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Vento's Fence

By Glitch

Replies: 24 / 14 days ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/JYd7k4u.png?1]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Montserrat&display=swap]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Courier+Prime&display=swap]
[Montserrat There's a fence in the woods. Put there by figures clad in black. Men of an unknown association working in the dark of night worked silently to put it there from dusk till dawn. Then, when the sun came again, it stood. Erect and mysterious. Made of bone and metal and wood. Like a ward of some crazed madman's design. And behind it lie a place of even stranger occurrence. A building that had always been there of uniform make to a government facility stood looming within the woods just behind this strange makeshift construct. The very same visages of men clad in black roamed the grounds of this facility day and night. Sitting comfortably just outside the city of Duneden. A small town, population of under ten thousand where everyday people simply sit, absentmindedly of the things going on deep within the woods at the center of such a place.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/WhMFwZn.jpg]]

The signs were small at first. Changes, things you found yourself able to do, abilities... Powers that normal people didn't have. Your skin burned, your eyes bloodshot and in constant pain you went to whoever you could to seek help, and within forty-eight hours. You were brought through that very same fence. To a facility deemed fit to make you better. Your guardians and loved ones were told simply that you'd have the best chance here, and left with little other choice given your condition you agreed. Or maybe you just went missing in the night. Perhaps you saw the murmur's of confinement on the wind and ran for your life. Only to be brought down by the futility of it all. The first few hours a complete blur. Sharp pinching pains stuck out in your blurred mind along with the blinding overhead lights of operating rooms and silhouetted faces as you lay on a table barely clung to consciousness. A burning on the inner side of your wrist as something was tattooed there and then fading in and out. You found yourself alone. In a room, isolated from everything you once knew you were simply given food, a bed by the wall. And days.

Too many days to count since you arrived here. With no explanation or answers aside from the voices of the [i "Doctor's"] making sure that you ate and drank daily. Soon it became clear. How long did you sit alone in the white confines of your room before you realized? A week? A year? There was no getting better. There never was any [i "cure"] or [i "hope"] to one day go home or set free. No, it started to dawn on you, the loss of time. The complacency, the blur between the gaps in your memory. Was it the water? Did they put something in the food or was it in the air? They did something to you... As the realization hit you it began to peck at you like crows to a corpse. Gnawing at your mind. Your abilities... Where had they gone? All this time you found yourself suppressed. Dulled in a haze of mind and body and now, Now all that went through your head was three simple words. When or how they arrived in your thought process you have no idea, why you became obsessed with the idea, a mystery to you. But the words were simple, you clung to them, recounting them in your head time and time again until you woke up to consciousness again, shaking your daze just barely to breath of your own will, coming to understand them completely...

[center Escape Vento's Fence. ]],

[Courier+Prime [center [h3 [+teal Missing Persons]]]
[h2 [right 013 ]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/cTC6mX6.png?1]]
[b Designation #:] 013
[b Name:] Alexstrazza Vast
[b Current Age:] 22
[b Sex:] Male
[b Height:] 6'1''
[b Ethnicity:] Mixed
[b Eye color:] Aqua
[b Hair color:] Aqua
[b Identifying features:] Tattoo sleeve right arm, burn marks along chest, Birthmark center left palm.
[b Anomalous Abilities:] Schrödinger's Cat. By all accounts subject 013 has been one of our most cumbersome subjects. His uncanny ability to be at once place then to another impossibly has made him one of our most difficult to catch. In many accounts instances where he'd been hurt, or maimed during our search for him had proven strange due to his ability to nullify those effects either by his own will to survive, or just happenstance. One of the most recent accounts resulting in his eventual capture was miraculous. Even being caught in an electronet and forced to the ground, when one of our agents caught up to him in attempts to capture him after losing initial visuals of 013 after the fall from the resulting net. The net was found empty and instead the subject was found inside the on sight transport vehicle, banging on the doors from the inside as they'd been electronically locked.
[b Control Phrase:] "Black Saboteur"

[h2 [right 007]]

[right [pic https://i.ibb.co/KGZFR2R/Titch.png]]
[b Designation #:] 007
[b Name:] Titch
[b Current Age:] 20
[b Sex:] Female
[b Height:] 5'4''
[b Ethnicity:] Caucasian
[b Eye color:] Blue
[b Hair color:] White
[b Identifying features:] A star shaped birth mark on her collarbone to the right side, usually covered. Blackened tips of her fingers, usually concealed by gloves. Faint blue glowing lines.
[b Anomalous Abilities:] Sixth Sense. Inherited from her mother 001, a clairvoyant. Titch could see things that didn't belong in the world, move things without touching and manipulate the energies around her to devastating affect. Wherever she goes, the dead can appear, alive but bearing gruesome injuries but she can call upon them to fight should she ever need it. She usually simply wants the company of others and uses her prowess for that. Each of these tax her greatly. She was found following seemingly nothing down an old country lane, talking to thin air as she followed the Half Hanged man who vanished when she was approached by strangers, with his neck broken and jutted. Her mother claimed she had been touched by the Spirit world, a blessing, hence her shock of white hair. The Spirits can refuse her at any point, as they have their own mind but her ability to move objects and terrify those around her are constant.
[b Control Phrase:] "Aurora's Mist"

[h2 [right 006]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/3pkVcRf.png]]
[b Designation #:] 006
[b Name:] Aqsaa
[b Current Age:] 19
[b Sex:] Female
[b Height:] 5'0"
[b Ethnicity:] Pakistani
[b Race Experimented with:] Demon
[b Eye color:] Blue
[b Hair color:] Blue
[b Identifying features:] Five horns on her head
[b Anomalous Abilities:] Hemomancy
00609, an experiment that was conjectured in the laboratory, has no real-world experiences and her speech broken from lack of worldly interactions, learned of her abilities after being locked in her cell for weeks as a punishment for trying to harm her creators. She would squeeze her fists out of anger; hard enough for her sharp, black nails to pierce her palms. There in the blood that lay in the palms of her hands, was the small misshapen form of a syringe; something she’d seen time and time again when the doctors would sedate her during her feral attempts of escaping. Her creators elated by this discovery forced her to hone in on this ability and diversify her creations. From small objects like dolls to weapons they would show her from storybooks, they made use of her ability for themselves, training her to be used for their defense. Her escape was detrimental to the lab. Though she may not be able to speak properly, 00609 is very observant, a skill she prided herself in from the years of watching her creators. With the tendency to hyper-focus out of curiosity, that can be seen as a weakness. Her skills of observation and quick movement will be what aided in her first escape and may very well be her downfall as well.
[b Control Phrase:] “Ow nails, hand hurt”

[h2 [right 033]]

