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By Virtual_Insanity

Replies: 86 / 114 days ago

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  1. [Allowed] BrittSehkret

I am the gum-chewer and another person is the tour guide. I'm Lana Rodriguez.


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oh right))
(Remember, you DO chew it. Just soon.)
"Yeah. So don't chew it."
"That sounds horrible"
"Sadly, there is no reversing the effects. It's bad."
"How would it be reversed?"
"Yeah, but so could becoming a giant blueberry. Trust me, you wouldn't love it after that happens to you..."
"Swallowing could be dangerous."
"A few workers. They all became blueberries."
"I don't see the problem. Has anyone actually tried to chew it?"
BrittSehkret / 10d ago
"Yep. So no chewing." (you obviously don't listen because you don't believe it.)
Britt / BrittSehkret / 10d ago
"Just a little bit wrong. You turn into a giant blueberry if you chew it."