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The Nightmare Returns (Closed)

By MourningGlory

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[left [pic]] [b [#f90120 One, Two: Freddy's Coming For You
Three, Four: Better Lock Your Door
Five, Six: Grab Your Crucifix
Seven, Eight: Gonna Stay Up Late
Nine, Ten: Never Sleep Again]]

[center [b This is based on The Nightmare on Elm Street series and so the credit does go to Wes Craven and the franchise.]]

[center [pic]]
[center [google-font]
[Shadows+Into+Light [size20 [#0000b3 Things on Elm Street seemed pretty normal. Or as normal as they could be. Once again, kids played outside, rode bikes, hung out and pretty much just lived their lives. They were free and they were happy. It was like there was not a care in the world for those lived on Elm Street. But those who were older and knew the neighborhood's dark past remembered all those who had died and seemed to have lost their minds. They knew the horrors that once had been and prayed they never happened again.

But the adults pretended none of it had ever happened and tried their best to bury the past. They wanted for their children to grow up happy and safe and NOT know anything about Elm Streets wicked past. It was thought that if the old stories were never told or never thought of that nothing would happen. Everything that had happened long ago would just stay urban legends. But they were VERY wrong...

Four high school seniors knew that those who were older on the street were hiding something from them. They could tell by the look in the eyes of their parents whenever they passed the old abandoned house at the end of the street that house was boarded up and looked as if it had not been a home in nearly twenty years. The windows were broken from stones being throw at the glass, there were carvings in the old wooden door, and the lawns were unkept. The house was the only clue of a dark and hidden secret. The teens knew that their parents would never tell them the truth and what they were hiding. So the six decided to each go through their parents' old notebooks, journals, newspaper clippings and everything else they could find. And when they had, the teens found out about Freddy Krueger. It turned out that about twenty-five years ago there had been a killer that had once lived in that house, had been hunted down, and burned alive. That was meant to be the end of Fred Krueger. But it wasn't. After his death, the teens found that children began to die in their sleep with NO explanations and most of the ways they died were terrible (deep and unexplained gashes, burns, and more).

About a week after finding out everything that they had, the six teens began to have weird, no horrible dreams. In the dreams they would each see this man with a burned face, dirty old black hat, red and black striped sweater and to top it all off long knives attached to his fingers. He would chase them and haunt them. If they got hurt in their dreams, the teens would end up hurt for real. The more this went on, the more scared they all became. They couldn't understand what was happening to them or why. And little by little each of them was losing sleep and seeming to lose their minds. But if that wasn't bad enough it seems as if the man in their dreams is out to kill them. Will they manage to make it out alive and finally put an end to the nightmares and Freddy or will he finally have the revenge he has always craved? Never know unless you join The Nightmare Returns]]]]

[center [size25 Rules]]
[center MUST be AT LEAST 18 to join
Real pictures (NO anime)
Must be semi-lit/literate (post 1000 characters minimum AND mostly proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation)
No one-liners
Drama, Swearing, and DETAILS all wanted
Post within a month or you are gone, no ifs, ands, or buts (unless we have talked about it)
No godmoding (Unless you are playing Freddy...he kind of has to a little bit)
I shouldn't have to say this but NO cybering (take it offsite or time skip it)
[b Do not steal the plot I worked hard on it and I will make your life hell if you do]
Don't post without the owner on (want to use the chat, go for it but do NOT continue the Rp)
There will be a posting order so please follow it
Most of all have fun =)]

[center [b Spots Filled!]]


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BeautyFromPain-.Wells.   48d ago

The boy woke up rather quickly. And of course, he was covered in sweat once again. This has been an every night deal. He has been having the worse nightmares. But the weird thing is, he felt like these nightmares were actually happening in his reality. And that was something he wasn't quite understanding. The boy felt frozen. Felt like he couldn't move. He could feel his surroundings, but it was still like his whole body was frozen to the bed. From fear.

Once his body was able to realize that he was actually awake was when he was able to move. Wells looked over at the clock and saw that he needed to start to get ready for school. The male sighed, as he finally moved his legs around the bed, and his feet touched the ground. That was when he was able to realize that he was actually awake. Usually he wouldn't shower but with all the sweat he just poured out of his body, he decided he need too. He didn't want to stink.

He jumped into the shower real quick. The most he ever spent in the shower was like 5-7 minutes. He just wanted to meet up with his friends at school, and just pray he could forget about the nightmare. Once the male got out of the shower, he put his jeans on and a nice button up shirt. Wells grabbed his things, and made his way downstairs. "Good morning, sweetheart." He heard his mom talking to him. But he still wasn't fully himself. [b "Good morning mom."] He grabbed a piece of bacon that his mom made. [b "I'm off to school."] He smiled lightly at her. The last thing he wanted to do was to worry her.

Once Wells arrived at the school, he was glad to see some familiar faces. Especially since most of his classes are with his friends as well. But he knew eventually, he was going to need to talk to one of them about these nightmares he was having. He was wondering if his friends were having them as well.

[b "Hey guys!"] He walked up to them, and sat next to them before class started.
MourningGloryNightmare   68d ago

Brown eyes flew open as he looked around the room that was still partially covered in the early morning shadows. In his dreams, Hunter had been running and trying to get away from something. No.. correction.. He had been trying to get away from someone. The only problem was this someone was ALWAYS just out of his sight and seemed to be a shadow lurking and ready to pounce at anytime. Which now that he was awake seemed almost like a sick joke since dreams were SUPPOSED to be the creation of the dreamer. But ever since he and his friends had been trying to dive into the history of their small town, nothing seemed the same. Everything seemed to be much more eerie than he would have imagined. And he always had the sense that there was someone watching and waiting to kill him. Again...a sick joke and something out of movies, but the teen couldn't shake the feeling. He only wondered if the others suffered the same way.