[right [pic https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/850123384628707338/850124195098394664/9b0afd52b014621f31f232745b13cfb4.jpg]]
[b Designation #:] 033
[b Name:] “Benji” Benjamin Pratt
[b Height:] 6’3
[b Ethnicity:] Pakistani
[b Race:] Caucasian
[b Eye color:] Red
[b Hair color:] Black
[b Identifying features:] His left leg has permanent burn damage.
[b Anomalous Abilities:] Heat Generator. Has the ability to increase the kinetic energy of atoms, to increase temperatures in living and non-living things.
[b Control Phrase:] "Second Degree"

[h2 [right 019]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/R1cJFTQ.jpg?1]]
[b Designation #:] 019
[b Name:] Leonardo Khoury
[b Current Age:] 26
[b Sex:] Male
[b Height:] 6’3
[b Ethnicity:] Lebanese
[b Eye color:] Hazel
[b Hair color:] Black
[b Identifying features:] Severe trauma to cornea has left subject's left eye milky white. Subject also possesses numerous "home job" tattoos and scarification pieces.
[b Anomalous Abilities:] Decoherence. Molecular bonds within the subject's body are noted as particularly unstable. Under specific stimuli (see addendum 22-Y), cellular cohesion seems to dissipate/degrade, leaving the subject's physical form partially gaseous and capable of passing through most solid objects or achieving a flotation like state.
[b Control Phrase:] "After Party"
He thought he was dead. His life flashed before him in a stereotypical film, birth and all. The experience was one that he couldn’t even explain into words. The guy he had [i assumed] to be drunk just opened a [i ‘can of whoop-ass’] and saved them from being minced meat. He wanted to ask him how the hell he was able to move like that [i but] he had just melted a girls skin off and the responsibility was evident.
[#ff0000 “I am so sorry…Oh my…”
] The guilt of what he done set in, but they didn’t have time to waste. Benji helped Titch to her feet, apologizing a few more times under his breath. The idea to melt the metal was genius, he had just forgotten about her flesh. If he wasn’t kept in a bone chilling ice box all day and night, maybe he would have had a little more experience and might have avoided the painful looking consequence.

Anxiously he moved forward alongside his two new companions, eyes fixated on his surroundings. The rabbit was behind them now, unable to recover from the slaughter. Benji kept moving, the adrenaline of the situation soaring through his body. As they came to a secluded spot, he crouched down cautiously looking both ways as he tried to catch his breath.
[#ff0000 “Benji or Thirty-Three, take your pick. It’s honestly really nice to meet you Leo and Titch.”]
He let out a dry laugh trying to find humor in their grim situation.
[#ff0000 “I think it’s safe to say that we should all stick together and get through to the end? I figure three abilities has a much greater chance of [i winning] this damn game, no?” ]
It was the only sensible thing to do. He couldn’t see anyone, but he could hear the limitless screaming. It never ceased, only becoming more intense as the weak were weeded out of the pack and left for dead. They had to keep moving, had to reach the center. He didn’t want to end up a victim, at his only chance for freedom.
[#ff0000 “I’m fairly certain that If we follow the screams, you’ll see some frustrated souls.”]
Benji stood back up and stretched out, preparing his body for the war. He turned to Leo, still awe struck by the body morphing abilities. Logically it didn’t make sense, however he was in a [i murder maze.] The two of them both seemed quite powerful, capable to fend for themselves in the given situation. He wondered what the others were like, who else he would come across. Maybe someone could fly?

Benji waited for the two to decide, though time was not on their side. The hairs on his neck began to stand up as he felt the presence of something nearby. He had the nagging feeling that they were being watched, preyed upon from a distance. They needed to move; nothing was safe. The maze was a vicious death trap determined to swallow anything who dared to approach.
[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Scurrying away from the man she just lashed out at, she growled at him. Her eyes scanning over him, wary of way he's speaking to her. She wasn't sure how he wasn't dead yet. He was supposed to be dead. Peering around the figure in front of her, she set her gaze towards the area of her first victim. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Why you not like boy?]] She asked, stiffly pointing the blade in the dead boy's direction. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "No blood? No hurt? Why?"]] She took a curious step towards him, never lowering the knife.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap As she approached him, she began to circle him, like a vulture looking for roadkill. She sniffed at the air and huffed, she was trying to detect if he was a threat to her. Baring her teeth and stopping in front of him, she examined his appearance. His clothes were strange to her. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Your face cage look funny."]] She said as she relaxed and let her guard down, nodding her head towards his mask. She's never seen a muzzle like that and wondered it dug into his face like hers did. The knife bubbled, returning back it's original state. The blood slowly traveled up down her arms and seeped back into her skin. He was not a threat to her, but she still cautious of him.]

[#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Who you? Me Aqsaa."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Aqsaa introduced herself, shaking her hands to ease her aching palms. Her wrists felt stiff from how rigid she kept her body during her onslaught of slashes and jabs. Once she felt comfortable, Aqsaa rested her hands behind her head and rocked to and fro on the balls of her heels.]

[#3d6da9 [i [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "He talks funny. Look good? What that mean? No blood... Blood stink"]]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Aqsaa let her thoughts wander as stared of the masked weirdo. She was growing bored of being stationary. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Weird man, you follow me now."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She grinned and pivoted on her right heel and marched forward, only stopping once she was far enough ahead to see if he actually followed behind her.]

[#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "I wanna play. More strangers here?"]] She asked and dropped her arms into a "T", leaning from side to side as she pushed forward. She was very childish, but she wasn't something you underestimate and now someone other than those in her small inner circle has witnessed this. Though, a thought made her stop in her tracks. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Creator will be angry at Aqsaa. I hurt. Boy not wake up."]] She pouted. She was only worried about being punished. Pushinments hurt or bored her.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Though, what she didn't know that her creator was watching her the entire time and bragging over her first kill. He was proud, but he was still going punish her. [#6f009e [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Solitary confinement for a few days should be enough to push away any thoughts of socializing with these rats. Wouldn't you say that's the right call? You are her guard after all.]] He chuckled and spun his chair away from the monitors. [#b80027 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Yes sir, that should be enough to sway her. Though, you should keep on that one that she's with now. That curiosity she's displaying now could mean trouble for you."]] The guard locked his gaze on the floor, afraid to disagree or to piss off this man. Aqsaa was terrifying, yes, but this crazy scientist would have his head on a silver platter and delivered to his family. He couldn't careless what happed to this demon of a gir. He just wanted to live and to keep his privilege of being able to see his wife and his parents.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Shaking her head, Aqsaa hissed and covered her ears as they picked up on more screams. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Loud. Too loud."]] She mumbled and started walking again. She was starting to lose her interest in killing anyone or harming another person. She wanted to escape the echoing screechs and screams.]
Titch felt she might pass out from the pain. She was no doctor or medic, but she did know this was going to be agony once adrenaline wore off. She was doing well not to try and wriggle free, lest her leg be turned into a mashed pulp of muscle and flesh. Her jaw was clenched, she didn't want whoever set this trap to show up and she stared at the other two, blue eyes pleading. She would return the favour in some way or another, ten fold if she could and Titch was a woman better kept as friend rather than enemy, that much she was confident in but right that moment she needed help. Actual help from two complete strangers who were natural oddities just like her. If they wanted to shirk her out the game, they could right then and there. The mangled spirit looked on, staring at the scene and Titch pitied him, to have died so suddenly and horrifically. This wasn't a maze or a simple game, it was a damned execution with entertainment value.

