during the First Contact War.'re not the first female he had even attempted with."] She hesitates before using her omnitool to pull up many different faces, some human, some asari, turian, even a few salarians. [+purple "All of them were his victims. Unfortunately none of them are still alive. Either they took their own lives or were victims of war."] She ends the hologram and shakes her head.

Shepard runs a hand through her hair, her gaze troubled. [+green "Can we use this, especially with the Council?"]
[+purple "Yes. Though if we have the guards and nurses speak on Garrus' behalf also, we should be fine. Though I believe the fact that some of his vicitms were each of the species of the council members will help."] She pauses and hesitates for a moment before speaking again. [+purple "And with you two being bonded, it could be seen as a Turian male protecting his mate. Most know that if any Turian feels their mate is in danger, they will do all they can to eliminate the threat."]

Shepard opens her mouth to say they weren't bonded yet, but quickly shut it. [+green "Fair enough. That could help get Councilor Sparatus on our side. The only tricky part is that we are on Earth and not Palavan."]

[+purple "That doesn't matter. Bonds are very sacred to Turians, and are treated as such."]

[+green "Hm. What do you think Garrus?"]


Shepard's first words indicated she had not heard part of their conversation at all. Whether this was good or bad, Garrus didn't know. However, he was gladdened by Shepard's presence, for it meant they could all talk together. That included listening as well.

Whereas before Garrus had some empathy for Alenko, now he had not a single ounce of it. These recent revelations about the true depth of Alenko's character sickened Garrus to his feet. Of course he wasn't surprised all these incidents were quietly shoved aside. But that didn't stop him from feeling overwhelming frustration. It was just like with the Reaper War all over again. If action had been taken much earlier, events would not have had to play out like they had today.

Garrus first looked at Shepard, then at Liara, before leaning back against the couch in such a way he could see both of them at the same time. [+blue "Lil..."] Garrus shut his mouth, biting his tongue. [+blue "Sorry about that."] A single blink of his eyes before continuing. [+blue "Liara is right about our views on bonding. In a way, protecting our mate, the one we bond with, is considered as an honorable duty."] Garrus shifted his eyes between Liara and Shepard. While technically he and Shepard weren't bound officially, knowing the Council and its rules meant that there was some loophole they could use. His eyes stopped bouncing around once he looked at Shepard once again. [+blue "I definitely know of a few cases that occured on Palaven, one or two of them considered criminal. But, in those one or two criminal cases, it was clearly established that the actions were spurred by the duty of keeping the mate and children safe. While not walking free, deliberations were longer and with a reduced sentence."]

Garrus held in his breath for 15 seconds before breathing out. [+blue "Shepard"], he waited for her eyes to lock with his, [+blue "You wouldn't mind if I introduced you to my father?"] It would definitely help if his dad was clued in. Perhaps he might not agree at all, but at least his dad would respect him for choosing to tell him instead of the news doing so.
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Liara smiles a bit at Garrus' slip and doesn't comment on it. Hearing Shepard say it often during this visit can make it stick with others. She watches Shepard's reaction to Garrus' question and raises an eyebrow when the redhead remains silent, obviously thinking.

Shepard listened to Garrus speak, always interested in learning about other cultures. It takes a moment for his question to register, and when she does she stays quiet, mentally weighing the pros and cons, like it was a mission she had to analyze. Coming to a decision she nods. [+green "Alright. I'll try not to talk much. You know me, I may say something and get off on the wrong talon."] She says with a slight smile.

Liara shakes her head and turns on her omni tool. [+purple "Well. I will forward everything I have to councilors, and give Councilor Sparatus a more in depth version. And I normally wouldn't suggest this, but see if your father can help as well, as I recall he is high up in hierarchy."] Closing out her omni tool she stands up. [+purple "I will be going for now. Should you need me, send a message."]

[+green "Do you have q place to stay?"]

[+purple "Yes, I booked a hotel before I arrived here. Not to worry. I shall see you tomorrow. If I am correct we need to supplement your wardrobe."] She says with a grin that only widens at Shepard's groan of despair. Laughing quietly she leaves the house, happy that her two very dear friends had found one another again.


Shepard answered in the positive after a few seconds of silent thought. He still felt nervous about the entire thing, but at least he'd be doing it together with Shepard.

The first thing Garrus did after Liara left was send her a message on his omnitool. In the message he informed her that the security cameras at the hospital had recorded the entire thing, the guards had most likely been bribed, and that he'd left his sniper rifle after killing Alenko. His next action was to send a message to his dad, through his omnitool as well, asking when it would be a convenient time for a vid-call.

With the glow of the omnitool gone, Garrus looked at Shepard with a slightly cocked head. [+blue "Thanks Shepard"], a polite bow with his head, [+blue "And I never did get to apologize about wardrobe situation."] Garrus lifted himself up just enough to slowly scoot closer to Shepard. [+blue "After the war ended and you weren't there, the Alliance claimed the Normany and locked it down. We were allowed to go in and grab our belongings, and only our belongings. Thanks to Tali, I managed to sneak into your quarters and grab anything I could hide with my stuff."] Garrus reached out his right hand towards Shepard's hand, not putting it down on her hand just yet. [+blue "If Kasumi had been there, we would've made off with more of your belongings."] He then chuckled, [+blue "Of course, there's a chance one, two, or a few items would be missing."]


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