With a shake of his hand and a hand running through his hair, the teen decided to FINALLY get his ass in gear. He didn't want to be the last of his friends to get to the school. So he got up, got a quick shower, and threw on a white shirt, pair of jeans, converse and a leather jacket. Once dressed, the boy grabbed his school bag and keys and was out the door, grabbing a granola bar to eat on the way.

The walk wasn't long, but it was still enough to slip back into thought. Enough to let him dwell on his nightmares. Only was he pulled out when he heard a chipper voice he had come to know well over the years and he ran over to where Sky and Nadine were. [b "Morning ladies. Have a good night?"] He was TRYING to seem as normal as he could. Now they just had to wait for their last friend to arrive.
BeautyFromPain-     92d ago

[left [pic] Screams. Blood. Nightmare after nightmare. Freddy's chant. All the female felt was sweat. Sweat coming from her whole body, soaking through the sheets. The female screamed, and woke up. She looked around, and ran her hands around her body. She looked down, and let out a sigh of relief. She was still alive. She let out a sigh of relief. She then turned and looked at the time. Luckily, she had time to take a shower.]

[left She got up and looked down at her bed, as she shook her head. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to sleep much after that nightmare she had. She shook her head, as she ripped the bedding off her bed, and put it on the ground. All she knew is that she needed to stay awake. She also needed to talk to her other friends about what is going on. But should she? What happens if she was the only one that was having this problem? What happens if her friends never believed her and thought she was a freak?]

[left She shook her head and then she went ahead and jumped into the shower. She didn't want to think about anything. She jumped into the shower real quick. She felt like her problems were going away when she was under that water. She felt like this water could put her asleep. But she knew that she couldn't go to sleep. One of these times she felt like she was never going to get out of this nightmare. She shook her head, and decided that was the end of her shower.]

[left She got out and she wrapped her towel around her thin body, went back to her room. Avoiding eye contact with her bedding. She got dressed and then she brushed her hair, threw a jacket on, grabbed the rest of her things and headed off to school. Usually when they get to the school her and her friends always meet at a bench. When she got to school, she already saw one friend there. Sky. She bit her lip, and then rushed off and sat next to her.]

[left [b "Good morning sunshine!"]]
MourningGloryNightmare   92d ago

When was the first time she had seen that burnt man in her dreams? Skylar couldn't remember. Was it when she had been seven and Bristol had mentioned it? Or was it when she and her small group of friends decided they wanted to start investigating their almost TOO perfect little town of Springwood? More specifically their street of Elm Street? Either way, it was as if a darkness had been unleashed and there was CONSTANTLY lurking in the shadows (no pun intended as the shadows within her mind were mostly having to do with her nightmares). She was learning to deal with it..or so she told herself as she was determined to try and supress it. Besides, Miss Sky didn't know if she was the only one suffering or not..and she did NOT want to ask her friends.

Suddenly an annoying beeping was going off and she shook her head as she looked down at the notebook she had apparently been writing in. All she saw were the words of "dream demon" written again and again. God she had to stop doing that! Spacing and then writing things she wasn't even aware of. Slamming her notebook closed, the girl of eighteen hid it in the usual spot so her parents wouldn't find it and began to get ready for another day at Springwood High.

Her shower was quick and getting dressed was even quicker as she threw on bra and panties, violet long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and flats. Once dressed, the girl grabbed her bag and keys and called a goodbye to her momma and daddy and was out the door. She needed the walk and the fresh air to try and clear her head as much as possible. Or that was the intent BUT her mind kept going back to the burnt man and the eerie feeling she got when thinking of him.

She. Had. To. Talk. To. Her. Friends.
When she got to the school, Sky found the bench she and her friends usually met at and was first there. Now all she had to do was wait for the others...and to NOT fall asleep as it was still quite early.

It had been years since the inhabitants of Elm Street dared mention the name “Freddy Krueger”. Life seemed to go on normally, children playing in the streets and parents seemingly not having to worry about the “child murderer” taking their children away to never being seen again.

Well, that’s what they thought. Little did they know that as a deal to “live forever”Fred Krueger made with an ancient evil, he was able to invade the dreams of and terrorize the children of Elm Street, murdering them in their sleep and keeping their souls with him. The souls of those he killed gave him more power so that he would be able to torment the inhabitants of Elm Street forever.

Those who managed to survive his reign of terror were thought to be crazy and were placed into a mental institution where they were too scared to sleep for fear that Freddy would come and kill them in their dreams.

In fact, there was this one girl years before who could bring Freddy out of the dream world and into reality. Her name was Nancy. She had brought him into the real world and had fought him, seeming to have gotten rid of him for good. Some time later, another girl seemed to possess similar abilities, being able to remove Freddy from the dream world and into reality. It seemed that every few years or so someone was able to take him out of the dream world and drag him into reality and seemingly beat him.

Well, that’s what the people of Elm Street thought, that he was gone for good. They believed that Freddy Krueger would never come back for the children again. They believed that everything was going to be normal from now on since Freddy was gone for good. They were safe and there was nothing to worry about.

Soon, however, there was a new group of “children” for Freddy to torture in their dreams. They did not know of the history of Elm Street and the horrors that had taken place many years before, in fact, he felt that they would be in for a surprise when he made his big return.

Freddy could not wait for the day of his return so that he could have “his children”’all to himself and keep them with him for eternity. He just had to wait for the right time and for the new group to fall asleep before he made his move.

((Sorry that it took so long and for the crappy post))