She watched the first guy, dark hair and red eyes approach. She tensed, on guard already as she watched him. The trap was heating up at her leg and she stared at him, was he helping or-
[+blue "Oh- Jeez!"] She hissed and tried to stifle her cries. Her leg was free, technically but her skin was burnt as metal dropped down. She was almost sure she couldn't walk right then, her leg felt it was on fire.
[+blue "Thanks, hm, really... I appreciate it  I'll lay you back, I just have to-"] Titch knew the man had tried to help, as best he could and the shorter woman looked up at the sound. Killer bunny man? Oh, the traps. Her eyes went wildly to the ghost nearby, as he stared on listlessly.
[+blue "They can't hurt you. Help us!"] She said, begged almost and the dead man just stared at her before flickering as though caught in static. They didn't move, the mangled corpse of a spirit just stared on. She watched Leo, he told her his name and she would use it. She looked to Benji, she didn't know his name or his number and she just eyed him over. The ghoul man, Leo, must have been insane to go and approach that thing but she didn't have time to question.
[+blue "Help me to my feet."] She whispered as she used him to lever herself up. It was agony going through her leg and ankle.

Leo was fearless but he gave them enough time and Titch was determined not to slow them down. So, Leo was some superficial man, able to morph and turn himself shadowy and Benji could heat things up. A powerful trio if Titch could just find a ghost willing to help.
[+blue "Fuck, sorry- I'm trying to keep up."] She promised as she watched the ground for anymore traps. Her pants leg was scorched and thankfully the heated metal must have rolled right off. It was still a grotesque sight though, against her pale skin.

Titch rounded a corner and there seemed to be some respite. She propped herself up against one of the large walls of the maze and sucked in a few deep breaths,
[+blue "Thanks, Leo."] She mumbled quietly and looked to Benji, [+blue "Your name?"] She asked him again, anything to get her mind off of the pain in her leg. At least it wasn't bleeding, thanks to it being cauterized by Benji's powers. Had she told them her name? She was sure she had and she straightened up.

They were planning on exterminating them in this maze, killing them in some bold move of entertainment and science. No on signed up for this. Leo looked terrifying, easily mistaken for one of Titch's ghost friends but the poor soul from earlier hadn't followed them.
[+blue "If we can find some more dead, ill be more help."] She said, excusing her uselessness in the situation. Her blackened fingertips were exposed, apparently she wasn't allowed to wear her cloves during experiments, she wasn't sure why but they were a common mark of the dead. Much like the black spot from pirate books, this was her own sigil to wear on her digits.
[+blue "What do we do?"] She asked them both, hoping they had some sort of plan because she was at a loss, injured and had no idea what was waiting for them around the corner.

The screams in the maze continued in their orchestral choir, a new victim every few minutes and then it went quiet and Titch could only presume their numbers had thinned substantially. They had to find the center of the maze, wasn't that the goal for the brave little rats?
Titch / Resident Fey / Nullification / 4d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Raleway&display=swap]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/BjDdGYv.png]]
[Raleway Sounds continued to echo throughout as a pair of subjects narrowly and precariously walked forward through the blade trap. His senses like a dulled haze he stared at the blood and viscera a long while as they went on without him. Vaguely he heard them calling to him, trying to get him to go on with them yet their words didn’t really reach him. His eyes locked on the sloshing innards that spun rapidly as the blades moved back and fourth splattering blood throughout the area. The dimmed corridor of the maze barely lit by the light of the moon shimmered with crimson. And as he stared into the whirring deathtrap of his own creation. Again. He vanished. Now, he was somewhere deeper in the maze, somewhere quiet, secluded from the rest of the others. Or so he thought.

A strange contention rose in him in the silence. Like a feeling of weight in his chest yet as familiar as the feeling was to him, at the same time it was as if this haze he lived in deprived him of deep thought. With every step it was as if he watched himself from a far. Like a movie playing and his body on autopilot. The feeling, it’s mysterious importance bothered him and as he walked it toiled in his mind, tormenting what lucidity was there. He hadn’t felt it in so long it was as if he couldn’t pinpoint what it was, only that it was familiar. And it pained him. Pained like the agonizing distant moans that now echoed from afar, Faint at first but soon he neared them. Watching himself take step after step. Turning corner after corner before coming to a wall in the maze. Shuffling along with the gurgling and pleading of a dying, panicked man cried out with a struggle just on the other side of this wall. Visualizing that man he found himself there. Watching from only feet away as the strange horned woman dug her knife into his head. Again, the visual of blood and death fascinated him. The blood pooling from the man’s neck or the slightly grinning mouth of the woman who paused after pulling the knife from him.

Her eyes glowed unnaturally, her clothes covered in blood she looked at him with a crazed feral fervor. He could see her chest rising rapidly with a strange excitement as she staggered fourth up from the corpse blood leaking from her knife as she could barely hold a straight face. And as before. He stood in silence, The feeling of danger completely dulled along with any intention to run from her. He felt no fear, no urge to preserve his life, no need to get himself out of danger, nothing. He simply stood, staring at her as she walked fourth a strange unnerving jerk to her movements. Strangely it was like she worked on instinct alone. Head tilted uncannily before she lunged at him, he didn't have much time to react. Not that he would have. Hands still bound to his straight jacket, his dulled nerves allowed him no reaction aside from the slight widening of his eyes as she slashed at him. Cutting into his chest. Be it from some force of reaction to her momentum or possibly a vague inkling of need to resist his own death he took a few steps back as she clasped his head fisting his hair in her hand falling with him to the ground.

His breathing became heavier as she pressed the bloody knife to his neck. Her deranged face a feral mess of blood and tears and teeth. He felt no pain from his chest, Nor the cold steel pressing into him. The medicine doing well to numb even the source of blood leaking onto her and himself. Helplessly he watched as the blade was pressed into his neck stopping his breathing. 00609. That was her number, his eye stayed pressed that number on her clothes as she tore into him with fervor. Her blade sawing into his jugular and filling his mouth with blood. It didn’t take long at all. As his vision went white, then dark the last thought going through his mind was the vision of that feral girl. Indulging in her most urged desires to kill. How natural she looked doing what she wanted…

The body was left there on the cold ground as she savored those moments of his death. Then, like the other Patient beside him he was left on the cold ground of the maze floor. His blood splattered across the entirety of himself and her face.

