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[center [pic]] [center [i Hello there! If you're here than I hope you're in the mood for a sci-fi thread as much as I am!]] [center [pic]] [center [b What I'm Looking For:]] [center [i To start, I love Mass Effect, Star Wars, and The League. While I'm not looking for anything specifically in those universes, I won't be against it if it's brought up. No matter what, however, I [b am] looking for someone who is willing to flesh out a story with me.]] [center [i I'm a literate writer. I have written well over 10,000 characters and tend to keep my posts around 5000. 1000 if writer's block is hitting hard. I ask that my partner can at least give me something to work with. You don't have to match those lengths, but give me something so that I'm not struggling to reply.]] [center [i Please be at least 18+. I myself am in my early twenties and like mature themes included in my stories. I will not feel comfortable RPing with minors, especially concerning any mature subjects. I'm sorry but this is just a rule I will stand by.]] [center [i Decent grammar. I'm not the best at this, I won't lie, but don't make it to where I have to try and decipher your posts. It's easy to know the difference between your and you're, so basic grammar is a must.]] [center [i I would like it if any future partners are willing to double up or play multiple characters at some point. I've been rping for years and have come to learn that sometimes other characters are needed to help push a story forward.]] [center [i That said, I'm a female, so I definitely prefer to play one, but again, I will double up, or if absolutely needed, will play a male. I have a few up my sleeve.]] [center [i Real pictures are preferred, though I will use illustrated or none at all. I'm not picky, but if pictures aren't used, then please describe the character. I want to be able to put a face to what I'm reading.]] [center [i Communication. I want us to be able to talk to one another about ideas or if we're going on a hiatus. I've been doing my best since I got back and would like the same effort.]] [center [i I do not reply every single day, so don't feel pressured to do so. If you lose interest, just tell me and I will delete any thread, no problem.]] [center [i I do believe this is honestly everything. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm pretty easygoing. If you are at all interested, put the subject of the PM as your favorite color, just so I know you actually read this far. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!]] [center [pic]]
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