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/Mn82dQ4.png?1]] As silence fell she continued to walk alone looking for victims to bring to her blade just as she had him. Yet the feral child was brought to a halt in her stride as she heard a shifting behind her. Turning to meet his gaze. His body standing as if he’d never been horribly killed at her hand that night. Because he hadn’t. Blood completely gone from him. Knife wounds gone as well. It was that her knife cut the remaining straps of his coat. Leaving him free to use his arms once again. It was that he stood aside while she did this and continued on. Or so he remembered. How strange it was to remember something different than what always was. He hadn't been murdered. Or he had. But here he stood.

[center [+cadetblue “You look very nice when you’re not covered in blood I think.”]]

His voice tired and low as if he strained to use it, and he’d been woken from a long sleep. Further muffled and modulated by the voice speaker of the mask he wore. Now freed from the jacket he watched her curiously his eye meeting her confusion filled face. As if she’d considered lunging at him again and sinking her blade into him again he watched her eyes flicker down to her hand. Though before she could charge him again he held his right hand up as if to stop her.

[center [+cadetblue “You're... The first I've met in a long time... If it makes you feel good... Stab away, though… I wont stay dead. Or here. Or not here. I'll never have been stabbed... Or I've been stabbed horribly. I'm both. And not. I’m… Thirteen… What’s your name…?”]]

His voice awkward and jaunted as if he were an alien enigma approaching a human for the first time in his life. His words made little sense yet this one, this feral girl. 00609. He wanted to know her.
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=IM+Fell+Double+Pica&display=swap]

[IM+Fell+Double+Pica The girl's words were comforting, if a bit patronizing. Though, he could hardly blame her, what else could she say about someone in his state? With a teeth grinding grimace he forced his back a little straighter, brought his stride in a little tighter and attempted to simply get it together. Psychosomatic, the doctor had called his present [i condition], mind ailing matter. If that were the case, then he could best it.
His attempt was halted by the morbid scene, a sobering sight. Leo did not turn away, fixing the [i actual] corpse with his one functioning eye. He was no stranger to death, having spent a good time about it in his life before the facility, but this was something else. There was something to be said about knife wounds or gunshots received in drug deals gone bad, that it was at least in some infintismal way [i reciprocal]; both parties had put themselves there. But this...this was cruel. Eyeing the buzz saw blade still half extended from the wall, its tearing teeth dripping thick drops of slowly coagulating viscera. This was evil, a glimpse of a heart stained with darkness playing with the prisoners of this place like a boy with a magnifying glass plays with an ant hill. Cruelty, plain and true.

The gir's words barely parsed through his mind, too focused was he on the saw. His mouth responded as though on autopilot, learned behaviour from years in captivity. [+deeppink "Leo. Or r, uh, Zero-One-Nine."]he mumbled. Even as they continued down the hallway, he twisted his head and craned his neck to continue watching. Though awful, it was almost shocking enough the break through the stupor, clear away the fog...


Leo spun to see Titch on the ground, clutching at a...bear trap? Seriously? Before he could...well, do nothing if he were honest with himself, Benji was already springing in to action, melting down the iron jaws of the trap. Leo winced at the sight of the molten iron running down the girl's ankle. Free, but at what cost.

[+deeppink "Fuuuuuckin' hell. Are you all good?"] he asked tentatively. Again, however, was his attention ripped from one startling scene to another; as a manic [i guffawing] rolled down the hall, followed by the sharp [i crack] of gunfire. The rounds pinged and ricocheted off the walls, recoil clearly proving too much for the sprinting mascot. With Titch on her back injured and Benji crouched down beside her, Leo had no choice but to spring in to action. Be broke in to an awkward, lumbering jog, heading toward the rabbit. He inhaled sharply through his nose, feeling the air rush through to his lungs, imagining it continuing further. Imagining that air pushing through into the rest of his body, slipping between the organs and the bones, feeling it seperate cell from cell. Feeling the cold well up. And as the first bullet struck his skin, his skin gave way in it's wake, rippling outward from the impact site as it dissipated in to a thick, ashy smoke.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/r9cyOm1.png]]
The rabbit stopped for a moment, caught off guard by the sudden metamorphosis. The smoke maintained Leo's trajectory forward however, snaking through the air and along the ground with an unmistakable intent. It billowed around the shooter's feet, sinking in through the stitching in the suit. It wormed it's way up, sucked in through panicked breath. It forced out air, and forced in more of itself. Slow, agonizing. The rabbit twitched for a moment, involuntary spasms squeezing the trigger finger, before reality sunk in and he began to thrash to and fro, clawing desperately at the suit, as though it was what kept the air from his lungs.

From behind the suit, Leo's disembodied arm coalesced, gesturing to his newfound allies to continue forth. It then reached down around the shooter's body like some strange embrace to grab the man's wrist and angle away the rifle. No need to expose them to any random shots. ]
C O R E / Retribution / 4d ago
The scene was absolute chaos. Benji took in a deep breath of air and held it in his lungs as he heard the blood curdling screams of men, women, and children. He felt himself still at the entrance, his confidence dissipating by the seconds. The information he had been given about a game left out a few details and a manual. He looked out ahead of him, bodies running everywhere, and forced his body to move, finally letting out the trapped air in disbelief.

He set his sight on a patch of greenery that was a few yards away and set out, keeping his mind on the finish line. The path was along the walls so he figured he would be safer there than out in the open. If he got through the maze, he could have more freedom. The notion was simple, finish. Caught off guard, he caught himself before taking a dive to the floor as a very ill looking corpse like man drunkenly staggered past him. He couldn’t make out what he was saying but assumed he might have been hurt by the way he was fumbling over himself. Before he could react, a white-haired woman was already behind Leo, attending to the equilibrium issues at hand.

His child like senses made him want to ask them both to his room for a movie night but his thought was interrupted by the screams of people he assumed-were dying. His caretaker failed to mention that he may not make it out alive. Benji was not a stranger to the sight of death, though he couldn’t help but feel a lump of anxiety festering inside of him. If he hurt anyone, he would break the rules, but even at the cost of his own life?

The woman looked on edge as if she had just seen a ghost. He followed the two strangers closely, hoping he had made allies through the encounter. He figured a half dead guy, and a bossy woman were better than anything else he was being offered. [#ff0000
“My name is Thirty-Thr-.”] He was cut off abruptly by the shrieking of the white-haired woman, who was caught in a trap on the floor. He immediately felt stupid not even considering that the floor could be as dangerous. The entire situation was too overwhelming for his seventeen-year-old brain to comprehend amongst the madness.

Benji gazed over at the half dead guy, still looking like he had one too many bottles of whiskey the night before and imagined that his fragile fingers would snap right off if he even gave so much as a tug to the trap. He bent down next to the woman, feeling the eminent danger around them. Quickly he focused in on the trap and began to feel the heat soar through his core. He had practiced his abilities on animals and the few unfortunate humans before but never in a situation to help someone else. Within seconds the metal began to molten, dripping down her leg in thick pools.

Before he could even try and apologize, his eyes grew wide. A life sized bloody covered rabbit holding a machine gun, was hurling towards them.
[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap The bell tolled three times. [i Ring.] She took a deep breath. [i Ring.] She exhaled and glared at the door before turning away from it. [i Ring.] She set off and let the claws of her right hand scrape the wall as she walked forward.]

[#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "This boring."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She quietly grumbled and she stared ahead her expression blank.] [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Alone."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She rolled her shoulders and giggled when her joints made loud popping sounds. Though, as she rounded the first corner, she stopped and sniffed the air. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Blood stinky."]] She scrunched her in disgust and shook her head and continued walking.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Taking her time, Aqsaa bit the tip of her thumbnail as she slowly made her way through the narrow hallway. Slow and steady strides, she was starting to get agitated as she rounded another set of corners. The smell of blood threw her off and she was becoming very fidgety. A wicked grin adorned her face as her eyes lit up when she heard the faint yelling of a boy. She was ready to play and she made her move, sprinting to the source of the smell and she found him. A tall, lanky boy that holding onto his left side for dear life. He looked frantic and was screaming words she did not understand. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Hehe, you stink. You play?"]] Aqsaa stalked towards him, like a tiger hunting its prey.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap The jumped, startled by this girl's sudden appearance. Shaking, he let his eyes rest on the horns on her head and wanted to scream, but all that came out was a breathy gasp. [#609f38 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Who... Who are you? What do you mean by play? We need to get out of here!"]] He fired off and took a step back as the strange girl slowly approached him. He glanced down at her hands and quickly noted they were balled into tight fists and there was blood dripping from between her fingers and then drew his glance back towards her face, the look in her eyes frightened him beyond belief. Her eyes were feral and looked as if they were glowing. She looked like a wicked being from his old picture books. An unholy creature. She was a monster and he felt the bloodlust coming from was beginning to overwhelm him, so he ran away from her. He wanted to pass this test as much as the others did, but fate wasn't kind when you're but only a lab rat. A plaything to powerful men and a pin cushion to the doctors that took care of him. What a cruel reminder that whatever was left of his humanity was a mere joke to these people.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap The chase was on and her mind was set on the blood of the running boy and the pain on the palms of hands as her fists remained clenched. She was ready to strike, but the thrill of the chase made her feel ecstatic. She's never seen anyone outside of the inner circle of a few doctors, scientists, the lone guard, and her creator. She was curious and yet, the only thing she wanted to do was to hurt this stranger. Unknown to her, that was what they programmed her to do. To hunt. To hurt people outside of her inner circle of caretakers. To kill. She would so without fail.]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Adrenaline was high and the boy stumbled over his own feet as the wound on his side pulsed. He wasn't ready to die yet. He needed to get back the family he was stolen from. [#609f38 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "What are doing? Hey, girl! This isn't funny anymore!"]] He tried reasoning with her, looking behind him only to find that was nowhere in sight. [#609f38 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "What? Where-"]] He was cut off by swift kick to his back and he fell to the floor, coughing as the breath was knocked out of him from the impact. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Ow nails... hands hurt."]] She laughed and held her hands over her head and stared at the blood that ran down her arm. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Sharp... Kn..Knife. Yes. knife."]] She unhinged her fists, fingers flexing as the blood moved back up her arms and her eyes watched in fascination as the blood flowed and moved on its own, forming the objected she desired. A hunting knife, like one in the books she had been shown. The boy was absolutely stunned. He couldn't fight back as his body shook. He wasn't able to move. However, he felt everything that was happening.]

[#609f38 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Please, I'm begging! Don't hurt me! I want to go home!"]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Aqsaa stared down at the boy and swung her left leg out, kicking him on his wounded side. Cringing when he let out a guttural scream. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Too loud. No talk."]] She hissed and straddled the boy's back, slowly dragging the tip of the blade over his scalp. She was happy to see small beads of crimson trail after the blade. Though the smell was something she hated, the sight egged her on. She needed more. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Night night!]] Aqsaa chirped and quickly pushed the blade into the back of the boy's neck, twisting it and pulling it away from his corpse. She stood up and admired her work, the slow forming pool of red staining the floor overstimulated her instincts. She needed more. So much more. Her fun was only beginning.]
Titch watched as others sprinted head first into the maze, blindly almost and she narrowed her eyes. She didn't quite understand what was going on the ghouls eyed her and asked a question. She only shook her head, a little confusion and concern blossoming as she watched him trundling away. He seemed lopsided and Titch glanced to the new arrival. Raven hair and red eyes, strange. She couldn't hear anything from the inside. She qasnt even sure if they were allowed to help each other, but it wasn't in her nature to simply leave anyone behind. He was asking for help too, this strange looking man who limped like a wounded kitten. She glanced to Benjii, she didn't know if he was the sort to help or not but she was. She kept her distance, she didn't know these people or their powers. She moved behind Leo.

[+blue "Slow and steady."] She mumbled quietly to him, keeping careful. She was scared to touch him, scared to touch any of them as she sort of just walked with him. She was terrified, inside the maze she could know hear screaming, sickening sounds and they sounded both close and distant at the same time. This wasn't right, she glanced to the other stranger, what the Hell was this? She eyed path, they just had to make it to the end, right? What was the end? They would know it when they found it, most likely.

Titch looked up, the image of a shredded man standing there. His body chewed up and she narrowed her eyes, pensive. He was dead, she sucked in a breath.
[b "I don't know where I am... what- The blades, they kept coming- He just stared- I can't... I can't feel anything."] He was freshly dead, the tattered remains of the tracksuit hanging from bits of pulverised meat. That was Titch's power, number seven in action. This poor soul as visible to those around her as he was right then. Crystals were jutting out of his body and Titch wasn't sure what that meant.
[+blue "We need to go."] She said quietly to Leo, glancing to Benji.

[+blue "It's nice to meet you both, but we have to go... I'm sorry. People are dying- That poor man, he's dead... and something here killed him."] She whispered, voice tight in her throat. This was not what any of them needed. Leo seemed like he could barely walk. Their names didn't matter, even the stupid numbers didn't matter. They just needed to get out. Maybe this was a freak accident? Titch could feel her heart rate increasing, thumping in her ears like an orchestra of cardiorespiratory arrest. She glanced to the man who had been butchered,
[+blue "Where is safe?"] She asked him and he stared at her, eyes dead and hollow.

[b "Nowhere."]

One word that chilled her spine. He was what she called a Trauma, someone who had died so suddenly and recently that they didn't know what was going on and acted as though they were in shock. Titch wouldn't get much help from him. No, she needed an angry ghost, a Poltergiest, something that wanted vengeance.
[+blue "Do you two have names?"] Titch asked, distracting herself as she walked. She wasn't looking, she wasn't paying attention.

Before she could realise what had happened, a bear trap snapped around her ankle, thankfully it didn't break bone but it didn't stop Titch from shrieking like a banshee, bracing against the wall and cursing. The jagged metal teeth digging into flesh and she was still, luckily to prevent anymore damage or tearing. Her jaw went tight and she looked down, she needed to pry it open.
[+blue "Can you get it open? Please?"] She asked the two men she was with and she knew if something came along now and she couldn't get out of this, then she was in trouble.

She had never known pain like it, so isolated and she had to rely on two total strangers to help her out. She was sure adrenaline would keep her going but if they walked away then she would have to try and prise it open with her own meagre strength which would likely be a horrible endeavour. Hot tears had sprung to her eyes through pain alone, the mangled ghost staring at her despondently, as if waiting for her to join him.

[+blue "Fuck this maze."] She whispered to herself, voice coming out as a hiss as she looked to Benji and Leo. If they left her then so be it, she could manage this it would just take extra time that she possibly didn't have given this whole maze seemed against them.
Titch / Resident Fey / Nullification / 7d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Raleway&display=swap]
[Raleway Sirens, [i klaxons] sounded off like the ringing of a hundred aching souls crying out in agony. The sound was unfamiliar to him and even more so as his eyes adjusted to the light beyond him her face blurred into a foggy visage of a person. He’d almost forgotten how a person looked. Commonly touching the outsides of his helmet when given the short chances when they changed his jacket. His hands still bound to his chest he became teary eyed at the adjustment as her blue eyes came into place. Raven curly locks fell about delicately before him. Fixated on them and the white of her coat he began to look around, Dim lights grew more dim as the sirens continued on in the distance. Right now the Exam had started and with the loosening of his straight jacket his attention was pulled by Doctor nest. Her blue eyes staring at him as she smiled at him. Wide eyed he stood speechless while she reached out and pulled a mask from the table beside her, Fastening it to his head and attaching a canister to it. His left eye and the majority of his face completely obscured by it.

A familiar smell and taste entered his mouth and nose as she screwed the cannister into place. His medicine in gas form, It’d always been fast acting before but now, it was as if every inhale deadened his feeling and numbed his sense of feeling.

[center [+purple “Can’t have anyone seeing you now can we. Now, the rules are simple. Get to the end with the others, Behave, and there will be many, many rewards in it for you”]]

Her smile grew wide as she seemingly grew excited by the events to soon unfold. Though he was unconcerned with her entirely as he felt the gust of wind at his feet. Outside, the sirens, the walls. He was fixated on the environment before him. His heart beating faster as he took a step forward. Get to the end of the maze, simple. Then he could wear this mask all the time. Have vision all the time possibly.

[center [+purple “Now, now thirteen, let me just get the last adjustment to limit your abilities within, else we might lose track of you within. Then i’ll unfasten the rest of your jacket and you can go.”]]

Waiting patiently he stared outside, visualizing the walls, the black boxes. The obstacles he’d created. Then as her eyes left him for only a split second while she turned to get the last piece of gear to affix to him. He’d vanished. The world black again, then not as he found himself standing somewhere in the maze. A great distance from where he was before judging by just how loud the sirens were now. Then, the sound of panting and heavy footfalls as some of the other’s bolted past him, determined to find their way out of the maze as quickly as possible. He wanted to reach out to them, wanted to touch them only to be stopped by the jacket. His arms were still bound. Looking back and forth at the massive stone walls on either side of him he began walking slowly. Only making it a few paces before he heard a shrill scream in the distance ahead of him from where one of the others had ran to. Thinking about that scream. That place he found himself there, just behind them, watching as the body of one of the others fell limp to the ground. Ahead of him a massive contraption that spanned the entirety of the hall stopped the others ahead of him in place. One of them had been clipped by one of the blades and was now bleeding horribly as his body lay limp in the center of the obstacle. Frantically another tried to reach out to him only to watch the whirring blade recoil and come back from the way it came, sawing into him at the ribcage, then all the way through.

His body crystalized as he attempted to use his abilities near the end to stop his death, yet the blades were not deterred in the slightest. Of course they weren’t… He’d thought of them that way...
Thirteen / Glitch / 7d ago
“Zero-zero-seven, zero-one-nine, You two are to stay put. Soon enough we’ll be back to escort you as well. Understood?”

The voice startled Leo, drawing his gaze upward. An unfamiliar face leered down for a moment before continuing on, dragging a...straight jacketed robot? Or at the very least, someone in a metallic mask. He supposed it shouldn't shock him, [i he] was certainly strange enough himself. The doctor's statement hanging on his mind, Leo looked around, locking eyes -or, eye rather- with a white haired girl staring at him. He had but a moment to raise an inquisitive eyebrow before being yanked upwards and jostled down yet another hallway.

Something about fun and experiments, safety gear and dreams barked the unfamiliar doctor, though Leo listened not. His attention was held on the white haired girl, and then the other dishevelled souls held at attention by their own respective doctors. So many, he noted. He'd assumed there would be others, but not this many. [i And not this young]. A motley assortment, bringing an ache to his heart.

"Nineteen, here. I imagine you'll be needing these" spoke a familiar voice from behind. Doctor Turner stood sheepishly holding out his hand, offering a small pill bottle. "The exam might take a while, and it would serve no one well were you to regress half way through. These should keep you alert long enough."

Sensing Leo's coming objection, the doctor pre-empted; "You'll be allowed to rest again as soon as you're back, scout's honour."

With the ringing of the klaxon, Turner turned and scurried away before he was spotted, leaving Leo to grumpily shove the pills deep into the sleeves of his sweater. With the majority of the other subjects shooting off through the heavy blast doors in to the maze, the gaunt man was left with the few other cautious souls still standing. He turned to the white haired girl and let out a croak.

"Do you know...what this is about?"

As he spoke, he began shuffling forwards, leaning heavily against the left wall to keep himself upright. Even now, hours after being awoken, the thick tendrils of his fugue clung. His thin, almost mantis like body offered scant help. The weakness, though familiar, was nonetheless infuriating.

"[i Hayaa ya sahi.] Get it together. Hey you, shiny. Can...can you give me a hand?"

Looking toward the...kid in a space suit?....Leo gestured meekly at the shin height barrier running across the entrance to the maze, where the blast doors magnetic locks presumably connected. Whatever remained of his pride refused to let him be seen sprawling across it alone like an invalid.
C O R E / Retribution / 8d ago
The concept of time sort of didn’t exist in his world. He didn’t know the difference between hours and minutes because he was constantly [i waiting.] Whether that be waiting for some sort of instruction or waiting to know when food would be slid through the door. Benji sighed heavily, watching his breath form a cloud inches from his face.

His attention directed to the door as he heard the locks move. The same caretaker that he had seen before came in, leaving it cracked open. Benji had never been allowed this level of trust and the gesture was causing his anxiety to rise. [#0066cc
“Thirty-Three, we have a special game set up for you and a few other lucky individuals.”] The caretaker paused and folded his arms. [#0066cc
“If you behave this it [i could] become a regular occurrence for you. Let’s go.”]

Benji’s entire face lit up at the news. The feeling of joy overcame him as a smile permanently formed on his face. He ran to his caretaker wanting to throw his arms around him but instead restrained himself. He wanted to be good so he could get more privileges. [#cc0000
“I’m not going to be sedated first. I’m being trusted?”]

“No, but if you [i boil] anyone, severe consequences will be taken. Me and my colleagues are giving you a single chance. It is your decision on how you will handle it. You will be with others thirty-three, behave.”] The caretaker led thirty-three out of his cell and shut the door behind them. Benji felt the warmth on his skin and the feeling of absolute euphoria took over. He couldn’t recall the last time he had felt so amazing. The idea of not knowing no longer mattered to him. Benji followed closely behind the caretaker as he led them both down a long white hallway with several left and right turns. They came to a stop in front of a door that looked like every other door. Benji now knew that if he ever wanted to escape, they were making it nearly impossible even on the outside.

In a second when I release you though this door you will need to use your abilities to get to the other side. Obstacles and challenges ae being put in place to test you and a few of the lucky others. This is a privilege, so please show us what you have learned.”] Benji only nodded at him, the same smile plastered on his face. He didn’t care who or what was on the other side, he could handle it. The caretaker held a blank expression as he opened the door and gently pushed his subject through.
[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Stumbling to keep up with her Creator's pace as he all but drug her through parts of the facility she has never seen before, Aqsaa whined and pointed all the new sites. She wanted to touch and tamper with them all. The doors, windows, two-way mirrors, she was curious about everything she set her sights on. [#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap We go to test now?"]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She asked and tilted her head to the side, eventually digging her heels in the ground with enough force to make them both halt their steps.]

[#6f009e [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "My dear child, you promised the guard you'd behave, but... yes, you're going to take the test now. Please be patient. If you see something that remotely resembles the guard and me, you chase and defend yourself if you have to, but do not harm them. Harm these subjects and you will be severely punished. Do you understand?"]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap The man, whose hair was salt and pepper colored, sighed when he was met with silence from the demon he created.] [#6f009e [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "AQSAA! I asked you a question and I expect an answer. Do you understand what it is I am instructing you to do?"]]

[font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap Flinching, the girl frantically nodded her head to let him know she understood his demands. The man shook his head and lead her passed the common room and tugged on Aqsaa's wrist to prompt her to quicken her pace when he noticed her perk up at the sound of new voices. Soon, he reminded himself, soon Aqsaa's test will begin.]

[#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "No face cage?"]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She asked, referring to her muzzle. She didn't want to wear it again. The straps hurt and the metal buckles dug into her cheeks caused her skin to feel raw and achy.]] [#6f009e [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "No my dear, no muzzle today."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap The man chortled and pat the girl's head as they stopped in front of a door. A door that leads to the end of a brilliant experiment. The end of the maze. He had faith in the succession of this experiment, not just because it could help his proudest creation grow stronger, but he held very high expectations for the other lab rats as well. Even if the girl fails and harms any of them, he'd be excited to see what she can do against these subjects.] [#6f009e [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Now, Aqsaa, I want you to wait here in this room. You will exit when the doctor gives the signal, okay? When you hear this bell chime three times, leave this room through the door on the other side and try to make your way to the end. Do you understand?"]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap He explained as he rang the bell for her. He wanted her to comprehend every word he's spoken to her thus far and grew giddy when she poked the bell with the claw on her index finger.]

[#3d6da9 [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap "Aqsaa understand. No hurt people, bell ring I go."]] [font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Share+Tech+Mono&display=swap She grinned and help up her hand, flexing her fingers and huffed. The man was satisfied with her answer, so he opened the door and gently nudged her to move. Once Aqsaa entered the room, he shut and locked the door. They both waited for their signals and he waited for the games to begin.]
There was the door opening and closing and Titch tensed, worried for a moment that they might have come to hurry her away. They didn't really leave someone here, right? Titch narrowed her eyes and for a second she thought maybe the odd looking man was dead, maybe it was a spirit and her heart leapt at the thought. [i A Spirit, finally!] But then he moved and spoke, Titch squinted. Another person, a living one too. She wondered what games people were playing now, eyeing him over.
[b "Seven, up. We're leaving."] A doctor said and gestured to a door in the corner. She glanced to other ghoulish looking man and furrowed her brow.

She was lead down corridors with this strange man and his strange face. She was curious now she had gotten over the shock of it and her shock of white hair bounced around her shoulders as she walked. She was lead to a sort of waiting room and she wasn't sure if they were outside or not. There was thick fog and she looked to the doctor. There were others here, some thrown in, kicking and screaming, others simply walking in of their own free will. She found she was terrified to look at them, scared to look upon others because she was worried what she might find.
[b "Now then, we thought you might enjoy being part of this little experiment."] The woman up front cooed in her white jacket, overlooking from a safe, vantage point. Titch tilted her head and glanced behind her at tall, stone pillars. It was the start of a maze.

Rats, they were going to be treated like lab rats and Titch was almost sure there had been a mistake. She wasn't close to being strong enough to get through this, not without spirits to command and manipulate.
[b "You will have safety gear removed, we ask only that you go in your tracksuits."] Titch looked down at the cotton suit she was wearing and then at the others. Some seemed keen to try and escape into the maze, others wary. She knew terror, she could see it written in each of their faces. Her stomach twisted painfully at the thought of going in there, into the dark, high walled, foggy depths.
[b "Of course, there will be challenges but what awaits in the centre is beyond your wildest dreams, please."] And that was it, there was a claxon sounding and the woman vanished as the lights went down and little droplets of light flickered on in the maze. Titch watched some of the people go haring in, she had no means to know their powers or strengths or why they were here. She hesitated, standing at the mouth of one of the passages and she glanced to the ghoul boy.

Rats ate rats, in these mazes.

And they were all just rats.
Titch / Resident Fey / Nullification / 9d ago
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Raleway&display=swap]
[Raleway Unfamiliar steps surrounded him as he was escorted back to his cell. Boots, heavy things in quite the number echoed through the halls all around him as he followed the light tug at his chest from the tugging of the jacket that they led him on. Throughout all his years here they never let him see the halls. Nor did they give him the privilege of doing anything else besides using the bathroom on his own. And even then not a moment of privacy was spared to him. Always the soft sound of breathing accompanied him.

[center [+teal “Sir, the corridor is still locked off due to the new cell being constructed for zero-one-five, our orders for escorting zero-one-three?”]]

[center [+darkred “The commons are open, use them and stop bothering me with simple drivel will you. We’ve got a lot to prepare for.”]]

[center [+teal “But sir… There are other patients there. Won't they-][+darkred See him? Sure, yet, soon enough they will regardless. It does not matter now. So get on with it and stop wasting my time!”]]

Chatter and static echoed out from a radio beside his ear. The heavy booted man beside him, he didn’t recognize. Not that he could see with this helmet on, but the man replying was definitely none other than the director. Silently he listened as his bare feet softly patted along with the escort of guards that brought him from corridor to corridor. Through three doors and then he heard something strange echoing ahead. Something familiar he hadn’t heard in years. The mono-stereo speakers of an old television vented sound down the halls and soon enough he’d been led into what he could only assume was the common room. Tugging him along he shifted in his straight jacket before they came to a halt.

[center [+teal “Zero-zero-seven, zero-one-nine, You two are to stay put. Soon enough we’ll be back to escort you as well. Understood?”]]

He listened closely to their response. Others? Stopping and facing them he felt one of his many escorts shove him. Possibly out of view before yanking him along again. His thoughts raced as he continued to walk to their pace. Others? In the commons? People like himself? So, they weren't lying after all. There really was others… And they were not under lock and key like himself. Had they cooperated well enough to earn the freedom to roam and see and speak freely? Was there any real truth to their words? So many questions kept him entertained as the echoes of the television left him behind more doors. Then soon enough he was brought to unfamiliar ground. A room cooler than any of the others. His toes curled as he neared it and was brought to a stop inside. Where was he? This wasn’t the soft ground of his padded room, so where?

[center [+teal “Zero-one-three, you’re to stay here until one of the caretakers outfit you for your exam. Then, you’ll be brought to a waiting room while we gather the other eleven exam takers. No sudden moves, got it!”]]

[center [+cadetblue “O-of course. I won’t move a muscle.”]]

Gathering the others? Did that mean that soon it’d begin? The exam? Putting his back to the wall to wait it was quite a while before the door beside him opened. In came a familiar clicking. Those heels… He knew who it was before she opened her mouth.

[center [+cadetblue “Doctor Nest… “] Her stride stopped as if she hadn’t expected him to speak.]

[center [+purple “My, You’re very perceptive for someone who hasn’t been able to see. Say, lets get that helmet off shall we. I'm curious to see what you look like.”]]

His heart began to beat faster. They were removing it? He hadn’t been able to see since the last time they did maintenance on the helmet. That was… Years ago.. And as her hands clasped his head, he began to breathe a little heavier. Then, as if a weight had been lifted from him he felt his hair fall onto his forehead and into his eyes.

[center [+purple “Now, slowly, Open your eyes Thirteen.”]

Slowly he tried to open them, being immediately accosted by a blinding light. But yet, the amount of joy within him was immense. For the first time in a long time he had something to look forward to. This exam, whatever it was. He had a feeling he’d revel in it.]
Thirteen / Glitch / 9d ago
Of all the many grievances and small tortures of his internment, the worst were the shots. The feeling of the needles (i piercing) the skin, (i worming) inside, it returned to him far too many foul memories. Half gone compulsions of a life lived a life time ago. Flashbacks to moldy couches in dilapidated flop houses, acrid fumes from burning chemicals, spreading his toes...

"Thank you, Zero-One-Nine, that will be all." recited Dr Bright, his tone as clinical as ever. In a singular swift motion, he swept up his tray of needles and other assorted equipment, rose to his feet, and left again through the heavy airlocked door. Behind him followed the orderly from earlier, flashing the woozy subject a withering look on his way out.

Leo rose shakily, reaching out his spindly arms to steady himself against the wall. Slowly he stumbled across to the bucket in the corner, splashing a handful of frigid water in his face. The doctors had so kindly afforded him a small (i grooming) station before he was sent out with the others. A bucket of cold water with a bar of soap, a small tub of baking soda and a toothbrush, and a polished piece of metal with rounded edges for a mirror. No razors, of course. No shoe laces either, he noticed for the first time. Or was it the first time? The thick chemical haze he lived in made such recollections difficult.

"Yallah, Leo. Wake up man, come on..." he murmured, lifting the mirror up. His face was certainly a confronting site. When observed from his good side, he looked about as normal as any one else, if a bit gaunt or strung out. The large dark bags under his eyes certainly did him no favours. But when he turned his head, and shifted away the heavy dark curls, one would find a scarred and milky eye, one paralyzed in an unblinking stare. A souvenir of a life hard lived.

With a sigh, he cleaned himself up as best he could and laid everything down neatly back in the corner. He rose again, a little easier this time, and turned to the bed. The doctors had also left a thick woolen sweater to wear over the thin white standard-issues they usually had him in. A delightfully drab grey. At least it would be warm he figured. With a body as (i thin) and as lanky as his, keeping warm was always a struggle.

"Okay, Zero-One-Nine, in a moment we will be opening both sides of the airlock to let you in to the common area. As usual, I need you to press your heels and palms against the back wall, keep your head down and remain corporeal" buzzed the harsh, metallic speakers hidden away within the padded walls. Still pitched too high, still shrill and painful as ever. He of course did as we was told.

As they did every time, the orderlies barreled through the airlock and grasped his forearms, their large paws easily encircling them. They practically carried him out of the chamber and down the dizzyingly long hallway, it's buzzing and flickering halogens leaving his eyes watering. Once they reached the threshold of the common area they released him, and were gone before he could even lazily turn his head.

Sighing again, he simply let himself in and slumped himself down on one of the beanbags, his legs appearing comically long splayed out in front of him.

"BFG looking ass..." he mumbled, before dozing off slowly. Perhaps he needed more stimulants after all...
C O R E / Retribution / 9d ago